Saturday, July 05, 2008

Whackings From Nowhere

I have just had a round of getting whacked from no accountable source in the conventional sense of causal and gravitic action. And to no surprise, the perps had be rage-ified in "my" reactions, making sure it was immediate and loud. While sorting and folding my laundry, always a high harassment event, they kept tapping my foot as if it were bumping into a pair of shoes underneath the bed, which they weren't. Then when all the rage-fied harassment of laundry was done, then then whacked me in the left shoulder while putting the dishes away, from the dishrack to the cupboards. Another round of rage-ification was applied while eating lunch, and then again when turning on this PC and its power supply; they wobbled me, and make the right shoulder whack to be a "consequence" of bumping into the desk unit, something that just did not happen, and no desk movement or noise either. Anytime the rage-ification is applied, the outside noises of buses, street hollaring, heavy dudty vehicles "passing by", Vespa buzzing along, and others "happen" at the same time. And I am getting plenty of forced typos to rage-ify me as I type this, so it is best to cease blogging for now.

The perps even put on an arm swinging brown dressed tall dude in the hallway, ostensibly waiting for the elevator when I went to retrieve my laundry from the dryer. In the laundry room, someone had turned off the light and yet made so signs of activity in my absence. Just another day in this weird world they like to keep me in.

Some calm down time while reading blogs. Much needed, even if the noise starts up as I resume blogging here. It seems the act of starting an activity is a much noisestalked event, especially of late. On a weird note, the perps arranged three same remuneration from differing sources in the past week. I recieved my "green rebate" of $100 from the provincial government as part of their gree budget drive as everyone else did, including children, then $100 from my in-town brother for helping with his scrap metals sorting (twice what he needed to pay me), and $100 from my mother for undertaking various gardening tasks with an informal $24 rent subsidy as part of it. So it would seem the perps are attempting to separate the bioenergetics of remuneration from the amount. I am sure there is plenty mention of "hundred" in other contexts to compare to and separate the notion of this number from the deed of remuneration. An interesting "coincidence", one that the perps blocked me from knowing at the time, and only let me in on the fact some days after the third event. I suppose that when I deposit these checks there will be a considerable gangstalking as well, as they cannot get enough of their own games.

More loud outside noises, often the chopped Harley Davidson like sound, lasting only so long as it takes for me to put my fingers to my ears and then it stops.

Earlier, my mother phoned about some "problem" related my daughter's phone number. First it was about her cell phone, and then the conversation lapsed into the landline number, for which I access my printed phone list sitting on the phone book on the top shelf above me. And if that wasn't suspicious enough, a bed bug arrived on my pants, and then while on the phone, I crushed it, as this is one form of amelioration. The "coincidence rate" of bed bug crushing with other events, either imminent or concurrent has got way beyond happenchance. Even this odd event that has been imposed upon me with great frequency of late has the hand of perp fuckery. At least it wasn't a bloody mess as it "happened" last time, only minutes before I was to head out the door to get gangstalked at the bus stop, one being a red shirted dude with a tie, looking totally out of place, and making sure that knew that.

And the second round of bed bug spraying has been rescheduled; the ever changing story had that it was to happen June 30, and then some excuses, then there was a three apartment arrangement in the works, and then the pest control outfit "happened" to be on holiday all week. Most bullshit starts with the most convincing story first, so to save adding successive tales that by default, discredit the putative rationale. Even the excuse making is backwards in this netherworld of containment and scripted existence.

Time to make myself sick again, showing all the arranged red color events in my proximity.

Taken 06-27-2008, 1603h. This is a view from my balcony, and zoomed in. For "some reason" both pictures taken in this direction came out fuzzy, an ongoing problem I get constantly now. Three same red colored vehicles have been arranged on both sides of the street, and they like to pass silver-grey and white vehicles between them to determine if there is some kind of neural energetic effects on me. Yes, I loathe most red colors. In addition, they also put a red-coated (same red tone) ambulatory gangstalker in the lower part of the frame, just "happening" to be passing by. In addition, ahead of the white parked vehicle there is some same red colored object, but I cannot tell what it is.

Taken 06-27-2008, 1603h 43sec., looking the other direction from above. Three red vehicles arranged around the intersection, two parked same red colored vehicles on either side of the street, left and top, and a deep red colored cab truck is barreling through the intersection. Additional mid-grey and black vehicle colors are in place for likely reference purposes.

Taken 06-27-2008, 1603h 55sec. This is a wide angle photo of the above scene, this being 12 seconds later, and there are two deep red colored vehicles moving across the intersection, each partially obscured behind their respective trees. A light metallic brown vehicle is in motion between them a very common color combination the perps like to arrange; red with brown. More reference color "supporting" colored parked vehicles can be seen here. On the left side of the street that reaches to the top of the frame, there are white, black (2), silver grey vehicles and two mid-grey vehicles parked in file near the top of the frame. If you can zoom in you will see one of those ridiculous left-hand drive used Japanese "toy" vehicles parked on the street, another vehicular gangstalking scourge.

Taken 06-27-2008, 1604h 00sec. only five seconds later, the three deep metallic red colored vehicles have come to a halt behind the blue box of the red cabbed truck seen two photos above. And I am sure the respective incidence of shade was arranged as well; two red vehicles in the sun paired side by side, when the right hand one could of progressed in its respective traffic lane.

I am getting a sustained pressure on the top of my feet, a favorite area the perps like to apply sensations, but not to this level of pain. The outside noises have been highly orchestrated with activities like Copy/Paste, Bookmarking a web page, and changing web page displays. Just the usual unremarkable activities that they relentlessly noisestalk me over. And too, they are adding more creepy crawlie sensations on my head and neck that they want itched for their remote energy assay needs. Knee torquing torture is also coming on. A rough evening ahead it would seem.

As I start to type an entry into this blog posting, the human voice noise starts up from two sources, one on either side of me. To my left is the street shouting erupting at the same juncture as the begining paragraph above, and to my right the hallway voices "just happen" to be passing by. As well, a sudden itch on my left collarbone needs immediate attention. I have had at least ten intense creepy crawlie sensations tonight that required me to "address them" by rubbing my skin or grasping my shirt.

And while finishing up the above, a bed bug "happened" to arrive on the wall behind this LCD display as I was typing, and at the moment of crushing it on the wall, street hollaring occured. Back to this morning's episode of a bug being removed when on the phone, always an important localized electromagnetic disturbance the perps use for their remote energetics assay activities. What is it about crushing bugs is so important to them that they put me through a insect invasion, and still trickle a few everyday since, and then delay the second spraying which should end this fuckery for good? Ersatz blood sampling is one reason it seems, though that shouldn't bother them much as they have long planted blood stains on my bedsheets and forced skin bleeds at the time of shaving from remotely applied skin perforations, not blade nicks.

No feedback on the radio interview that aired two days ago at the Edge; I suppose they have a core audience, and the news doesn't get wide enough dissemination. Anyhow, I will always make my story known via responsible journalists and news organizations, as I think it is extremely important for the citizenry to know that their concept of freedom is widely misplaced, and they wouldn't be the wiser if it was usurped should the perps stay in covert mode, which I think they must do with some 90% of their selected victims.

Another dull day ends, and the perps want me to wrap this up and set off to acquire chocolate in a rare nightime shopping event. If I had a choice, I wouldn't be eating anywhere as much as I do as it breaks the food budget every month.

Not done yet; I listened to my interview with Gina Romano. The word finding problems I was having at the time came back to me, as well as the oddly variable speech volume problem that seemed to evident. It wasn't nervousness, it was just that I had this different speech pattern at that time.

Before that, I went on my chocolate trip to the supermarket, and lo, if they didn't have both regular kinds that I purchase gone. I bought a barely acceptable substitute and was screwed out recalling there was another chocolate section I could of checked out. The freak count was high for the numbers of gangstalkers; a pink haired dude, a dwarf, a negro, a skinhead, and a few more that am also screwed out of recalling.


Maire Wolf said...

awesome blog, i speedread my way through. I have 2 request, one is weird.
.) may i link to your blog
.) please could you have a look at my blog, i had a discussion today where someone said blogs in the style of mine would "ruin" T.I. reputation. whereas i am not pretending to be scientific about it. the point was that i kept journals and i am fed up with finding my private entries somewhere else. since your blog is excellent and you describe everything with the utmost patience, not everyone is so virtuous. frustration. individuals express themselves in their individual ways. i would highly appreciate your input. thanks, mairewolf@blogspot

AJH said...


Yes, you may link to my blog.

I will have a look tomorrow (07-16-2008 as I found your comment late in the day (2325h)

FYI, I decided to write in this "blow by blow" style of the harassment because over time, readers will realize that there is no way I (or anyone) could make this up. (And if you knew me, you would know that I haven't written a fictional story ever; I just don't have the imagination to do so. Which may be a result of being irradiated all my life and suffered developmental injuries to various brain pathways.


AJH said...

I had a look at your blog and I don't see anything intrinsically "wrong" with it. Just write the blog you feel like, always keeping a certain readership in mind. When I write TIWorld I attempt to make it both interesting for a new reader as well as an experienced TI. If I only talked about "perps", and didn't provide supporting explanatory examples I am sure that I would lose non-TI's as regular readers. (Assuming the best, as I don't really know who reads this blog or how often).

And I see my prior comment has parenthesis "left out", a feature of my typing that the perps are focussed on of late. Another is capitalization; they constantly mess me around on starting a new sentance without a capital letter. Hopefully I catch them all.


Maire Wolf said...


thanks. i don't really understand how this all "began". and thanks also for letting me know i should keep a certain readership in mind.
because i don't. i don't care. everything i consider being interesting, what is happening, what's not happening. it's more like a logbook you keep when you are on your little ship, sailing towards the sun - i guess.
very revealing, but see, it would be futile trying to hide something.

i consider your blog being of interest for me because of the triggers that are being used on you. i have my own relations but they do not stress me in itself. would you mind finding out why things are disturbing you, like, colours? it may help you. once you get to know why a trigger works you can remove it.

i know mine are doing it because torturing and killing causes them at least sexual arousal. you'd be surprised, i am not even attractive. but these are the kinds of people who look in the mirror only anyway while fucking, so unattractivity didn't save me from anything. if you are not aware why you get drained from having placed a certain color or kind of person in front of you, you do not get caught up that much anymore. it's an easy thing to start to like brown (i didn't like it when i was little, but i connected it to a beautiful horse, or trees, or i imagined this color being a silken fabric, very soft. puke brown is right btw). and it's damn easy to actually start to like all kinds of little animals in your flat. just compare them to the people who are doing all these things to you. visuals and hygiene issues are easy to overcome, contrary to the death row sentence i was graced with.

for instance i LOVE tattoos. i am tatttoed myself. and i see a lot of tattoed people around. if a perp is tattoed, hey, at least i got something to look at. i really like our beautiful black people, whatever they wear or however they behave, they just don't appear as perps. this way failure. they would need one to actually assault me but then he would get into trouble. point is they are having fun even if you don't notice it because they are narcistic to the very extreme. I like freaks a lot, almost all kinds of. so when i read this i feel weird, because they are just there and maybe looking weird at you because you don't like them and humans can sense the hatred. focus on the real assholes you catch up with, those with the glistening eyes.
think about this. it's none of my business but your dislikes tell a lot about your personality and unpleasant events in your past, and certain conditions. i don't tell you about mine because of the i call it "TI parasite exchange". it tells so much it hurts me. no, i will not accuse you of hurting me. it's hurting me for you. i believe that you are being stalked but train your fucking perps to "speak" to you. no one wil disagree when i say it brings me down to be verbally or gestically sexually assaulted on the streets. i have been physically harrassed several times so it's natural. i am a woman and i am sort of weak. okay. don't get me wrong, try to weed out the perps to adjust them to your story, safe from the being more generous towards yourself. It's your story, not theirs. Let the beetles be beetles, you have worse company with your perps.
you can find most information on colors and their meanings in the net. i would help you with this.
my perps disqualified themselves the most for me for peeping at and therefore abusing and exploiting an underaged female friend of mine, just because i know her.
these are the real atrocities.

I don't know if you are interested in any literature regarding these topics. i don't know the way out of this hell. you deserve to be more generous with yourself. i am saying this because you are excellent at describing every detail, i don't have the patience. i won't get them with sticking to details. i just want you to develop immunity towards things which are used against you because you don't look at the psychological aspect. otherwise it's totally brilliant.

please consider,

AJH said...


Thanks for the comment/reply. Yes, there are many triggers used on me, hence the gangstalking freakshow and the props they use. Under Essential Introductory Postings to the sidebar at the right, read the posting titled, "The Favored and the Unfavored; demographic groups the gangstalkers are drawn from".

This details my summation as to why all these freaks are in my proximity and the color adverse reactions the perps plant on me. The basis of the above mentioned posting is that there are subconscious recollections of traumatizations from age 3 to 5 (no recall of this period in my life), that I am consciously unaware of. The perps seem to be attempting to trigger subconscious recall by parading these freaks around me all the time. I am totally unaware that I have such a purported trauma history.

In another posting, I also detail that the perps told me that there are also subconscious recollections of a LSD trip they had me undertake as a child, hence the plasma color and visual distortion games they resort to. There is no way I can get rid of triggers as I am unaware of them.

Another posting to look at is the "Indian Lake Project" under the sidebar titled: TI Blogs/Sites on Covert Harassment and Gangstalking. Here is photographic evidence of multi force military personnel performing tests on children in the late 1950's, when I would of been aged 3 to 5. One picture has a service man leaning over three boys, and I might be the on on the left (not sure). Again, I have no recollection of being there, but part of the harassment in placing brown skinned individuals in my proximity. I note that one photo has the children in 4' cages of varying race, one even blind. (And I do get more blind gangstalkers than pre-2002 normal.

Thanks again for replying,