Thursday, July 24, 2008

Whacked Out

I put a second consecutive work day in today; and again, I am very tired from spending all day, apart from breaks, out in the sun picking up daffodil bulbs. I also had the extra-conventional gravitic harassment of having the bulbs pulled from my hand, as well as mind-fucks of having me put rocks in the basket instead of bulbs. Another "mistake" the assholes like to pull on me. Another is to manipulate a thrown daffodil bulb such that it bounces out of the basket and onto the ground, necessitating another bend-over move, as if I don't do this enough for the assholes.

And to add to the games, the perps arranged for all east and west bound floatplane aircraft to pass overhead of the farm, which also would of been over the Victoria Airport. These floatplanes fly a regular route from Victoria Harbor to Vancouver Harbor, and normally pass much more east to stay clear of the Victoria airport, and the Vancouver one for that matter. But ever since the daffodil bulb picking activity started, they have been re-routed to fly overhead and contribute to the ongoing background noise.

And it would seem, based on the elaborate headgear, the perps are having select brown skinned individuals wear a "turbahat", a combination of a turban and a ball cap. A rag of some kind is placed around the head and then the cap is put over it to look totally ridiculous. This was the designated head gear of the negro woman and the Punjabi male, on different crews. Anyhow, anything goes for headgear when doing farm work, as sun protection and cooling are needed. And the more brown skinned one is, the more exotic the headgear. And of course, they must spend time in my proximity during the working day, no surprise there.

There was the usual odd re-assignments at the start of the day; two newbies got sequestered onto other jobs, one being the weird who was prone to stare at me yesterday, no loss from my perspective. Another strange newbie also got pulled off for other duties. That left only one significant weird for the bulb picking crew for the entire day. There were a few lesser weirds, one dude changing out of his track clothes at the marshalling area into shorts, and then back into track pants by the time he got to the bulb picking field. How he did that I don't know, and he put on this nervous act all the time, even senselessly walking up and down the adjacent road, and then later working ahead of me in a walk-through pick, and a short time later going behind me. For some reason the foreman didn't ream his ass out, as this seeming unilateral behavior in normally under his scrutiny. I am also amazed how these strange souls seem to know where to go next without any direction from the foreman. They "happen" to know; this secret knowledge is fascinating to watch when they put on these strange acts.

Some recent pictures for some "blog fill" as I am too tired to do any genuine blogging on harassment events today. This is a series outside my apartment, looking six stories down on a secondary arterial street.

Taken 07-18-2008, 1739h 47 sec. Two white vehicles are parked with two stalls between them. A silver-grey vehicle is stopped at the traffic light before the stop line and not over it, a rarity in my proximity. One of those dumbshit Smart Cars the perps like is scooting out of the frame on the right.

Taken 07-18-2008, 1740h 08 sec. A black or dark green vehicle is in transit "hiding" behind the tree, and a black colored vehicle is leaving the frame on the right. I cannot get Picasa to zoom in more to find out what the vehicle color is.

Taken 07-20-2008, 1729h 33 sec. Two days later, a similar line up of parked vehicles in file at about the same time of day. Also note, they are parked illegally as this side of the street is no parking between 1600h and 1800h if my recall hasn't been fucked with. This looks to be three silver-grey vehicles parked in file, with the last one being a slighty darker shade. At the bottom of the picture, next to the roofing flashing, you can see the part of a minivan's roof, also silver-grey, or white. Four same, or near same colored vehicles parked outside my place at one time. That should be suspicious enough, never mind a repeat of two days ago.

Taken 07-20-2008, 1729h 46 sec. A navy blue and white pickup has arrived with a metallic mid-blue SUV behind it, in the through lane, though likely stopped at the traffic light. The pickup has wood in the box, and I often get "woodstalking" in this form to start out the vehicular harassment sessions.

Taken 07-20-2008, 1729h 49 sec. The metallic mid-blue vehicle has moved up to "hide" behind the foliage, and a silver-grey minivan is proceeding on the lane closest to the bottom of the picture. The two blue vehicles are "sandwiched" between two files of silver-grey vehicles, albeit the lower file is made of one parked minivan and one in motion.

Time to call this one done for the day; I am getting plenty of noisestalking as I type these up and decide to end this blog posting for tonight.

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