Monday, July 07, 2008

Cannot Find the Recent Comments

I had a new comment that listed some useful websites for the harassees like myself, but this lame Blogger software doesn't tell me where the comment got attached. This forces a manual look through al the postings, over two years worth now. So, whoever posted a recent comment, thanks, and I will endeavor to look into the yoga suggestions once I find the comment. Related to the comment, I do yoga once per week, and I like it for the flexibility that it creates. If I had more scratch, I would do it three times per week.

[I later found the comment by way of a delayed email, this communication has started up again, all by itself].

I got new sheets and towels today, my seeming birthday present from my parents. And both are a near same off-white color, and this would appear to demonstrate some new advances in the color games fuckery at the hand of the perps. If one uses a blue towel, it appears that there are some latent same blue energies that are absorbed, and re-radiated. I say that because I am routinely gangstalked by those wearing the same color of blue, or driving a vehicle of that same color. Later on my excursions, they will add gangstalkers of colors that my clothing was next to in the closet. Recent gangstalkers wearing the same aqua blue of my shower soap has also been noted.

In the past, the perps have sabotage either a top sheet or a bottom sheet to then make an odd set of sheets on the bed. I have only one set, and launder them and put them back on the bed once dry. Having a full set of the same color and fabric sheets represents a new and advanced challenge for the perps. I also noted that they were all over me when I arrived with the new sheets and laundry for that 10 second trip from the curb to the apartment door. And then again when I was throwing out the old sheets I had the following gangstalk action;
  • they plugged the garbage chute, forcing me to go downstairs to the bins,
  • an arranged an in-elevator gangstalker on the way down,
  • an on-street gangstalker who "somehow" knew this person,
  • had the manager talking to a couple with a child in the lobby about renting (there for outbound and inbound legs)
  • an arranged garbage obstacle course on the route to the bins,
  • had the bin room door open with a black colored vehicle backing out some 6' away,
  • the two gangstalkers at the curb still loitering on my way back,
  • then an weird male at the entrance (staying behind the glass door) with his hand at his forehead in the as if blocking direct sunlight when he was in total shade as was the entire lobby and side of the street (or was it a salute emulation?)
  • then another goof in the lobby, but they did let me have the elevator to myself.
All after I had put the new sheets on the bed and put the new towels out the above gangstalking assholes and obstacles were arranged for the one event of having me toss out the old sheets, still black dotted "from" the recent bedbug insects. And as the second bedbug spraying story gets more tenous, I would not be surprised if the assholes have the new sheet set in mind to also splatter with black dots, a long time method of getting their needed reference colors as close to me as possible, similar to the crumb inundation fuckery that passes for normal.

The creepy crawlies have been applied to the back of my neck, necessitating at least four attempts to "get the bug", but always to no avail, not when the sensation is remotely applied.

I cannot believe this crap happening to A Refugee in Europe, Miyoko Goto. The perps cancelled her health insurance on her; somehow, without adequate proof, and no neccessary confirmation, they had her health insurance cancelled by month end. Most insurance companies are exceeding cautious about cancellations, especially online, and require written confirmation. This has been my experience from garden variety house insurance in the past, and yet they pull this bullshit.

I did the gangstalk gauntlet to LD an hour or so ago; I didn't really need to get anything, save mouthwash, and as I would be passing by that way tomorrow, why not wait, as I have been out of it for the past three weeks while all this PC takedown, daughter's graduation ceremony, and the rest of the busyness has been going on. But, I was compelled against my will if that means anything.

I had the usual freakshow to gangstalk me there and back and in the LD store; fat freaks, skinheads, the knee brace/cast hobbling act, the wild haired male in deep grey coveralls at the chocolate section who followed me to the checkout, and a new freak variation, the "smashed face" couple/pair. They both entered through the same door in file and crossed the entire entrance to walk past me on my right side, more of the left-hand drive idiocy again. He was first; a negro with a Caucasian like face, though seemingly pummelled and crushed in, but no signs of abuse. She was a Caucasian arriving 4' behind him in reddish hair and following in the negro male's track; ragged and with the same facial features, deflated even, as if she had her cheekbones battered in long ago. What a sight; was it a negro male to Caucasian woman comparison with the same facial features test? As in, which was the fugliest or most repulsive? I couldn't be sure, though my mind-keeper assholes likely knew from monitoring my subconscious reactions, the realm they continue to provoke for whatever reason, leaving me curious as to what this is all about, and why don't they leave me alone if I am unperturbed by these freaks, which I was until the assholes learned to govern my reactions.

Taken 06-29-2008. Some photos from last week; my mother timing her waving and pointing at the exact moment I took the photo and there was nothing I could do about it. She is wearing a light yellow top as seen on the far right.

And two fuckwits in the same yellow color clothing, some 20 distant. He wandered around some and walked into the sunshine, paraded his ample gut around (aka, the "gut strut"), and then presumably, becoming too odious to be in my mid-field vision. So he wandered off about another 20' away and paraded around in the sunlight again, and then took off for good. This was outside the restaurant; some 35 minutes before this pair, there was an Asian man doing the same thing when I was seated at the table. He was inside, and standing around in the same color pale yellow colored shirt, doing utterly nothing but looking stupid for 10 minutes. "Somehow" I forget to take his picture. There are Secret Agents, Not-so Secret Agents, and Secret Asian Man in my proximity. It makes me wonder why all those spy shows are on TV, given the perps abiding interest in having me exposed to espionage themes. A geriatric woman also came in within 8' of the table and stood there for over five minutes, again doing utterly nothing and of no apparent purpose. She was in a bright red sweater, presumably getting more "red time".

The perps finally let me get on with doing my end of month accounting of my Quicken records; they were up to the usual harassment games of depleting my recall, having me re-refer to the record I looked at, and otherwise screwing with me to keep my my swearing at the assholes. They even changed the figures after the fact, and causing me to fudge them afterward to have them add up. And of interest, they put on plenty of noisestalking while I was subtracting the dime's worth of sabotage fuckery to compensate for this depraved and vile fuckery. And there were plenty of changes to Quicken's behavior, and they will even bounce me out of the displayed page if they somehow deem it pertinent to the ongoing fuckery. This has to be the most brutal and abusive event going, screwing me over every dot, comma, dialog box selection, diaglog box display, short term recall of dates and numbers, and all the rest of it. They had the "beam machine" on me at this dusk time onset, those "reflectances" off the opposite residential tower that I have in many of the pictures. And they had two of them beaming through the curtains no less. A very exciting time for the assholes, doing month-end Quicken with as much harassment that they can muster.

More excitement for the the perps, putting on my lights after it got excessively dim in this E. facing apartment. And lo, that wasn't enough, because another "reflectance" just erupted coming from another residental tower, the one some 800' away, also pictured in past postings. It is beaming in through the curtain no less, on my left, with the extra bright hallway light on my right. This is the silly time of the day for the perps, and I forget the research about rods and cones and how they change function from daylight to nightime. That is how it goes, all that I learn is deletable, and the perps make no bones about it.

The new PC case has a hard drive light, a blue LED. And to no surprise, it too is getting silly now, flashing some 2' from me for no seeming reason, unless of course, someone else is accessing the hard drive while I was merely reading a web page.

There has been three of these kinds of stories at various levels of conclusion; innocent individuals wrongly convicted for murder. Here is one conviction that has been revoked, the exoneration of Anthony Hanemaayer. And another was the long running case of Steven Truscott, getting an award for wrongful conviction and incarceration. This case is almost as old as I am, and it amazes me that he was convicted on such scant evidence, never minding handing a 14 year old boy a death sentance, thankfully rescinded. And no doubt that the increased noisestalking and overhead pounding that erupted while linking to these stories, both arranged within a week of each other, is all part of the ongoing harassment scene. The perps love to put their victims in wrongful accusation situations, and I have no idea why, save to compare some lind of psychic essence between these and justly convicted victims they are covertly following. And I seem to be the unconsenting key to determing the differences while they arrange for these stories to coincide within a week and have me blog about them, like right now.

the overhead thumping (12" thick concrete and steel floors don't forget) has started up, a bed bug was planted on me and then dispatched while reading about Tesla, and the annoyance level of the noises increased enough for me to put my green plastic earmuffs on. And after only two minutes or so, why the overhead pounding and rumbling can "somehow" get through the earmuffs. Yet more games and fuckery, and the increased sensation of being under a microscope. Enough, but for the perps, there is no such thing as they continue this functional decomposition of all my bioenergetics, and more likely, of all humanity.

Time to call this one done. Two more insect crushings with at least 10 creepy crawlies, as if they were there, but not. On these faked insect crawlings they invariably have me touch the headphone cord at the same time, likely the real "need". Another ruse is to place a crawly sensaction on my shoulder to force me to look at my shirt out the side of my glasses, without the intervening plastic lens. All this is important to the assholes who continue this hell on earth.

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