Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Yellow, Now on Tuesday

I did my day of toil on the farm fields, this time in partial rain conditions. The big perp event was for me to have my yellow rain pants and jacket in use. The rain started just before 0630h when I went to the bus pickup area, and so I wore my yellow rain coat and had my black hiking pants on with a blue fleece pullover underneath, and a blue Capeline undershirt under the fleece. Blued underneath my yellow rain jacket. And so this meant holding the bus up so I was hanging out in the rain for 25 minutes instead of 10 minutes had it been on time. And these are golden gangstalk moments, having me wear loud yellow colors in public, hence the high degree of the Unfavored ambulatory gangstalkers passing by with a background of vehicular gangstalking, mainly color and model type coordinated vehicles. I even got a skinhead in a suit no less, walking past me in the rain without benefit of an umbrella. And there were plenty of cotton fabric hoodie acts as well, and no rainproofness in that kind of garment. And even a guitarstalking for chrissakes at 0645h with a soft fabric backpack guitar case. Totally stupid in wet conditions.

Just as I was about to leave, the bus did arrive, and lo, if it wasn't the yellow school bus that they put on during the daytime, but not for morning pickup. There was the usual bidirectional cavalcade of gangstalking vehicles on the highway, some 3,000 or more. The same on the way back, and this time they slowed down the reverse commute traffic so we could slowly troll by a gasoline tanker trailer, without the tractor unit. The later was some 200' down the road, reversed in direction and hoisted by a large tow truck. This seemed to be a separation of the fuel in the tanker trailer from that in the tractor unit's fuel tanks, and reversing the direction of the tractor unit fits with all the games that go on about Left Hand drive vehicles that gangstalk me all the time, as well as the odd event of a shill reversing in traffic. Regular readers will know that the perps are obsessed over presenting petroleum products in my proximity, and this would only be yet another example. And lo, if they didn't have another fuel delivery truck pull up beside the crew bus some 10 minutes after the first tractor trailer tanker "display" they put on.

I had my first street theater event in some four years of harassment. It was a blonde standing stock still (stalk still in fact) in mid block of my walk from the bus drop-off this afternoon. She was standing at the entrance to a car lot on the other side of the sidewalk, and appeared to have no apparent purpose, except to act like a frozen mime. She was in matching white jacket and pants that has a swoopy red swatch through them, mainly under the arms and side of the pants. Bizarre, but not the stupidest act I have encountered.

The lastmost faux mime act (aka street theater) was a male 60 y.o. fart who did a frozen lunge position in the grocery store I frequented, and adopted this absurd stance in the middle of the store the instant my fingers touched the chocolate I was about to place in my shopping basket. He held this for at least 30 seconds or more, putting on this faux mime act which ensured maximum exposure to the inside of his legs and arms. Months later I saw this same fucker doing a back and forth gangstalk outside my vehicle, turning 180 degrees when he got within 20' and when I spotted this bullshit act.

And as it "so happened" the very first job of the day was to pull weeds in the greenhouses, which meant that I did not need to wear my yellow raincoat. And judging by the number of "coworkers" coursing in close to me, sometimes just to wander back again, there seemed to be a perp "need" to gangstalk me without the coat after wearing it for an hour or so, 25 min. worth outside in the rain (per above). And lo, if the overhead white plastic shading didn't retract at some point while working the greenhouse, and also, the windows all opened to ventilate. Boundless fun for sick minds, gangstalking someone because they wore yellow in response to engineered weather fuckery that also played out later when doing fieldwork picking up daffodil bulbs.

While I had my blue fleece jacket on, there was one native Indian dude who had his yellow rain jacket on and made sure to loiter in my immediate proximity for the two hours we were respectively clothed. Then during the afternoon break the rain came on and I wore the yellow rain jacket. The Indian dude however, took his off and wore a turquoise T-shirt, again loitering by me more than he really needed to. It would seem that this was a case of alternately testing out yellow garment color on each other, and with the added component of his brown skin. The perps dicked with the rain all day, such that it didn't really matter if one wore raingair or not, as one didn't get too wet without it. It seemed that no one else put on raingear, so they must of known what the weather conditions were going to be.

I just finished an evening shopping at the grocery store. For some reason they had pulled out many of the displays, as if "spring cleaning" in July. No doubt this was for obstructing and creating more and new energetic interactions as I flitted around the store, gangstalked at every turn. And I had at least three yellow vehicles "on the job" for the entire 180' to the grocery store, as well at least four ambulatory gangstalkers wearing yellow or lime green. The usual; a cyclist is ahead of me, then stops outside the store entrance to secure their bicycle while I head in, and then at least two gangstalking passbys while in the store, and again at the checkout. It is so fucking predictable.

And no doubt the assholes has planned this one for months; they jerked me around with forced "forgets" in acquiring more dish detergent until I had run out after dinner. Therefore, the new tea I bought tonight (because they had me buy something I didn't like last week) had the teapot cleaned with the detergent I bought tonight. This kind of coordination is of immense interest to the perps, and I am sure there are many more "synchronicities" that they won't let me in on. The garbage was also put out while tea making, it containing the spent dish detergent bottle, and lo, if the assholes didn't have the garbage chute plugged so that it may stay on this floor for a while yet. Another example of a "synchronicity" arranged over my garbage, always of intense perp interest.

As I read the word "satellite" I got a big overhead pounding noise last night, and there has been many mentions of this word of late, not least of which is the daffodil bulb picking crew. It is an unabashed perp theme show all the right topics that "happen" to be hot right now, as well as the regulars of Pondering the Perps Objectives.

And I see one of my fingers is "stained" yellow, a "result" from wearing the gloves in the wet today. This is a portable color reference over my skin and fingernail that the perps seem to need, not unlike the brown toenail pictured in a past posting.

Time to call this one done, even if all the zany events today aren't detailed.

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