Saturday, July 12, 2008

An Unplanned Home Day

The perps let me have a full night's sleep after yesterday's day in the sun, digging for daffodil bulbs in the farm field. (Just now, the perps just gave me blood bursting bedbug that erupted under my shirt while I was reaching inside to deal with a planted sensation. This time it was the real thing, unlike the 20 some torment sensations over the last hour. Funny how they like to do these things at the onset of a new activity).

I got screwed out of doing another day of hard labor because the crew bus didn't come. Part of the setup was that the perps made me a minute late, but in walking to the bus stop, one usually sees the bus if missed with such a narrow margin. No other bus travellers were there, and I waited 10 minutes for it, as it was late yesterday by that amount.

While waiting the10 minutes for the crew bus downtown at 0700h I had five police vehicles "happen" to cruise by, at least two more shiftless males loitering around for no reason, and then I did the gangstalk gauntlet again, reversing my trip back to my apartment. The same gangstalking cigarette smoking shiftless males were loitering around on my homebound walk as were when outbound. Funny how that is; they had enough time to finish their cigaretttes, and there they are, still smoking the same ones. And I have noted that they like to change up the tobacco flavor in my proximity; cigarettes and cigarellos both, one on each side, only 10' from a street corner that I turned. And just like yesterday when inbound on the bus, all outside lighting was on, like for some kind of royal event. (At this time of year, there is plenty of daylight at these times, and no reason whatsoever for outside light sources to be on.) And I note, there were more "reflections" that "happened" to beaming directly at me, even this early in the morning.

And yesterday's bulb picking crew had some skin tone variations that were there for my benefit, along with the turbans on some of the East Indians. They even had a East Indian kid hanging around me who would later work with a native Indian woman, presumably for some kind of brown skin differential the perps are looking for. Then the boy's turban clad grandfather "arrived" in the middle of a field, to talk to his grandson and then the foreman, ostensibly to promote the grandchild's staus as a good worker. How this turbaned man arrived from seeming nowhere must of been yet another teleportation event, and how the elder knew where his grandson was another detail that doesn't fit, and the perps want me to know about. I assume it was for me to see an isolated turban from a distance, as all the Unfavored characteristics the perps keep beating on are all distance dependent as much as color dependent it seems.

I noticed that yesterday's return bus trip in the yellow school bus had a full-on vehicular gangstalking of mega proportions (> 2,000 vehicles). This was late afternoon commute time, and yet here was a city's worth of commute traffic in formations arranged around vehicle color and type. My multicultural bus ride home had the negro dude (Unfavored), who started work at mid-day, in the auric penumbra behind the attractive blonde girl (Favored). There were other organized parades in the crew marshalling area of having the East Indian workers pass by me every three seconds or so, one by one and equi-spaced just like gangstalking vehicles. They like to do this in the shade, and then in the sunshine. The negro dude was also doing his in/out of shade parading as well. Funny how the perp are so totally prepared for every instant of my time, and yet keep me only vaguely aware of this totally staged world they have arranged for me.

I am still getting more insect crawling on skin sensations, and last night, I even got yet another bedbug crawling on me when it should of been outright dead from yesterday's pesticide spraying. This has become a big excuse to force me to touch or look at myself, all for some perp gain, for remotely applied bioenergetics study. The perps seem to be interested in skin tones of late; presenting online side by side pictures of Caucasians with red, green, brown, dark and whitish skin tone casts as if "from" color variable photography. And too, they like me to look at my arms, which are browned to some degree by creating a fake bedbug sensation. My arms were also skinned in the night with 4" long sores from no apparent cause. No doubt the release of red-faced Hellboy II and its central character that fits that description is all about the perps harping on this skin color/race angle. Or put it this way, the film has merit from the harassment perspective as an Unfavored promotion with the central character being some kind of alien figure with an all red skin tone.

Then the perps pulled a 1.5 hour nap for me earlier, a compensation of a kind for getting up so early and also useful for passing the time on a dull Saturday. I assume there is more to it than that, possibly related to the yellow and blue colors of the top blanket.

I am a little sore from yesterday's hard labor in the fields, and was game enough to ready myself for another as mentioned above. A short bath to soak my aching muscles last night may have helped, but I sense the perps were overdoing the percieved back muscle problems yesterday as they have done so often in the past.

The perps are letting me know that there is some traumatization associations with motorcycles of their past tortures in my developmental years, aged 2 to 5. There is plenty of chopped Harley Davidson like motorcycle noise in the noisescape all day long and I assumed the noise was to effect these protracted sound decays of an Unfavored noise. Of late, they have been teleporting motorcycles and placing them in prominent locations for me to see. They "just arrive", no noise, and are placed to be seen on my walking route. Again, I have no conscious recollections of any trauma, and no particular recall as to why I loathe motorcycles. As before, I also have no specific recall of anything aged 3 to 5, though some fragmentary recall aged 2 to 3 when I lived in Montreal with my parents, when my father was taking his advanced degree at McGill University. That was 1956-7, and the infamous Dr. Ewan Cameron was doing research at the Allen Memorial Institute of McGill, and it is interesting that the perps hound me with Scottish accents, as he too was Scottish.

I see the perps have deleted one of my most used Bookmark directories, the one that contains bookmarks that I want to revisit in the short term. And as I "discover" this, they forced me to make unneeded farts, have had two bus noises, and otherwise add more traffic noise. That I renamed it something else was also of heightened noisestalking interest. Now, I go to the Mozilla backup file and bring back the copy, though they sometimes don't let me by obstructing the file rename functionality.

After the above recovery efforts of the above mentioned PC bookmarks sabotage, I see that the directories that I constantly use are still purged by some unknown party. That was about 500 bookmarks of the high interest kind that they deleted, a total pissoff. What is the matter with these assholes that they need to delete my bookmarks?

More vision perturbations are being scripted. After the nap they were very frequent as the nap served as a cover story for being "sleepy", but now they are laying on the same theme. I am now being rendered into a less awake state, and the vision fucking is part of it in the eyes of the assholes who make no bones about their highly disruptive incursions into my existence.

Here is a TI website, Bad Experiment, that is well ordered and easy to comprehend. I cannot think of a better site that refutes any notion of clinical affect that the compliant experts continue to profer than this one.

Sleepy again; a two nap day perhaps?

I awoke from a second nap today, close to 2.5 hours in length. Not only is it the longest daytime nap I have ever had, it is the first time for me to have two naps of extended length in one day. Talk about a strange day, this is it.

After yesterday's disruption of having all the furniture pulled from the wall fo facilitate the bedbug spraying, I see that the perps have modified the wall behind this LCD panel by changing the surficial characteristics to be striations of the plaster as well as a small 2" patch that is a slight indentation. And lo, if there aren't masers an plasma beams coming off these added imperfections, and arranged to be at the edge of this same LCD. It suggests more distant dependent testing, as the wall is 6" behind this screen surface.

There seems to be a lot of perps interest in having me capitalizing letters of late. They forced this when creating a replacement for the bookmark directories they deleted to great chagrin (per above). I am fucking pissed that so many bookmarks were deleted and that the Mozilla (Firefox) backup was also purged of this same directory. It should of been a no-brainer as the perps have had me go through this before, swaping the bookmarks.bak file for the bookmarks.html file and yet they were identical. Of course I hadn't backed up in the last few weeks, this directories are the most active.

I added a paragraph to the posting about the beret wearing male gangstalker loitering for no seeming reason (sentry duty) outside the gym two days ago. This entire military and uniformed personnel theme has been getting more exposure time of late. Again, I have no recall of any traumatizations or the like with such persons, just no recall whatsoever from ages 3 to 5 when I have some recall when aged 2 to 3. This is most curious, and I have experienced some pre-overt harassment recall failures that were highly anomalous, along with behavioral oddities of the players in the scenario.

A five minute coughing jag erupted in the hallway just now as I was clicking on links in search of repairing the music an performers samples of the bookmarked link deletion as mentioned above. Within a minute of the absurd coughing act, the seeming upstairs neighbor began tapping on the floor, as if there was no floor covering, which there is.

The freeway like traffic noise has ramped up along with some loud mufflered vehicles with a long sound decay. Now, the most loathed chopped Harley Davidson like noise has joined the fray. And as I type this, they keep adding more new noise in, seeming for mentioning.

Time to call this one done, and hope that the assholes haven't got major fuckover plans for me tomorrow. Yesterday's bulb picking crew had some weirds, and even some that emulate the weirds at other locations, the gym class. The extra frenetic dude for no seeming reason act was repeated yesterday when I get the same at gym in the form of Active Andy. I would not be surprised the same morphed individual was doing this for some kind of baseline for my bioenergetics to be remotely studied under the multiple radar and other beams that were highly evident yesterday.

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