Sunday, July 06, 2008

Unbirthday Today

That is to say, it is my birthday but under duress; being a subject of nonconsensual human experimentation. And for noting that, I just got a red-yellow plasma flash in front of my face with coincident bus noise from outside.

In fact, the perps didn't let me know that it was my birthday until at least 40 minutes since getting up. That would be another "never before", where I "forgot" that it was my birthday. Which suggests it is either externally applied mind control or a serious neurological condition. And as I saw the doctor only two days ago, and related many of these strange events, and he seemed to be most incurious, that leaves only one possible suggestion; unrepentant remotely applied mind control, now begining Year 54 from 1954.

I got the overhead thwack noise the instant I touched my lip to alleviate an uncharacteristic itch earlier. My upper lip has been a constant scene of harassment action; in 2003 they were whacking me with 200 to 400 masers a day, many of them on my upper lip. As a special birthday treat, they even put a zit there too. I haven't had a zit like this for over 35 years, surely another example of remotely applied fuckery.

Another cascade of sirens just ended; the timing of these events is always a fascination as inevitably it is coincident with me reading or viewing a theme from the perp objectives list.

And it would seem that they are up to more games with pollutants; this story here has ethylene glycol tanker rail cars falling into the Fraser River, (not the Thompson River as the story states), and goodness knows how the perps like to run water past their subjects, or their surrogates. If this sounds too conspiratorial you might be correct, though there is very little that goes on around me, including news items, that is not scripted. As the perps have certain "problems" with the pollutants and plastics in me as anyone else would, none of these accidents surprise me too much.

My mother phoned twice, putting on the bullshit ditz show, while I was reading about neutrinos. They are produced by the interaction of cosmic rays in the atmosphere on the other side of the world from the detector.This has been an ongoing topic the perps have me explore every few months, all the more curious in that they have wiped out any capacity to understand physics to any degree. I am refering to certain documented learning difficulties that are persistent, and may well be actively governed by the perps. If there is anything technical, it takes me ten times the effort to learn, which would be true only for employment related matters, it just isn't worth it for anything else. I have remarked on the topic of neutrinos before, and I suspect that this subatomic physical particle in all its states must have something to do with the perp's obsession over the dusk onset, nightime activities, early morning awakenings (and driving in the past), and relative sheilding in my apartment, having an E. side and 8 more stories above me. And all the more interesting is that I am getting a considerable amount of noisestalking as I write this up and put the link in. And then I got jabbed in the nose by a force field as I was attempting to alleviate an imposed itch. Obviously a hot topic for the assholes, and it is telling that their interests are getting much more specific nowadays.

More vehicle arrangement action outside my apartment. If these types of photos are getting too boring, let me know. No one to date has said anything about the photos (more or less), so I am plugging away at this diversion which surely must confer perp benefits as well.

Taken 06-27-2008, 1756h 25sec. in the shadow of this very apartment building as it is cast upon the street. The perps are exceedingly particular as to where shadows fall and from what, and comparing it to adjacent directly lit areas. On the street running from left to right are four parked vehicles; a white, a mid-grey behind the tree, a rare mid-metallic brown and a silver-grey vehicle all in file. A white station wagon is turning the corner, and a seeming red pickup with a white canopy is in transit behind the tree.

Taken 06-27-2008, 1756h 30sec. The last mentioned vehicles in the above photo have moved on, and a mid-grey vehicle is passing by in the traffic lane headed to the left (N.). The likely ambulatory gangstalker has progressed along the sidewalk, now clearly packing a guitar case, one of the perps favored "stalking props", aka "guitar stalking".

Taken 06-27-2008, 1756h 35sec. This is a zoom in of the street that runs from the bottom to the top of the frame, getting better color and less contrast. On the left side of the street are two red vehicles parked in file, followed by a metallic blue or a silver grey colored vehicle followed by another red colored vehicle. I am guessing to a degree, but the lastmost two parked vehicles on that side of the street under heavy foliar shade (right corner) are a mid-grey color and a deep red color. On the sunlit right side of the street are a silver-grey, blue, red, silver-grey and a blue or else a over-reflective black colored vehicle parked in file.

Taken 06-27-2008, 1756h 40sec. A white colored vehicle has moved in from the left, lead by a dark red vehicle on the far right. A seeming metallic gold colored vehicle is artfully behind a tree as I took the picture.

The noise barrage started up while having tea and chocolate; an exciting moment for the perps, especially as they stiffed me with chocolate that I don't care for, occluded caramel (a differing brown color) added into milk chocolate. This was a consequence of depleting the store stock for the usual purchased chocolate, and screwing me out of availible alternatives. Such are the brown color games that go on as a daily event.

There will be First Feral Family dinner tonight, and there will be cake, though I have no idea as to what kind. Then on with the food color games. Regular readers will know that there were three orange colored vegetables offered by my in-town brother last time we ate there, "happening" to follow using an orange colored head medication for two days. No more of that medication, and the doctor agreed three days ago, and didn't seem too fussed that I dropped it, nor about the forgone "amelioration concerns". Har, har; it might even be funny if it weren't too depraved.

And as I send some pictures to my daughter, the first email I have sent to her in years, the overhead pounding noise has started up coincident with infuriating me over yet more faux keyboard fumbling that "somehow" brought up a dialog window over top of the email. Obviously an exciting moment for some assholes, and very possibly something to do with eating brown colored food only 15 minutes ago.

More exciting moments as detected by the cascading noises; the much loathed Harley motorcycle noise following a phone call from my mother about picking me up in a half hour.

That will be it for today's post; if I don't post it now it will be "forgotten".

More harassment games; the perps wiped my entered personal information when attempting to fill out an online form. More of the "do it twice" stunts; once for me and once for them. And of course the overhead rumbling and squeaking combination noises started up while doing that. It never fucking ends.

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