Wednesday, July 09, 2008

An Outing Day

A total gross-out has been imposed upon me; a bedbug invasion of my office chair, one on each side of the back has erupted while I was given a two hour nap this afternoon. This is my chair that I use every day, all day as I sit at the keyboard, and I am truly pissed that the assholes pulled this stunt, and may have "missed it" when the first spraying took place.

When I phoned the manager, he made out that the pest control people went to the wrong apartment today, and "somehow" missed me. This ever morhing storyline about insect invasion pest control. Beg bugs need to be treated twice, three weeks apart, and so far, the second spraying has been delayed with varying stories for over a week. They may have not even sprayed the chair the first time, which would mean that it is on its own three week re-treat cycle. I am truly pissed that the assholes pulled this bedbug invasion, fucked with the second treatment date, and then re-infested my office chair I use all the time.

I had a lunch out earlier; my ex and daughter took me out for a birthday lunch to Sidney, to a small restaurant that makes great fish recipies. And with the balcony open to the street, why it became a great place to gangstalk me with both vehicles and ambulatory ones. They even put on a ridiculous negro male act, one with grey hair and a matching grey shirt. First they had to put two blondes nearby for at least 30 minutes, and then the negro dude seemed to arrive "somehow" from a vehicle that was already there parked on the street, and then arrived at the restaurant seated behind me. But that wasn't good enough, as he came over to borrow the ketchup, red substance in a red plastic bottle, and the brought it back. More color testing between races it would seem, and all about the color red, one that is of particular focus of late.

My ex drove us out in her white colored BMW convertible, and did some highway driving mixed in with some backroad driving. Needless to say, there was an organized vehicle formation around us wherever we were; white diesel monster pickups switched out with the black colored ones, and then it was onto clusters of silver-grey with white vehicles, mid-grey vehicles, mixtures of dissimilar reds and oranges, and then same red colored clusters. And the usual arrangements of five same body design vehicles in files of five or more, and plenty of Ford Escapes around us, the same vehicle that my parents own and that I sometimes drive.

The perps gave me a 1.5 hour nap this afternoon, and that seemed to the time that they constructed the bedbug nests in my chair. I had not noticed a white substance in the back rest joint before, and then there it was, one each side. And of course I am also given the creepy crawlie sensations as well, as if bugs are on me, but aren't. It is fucking gross all the same to have all this insect invasion.

I noticed while at lunch that the perps changed over my entire vision at one point; the colors and the shadows became different all of a sudden, something that alarmed me, and pisses me off. Afterward, we went for a short walk and lo, if the red dressed dudes weren't on display, along with a serious geriatric display with their walkers. Then onto the bulb farm where I am going to attempt work on Friday, my ex somehow knowing where the office is so I could go in and ask about the nature of full and partime employment there.

The laundry was also done, and some of it was done twice owing to more perp fuckery; the new towels "somehow" had a lint explosion in the washing machine, and lo, if it didn't stay on the clothes in the dryer, forcing a second go around that was interleaved with someone else doing their laundry. Which means the remaining two towels should also be washed by themselves to eliminate yet more future lint blowouts.

The perps had me in near continuous rage over making dinner tonight, possibly because they have allowed the very first onion from self made dinners to be included in my diet since mid-2004. On the way back from Sidney we stopped at two farmer's markets and my ex bought some shallots and gave me some. I must say that they add much more flavor into my imposed one-trick dish that I eat for lunch and dinner. This seems to becoming a heavy harassment day, possibly because of the earlier outing, and also because of a new bed bug invasion that they have arranged.

I was finally allowed to secure a date for reapplication of pesticides, getting the phone call after the rage show had subsided, a frequent harassment moment. It will be Friday, my proposed start day for the farm labor work, so I will have to pull out all the furniture before 0640h before I leave this place. It is getting complicated just to do one thing more, especially with this ongoing fuckover of the bedbugs and all the needless fuckery related to it.

And for whatever reason, the manager got me on the phone with the pest control technician about which date would be best, and allowing me to tell them about the insect nests in the chair. And he didn't answer the question that I posed that the chair will have to be treated on a third visitation if it didn't get done the first time. Always keeping the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) game going it seems, only on the heels of jerking around on the revisit date for nearly two weeks.

I am getting severe typo sabotage, so it is time to do something else.

More vision impairments and then typing sabotage.

Back to getting masers stuck in my field and view, and plasma bursts in front of one eye. It seems that transitioning from one web page interest, blogs, to this, journalling (aka blogging), is of intense interest to my mind keepers.

I am also "in the beam", where directed light beam "reflects" from a residential tower some 500' away and is cast at me, through the curtains now. As it was the "lights on moment" a short time ago, the time of the day when I turn on the two lights in this apartment, that too has been under intense scrutiny by my mind-keepers.

Then a sneeze from the hallway, loud enough to be outside my door. I don't why the perps continue with these coughing and sneezing acts around me, but they are highly consistent. Yesterday they had a 5x/minute coughing fuckwit on the treadmill that pissed me off enough to leave early. I have never been to a public gym to find someone coughing so much before. They are reasonably healthy and go to the gym, and if not, they stay at home recuperating. I don't get it why these fuckers need to make these noises around me all the time.

The overhead tapping has started up, and seems to find the exact frequency that annoys me, or that I am made to be most anxious with. Amazing; a whole evening of annoying sounds, all to have me plug my ears with my fingers or else put the earmuffs on. The usual pattern is that after putting on the earmuffs they then script a noise that magically penetrates them, e.g. sirens tonight.

More nuisance phone calls, this one from a kid it seems. The perps make sure I cannot see the caller id displayed owing to some kind of manipulative light fuckery after looking at this LCD display. And they can even access the answering service without the phone ringing first. The timing of these is always interesting, as this was exactly when I was transitioning from looking at the sorry state of online clothing shopping, predominantly in red, pink, peach and like colors. That is men's clothing I am talking about. The perps have me cranked up to get some kind of special shirt for field laboring, and I have no idea what that means, save a long sleeved shirt. Then as part of this, the assholes have me investigation tan-through clothes. Talk about confusing to say the least. Though I note that I got a tan on my arms today when out in the ex's convertible. She did note my white fingers, oddly colored compared to my always brown arms, and I said it "happened" a few years back. No doubt the perps have some kind of "tan plan", as they have already started on my nethers in a recent increase of skin browness.

More vision impairments for the last 40 minutes, as if white plasma projections are coming off this LCD display, and it is an extra white brightness. All the while, the noisestalking sounds are continuing; the latest is and emulation of someone dropping marbles on a smooth floor surface. That repetitive clicking sound.

Time to call this one done, and without detailing the thousands of gangstalking vehicles arranged on the highway earlier today. Anyhow, enough of the vision impairments.

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