Saturday, May 31, 2008

Laundry and Other Tick Offs

The overhead pounding started up for the first time today, so this must be an important moment for the depraved mind-keepers I have.

I got a rare 0550h get-up this morning, and lo, if there wasn't the planted ticks in place on the wall as I was making the bed. (And making the bed, where I climb onto it to finish the job against the wall, is a big noise and harassment event). Soo... a trip to the kitchen get paper towels to pick them up and scrunch them was in order. And lo, if the seeming ticks didn't just self erupt anyhow, make a mess on the wall, and then require another trip to the kitchen to get cleaning supplies and deal with the mess. And it should be said, I have not had any insect bites, so that is why I suspect they are planted containing, or are simultaneously associated with introduced blood. I don't know whose blood it is, and it could me mine. There is now tick associated blood bursts on the N., S., and W. walls, with the E. wall being deficient as it is mostly a sliding glass door.

I was awakened from a strange and persistent dream about a headless horse, and attempting to bury it with the detached head, and it would come alive again. I have never, ever had such dreams of detail, or of this kind, and if they happened (read, were planted), I would always bail out and awaken and come back to reality. Now, the perps can block my reality circuit breaker and keep me in their strange dreams as long as they want.

And after breakfast, lo, if another two ticks didn't "show up" in the same wall as when I got up, the W. wall. Anyhow, I am sure the tick thing is about having me attend to things in new locations and stay their longer for the remote energetics assay activity that is the perp's quest. The early morning seemed to be about the sunlight and sunrise games, the sun directly shining into this E. facing apartment and passing by on the N. side of the adjacent tower to shine on the S. wall. In this way, the brightly sunlit wall can be seen in the mirror of the bathroom while shaving. Any excuse to add some light onto a subject the usual telltale of perps taking on more problematic events, e.g. shaving. Once I got out of the bathroom, the sun was directly shining into the apartment, over the top of the adjacent tower. It is very important to the perps that they have light passing by something as much as to what it is falling onto.

More thumpings from overhead, so that means it is an important moment, one to get my laundry from the dryer, and contemplate the persistent mess the perps have planted on the bedsheets. They like me to delay bedsheet laundering for whatever reason, and they got nearly three weeks in this time, the normal cycle being two weeks.

Another early morning "greeter" at 0550h when I parted the curtains was the septic services truck heading S., seen for two seconds at most. And what seeming municipal vehicle would be seen at that time on a Saturday? Why, the shit tanker, which may only have mine in the tank, given the strangely scripted bowel movement frequencies and the perps ability to pull substances out of one directly to some place else. As the perps are obsessed over this topic, and of course the color, their planted notion that the regular shit tanker is dedicated to me may be correct. Another who knows; totally unverifiable.

Another reason for getting me up early is to have me do my usual news web troving earlier in the day. There has been a slow move to shift this activity to the morning from the afternoon, and some of the eveningtime sites I visit, the ones of the lowest priority, have shifted forward to the afternoon. What this suggests is that the perps find sunlight conditions to be important enough to be associate with the regular web troving at various times of the day. In other words, looking at the 20 some personal blogs (mostly a stock list), was once an afternoon event, as I was being awakened so late, 0900h h, even 1000h. But today, some months later, and by increments of 15 minutes or so, the same Bookmarked category of blogs are now read about 1000h. It should be noted that accessing any of these blogs at the first page display is routinely noisestalked, and sometimes accompanied with plasma flashes and other phenomenon.

And I have been getting more spatter games; there was another round of spots on my pillow and bottom sheet, some at the foot of the bed. The above tick action has been accompanied by forcing me to look at these spots, and also faking me out with light games to momentarily create the same condition in my peripherial vision, ususally done with black maser objects. And there are at least five small divots in the counter which appear to be similar to the recent spots, and I get forced to look at these and "think" (read, planted notion), that this is a tick. Call it imposed tick "misidentification/misattribution". There had to be at least 20 such fake ticks/momentary spots created during breakfast, hot on the heels of having me look at the minor tick invasion and the concurrent emulatory black spots on the bedsheets.

These three photographs of my bedsheets and my pillow case show the splatter that has spontaneously "arrived" with additonal splatter each morning. There is a swirled arc to them as well, perhaps more apparent when one is zoomed in.

This is the pillow case with the striated weave pattern. These seem to be flicked on, and not smeared like the bedsheet above.

Finally, the perps are over their spot lunacy, but there is invariably more. And that would be creating momentary red flashes in my peripherial and central vision, sometimes in front of this very LCD display. The perps are heavy on red exposures of late, and also ensure that many of the web pages have extra clashing reds on them, often small displays. Just another color and a plasma exposure, now close to a 1,000 per day, not including the blackish masers.

And a bout of housekeeping industriousness "erupted" when doing the laundry, when it usually does. The bathroom sink was cleaned of its greenish tinged enamel, normally white, but to little result. I suppose the perp highlight of that was re-using the J-cloth by hanging it up to dry. I also vacuumed the carpeted floor for the second time I have lived here. And finally, I swept the bathroom and kitchen floors with the broom. The perps ensure that their dust bunnies flit about and defy being swept into the dustpan in less thatn three attempts. And almost forgetting, the extra-conventional dust aggregations also got attended to, and the vacuum cleaner's strange propensity to collect dust on the handle, case and wire. A rare foursome of cleaning, and that is the first time all that has been allowed in one cleaning session. I wonder what is common about all those activities that is of interest to the perps?

There has bee more back-to-back activity consistency of late, as well as world event consistency; e.g. the Myramar cyclone followed by the Sechuan earthquake in less than a week. And of note, I was routinely noisestalked while reading about these catastrophic events, and the perps also cognitively dithered me to ensure that I was thinking about the wrong catastrophe as to the one I was viewing or reading about. The "get it wrong for us" games have been coming on strong of late, and this pertains to world events as much as having me open the wrong kitchen cupboard.

The afternoon sleepiness has also been moved ahead, and I have slipped into a sitting up sleep a few times while ready about these dragonfly drones that appear to have no mode of propulsion. When it is clear that certain agencies can operationally effect action-at-a-distance and unconventional gravitic forces, there is no end of bizarreness that can be sustained. What I do know is that they prefer metal objects to be in ring form to best facilitate their remote energetics assay capability. They also have vehicles doing 360 degree turns in the parking lot below before they park. Anyhow, I have never seen any UFO objects, and don't expect to, as my life is unconventional enough. Why add to it, as the perps must be testing plenty of other victims let alone their own personnel as well as the First Feral Family (mine, that is). And I got three loud Harley Davidson like noise bursts and trail offs while typing this paragraph, especially while doing the link. Even the church bells have put on, perhaps for something special for a Saturday, not unlike the street cleaner that went past and laid down two 6" wide tracks of wetted pavement for its 4' wide swath. (And the street sweeper games are routinely like this, never cleaning very much, and only for placing narrow tracks of wetness).

The upstairs vacuuming act has started up, telling me that this is big moment, as does the concurrent loud motorcycle noise. It is teatime.

And a minor event was scripted for teatime; a tire screech and a clunk noise, signifying a vehicle collision. Some ten minutes later, yes 10, the ambulance arrives in a siren cascade, and it idles its engine through the chocolate eating part of teatime. I took some pictures, and I am not forced into slackness, I will post them later. I am long inured to these goings on around me and that is what the perps seem to want in any event; total unemotional observation. The operative threading his way through speeding street vehicles was another such event a few months ago.

Here is the planted word of the week; Miasma
A noxious atmosphere or influence: "The family affection, the family expectations, seemed to permeate the atmosphere . . . like a coiling miasma" (Louis Auchincloss).
A poisonous atmosphere formerly thought to rise from swamps and putrid matter and cause disease.
A thick vaporous atmosphere or emanation: wreathed in a miasma of cigarette smoke.
I think this word should describe the TI harassment experience given its scope of describing umpleasant natural or unnatural ecosystems. The Energetic Miasma perhaps? Or, the Persecutorial Miasma? The Stigmatic Miasma? Something like that.

I got out to get a national newspaper to read at the convenience store below, and lo, if they didn't have some leftover Easter Cadbury Creme eggs, a long running favorite. Though more likely, it is a favorite for another party; the metallic foil wrapped chocolate (useful to them in some way), and with with white gooey whites and a a yellow gooey yolk, candied versions that is. And for that 60' walk to the grocery store I got my cellphoning babe at the apartment front doors, putting on the dumbshit act that she didn't know it was fucking dumb to block public egress, let alone when on a cell phone. But she seemed to know I was there, putting on a rotational turn as I came in close to open the door.

Then the convenience store had a gangstalker act either side of me; a halfwat putting on the extra friendly routing with the proprietor, aka Cheersing, and wizzend granny loitering around behind me in clashing blues and violet in varying orientations/poses. And of course, this was holding me up some, but not a whole lot. I suspect most of the granny acts are really one person, just morphed over to appear different. That sick person would be my mother is what I suspect. She has been known to suddenly arrive in the backyard when I got in by bus, having been circled upteen times beforehand by a granny at the downtown bus stop in white and a fugly red outfit. The morphing, aka shapeshifting, takes more time when the body size and frame is changed, where purely facial or head morphings don't take more than five minutes. Then the operative/fucker gets changed in some extra-conventional way, and then teleported back to where they came from.

And I note that after I gorged on the Cadbury Creme Eggs that a spot of 2" square brownish something "arrived" on my balcony, simulating chocolate, even if I didn't put it there. The perps need an outside brown reference color swatch close to me, and slapping it on the concrete surface works for them.

A color swatch of simulated chocolate "arrived" ahead of my pig-out of the Cadbury Creme Eggs and here it is. I still have not determined just what exactly it is, but the color is correct for chocolate. This is where the perps are at after six years of hounding my ass following 47 years of covert surveillance and a lifetime of orchestrating all my interactions. Fucking pathetic, and what is worse, it seems that they made some fundamental mistakes, e.g. forced traumatization and a early age LSD dosing that they are still attempting to dig themselves out of (they tell me), at my expense of course.

It is pathetic all round that they cannot figure out my brown color reactions from 8' away and through the safety glass, so they add this brown swatch to the balcony. I suppose I will be the one appointed to clean up their mess. And as I type that, the overhead clunking started up.

The perps allowed a less harassed making of dinner, though they did piss me off and then add the Harley noise at that very moment. I don't know what they are up to besides continuing the pre-dinner noise after dinner. Making dinner is so rote after five years, as it is the same dish with some variations as to the base for the tortilla; tapenade (olive paste), guacamole and artichoke pesto. In the early harassment days of 2003 and 2004, they allowed me to use antipasti, a combination of tomato sauce, fish, sliced olives, beans etc., but they took me off it in 05-2004 and tightly rationed me on what kind of red foods I was allowed. Presently, they are trying me again, on tapenade with some tomato in it. I assume the ingestion of red food interferes with their remote energetics assay work, which would include anything red in my proximity. The term "proximity" might mean 400' now, depending on color, time of day, lighting conditions, orientation etc. I see that they are doing some testing from that distance with some colors of vehicles, and less of them in close, save dusk onset, which is right about now. I was getting the plasma spot beam streaming in and pulled the curtains to block it. That wasn't satisfactory, so they strobed the beam and had it "arrive" inside my apartment just to piss me off. The perps control me to be highly reactive to stroboscopic light of all colors, when I never was before.

I am at a loose end tonight, having got up so early today. Perhaps the perps want to also shift my later evening music listening to this earlier time with dusk onset.

I am getting firecrackered, and it way too early for Canada Day, July 01. And of course, someone zaps me at the same instant as the bang, so only the source of the noise has changed, not the practice.

The perps shut down the entryway ceiling light, both bulbs, and messed with the holding nut so I couldn't access it by hand. I am looking at stereo components again, one of my regular haunts, futile as it is. Regular readers will know that my music intake is highly contrained, along with having masses of metal in the form of speaker magnets, amplifier transformers and the like (both in my locker). And of course the reality is that any stereo gear is unaffordable, save the headphones they allow me to have.

Time to call another day done in the service of the mind constrained miasma that is my life.

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