Thursday, March 31, 2011

Job Prospecting Day 2

I got out earlier to deposit a $50 check, and do the two block gangstalk gauntlet to the downtown ATM. A full-on freakshow with added sidewalk obstructions that in one instance, were in place outbound and inbound, some 5 minutes apart. Why seeming rational beings plant themselves to constrict an already constricted 60' section of sidewalk (construction scaffolding) I don't know. I have never seen such rude public behavior in this once over-polite town. Then the negro babe who flicked her arm out 6' in front of me, pretending to attend to her scarf in this same section was another case of public rudeness IMHO, as I hadn't seen anything like it anywhere, for all the places I have been to, including NYC. But as this scaffolded section was also floored with plywood, and the perps have a long standing history of presenting plywood panels to me, I suppose it is all connected somehow. That I care should be clear by now; I don't. Just leave me the fuck alone.

But that wasn't to be, as there was another odd male, 55 or older, who seen oncoming then lined me up, stepped aside to miss someone else coming at me, licked a finger, and then comes at me offering me a 4"x6" piece of white paper that was totally blank. Like WTF; not even the proselytizing cover story, just a blatant "paper stalk" as I call them now; gangstalkers walking around with paper in this eruption of paper packing that struck this town about four years ago in my proximity at least. I suspect that the paper was some kind of color/material reference after passing under the construction scaffolding, leaqding to a covered portion of the sidewalk from a building structure into a directly sunlit portion. The perps seem to have some kind of obsessive need to tail me where the light changes, from direct sun, to shade and vice versa.

And at this same covered location, the vagrant scum were on the job, obstructing the sidewalk with their act, pretending to be engaged with each other but commanding the full 8' of sidewalk. Some 4' of which was already constricted by outdoor tables, and then these two (only one of them there when outbound) are paired but separated, but not enough to walk between them. Who would, as one of them was disgusting personified; obese, shoulder length frizzy unkempt hair, and seeming at a loose end, like he was ready to turn toward me. Gruesome it was, though I am sure many other TI's get worse from the vagrant section of the gangstalker menu.

And more obvious R. side passing too; an Asian woman makes a point to come straight at me some 15' ahead, and when some 6' ahead she pulls to my R where a wider section was created by a store front, and then pointedly passes me on my R side to then go around me and then returns to her track which was exactly where I was. I thought she was going to the store front door, the typical excuse for the gangstalkers to pointedly cross my path, but no, she crossed back on top of where I was walking. Here we are in N. America, R hand drive, meaning we proceed forward on the R side of the sidewalk, road etc. Then once the harassment starts in 2002, I get these "straight at me" R hand pedestrians/gangstalkers, and now in unrepentant profusion. More public rudeness, and most un-Asian behavior in my experience. I have travelled to the UK, where it is L hand drive, and that includes pedestrians too, and for the first few days it is confusing and one ends up in these almost sidewalk "head-ons", but the number of Fuckwits that make a point to run in LH drive to cross in front of me and walk in my track as much as they possibly can far exceeds the short term LH drive adaptations that one goes through when visiting the UK.

And that was a two block walk at 0940h before the stores open at 1000h, quite the profusion of gangstalkers to say the least when typically there is less than half the number at that time of day. But given the recent escalation of vehicular traffic at 0640h when walking three blocks to take the the crew bus for daffodil picking, in their color and size coordinated clusters, it would seem that the perps are not needing any excuses of normality anymore. Also note that it was this same walk to the crew bus at the same time in summer of 2008 when this same six lane arterial (Blanshard and Pandora for locals) was devoid of all traffic so one of my former work colleagues could drive on the wrong side of the road, coming toward me (crossing three lanes), and then veer back onto the R side of the road. If the perps can arrange an absence of traffic to make this bizarre stunt safe for the shill/former colleague, then of course they can overpopulate it with vehicular traffic too, never mind the time of day. And I realize some large cities have bumper to  bumper traffic at that time of the morning, but this isn't the case for this government town gone wrong.

A round of sending off job applications today, but still getting screwed for one that closed today, and "somehow" not seeing it in the very organized list I had from yesterday, even with the closing date in the line of the bookmark. And when did I get to find out; why, at 1705h when it closed at 1630h. But at least I got a number of the job applications sent, still walking the line between the IT data analyst, the horticultural/farm worker and the forestry technician. Perverse to be sure, the second mentioned career being one that has developed under the perp's insane reign, and keeps me in the low income category. Last year there were these "watershed operator" jobs for which I had ample experience for all of what they were looking for, and I didn't get a phone call. This year I see there are four more, but at $22/hour, I don't think the perps will let me have that gig. Farm work seems to pay a standard $9.28/hour, even if they were paying $10/hour last year at some farms. Besides, where but farm work does one find such a high turnover freakshow?

And I note that the five or so forestry jobs that I had bookmarked to send resumes to somehow didn't "happen", having a motivational lapse for some reason. And why would I decline for a $23/hour job? No  reason but blatant jerkarounds. The IT job scene interests me, but again, I am getting demotivated for some uncharacteristic reason, and haven't picked up any of my Oracle books from last year, nor the UML book I so "needed" in the fall. I just don't know where this one is going. The viticulture farm work aspirations seemed to have also fallen flat, or at least, all those that require relocation to the Okanagan where it is hotter and more grape varieties. They even had me looking up the Credentialed Viticulture Worker training yesterday, though it would take place in the fall. The local vineyards have never responded to my applications, even if I indicate that I was an amateur winemaker that won a category at a province-wide competition. And of course I am getting FUD-ed on this one too; do I need a vehicle, where would I stay and the rest of it? Never mind the fact when I start a new job someone is on my ass for quality issues, and then I later find that everyone else is picking lesser quality. Same deal with the daffodils this year; one seeming newbie forewoman (wasn't there in Febuary, but was in mid-March) was on my ass about longer flowers, and then no yellow bud break (which turned out to be BS as I later learned that three bud breaks per bunch were acceptable), and other niggling quality aspects that didn't amount to a hill of beans. She was constantly on my ass for the first few days, and then suddenly reverts to saying that I am picking "beautiful flowers" more than once. I was hard pressed to understand how mine would be any more "beautiful" than anyone else's, and she didn't explain that very well. All these fucking games. Same last year when potato picking; too small, then not small enough, and no one would state in frigging numbers if it was an inch, 3/4 inch or whatever, this constant avoidance over a measurable specification was totally ludicrous.

It is interesting the foreman, who seems to be one of the rare males that I would accord the adjective "cool" (versatile, interesting, many talented, and grounded) is going to do a house build in the Okanagan region of this province after the daffodil picking ended, so maybe this remotely invoked viticulture interest has more dimensions, as does the entire wine making, grape growing, and wine tasting spectrum. Some of which, as mentioned, has been a long standing hobby of over 25 years until the financial sandbagging when with the ex that began in 1997.

Then the relentless planted ideations over what might be related to what, when in this situation of total FUD, nothing whatsoever is necessarily related to anything. As an example, I have plainly obvious chocolate crumbs flying in from nowhere onto my dessert plate, which are not falling off the chocolate I have in hand nor the remainder on the plate. So if I have a sudden "need" to spend $200 to get my nice five pairs of pants altered to fit, ones that I haven't worn in over nine years as this gig has nearly always been a jeans deal, that does not mean that an IT office job is nigh. And yet I get ideations and future notions planted on me, suggesting that this is related. But as the perps are notorious liars in keeping with the FUD agenda, and that I am the last person to know what my next vocational gig is, and am faced with three, (or four, counting the oil and gas job obsession that erupted three years ago, despite no prior experience), largely unreconcilable vocational avenues, the only recourse is to adopt the principle that nothing is related to anything unless witnessed or proven.

Even my mother is in on the vocational prospects chicanery, saying that an IT job "this fall" this time last year which did not come close to materializing. It was interesting at the time, as it was an obvious gimme statement, but she really had no idea as to what she was talking about, not having any conceptual understanding of this vocational realm, significant as it is. And also, she never asks me about it, not even wanting to know even the basics of what it all entails and the various players and their roles. I got another (FUD caveat) clue from her this fall, when she said something to the effect of maybe computer work isn't likely. Well maybe not, and perhaps those never-worn kevlar toed safety boots I purchased in the fall of 2008 when construction work looked promising after the end of the daffodil bulb work, have a purpose for somewhere else. Back then, I did not get my phone calls returned, and no work of any kind, and so the boots still sit there over two years later, possibly waiting for the next vocational gig or maybe the perps want to have new, but not worn footwear around me, given their insane obsessional fetish over my footwear, insoles, shoelaces, sole condition and rubber compound type, and as mentioned, everywhere I step.

Enough of the dreary theme looping, and onto blogging off, and maybe getting out tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I was about sick of all this gangstalking bullshit. It's kind of interesting getting this much attention, but there was the big freakshow production, courtesy of the perps themselves. This time, it included the usual dogshit on the sidewalk, of varying sizes. Again, it probably goes back to provenance: different dogs' stools have different dog food as a source, and hence, differing locations are reflected in the different piles of shit. I suppose they are testing me on the varying size of dog stools. Probably, they are testing on he varying degrees of nitrogen content in the stools, as well as various other chemicals. Interesting how it is several hundred dollars fine for leaving dog poop on the walks here, yet gangstalkers get away with it all the time.

Then, a very obvious operative walking his dog down the street. Red jacket, I believe, with a mid-sized pooch.

A black girl and a white girl coming out of the club, and this heavy black girl kept saying "he's white" with the white girl laughing with her. I did want to challenge that bitch to a little slap-a-thon after than one. But then, those people are cowards, and think cheap-shotting someone with insults and then running away is profound. The perps could put a stop to this nonsense at any time. It seems I pissed of the black woman with my "tough" attitude as I walked past, which I need to have. See, everyone who is a perp here seems to think I have an attitude, and that I think I'm so great. Other TI's have gotten that, that we think we're so great or something, and hence, need taken down a couple of notches (with idiotic comments made within earshot nonetheless. Again, that sort of thing varies by region._) The black girl was alluded to the word "nothing", as some other black female gangstalkers have done to me. Like I'm supposed to be "nothing". I've had white middle-aged woman say the same thing as I was passing, and never directly to my face in a conversation. Bitches.

Had a pair of girls in the one parking lot. I turned around and glared at one of the girls, as their script consisted of various words like "deadbeat", "nit", whatever. When I turned and glared at the one bitch, she looked like she was ready to take off running. This was an obvious paid perp gig.

The usual perps in cars doing their hand to the face gestures again. As usual, I wanted to kick the side of their car panels in for being dicks. In fact, I did visualize myself doing just that: attacking their cars and kicking in the side panels. Heck, they even sent in a guy, wearing carpenter jeans, older guy, clean-shaven, with a retail flier in his pocket that said "free" prominently displayed. And what I noticed is that his door in his red truck looked as though someone had kicked in in. It wasn't me, ha ha. I believe it was a reference to me thinking about kicking in a gangstalker vehicle's door panel in.

And the past couple of nights, they had some dude in his apartment make all kinds of mouth noises when I was walking down he street, as well as "ahhh!" yelling sounds. They had another one in an apartment further down the road. I was really flummoxed they had two points of attack at different locations like this.

And then, they had a girl in a car, waiting for a long time at the stop sign, as though parked there. She appeared to be parked, but would not pull away from the stop sign until I approached close enough. I get this a lot.

No one got hurt, though I was contemplating confronting a couple of them at different times. There were no confrontations.

AJH said...

Answer to: I was about sick of all this gangstalking...

They have you riled up, and into "revenge think" mode as well, dangerous territory though. I don't have any particular mantras for dealing with the gangstalking freakshow either, but it is interesting that this has expanded beyond me, as the freakshow in my case seems to be about emulating subconscious traumatizations they applied during my childhood in the recall deleted years. Though who knows, perhaps this has become the "benchmark" to test on other TI's. Hard to know what the real picture is when we are the last to know. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I think you've nailed it there: they must have me in a "revenge think" mode. I didn't realize that maybe the harassment was scripted with the right players with that goal in mind. They had the cops jokingly flip me off, too, so maybe they designed this whole thing with the goal in mind of getting even, but taking away all avenues by which this is possible, leaving me stranded.

Anonymous said...

Unless some of the freakshow was arrange as part of an April 1st gag on their part. Didn't seem very funny though. I suspect a lot of it was carefully designed and scripted to control what OS I am running on my machines here. They also know that in terms of resistor color codes, a white band corresponds to the number 9. And the version of FreeBSD-current is at 9.0, so that remark, coupled with the guy with the flier in his pocket that had "free" prominently displayed, could be a reference to FreeBSD 9.0.

Also, they have an interest as to whether or not I am running the latest incarnation of Open Solaris, now called Open Indiana. All of this is geared towards the target's internal knowledge.

I looked it up on wikipedia, and it reveals:

White is a color, the perception of which is evoked by light that stimulates all three types of color sensitive cone cells in the human eye in nearly equal amounts and with high brightness compared to the surroundings. A white visual stimulation will be void of hue and grayness.[1]

White light can be generated in many ways. The sun is such a source, electric incandescence is another. Modern light sources are fluorescent lamps and light-emitting diodes.

So there is a reference to the sun there, which to me refers to "Sun" as in Open Solaris, which they are fascinated about.

I am doing temperature measurements of various operating systems right now. At first, it appeared as though FreeBSD ran 5-15 degrees C hotter than NetBSD, but now it looks like I was actually watching the Thermal Zone temp as opposed to the CPU Core Temperature. They give close yet different readings. I figured they had to be close in temperature, and now that figure looks to be correct

Anonymous said...

The "white" remark could also be a reference to purity. As I have purged myself of any negative thoughts, starting n 1998 with meditation, the perps see this as good for their research agenda.

From Wikipedia again:

Healing or "good" magic is called White magic.[5] In early film Westerns the stereotypically "good guy" wore a white hat (earning them the name "White Hats") while the "bad guy" wore black (earning them the name "Black Hats"). This has given rise to the use of the names black hat and white hat for people who abuse and counter abuse of computer systems respectively. In popular culture this idea is sometimes reversed to play on reversal of stereotypes.

So maybe they are using me to tap into my "healing energy" to use for wounded soldiers.

AJH said...

Answer to: Unless some of the freakshow AND The "white" remark...

Yes, white is a combination of colors, and yesterday I got the weird who singled me out from all the other pedestrians (ahem) and offered me a piece of white paper with nothing on it. And I get white color variations on my LCD all the time, even as I write this I get some bands of yellowish-white, then blueish-white in this ever fluxing aurea borealis on this 22" LCD display. I wouldn't read too much into the associations you make, as it seems there are so many other possibilities. Though, the perps do have a profound interest in the Sun, the nature of its light and plasmic/energetic/electomaggnetic properties and how it influences my vision perception as well as any other color energetic properties I may have, especially when kept in the densified magnetic field that I measured at over 1600 Gauss in 2009. They must have one huge spreadsheet they keep, to quantify the discovery process they put us through, as well as all their work they must conduct covertly as well as their cooperating operatives and shills. Thanks for the comments.