Sunday, March 06, 2011

Conventional Technology Catches Up

I see from this link that backscatter X-ray vans are to be built and provide mobile capability to examine people under their clothes. The same technology as that used for the invasive airport scanners, except it is mobile. Just what we need, more doses of X-rays without consent and anywhere in public. But, in my fraught experience this conventional, although leading edge, technology is old hat for my life and mind-keepers, as they utilize technologies from supressed science, augmented with densified magnetic energies beamed at their victims (per measurements). So it seems to me, now a full time conspiratorial thinker (due to experiencing so many arranged coincidences), that the perps are the ones that really need X-rays spewed out in public, and likely too, following certain covert targets. So it is to inculcate us with the concept of a coming police state, or is it to perform selective streetside X-ray delivery, or both? Given the usual trait of abuses and stunts applied to me, I would say both, though in general I avoid blogging about doomer scenarios as there is no end to it. I find it most curious that this kind of invasive X-ray technology gets the go-ahead at the highest office in the land, the US federal cabinet, and yet they have an Attorney General in the cabinet who could give an opinion on the legality of the technology, but who hasn't publically done so. This mega-buck technology gets launched by the US government to be utilized upon innocent citizens without consent and without regard to its legality, now or as determined by court decision at a later date. Talk about reckless governance; they seem to want the X-ray data so bad that they are willing to risk it being shut down at a future court decided date. There has to be another reason IMHO, as to why the leaders of the government are wilfully violiating citizen's rights, or at least, disbursing large sums for initiatives at future risk should a judge determine these devices unconstitutional. Pontificating done for the day.

A First Feral Family visitation is imminent, so this is it for today.


Anonymous said...

They tech available, I like to categorize as "civlian sector technology", which comprises the stuff we already know about, like the current state of consumer electronics. But this also includes the more obscure law enforcement stuff, such as this X-ray stuff, tasers. As well we'd have to include video game controller helmets that use brain waves to control. Those are the sci-fi ones that are "today reality". They sound far-fetched to some, but most people accept these as reality. Those are the toys that the establishment (the perps and the secret mind control cabals) allows everyone to know about.

But then there is the top-secret military grade stuff, and while the civilians are out there harassing the shit out of targets, we have secret cabals (such as the military and the CIA, FBI, NSA factions) with their access to god-like toys. I know part of the reason for sending the public after TI's, is so those factions can go about doing their dirty deeds with their expensive classified toys, so secret, they'd have to kill any ordinary civilian who knew about them. Also, there are supposedly quantum computers that are light-years ahead of what we have in the consumer electronics sector, that have been available to the hidden cabals since 1990 or so. Those would be the quantum level computers, and supposedly, the NSA had access to these. I would imagine only a few who worked at the NSA would be allowed to know about them, let alone touch them. Those who are allowed work for the experimenters (the perps).

That's one arm of the slander campaigns: it's part of a massive disinfo campaign aimed at deceiving the public at large, but a lot of times, targets and perps are the only ones who know about these secret toys. Everyone else just thinks we're crazy. They're the controlled ones. Well, those are controlled as well, but the targets are under a "special" type of control, that ordinary civilians don't get.

AJH said...

Answer to: They tech available...

There is all kinds of secret tech out there, but what I find interesting is the civilian tech being used for perp purposes, which is what I suspect the mobile backscatter X-ray vans are all about. Given that I am 57 years into being monitored, I am sure they probably had backscatter X-ray vans pass by me or my residence many times before the perps went overt/beserk in 2002. But it seems they want to monitor more people in more circumstances and locations, getting a larger population sample with much more variability. The interesting thing to me is that these mobile X-ray vans are given sanction at the highest office in the land (US federal cabinet secretary), when it is clearly a risk to be stopped by a court order at a future date. The Supremes have already given a decision on police forces using through the wall radar as an invasion of civil rights, so to me, it is even more likely that mobile or public backscatter X-ray technology will also be found in violation of the Constitution. It seems to me that they are willing to take this risk until such a case comes to court, and it could be a number of years in the meantime where they get all this X-ray data. Obviously, applying it to aircraft passengers isn't enough of a sample. Thanks for the comments.