Saturday, March 05, 2011

De-realization and Ear Pressure Imbalance

A game going on here, starting this in an IE tab but the font changing games suddenly started up and I closed it out, after being forced to close the wrong tab, and then started a new Firefox browsing tab. The latter has plenty of feature stripped problems too, but no font changing games.

The perps have developed some new tortures, and new torture combinations by extension. The differential ear pressure games began yesterday, where one ear, feeling like the whole side of one's head, is at a differnt pressure than the other. Very disorienting, and made all the worse that swallowing or yawning don't appear to remedy the problem. Then they apply some temporal lobe de-energizing which make one feel very de-realized, spacey and unfocussed. Put these two tortures together, and add some overall cognitive fog just while the victim is doing something that needs focus, like opening the package of coffee, and one is in a total fugue state. That is, they cannot even understand how to open a package when they have done this many times before, with only perp imposed adversities like the package sticking together more than it once did. And, if I haven't mentioned it before, package opening is always a big deal for the perps, especially food items, and all the more so for their very favorite brown color reference, coffee. And that is what was opened this morning to great consternation over this imposed befuddlement  over a very simple task. Stupider and stupider is how the perps seem to be managing me, and it is one of the very consistent trends over nearly nine years of this depraved abuse.

Then they repeated this two level harassment again while making lunch a few minutes ago; it seemed that the tight plastic wrapped cheese was extra adverse, but also they were screwing me as to what I was doing and for what reason. This followed opening the olive oil bottle for similar reasons, the one that was sitting for over four months as I had switched to coconut oil. And lo, if I wasn't screwed out of going shopping this morning, as the coconut oil ran out. And for that matter, at least two prior shopping trips as well, these strategic "forgets" that end up fueling their games in having me switch to a new source of cooking oil. The cooking and ingestion of fats and oils is a big deal for the perps, and they have also stiffed me with a bottle of avocado oil that was opened and not used due to the dearth of decent salad at the grocery store.

Now the sirens have started up, at least the third set this morning, and one wonders what has happened to this town when there are so many compared to prior to  2002 when they went overt/beserk on me.

Other imposed adversity was to have the fuzzy maser balls zinging about in central vision while eating lunch, and to then evade them in part by moving my head and having more complexity of colors and shapes in the background. If I rested my eyes on the plain wall or dinner plate, why, the maser balls in at least a formation of a travelling pair would zing about in my vision.

A short ten minute round trip to the local supermarket at 1330h, and hordes of gangstalkers were about, worse than Christmas even. And of course, the freakshow; ponytailed dude for 3 stalkings, the white pants, the dude clusters -4 in store, and aisle blockings -at least two and likely a few more freak configurations that I am not allowed to recall. Interestingly, on this post-nut shave day, there were no gangstalkers loitering in the lobby like there nearly always is.

A round of ripping CD's this afternoon, mostly without incident. The first CD I put after dinner, a totally different story; it errored out and had to be stopped with an alternative ripper used. So it would seem that it is important to the perps which music ripping software I use, and of course the odd CD that gets partially done in one, and has to be re-ripped in another. Fascinating for sickos.

And a thundering overhead noise heard through the earmuffs as I select the FLAC output over the WAV output. More excitement for sick minds.

The post-evening tea-time with chocolate moment; when I go back online they start up the tapping noise, then the dude talk heard through my earmuffs, and I suspect a few more. Also a burp erupting in my throat, and I never had those before. Now, the overhead rumbling for at least three times, that sound of a sliding door that manages to track me wherever I am in this apartment; desk, bathroom, kitchen or over my bed when I go to sleep for the night.

Taken 01-23-2011. All vehicles are stopped and note the lead vehicle in the closest lane stopped almost one vehicle length beyond the stop line. This is how they drive in this town now, and never did, and I have never seen it anywhere else either. I reckon having the white stop line under the vehicle gives the perps more white-black contrast, and this is important as they always put contrasting crumbs or lint on my clothing or bedding.

Taken 01-30-2011, 1147:48h; similar deal with the three grayscale colors (white, silver-grey (in tonal variants)). The closest lane is stopped at the light, the further one is parked at the stalls that permit parking except for rush hour.

Taken 01-30-2011, 1147:53h; similar, just swapping in more greyscale colored vehicles to arrange them around the red vehicle. The color red seems to be very problematic on many fronts for the perps.

Taken 01-23-2011; I put this up a few blog postings ago, and am bringing it back again to compare to the above pics, having them all in once place.

Taken 020-5-2011; this is supposed to be an fire emergency of a 17 story residential tower, and this is all we get for a building evacuation. Yet another "yellow truck brigade", aka Victoria (city) Fire Department doing their perp assisting thing. I cannot count the times they have "shown up" in my proximity over the last 8 years of gangstalking abuse, but over one hundred, though not all were emergencies. That doesn't count the Oak Bay (municipality) and the Saanich (municipality) Fire Departments and their proclivity to parade red fire trucks in my proximity, likely half that of Victoria.
The latest game in the course of the CD album ripping is to have the face of the artist on the front cover, and "bug me" as if the person themselves was staring at me, and not a picture. I think we did this a long time ago, but they are still at it, as well as the odd maser beam or wisp flowing off this LCD display where the picture is also presented for purposes of adding cover art to the ripped files.

The earmuffs had to come off, as the perp were using them as an excuse to make chirpy noises as if they were in contact with my shoulders, which they are not. Then the ear suction games started, erupting each time I turned left or right to get a CD or put one in the PC. Again, no putative cause, just gratuitous noise, plus the suction games they like to play. Once off, they started the siren noise from outside.

And I see my attempts to get rid of an orange colored icon next to my music files has been obstructed; Tthey stiffed me with this ugly icon next to all the FLAC files and I attempted to change this, and lo, if the FLAC files did not show up in the list of file extensions when it is the most prolific file type on this PC.

Enough adversity for one day, never mind the sudden reduction in vision as they scuffed my eyeglasses with something like they do most nights.

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