Saturday, March 12, 2011

Daffodil Days Again

An innocuous title that belies thearranged freaks and other stunts going down at the daffodil picking farm. And it is piece rate, $0.20/bunch of ten, so its a heads down antisocial environment out there, as time is directly equatable to money. And the perps pulled one of their nasty shit-my-pants games again, I get two a year or so, and the last one was last year at this same farm.

But today, they combined it with the freakshow, the Fugliest Negro I have ever seen has been placed on the crew, and it is not just his dreadlocks that I cannot stand the sight of. In typical perps introductory form, they started with a hide-the-negro, having his back facing me when I boarded the bus, as he was walking his bicycle down the center aisle. I sat down and he returned, his back to me. So.. I didn't find out until off the bus, and what a ghastly visage it is too. I won't go into the details to save myself from being included in racist remark games, but suffce to say, the perps manage his proximity and pose to a significant degree. There are at least three other dreadlockers on the crew so far, all Caucasian, and the perps make sure I end up looking at these fugly "freak-do's" more often that I would chose myself. And after a day of dreadlock avoidance in the daffodil fields, why, they had a dreadlocked Caucasian woman standing in the entrance to the local supermarket when I entered on the first day of flower picking. Yet again, if I don't like the sight of dreadlocks, so aptly named, I don't see why a psychopathic nonconsensual human research agency should be hounding me all over town with this most disgusting hair style.

Anyhow, there are lots of dodges, feints and games going on; loading the bus with the Mexicans and then have them get off the bus and go onto another, having us locals do the same another day, or at the picking fields when warehouse bound. Another is having us start picking only to stop inside of a minute or two with the excuse that the head honcho needs to look the flowers over first, as each variety of daffodil has its own characteristics of optimum harvest. (The heads have various degrees of being filled, and colored yellow, changing from green). And so after I picked three bunches after being bumped from the row I planned to pick because a seeming couple wanted to pick that one instead, we moved onto other fields. Everyone but me seemed to know the plan and sauntered off, seeming unassigned by anyone. Other pickers arrive in their own vehicles and are picking unassigned as well. It was the same as last year, with me being kept as the clueless as possible, when everyone else seemed to know where to go and when. Call it tacit choreography.

And it is the same at the warehouse, when if inside, and I want to pass outside through the doorway, why, at least five others want to do the same thing. Yet again, the perps want totaly gangstalker coverage when I enter or exit buildings. Or if I change daffodil picking direction, say starting in mid-row N bound and return to my starting position to pick S bound. People start talking to me, aircraft noise starts up, others talk or cough, others cruise by for no seeming reason and it is the same thing all over again; orientation, direction of travel, travel speed and spatial direction make a huge difference to the perp games, and they go all out to cover me should my picking direction change, or when I finish up a row. Call it the anisotropic properties of the omniplasma continuum if you want to impress someone.

I had one flake-out dude stand 6' from me in a dumbstruck act, standing in my row and impeding my progress for no apparent reason. And when I asked him what he was doing, he said his back was sore. Like WTF; the most ridiculous excuse, and then he walks around the field making out that he was looking for the supervisor afterward. There are too many of these games to  mention, but I haven't yet had any confrontations with anyone, despite some games going on with the forewoman.

I was doing a good job of picking in the morning, as she said so, and the other male foreman also independently corroborated this. But in the afternoon it wasn't good enough according to her, as I was to dig deeper. I have a 3" knife that is one inch shorter the standard issue, and according to her I had to dig deeper when I had dug down for every stem I cut. I had to restart my row and re-pick which annoyed me mightily, though I didn't express it as such. Along the way, one of the adjacent pickers had a spare 4"  standard knife she gave me, and I used it to get one inch deeper to cut the daffodil flower stem longer, as 10" is the minimum length. The flowers are shorter this year due to the colder temperatures, so it is a real problem to get length for the daffodils that have been picked over every two days for the past month. But I suppose, given the perp's interest in knife use; how I sharpen it, how I clean it and what I use it on, this admonition/stunt about picking length was more about riling me up for the event of having me switch knives. And so I picked the rest of the day with a 4" knife instead, and for the perps, that is a big deal.

And more visual comparison games too yesterday, the comparison of two Unfavoreds; the Fugliest Negro and the 260lb Fat Woman. The perps kept me distracted with talk while they flicked my visual field from one to the other and back again for at least three iterations, and stunning me out so I wouldn't know it was going on at the time. Regular readers will recall one of the more telling perp stunts of 2010 was to  re-direct my vision sideways wahile walking along the sidewalk (for no seeming purpose to me) to view some dogshit they arranged 2' away as I was passing by, and then immediately re-directed my gaze to a male negro was was standing around in front of this appartment building on a seemingly pointless loitering mission. Never was it so clear that the perps were re-directing my gaze for their own nefarious comparative purposes of viewing Unfavored demographic specimens and objects/substances. See the posting to the right titled the Favored and Unfavored Demographic Groups, though in fact, it is now more than demographics.

That is all the news for covering the past three days, as I don't have much availible evening time to be blogging now, putting in a 14 hour day by the time I can go online. All to raise some scratch to pay my income tax for last year, and maybe get a few trinkets along the way. The usual no-response for all my job applications, so daffodil picking is going to be it for the next month, and all the orchestration and gangstalking choregraphy it entails,


Anonymous said...

Here we go, the government telling us what is and isn't good for us, instead of letting the masses decide.

So, the people have no choice in deciding what is or isn't good for them. So what if they waste energy? What about the dangerous levels of mercury in CFL bulbs that incandescent don't have? Also, fluorescent lights are very "dirty" power-wise. They induce all kinds of harmonics onto the power lines in the house, causing interference and even requiring power strips that can filter noise. Also, the ballast transformers in these things generate more EMFs in the ELF range, which isn't good for humans.

It's typical, saying stuff that slowly kills us is really what's good for us, eliminating all other options.

How long before these unwritten laws become written ones? Like for example, all of this stuff which is now secret, will become legal. It doesn't matter that they got there by brute force. I'm talking about those secret toys that can read minds and manipulate dreams. Once they reach critical mass with this mind control exerted on targets, that control will then by overtly exerted on the masses. They will enact laws that make it illegal to think aggressive thoughts or to think bad things about the criminals in charge. They will completely ignore all the illegal methods that got them there, and then bring out their mind-control toys to pass laws that favor criminals and the One Favored Entity (whatever it is, the NWO government). What will get them there will be illegal, but it won't matter to them, because all of the abuse and torture that got them there was in the past. They will never pay for their rape/torture of innocent victims.

And the laughing we are getting isn't of the will of the gangstalkers, but they are stupidly doing the will of the controllers. It is the controllers laughing at us, using all kinds of sickos with weak wills and morals to do their dirty work as their mouthpiece.

We have to make it clear that any kind of brainwashing is illegal, and a form of outright murder. I believe any type of covert activity needs to be punished by death by the perps and all the operatives carrying this out. It should be a crime on the same order as what murderers get, because that is what they are. We need to sneak up on these people, expose their tech and their operators, and everyone in their chain of command, and yes, the people funding this and everyone responsible.

Anonymous said...

I had a dream that one "sweetheart" of mine was saying she needed to call all of my friends, to help get me into grad school. The way she said it was "we need to call ALL of his friends" to "help" me get in.

Interesting, because I had one past "sweetheart" slip up, and tell me outright she needed a list of my friends, their occupations, as well as their addresses and phone numbers. Now I realize that was her assignment, to gather that info of my friends, co-workers, and everyone I come into contact with. And she slipped up and told me outright instead of going about it sneakily.

So now you know how these people covertly operate. Getting a list of all potential people in the target's life, and getting info about their names/addresses/occupations, for whatever reason. Probably to help them with their slander and drag them into their mind control cesspool.

And the bullshit from the perps continues: constant on/off tech directed at my testicles. I can tell it is tech, because there is a statically electricity going through my body while it happens.

It looks like there is a huge web of cooperating people, who assist the perps doing this. It's so that I can be harassed visually via pictures on a site I may happen to visit, but it appears they need to "deliver" their methods to a wide network of perps everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Did get a response for one of my job applications, which was posted on Craigslist, of all places. I'm not sure if it was a "serious" job interview, but the way I look at it, it's good for future interviews to tell them I am busy doing the occasional interview. It just makes the candidate look more desirable, to say you're actively interviewing. I've had companies in the past take an interest in whom I am currently interviewing with.

Regardless, this company was well outside of town. It took an hour exactly to get there, and 50 minutes to get back. It lasted for a good 3 hours. They seemed to show an active interest in me as a candidate, but they seemed to be a little put off by how far away I lived from the job. I just told them I could get a place closer if hired.

I'm wondering why they advertised on Craigslist of all places. Maybe the whole deal was a perp setup, to get me talking to different people. There were a number of vastly different demographics, and the last guy I talked to looked just like the owner of the last company I worked for. The first guy to meet with me looked like Linus Torvalds, and the technician who interviewed me looked amazingly like a former student was was stocky and rough-looking.

I'm wondering if the whole deal wasn't a setup, given there were so many "lookalikes" that were "relevant" to my past. The last guy, was an older East Indian guy, who I kind of struggled to understand. This guy seemed like a "guru" type, and had his Doctorate, just like the owner of the one company I worked for in 2004. So that is yet another dimension of similarity.

Also, there was a sleet, and tricky weather conditions. So I believe the perps wanted me to drive that big distance in those conditions.

I met with 4 people in all. The Indiana "guru" programmer was telling me how much he likes programming in Forth, something I never considered. I told him, well, the FreeBSD boot loader is programmed in Forth, and surprisingly, he knew what FreeBSD was.

And when showing me "out" at the end of the interview, the first guy I met with, was the one showing me out. His demeanor was kind of strange, like he really wasn't interested in me as a candidate. He also said he heard there was supposed to be "6 inches of snow", though the forecast called for 2-4. I have people doing that all the time, deliberately telling me there are more inches of snow than the forecast. Also, interesting how this guy wanted me to interview the very next day after I called him, knowing the forecast was going to be tricky driving.

And the "guru" programmer wanted to know what compiler I use for programming the Microchip "PIC" microcontroller. I told him MPLab, and I suspect the whole deal with the interview was for the interviewers to gather info from me, as well as to meet with select "types".

Anonymous said...

Well, the interview was a great experience, even if I don't get hired. I learned more about Forth, and what it can do. I had heard about it in the past, and some developers prefer Forth for their language of choice over C or C++, but after the interview, I came away impressed. Also, I have a number of development boards I never use, and let sit around collecting dust. I do have this PIC Microcontroller development/training board for practicing programming, but I haven't had the time to get into it. I was busy doing the Census during the summer, and I had a couple of classes with a lot of students last Fall. This semester, as with every Spring, my course load is light, so it must be something planned by them to get me more time for doing hobbies and such.

I didn't mention that the "guru" programmer, the older East Indian with the Doctorate, is the one who resembled the owner of this one company I worked for. It was a little "shock" emotionally to me, seeing this man who looked the same age and ethnicity as the last owner I worked for. It gave me sort of a sickening feeling, but maybe that's what the perps were after. And the company produces very similar products as the last company I worked for.

By "last company", I mean the last smaller, privately owned company that wasn't a college or university. I was very tired after that experience, and I feel the long drive was part of the experience. Also, there was a blond and brunette pair of "babes" working there, and the brunette babe was saying the parking lot was full, and she couldn't find a place to park. This was odd, because there were more than a few spaces available, and she pulled within minutes of me.

I'm finding "inconsistencies" like this, like talking to people about weather or parking spaces, that seem deliberate. I'm not exactly sure why they pull this trick.

AJH said...

Answer to: Well, the interview was a great experience...

Always good to have interviews, as I have had two in the past three years of job looking.

You can be sure the perps were monitoring you, if not supplying the "reaction" to the E. Indian doppelganger of your former boss.

Having the blonde and the brunette babe pair is common, and invariably they will go with a brunette-redhead pair next.

I also find that there are planted inconsistencies the perps like me to detect, often over trivial matters, but it is consistent. Interesting that these research methods of theirs is common as it is between us disparate TI's, abuse excepted. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Did get a response for....

There is something mighty curious about the way job postings come up for me, often replicating my knowledge or past experience, or else, are from local businesses that I regularly see on my travels. It seems that they are baiting me with job postings that designed to elicit extra attention such as; "I have that experience", "I was once interested in --fill in blank--", or "I know that firm".

It is the same as going out to pick daffodils anew, three days ago; there was an ad on the crew bus radio that promoted OR gear at Store XYZ, which seemed to elicit an internal response from me, noting I had a new OR rainhat purchased from that same store in my backpack, my one addition to my outdoor clothing for daffocil picking. These managed coincidences seem to be more highly expressed over job postings though. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I had a dream that....

The perps know how to get anyone to blab and reveal things they wouldn't ordinarily do. All the better that a planted sweetheart does the deed to give it some legitimacy. Why the perps mess with contact names and details beyond me, but back in the days of being organized on a Sony Palm Pilot, they routined messed with my address and contact list. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Here we go, the government telling us...

Got to love those Republicans, the reactionaries of all change, obdurate as they are sanctimonious. BUT, one can be sure that CFLs are being promoted by someone in The Powers That Be, as they do like to toss in EM interference around their TI victims, e.g. cell phones. As long as it is a controlled rate of change. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that they aren't promoting LED's as much as CFL's. LED's produce far less EMF's, yet CFL's are the technology being promoted most heavily. That makes me think They want more EMF's floating around, especially in the ELF range. I've noticed that since we have so many CFL's everywhere, that the power on the house lines is "noisier", that is, has more harmonics than with incandescent than with LED's. LED's are more expensive, however. If they were really concerned about the environment, they'd deprecate CFL's, and push for LED's, because of the fewer EMF's produced by LED's. But they must desire more EMF's in the environment.

Anonymous said...

That interview must have been a complete perp job. It's interesting that they had no problems whatsoever with the length and structure of my resume, while recruiters consistently tell me they refuse to submit it to their clients, because of the structure and length. Yet these people had no problems with it whatsoever. Also, I consistently get job interviews within a day of the phone call, and it's happened three times in a row without fail. This is something that's never happened before in the past. Before, I'd have to wait a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Now, I get an interview the next day. That's good, because I suspect most interviews are setup by the perps anyways, and that way, I get to get them over with.

AJH said...

Answer to: Interesting that they aren't promoting LED's...

I am not so sure; both my harassment cities, Seattle and Victoria were early converts to LED traffic lights, even the buses by 2002, when the LED would be used to beam rays at me from the bus tailights. (And it still happens). It is difficult to know what the perp agenda is over lighting and EMF smog as it is so interdependent for their seeming research. They like the sodium arc lights too, keeping outside lights on in the daytime wherever I go. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: That interview must have been...

It seems like it was from what you describe and the demeanor of the interviewer (uptight). I get the impression interviews are a special event for the perps, and they have only allowed me two, and the rest of the farm jobs I get don't have interviews. It seems the perps are looking for major experimentation mileage from TI's doing interviews, and it has hardly begun IMHO. Thanks for the comments.