Friday, March 18, 2011

Flower Picking Back On Again

After a two day break from picking I was at it again, needing to make some money to pay my income tax ($300 approx), and I see my bank balance is in negative territory again, something the perps like to do and remind me of. So.. cancel all those plans for a 128Gb SSD drive for this PC and all the rest of the coveted items the perps make sure I revisit in the form of web surfing, and then bookmarking the URL. And too, they are going to go another week and then shut it down for five days or so, and then restart with a smaller crew, of which I expect to be on. In other words, this is all about keeping my head above water, something the perps like to manage for, if not financial ruination which they achieved via the ex's erratic behavior over the divorce that rang up some big bills.

Sometimes I wonder if the perp aren't also behind other larger macro-economic events like recessions and joblessness in order to broaden their research population for whatever gains thay are looking for in this exercise.

And another full-blown screaming rage show while making the same dinner item I have made for the last 8 years, the seeming trend for the past week or so. They broke the block of just-opened cheese while grating it over the tortilla in the frypan, dumping one half in the dish as it was cooking. They also did this last time with a smaller piece by forcing the cheese block to release from my hand and fall onto the tapenade and chopped chicken meat layers on the tortilla as it was in the frypan. Then this time, they had a second smaller chunk fall into the dish shich was duly picked up as well but grated. So after cleaning the cheese block off, and putting the two large halves together to wrap in Cling Wrap (also a major abuse event), there is a missing piece between the two large chunks, the smaller piece that was grated. As I read this, after a total of nearly nine years of insane gatuitous extra-conventional abuse, here are the perps pissing with the cheese by breaking by remotely applied means and ensuring the two halves don't altogether join. And they are doing this with the chocolate too; for months now, they come artfully broken when I open the package when they were whole immediately beforehand. I am utterly pissed that this is the level of fuckery they are going to, and have taken almost nine years to get to this point.

And at least 20 more rage-fications while making dinner, the opening salvo of the above cheese was later in the game as usual, but after that they were pulling items from my grasp, applying fake touches and even made it look like the dishes cleaning brush hooked the dishes rack and pulled it and the drain mat 2" from its position. No, there was no contact, and besides, I have never brushed, glanced and inadvertently hooked so many things in all my life and I take every precaution not to give the perps any excuse. But still these faked bashings and faked inadvertent contact events occur far more than they ever did prior to 04-2002, and now it seems the perps don't need an excuse. Yesterday they flipped the sink chain by itself without any apparent causal event right in front of me, no excuses at all.

And the negro gangstalking is getting silly, with one tailing me from the elevator in the lobby (I entered the lobby via the stairwell) and onto the street and the first block. Then the Fugliest Negro was on the farm bus again, though the perps made sure I ddn't know that unti we got to our destination. But he did contain his posing and surprise stalking behind doors and around corners. Not true, he and another gangstalker entered the washroom as I was about to exit as I recall.

Then on the way back, a negro woman gangstalker among the hordes of others at 1715h when I got off the farm bus downtown. Then another negro gangstalker getting out of a red vehicle just ahead of me, loitering at the front door intercome console, and then tailing me into the building. He turned down a ride in the elevator as a woman offered to keep the door open, she in a red anorak. As I have mentioned before, negroes are less than 3% of the population in this town but show up an inordinant amount, some 15% of the gangstalkers by my estimate. I don't know why the perps are so obsessed over this race, and why they go out of their way to present them in the gangstalking scene, but it might related to subconscious traumatization experiences when young, and for those years 2 to 5 that have been deleted from recall. The Indian Lake Project Blogspot has some interesting photos of military personnel testing children and stuffing them into small cages; one child is blind, another negro, and another Caucasian. As to whether I was there or not I don't know, but the silly faux military gangstalker games in this town suggest a military presence at one time in the past.

I had a good system with my flower picking which is paid by piece rate for a bunch of ten. Whenever the box was full and I called a tallyman over to record it, I would write down the time and the amount, usually 100 bunches per box. After doing this faithfully for two weeks, why, I sudden start "forgetting", and am now wondering if I picked 343 or 443 bunches, and the perps do like it when I try to replay the day's events in mind, usually signifying this with extra noise or spot plasma flashes.

And in playing number games, they also screwed with my paycheck. I kept records of all the flower bunches that I cut up to Mar. 15 and it was 3,077. So when I picked up my paycheck and saw 3,007 I thought it was correct, but when I checked it back at my place where I wrote it down, it wasn't the same. So it would seem (to me at least), the perps are playing dumbshit games over numbers, and what I recal or am dithered into not recalling, and see what the difference is. Anyhow, I didn't think I was 70 bunches different, and if it were 100 or 75, typical full box numbers, I wouldn't be so suspicious. All about playing number games, and a billion dollar budget to do so.

It is getting late for a 0500h get-up, so I will post this as is.


Anonymous said...

I think there's a good chance you were one of those caged children, given they are going to such lengths to manage and "test" you. Myself, I'm not even sure why I was "picked" for this misery. I definitely was not abducted, nor are there any family members who were military "experimentees". My grandfather was a staff sergeant in WW II, and he died at 60 of cancer. My mom said "they" were doing something with chemicals that gave him the cancer years later. When I asked her to elaborate, she said they "sprayed the plants every morning" with some sort of chemicals, and when pressed further, she claimed the "chemicals" were pesticides.

But still, I believe there were experiments on using pesticides as well as other chemicals on unsuspecting soldiers. Often, they will have perps smoke a spliff or cigarette, and have the smell linger moments before I pass. The timing is very impeccable, because there is no one around, yet the smell in an area between two houses have the overpowering odor of cigarette smoke. Sometimes, it's marijuana smoke lingering from a perp smoking a spliff moments before I pass. So maybe this does tie back to my grandpap and his being around "Chemicals" in WWII.

She was kind of vague about it. Maybe he was a victim of experimentation, and she is hiding something.

I was first hit really hard with harassment starting in 2004, which left me wondering what the cause could be: I thought revenge from someone trying to get even with me (with connections), but I remember some weird fellow pretending to be a student in 1987 where I was going to college, and he just so happened to have the same major as me. One of our friends did some research, and discovered he was never enrolled in any classes, yet talked about various instructors, and had a fancy scientific calculator and all the props to suggest he was an engineering student. Must have been an informant.

AJH said...

Answer to: I think there's a good chance...

I think so too; the military aspect to the gangstalker acts, some obviously contrived like every time I finished yoga at 1230h for 8 months for one yoga venue in 2007 was just absurd. My perp abetting mother has rounds of going on about visiting New York, though she has never had any prior interest, and when this subsides it goes away for a year or more. And it is not like she is following theater, sightseeing objectives, shopping or anything else, just these rounds of name dropping, the state in which the military sponsored Indian Lake Project occured.

As for your grandfather being exposed to "pesticides" in WWII, it is interesting, though malarial treatment would be a legit cover story in some of the war theaters. Maybe it was early DDT testing, but odd that it wasn't divulged so he or your mother would say what it was.

Having a 2004 onset of overt harassment is later than most TI's, as a 2001 to 2003 onset is quite common, which is when they went ovet/beserk on me.

I have had a few "what was that person all about" experiences in the past, and what you mention about this seeming engineering student imposter might have been a planted operative. They like to "game" their TI's from time to time with fake acts, or plainly extra odd work or school placements. I have doctor's appointments about every two months or so, and I have had the last five appointments with an extra visiting "medical student" or staff member. Prior appointments had less extra attendees, but since about 2008, someone else there for about half the appointments. They will ask questions often, but seem there as a prop in concert with prior goings on. And often women "students", as these are Favored, where males are likely deemed subconsciously threatening (Unfavored), per past mention of the speculations around my memory deleted years, aged 2 to 5.

And I do get the spliff/smoke stunts, especially the latest daffodil picking crew where I somehow manage to get a stiff shot of it up my nose in breezy conditions 30' from the perpetrators in the open fields with the wind blowing away from me. I suspect the perps somehow deliver a shot of smoke under my nose, as there is such an unerring consistency to these smoke stunts. Thanks for the comments.