Friday, March 25, 2011

Post Daffodils

Mar. 24, 2011
An intensive web browse day, even if some horrible emanations are coming off this LCD display and causing reading impairment.  This won't be a long blog posting by any means

Totally unfocussed and vision-fucked tonight. Allowed some music listening, enough to dispense with some once hopeful bookmarks that I keep for promising musical talent to listen to.

A shut-in day, not even a hallway venture to the laundry room, as I had an urge to get the laundry done last night after getting in from daffodil picking. This blog posting is getting down to Twitter level, and that is not a good thing.

Mar. 25, 2011
A day of some shopping, getting my raingear and gumboots from the farm and cleaning them of the caked mud at the First Feral Family house backyard patio. And lo, just when I wanted to blast the garments with the adjustable spray nozzle, why, it fell apart with water spurting out the back of it where the pressure control valve was. And lo, if there was absolutely no way it could go back in and be securely held, never mind operate as it once did. And as the natural bristle scrubbing brush was outside next to the hoe, why, it was ready for me to use with  lower pressure water directly from the hose end (nozzle now removed), and scrubbing to make up for the lack of cleaning capability that the nozzle end offered. So... it would seem, someone didn't want me to use the nozzle this time, as I did some four months ago or so when I had the raingear there in the same circumstances, to get the chunky mud off in preparation to launder it in the washing machine there.

And ten days ago, I had my own natural bristle cleaning brush of the same size and kind, and cleaned my backpack of mud in the bath tub, though at my place. I suppose the natural bristle brush application of removing mud and soil spatter is of intense interest to the perps, as is all cleaning and laundering. It is just that they now wish to compare the two activities some miles apart, though on different items. I would not doubt that I will have a "need" next week to get my backpack cleaned up at the FFF house to repeat the exercise there, as it got re-splattered despite using a protective bag since it was cleaned. Such are the experimentation progress travails of the sickos over mud (or more accurately, soil and its provenance and energetic properties), water and cleaning.

And as it "happened" my mother wanted to come on my driving trip and add some of her stops into the itinerary as well. Not a big deal, as it is her vehicle and I don't have one. And of course it was a major gangstalking event, more on the vehicular side with light rain that seemed to follow me. As I drove on the highway (17) in part, four lanes in each direction, there was room for a cast of thousands of color coordinated vehicles, along with arrangements by size. Her vehicle is a Ford Escape, and lo, if there wasn't sometimes three of them in our immediate proximity, including the Mazda Tribute, essentially the same vehicle made by Mazda under their vehicle platform sharing agreement. And heavy on the red vehicles too now, three or four in a cluster, and in another advance in perp color games, arranging the odd light metallic tan (brown) vehicle in front of or behind a red vehicle.

And speaking of light tan brown; when headed to the FFF house on the bus, why, a blowout of hydraulic oil at the next intersection and that it was covered in light brown sand to absorb it. Funny how that happens to me.

One obnoxious color that is getting more perp play is carmine red; I loathe this particular tone/tint more than any other kind of red, and lo, if there wasn't a woman on the bus wearing it. Two days ago, same deal in the daffodil picking field; a blonde woman in a same carmine red jacket was picking flowers, and once we finished up she got on her bicycle and took off. Like WTF; flower picking was winding down, and a new picker comes later in the day, seemingly to show off her fugly red jacket. This would be a classic example of the perps combining a Favored (young, blonde, female -not getting very close to see how attractive she was) demographic group member with a very Unfavored color, carmine red.

Much lower key harassment today, none of the rage-fication abuse that has normally been applied since Mar. 09 when I resumed flower picking. Even the ambulatory gangstalking on the bus was lower key, though of note, they put a negro on as the bus driver for crissakes. Another all-time first for this town, as there are so few, less than 3% according the the official demographics. Some two months ago they put on a negro policeman standing around for some kind of traffic violation for me to witness, another all-time first.

Enough for a posting, as it seems I am getting clobbered and cannot seem to recall any more detail to add here.

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