Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Taking a Haircut

Finally, after weeks of Bieber-like hair, I was allowed to get it cut today. Not only do I get male to male conversation since the female put on that face of revulsion for me to see, though pretending that I didn't see it, I also get more dudes in my proximity for longer, ones that are even intruding to be rude. And then the hair wash sink and chair that I used, gets re-populated with a dude who lounged there for a over-extended duration. Another way of saying, the perps are planting more dudes around me at the hair salon now, starting with last time and a single dude customer that had not been observed before. Starting last year, it was only women who populated the clientele and only one male stylist, who "happened" to be mine. At least, until above mentioned female did my hair twice, and despite having interesting conversation that didn't lag, and then she puts on the revulsion act. And while there last time, she didn't even acknowledge me, to further her forced unpleasantness a little more. She wasn't there this time, and only one other "customer", aforementioned dude there when I arrived, and still there when I departed. This time, the male stylist talked at length about stereo systems, as he is a vinyl fanatic to say the least. He and I even had the same Thorens TD160 model turntable for crissakes. Though, I got rid of mine back around 1994 when fed up with yet more vinyl warpings; up and down and also laterally, throwing the needle sideways. As the vinyl records were well cared for, there was no reason for this, save the unconventional harassment personnel doing their thing and sending me into the digital music age. And it still continues, as I am ripping CD's lately, attempting to get all my collection in digital form from the CD's. I cannot see getting back to vinyl anytime in the next ten years, even if I had the money to do so.

And I discover last night that the CD standard music, aka Redbook standard, has chopped off all sounds above 20khz, which in the inaudible ultrasonic range. As it so happens, we cannot hear it, but we can sense it, and that is likely what the audiophiles are cranked about when they gripe about the digital music "sheen" that is irritating to listen to at length. Now that we have all experienced this cut-off from listening to CD's, why the vinyl-heads are vogue again, along with exotic turntables, cartridges and the rest of the paraphenalia and tweaks. Of course, one has to have a source that recorded these ultrasonic sounds in the first place, and that includes a quality microphone that can pick it up, and using analog tape that will retain it, and then reproducing it onto a medium that will replay it, a vinyl record, and then having an amplifier and speaker system that will faithfully reproduce those same ultrasonic sounds. I can imaging the perps must find the entire realm of ultrasonic sound to be fascinating, as it has such odd effects of being sensed but not heard. Anyhow, there is much written on this topic and it is all rather odd that the CD Redbook was so established, even now, and higher definition music seems to be so format fraught; HDCD, DVD-R, Blu-ray and SACD. The latter is said to be an excellent music format which does preserve the ultrasonic audio spectrum, but for some reason, Sony, the keeper of the SACD technology, decided to slow down their SACD factory when there was commercial pressure to increase production. This perverse commercial behavior has all but killed the SACD format, and here we still are, some 25 years after the CD Redbook standard was released, we haven't got to a better high resolution music format, all for the shoot-yourself-in-the-foot tactics of Sony. Go figure.

Some very strange and vivid dreams this morning before getting up this morning; working in a fossil digging operation, almost an industrial level where separate teams of diggers would work their square plot or rows next to another group. And some strange games with plastic sheet covering the rows after the digging was done. I have never had any archeological experience or training, and this dream in no way references anything I have done or seen, so I can assume it was planted in mind for some reason. Look for such news stories in the next week.

And the sixth forced pee so far today, all for not very much output but timed to occur as the CD is being copied to the hard drive for more music ripping. They let me start that up again in the afternoon for some reason, after screwing me out of it last evening.

And what is with three CD's in succession with ripping "problems", all so more windows can be flashed in front of others to "report" the error. And lo, when I look in the log file, no errors reported. But for some reason, Tag Scanner won't pick up the file either. All this over playing fucking games in flashing one software's dialog box in front of others, including as I type this paragraph. I had done this dialog box flashing games, in all their incongruity, and it seems to be a repeat game for the assholes.

At least 30 screaming rageifications over CD ripping; three files that wouldn't rip in EAC but did in another program. The the two sabotaged files in the Roots'n' Blues four CD set got corrupted, and then they mind fucked me into making erroneous corrections. That was before dinner. Then more rage-ifications during and after dinner while cleaning the dishes. Then another round at repairs the screwaround over correcting the initial sabotage, and then listening to the tracks and getting the meta data corrected yet again [just now, an overhead thunk and a coincident whole body zapping, me screaming at the assholes again, with various head pains coming and going]. Listening means having the headphones on, the one crappy pair they let me wear, as they sabotaged the Grados SR80's even after I got them fixed. One side of the Grados just "dropped out" after running just fine the song before it. And headphones equals magnets at one's head, something the gangstalker like to do, but I am on a contained amount of music listening. Now, more thumping as if there were pipes in the wall next to me, which there isn't, and this just happens to be a High Fuckover Moment. The one note street whistle has started up too, having begun at breakfast and continuing sporadically today. Now, another zapping, this one down my spine, and a coincident overhead pounding noise from the ceiling. And we are talking about 12" of concrete and steel overhead, so how could anyone physically do that? Never mind the maser balls flitting around in my vision as I type this.

Much of the above zapping and pounding erupted while ripping the Three Tenors CD and getting the metadata messed up from the outside database and having to clean it up by removing or adding names to the meta data fields. I suspect the reason was that they were all men, and given yesterday's dude flush in the liquor store with prior bottle bashing noise in the vehicle when we took the bottles back, the perps just might be on a dude presentation beserk streak. It sure seems that way.

I start up CD ripping and then the overhead pounding starts up, along with clunking, and one loud vibration inducing event that sends me into a screaming fury, as they punched the noise through the earmuffs I was wearing. Enough CD ripping for tonight.

A screaming rage show over turning on a light switch in the bathroom; two switches side by side in fact. I always turn both on at the same time, but the assholes pulled my finger off the second one, resulting with one on and one off. I attempted to put the other one on but instead they jerked my fingers about and so it was the alternate situation; the one that was originally off was on and the other reversed too. Another screaming rage show over that as the "warm up" to taking at least the 15th piss today. It seems they cannot get enough of their games in today.

Finally some relative calm as I did job searching online; though a few overhead clunkings and stereo music noise drifting in, through the earmuffs. For some reason the mouse was slowed down for this activity. As regular readers will know, the perps have a total obsession over the concepts of work, job searching, job suitability and the rest of it. Many of the jobs seem to be "bait"; that is, either cover much of my experience or interests, or else are businesses that I am aware of through past associations. Anyhow, time to blog off and call this wretched day done.

Not over yet; a piss break and then coming back to load up my recent camera pics in another round of senseless abuse. They like to mess with file and directory names, pulling them from view or else interupting my typing to cause a foreshortened name to be entered to later have me go and fix it, usually with overhead rumbling or pounding starting up as I repair directory names. For them, that is exciting. And lo, if they didn't piss with Picasa and not have an availible name in the import destination, and lo, if it didn't get typo-ed and I didn't catch it until after the pics were loaded up. Anyhow, more rage-fication over Picasa getting dumbed down and/or sabotaged, just what they seem to want in significant amounts today. Blogging off again.


Anonymous said...

I do get those body zappings as you describe them. Sometimes, they tend to concentrate them in the lower left abdomen, or thereabouts. But I have gotten a few of these zaps, and sometimes they disguise them as those pre-sleep jerks one gets naturally, but these are quite different, I can tell. And the other morning, instead of doing the ball shockings, this time they were tormenting the inside of my penis, causing internal penis pain. But some TI's make rebut this as, well, maybe prostate issues, but this was a one-time thing, like many perp doings, that they pull on occasion. It didn't last very long, but maybe they were trying to simulate prostate "issues", like the pain associated with an enlarged prostate. But I have had physicals done, so there were no prostate problems found. So it's more perp doings.

And then they do a variation of the forced forget. For example, when doing laundry, I'll all of a sudden lose confidence in my belief that I had added laundry detergent, causing me to add extra detergent as a 'precautionary' measure. It could be the end result of what the perps wanted, to create more suds that persist through the rinse cycle. It is then I am "confident" that I had added the detergent in the first place, but I'm not allowed to figure that out until the rinse starts, and I see too many suds.

This type of "forget" will come on as, all of a sudden, I'll "realize" that I "may not have" added the detergent, or maybe, I'll just lose my internal conviction that I had put the detergent in the washer, causing me to add extra unneeded soap. They create this "gee, I'm not sure I did this" moments with this, as well as other similar events. Like for example, hand washing at certain times: I'll all of a sudden just start wondering if I washed my hands at all, causing me to go back and do what I already did as a "safety measure" "in case" I didn't do it.

Anonymous said...

Those "turntable freaks" are definitely a different breed, I've read. I've seen some online that were going to great lengths to get the "perfect" setup, the perfect sound. I've come across many sites on "plinth building", and of course, there is a lot of complicated dynamics to be considered there, too, like getting the "plinth" to vibrate at just the right resonant frequency.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed when listening to a part of "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" by Pink Floyd. In the lyrics, it's said "you target for faraway laughter", and found this coincidence compelling. Well the song was about an original founding member, Syd Barrett, who descended into madness and had to quit the group. Part of his descent into madness was Syd's deal with psychedelic drugs, no doubt, but the line where it mentions Syd is a "target for faraway laughter" is an interesting coincidence. [Maybe "faraway" as in the perps remotely having a good laugh at his demise?]

I know "target" in this case doesn't really mean targeted individual, of course, but I wonder if there isn't more to this lyric.... like what is Barrett was a genuine target of some type? That would explain the experimentation with drugs, and the descent into madness. In this case, the madness is supposedly schizophrenia. Depression and despair over what could have been had he not messed with drugs and gone on to have a career. Also, listening to the band members discuss this, it sounds odd.



"Everyone knows the story of Syd..." he's talking about "surviving the terrible period". Maybe he could be talking about surviving something like TI's go through, who knows.

AJH said...

Answer to: I do get those body zappings...

The zappings can vary in intensity; from the whole body shock with spine tingling to mild sensation leaving one to wonder if it really happened at all. Though in my case, they nearly always arrange a coincident "neighbor" noise of overhead pounding or clunking from the adjacent same floor apartments as a tip-off that it really was a zapping as that how they arrange mine.

And FUDs with suds in the laundry; I consistently put the liquid concentrate detergent in first and for some reason they leave me alone, without the FUD games of whether I did it or not. Mind you, they play plent of similar FUD games on less consistent activities. The FUD games over did I do it or not make up part of the daily jerkaround regimen, but oddly, not laundry detergent. And given the perps insane obsession over laundry, it is even more odd in these dire circumstances of being potentially abused every waking second of my existence. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Those "turntable freaks"...

Some turntable platters are a 4" thick chunk of plexiglass, turned and balanced. Yet more rotating plastic for the perps and their remote energy detection games. I have had the odd putative vinyl record bearing gangstalker on the city bus, so there must be something the perps are looking for in PVC and other plastics, given their ubiquity. The PVC seems important to the perps as they are always hounding me with PVC pipe bearing irrigation trucks, and in one example,driving them around the downtown block twice when there is no irrigation job anywhere. And as the plants, and us too, get our drinking water through PVC pipes, it is a real important deal for the perps. When I had the finance crushing farm from 1997 to 2000 with the ex, they had me dig up 600' of old steel waterline and replace it with new PVC pipe. Quite the job it was, getting an excavator in, plus sand and the like, not to mention expensive. Such are the perp games over vinyl and PVC, and that is only one of many broad groups of plastics materials they have an interest in, going from observational experience. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Just noticed when listening...

Song lyrics and movie scripts are rich territory to aid in managing "coincidences", though I don't go there as a rule as it is of endless interpretation. Same with the number games that go on.

Though the perps have had a long history of LSD interest, ensuring the CIA brought it to the recreational drug world despite the objections of Sandoz, the discovering drug company. In the 1950's the CIA ordered pounds of pure LSD when normally one could only get it in single digit gram quantities at the time. And they also administered this to children in the 1950's and 1960's before it was given an "uncontrolled release" for recreational use. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Re:"Shine on You Crazy Diamond" by Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd does not seem to have our best interests in mind.
Check this Poster out



Anonymous said...

I guess I just found the story of Syd Barrett fascinating. He seemed to just go into a vegetative state after pushing the acid trips too far, in his case. It's frightening that anyone would do that to himself. It's been said that Barrett was schizo even before the acid trips, and that the acid was just a way of dealing with this own natural "craziness". It seemed to turn him into a veggie, and didn't take it long to do so.

Anonymous said...

Bob Geldof starred as Pink in Pink Floyd's 1982 film Pink Floyd The Wall.

the Perp ex-wife was into Geldof.
and one of her favorite perp sayings was something to the effect of "just like Pavlov's dog" among others.

the perps like keeping the sex, drugs, rock music, smoking cigarettes, alcohol and coffee/tea/caffinated soda pop and crystal meth topics in the forefront constantly.

like a parent that makes a child smoke a whole carton of cigarettes at once after catching their youngster smoking the first time.

the ex-wifes comments and actions really make this TI existence seem like some kind of alien orchestrated endurance experiment.

Anonymous said...

One possible explanation is that Floyd sold out to the perps, which resulted in Barrett becoming seriously mentally ill. That's speculation, though. Well, he did pay the band a visit and start glaring at them (in 1974) during a recording session. How many have dropped acid, yet still remain intact? And here we have a man who just completely imploded off the scene. And one band member says something about him not being able to "survive the terrible period". Just a thought, or maybe the man was simply naturally mental, and the acid made him worse. It is true that gangstalking, many year of it, will drive targets to the same type of hollow, empty-shell state that resembles catatonia.

Anonymous said...

Why the Perps seem to be pushing the notion that a drug induced psychedelic experience is necessary is perplexing. Casteneda, Leary, Drugs drugs drugs...
maybe the whole world is "mental" and Barrett is sane. maybe what made Barrett crack was trying to make logic out of this crazy world.

AJH said...

Answer to: Why the Perps seem to be....

Good question; their surrogates in the CIA and selected doctors/torturers (e.g. Cameraon) had LSD availible to them in the 1950's. Dr. John Cunningham Lilly was a well known neuro-researcher back then, and turned down entreaties to do human research, and worked on dolphins instead. (He found them more intelligent then humans). Dr. Lilly also did a number of LSD tests on himself for the "perps" (aka Earth Coincidence Control Office) with whom he was in telepathic communication, and eventually they had him use ketamine instead as its results were more predictable. So there must be some kind of specific neural effects the perps are looking for in specific brain regions and their hope was that LSD would help. Maybe it did some, but of course they are still at it some 50 years later. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I believe the whole idea with LSD is that it makes people easier to control. Hence, the myriad of "experiments". Supposedly, there is a chemical in the human brain that gets released during REM stage sleep, and that is the active chemical in LSD.

I agree with the comment about Barrett. He was clearly not happy about being famous, conforming, etc. Also, the Mandrax he was was taking could've fried him. I've read that Syd wasn't really as far gone as people perceive him. Rather, he was making enough royalties from the early record to stay afloat, and saw no need to go back to the craziness of show biz.

Also, the music industry is flooded with types that are just talented enough to get the job done, but are not inventive/creative like a Barrett, or a Joe Meek. I've noticed that Barrett's experimentation with sound mirrors that of Meek. However, when Meek cracked in 1967, he ended his life. Barrett simply withdrew, and lived his life in seclusion. He did NOT want to be called "Syd" anymore, because that was a "Floyd" thing. He just wanted to exist peacefully without all of this other craziness.

Also, the perps do induce a lot of unnecessary hype and craziness into this world, and it is all by design, to necessitate them stepping in to "control" things. It was them all along inducing craziness. A better term might be "madness". They want all creative types gone, and all the abettors and conformists to stay around.

AJH said...

Answer to: I believe the whole idea...

I don't know all the facets of what LSD does to one, let alone the hidden perp agenda. But is is quite clear that the CIA, and likely others, wanted widespread use when the 1950's experiments did not bring what they are looking for in remotely detectable neural energy signatures. The perps certainly like to have creative people highly stressed, or "exercised" in extremes. But that is the same for many TI's though, constant stress and adversity. In my case even typing this is getting finger control sabotaged, and even turning a light switch off/on is bound to get to have my fingers "miss". According to those who can see auras, when one is angry the aura trails behind by 80' or so, more than twice as much as a calm person. Thanks for the comments.