Monday, March 14, 2011

Freak Pairs

Another short blog as I don't have much evening time any more, and must get to bed by 2230h. A personal best for daffodil flower picking: I did 575 bunches of ten, so that makes it $115 gross for the day ($0.20/bunch piece rate).

But was is apparent is that the Unfavored freaks are being paired up, even last summer's bulb picking with the "black hoodie sisters", two women of similar age and wearing near identical black hoodies and hanging out together at length. Today, it was the male skinheads turn, as in shorn bald male heads, the sight of which I (now- thanks to perp intervention) I cannot stand. This may be from subconscious traumatization associations if I got to visit the baldheaded patients/victims of the 1950's brain research which not only required bald heads, but also has tattoos to relocate the same reference points each day of experimentation. And my first three years of long term recall, age two to five, were mostly wiped out, and that might of been what was seen and experienced was too horrific. I just don't know, but I am consistently hounded with males sporting bald heads and also tattoos, something else I cannot (now) stand the sight of.

The skinheads arrived independently but for some reason hung out together to be seen for the wretched sit-about time (30 min.) when we return from the daffodil picking fields. This repeats the Turban-Twins, as they also linked up and hung out together since the second turban wearing person arrived a few days ago. The other turban was constantly hounding and posing for me in the summertime daffodil bulb work, and lo, he comes to repeat the gangstalking experience again. But it seems the perps want to put two turban wearing males together this time, and so a new "turban lite" male arrived with a thinner and less bulky turban. I don't like the sight of this Unfavored demographic as regular readers will know, but it seems the perps wanted to pair turbans as well as skinheads for this daffodi picking gig.

The Fugliest Negro was on his posing and gangstalking script, appearing at least 5x not including his front seat bus loitering this morning; behind a doorway (identical location to yesterday after work clothing was removed in the mezzazine locker room, and in other set ups where I "happened" to look. One such set up was in concert with someone I know from a past picking job, who also "happens" to be a regular employee, and she comes up to me to say hello, and we chatted briefly, and she departs, and I look around, and this horrendous Fugliest Negro is 6' away, doing his posing.

An identical set-up with this woman took place last week when she offered me I ride downtown. I had to go to the locker room to get my raingear (more like mud-gear) off, and she waited downstairs and outside for me. When I got outside the door, there was a loose-knit cluster fuck in progress where all the pickers seemed to be equi-spaced in random positions, and after getting through this maze and sighting this work colleague, why, they put me 4' from the Fugliest Negro coming at me. It was a horrific sight that I won' forget; it is just the way it is and I don't mean any disprect, but it is the way I am being run. And after hounding me in the morning, the Fugliest Negro was posted at the gear hose-down stations for over 20 minutes while they placed an intervening short bus of Mexicans between him and the negro, over 40' apart. Finally, after this senseless waiting around, we got to go to the bus, and lo, if the negro wasn't still there to tell us which bus. like WTF; who spends 20 minutes hosing their gear down? And lo, if the negro hadn't sprung some of his dreadlocks free instead of his usual habit of keeping this fugly hurl-do hair style in his tightly cinched jacket hood. Anyhow, it seems the perps are going strong on their Unfavored demographic group member stalking, and this is one of them that will be running for as long as I am on this picking job. Who knows, they may even pair two negroes together as part of their advanced Unfavored demographic specimens harassment.

And the perps have being also heavy on infuriating me each evening; some 30 rafgeifcations from faked touches, jaqbbing to my fingers and wrists, extra noise coming from nothing that I can see, pulling items from my grasp, flicking muddy water droplets around (of so seeming source) and placing crumbs around, also of no ostensible cause. They must of pulled over 80 rage-fications from their provocations last evening, getting me especially fucked with when making dinner from scratch and not having leftovers. It is too exhausting at times to do anything as I am constantly provoked into these controlled rage "reactions" which aren't really coming from me. I would of long adapted to these insults, and yet they screw me into a state I wouldn't ordinarily be in.

Enough, and I must get my gear ready for tomorrow's toil in the soil.


Anonymous said...

They do that a lot to me, too: put people with shapes, looks, dress, whatever, that I can't stand to look at, and have them walking along the road when I'm en route somewhere by vehicle. When I was getting my hair cut, I told her I get these people walking along busy highways, but she said she never sees anyone ever doing that, which has to be a lie. She was saying things that mirror my situation, which makes me think she was in cohoots with the perps. Also, denying ever seeing anyone walking along the shoulder of highways, when I get them all the time. It is guaranteed that I will see no less than one on a trip anywhere at any time. They always have to have someone walking along the street or highway. Why, today, there were at least 2 people at various locations that just "happened" to be walking along the road I was traveling. Of course, my reactions to their appearance was a big part of this.

And on my way home, I see this guy just standing on his driveway, perfectly still, wearing a jacket just like I have. I believe you've said you get this all the time, gangstalkers wearing jackets and what not that resemble those in your closet. I get that a good bit. And of course, there were the random people just "hanging out" having what was supposed to be a "smoke break" in front of a store as I was driving by, but I got pairs of hooded males hanging out at various points like this as I drove past.

And my all time "favorite", gangstalkers with huge fake smiles planted on their faces, like they're posing for a picture or something. The perps are definitely sadists when doing their "research".

I saw where one TI was postulating that it could be a foreign entity programming certain targets, like a hostile foreign nation, and our intelligence agencies might have an interest in monitoring and maybe even doing away with these programmed persons. Whatever, it seems like the targeting is definitely an international event, like numerous nations with intelligence agencies all cooperating with targeting their subject.

AJH said...

Answer to: They do that a lot to me, too...

Yes, they do like to emulate the colors of the garments in one's closet, often with the color of the garment that was next to say, the coat you chose to wear. The "just stand theres", outside their front door or in their frontyard- very common in my experience. And the hoodies, no end of them here too.

My theory is that the CIA and other intelligence agencies are doing the perps bidding, both knowingly and unknowingly. How much of each, I really don't know. All the LSD experimentation, the sponsorship of rogue shrinks (Dr. Ewan Cameron as one), and all their experimentation endevours. It might seem like legit science for them, but it is clear to me that the perps have an agenda that utilizes this reasearch in their own action-at-a-distance covert technologies. And to me, the "odd things" that go on with the espionage and counter-espionage activities, and how the UK missed a deep spy like Kim Philby as one example. The national agency spy business is a zero sum game, with the real players pulling the strings. I know, this is very conspiratorial, but based on the "coincidences" and other events that I have read about, it really does make me wonder what all these levels of agencies are accomplishing and who for. Thanks for the comments.