Saturday, March 19, 2011

Picked Out

Some kind of horrid emanation is comming off this LCD display as I type this, so it will not be a long post.

Another day of piece-rate daffodil picking, my new horticulture carree courtesy of the perps not wanting me in IT since 2002. And I am still not able to leverage this on-off horticulture carreer into something longer term and interesting such as vineyard laborer. Not one of them responded to my applications to their ads, some four or so  that had accomodation with the labor job. The vineyard laborer jobs also go from March to October, instead of these one or two month gigs picking flowers, bulbs or fruit. I get to play "guess the gig" for the perps, one of their seeming important ideations they like to plant on me. It is tiresome to say the least; I have no idea what they have planned for me, but it will be close to minimum wage and it will be short term. End of tune. They don't like me to earn much, and even if I did, they would have all manner of covetous acquisitions in mind for me to get.

The latest tool/toy ideation they have planted, now for three months or more, is to get  Dremel tool, a small hand held high speed drill that has no end of application for small things, including sharpening tools, one of their favorite activities for me to do. Like WTF; I never had one before all this happened, and now that I have explored the online ads and product demonstrations it seems to be a handy little thing to have around. Except that the perps will make everything screw up, and if a tool is new to me they will exploit my ignorance of its physical capabilities to the maximum. Why would I take this on in the first place with the Hounds of Hell riding my every move? Go figure, but they do like to plant their ideations over acquisitions.

I did my income tax return two days ago, and while I have "only" $300 to pay, it is money I don't have. As it "happens", I was dipping into the red, and the recent half month paycheck got me into the black. I have done at least two years in succession of this line of credit living, and it is punishing as it has to be paid off before I can save anything for the next lull in work. This infernal disability payment I get each month isn't enough, which is the real crux of the problem, not to mention the perp's abiding interest in rendering me broke for as long as they can.

Anyhow, all those big spending plans they had for me are over, and I don't want to be screwed into thinking that I can afford anything more than the basics. But there is always something they pull to jack up the expenses.

A better day for daffodil picking as it got warm in the afternoon, something that had been very rare for all of Febuary and March until today. The perps wasted no time in making me sweat and having the garment damp while doing the senseless 30 min. wait before the bus departed.

And more organized exclusion this morning; the Mexican crew usually goes to the crew bus first, get taken out in the field and then it returns for us locals in about 10 min. So the Mexicans started herding and I suddenly "need" to pee in the stinking washrooms, and when I get out, why, everyone is on the bus together and I am the last one to board it. I have experienced a number of these organized bus and crew assignment exclusions where everyone but me seems to be in the know. This is just the lastest installmen of that sorry practice.

Another is to have me wait in the crew bus with a few others in other seats for 20 min. or so, an arranged "cluster fuck", and then have the gangstalking crew cluster around me on the outside of the bus at length. One even went so far as to lean on the bus, and lo, if it wasn't outside of my seat, and he couldn't see in because of the heavy tinted windows, likely perp directed for their games of seeing the same thing through glass or directly. And the leaning Fuckwit was from the September bulb processing crew, he having suffered a major stroke in his early 40's, and his recall is nearly blotto. But somehow he managed to "find me" from the outside and lean on the bus outside of where I was seated. This particular person became problematic when he would wander off the conveyor line and bother other personnel doing therir jobs. That he lasted two weeks was charitable, as I see he didn't last two days as a flower picker. He picked 85 bunches for the whole day, earning himself a whole $17.

Bragging some, though I am not the fastest daffodil flower picker, I am picking 450 bunches a day, grossing $90 ($0.20/bunch of ten). Some of the picking records are 2,200 bunches a day, 1,800 etc, with the training video saying we could easilly get 1,000 bunches per day. As in NOT; even one of the best row picking of early this week before taking two days off, I did 600 bunches on the day, about 75 bunches an hour. That was fast for me, but it isn't too difficult to see where I could improve, but the perps won't let me, ensuring I get stiffed with their finger fumbling games, pulling the flowers from my grasp, and having the cutting knife got to the wrong location and also having leaves hang up on the knife far more than it occurs for anyone else. Who knew that I would be doing flower picking for the perp's agenda?

I suspect thousands of abettors, First Feral Family and the rest of the operative Fuckwits knew all along, going back to 1996, my supposition on when they decided to take me down and launch this relentless and extreme abuse. That is when the ex, then wife, started acting weird and I never did get to the bottom of that episode, and didn't buy her excuses at the time. The perps made went overt on April 15, 2002 and haven't let up since, of which farm labor work is only one of their mean to fulfil their agenda.

Other bullshit at the end of the day was to play minor hero three times; my next row picking neighbor of Asian extraction headed off to see the foreman some 120' away, and then he comes back and gets cranked that he lost his glasses and needs them. Well.. his foot was 3" from them as they sat on the ground, and I told him not to move and bend down as that is where they were. No big deal, not harassment, just a little skit.

Then some few minutes later when crossing the field, one of the pickers got stuck in the mud pond that the tractor stirred up, and couldn't get out as the mud was sucking his boot off if he tried to lift his feet. And this very conundrum "happened" to me on another field and it took all my might to get out. So... I got him some wood board chunks and told him to lever his foot up and then place the board on the top of the mud to step on while he extracts the other foot. It did work and he did get out without losing his boots or socks.

Then while doing the senseless wait time before the crew bus departs, this same guy in this perp-issued red, blac, and light blue plaid pack leaves it near me just as the bus was pulling out. The bus stopped for me, and yet again I was the last to get on board. I asked hime aobut the pack, and then he had to stop the bus again, retrieve it and re-board the bus. He thanked me for saving his ass again, and I said that was OK, it happens to everyone some time or other. No big deal, even if was a perp-issued color scheme, attempting to leverage the light blue (Favored) with the red (Unfavored color). (The black would be a neutral color in most circumstances except for big black vehicles with dark tinted glass and blacked out wheels- don't like that combination for some reason that the perps would know, having wiped out 99% of my recall for the first three years of permanent memory laydown, aged 2 to 5).

Anyhow, what is the point of these dumbshit minor hero routines, being the good samaritan and all that? No idea.

Thats all for today, another early bedtime to get up for 0500h.


Anonymous said...

Now I just realized, seeing the title of the recent blog posts, "Flower Picking"... back in 2004-2005, I used to get this young black girls, who would sometimes say "Hi" real loud from across the street. One time the one girl was saying "let's go pick some beautiful flowers" as I passed her. Interesting, because I realize now I am reading posts about flower picking. I ignored the one young black girl one evening, and I never saw her again. That tells me she was just an operative.

Anonymous said...

Last night, I got some dude in a black T-shirt, with a two or three word phrase on the back, decked out in red long stockings and shorts. A ridiculous sight, I thought, and I tried my best not to look at him. He was doing the "nervous", shifting back and fort, fidgeting thing the entire time, standing right in front of me, and it was making me a little irritated. Also, the guy had a "musical" quality about his voice, but he had this "sissy" vibe about him that when combined with his fidgeting, made me irritated. I suspect the perps are monitoring my internal reactions to this "unfavored".

Then later on, walking home, passed the corner, and then some woman had her dog outside, and she said "GO GET BOBBIE!!!". Then, she starts screaming at the top of her lungs, because her dog started coming after me, but that all seemed like a perp job from start to finish. That was the perps' doing, having the dog come after me, while this woman was standing there screaming all panicked. The perps know I was scared of dogs coming after me as a kid, and they are re-enacting this as a traumatization event. Also, the screaming part of it was a re-enaction of my neighbor screaming at her son.

Anonymous said...

I see the perps taunt me with notions, sometimes, that I have "lost" to them and their gangstalkers at certain times. Like when I was at Wendy's, and as I was walking out (a huge event for them), one guy said "you lose!". There is this notion of "winning" and "losing" these daily "battles" with the perps and the gangstalkers. I figure there isn't really any winning or losing, but the perps are simply trying to put a game aspect around my targeting. I know they aren't going to be going away any time soon; they made that very clear to me in 2006, directly to me.

Anonymous said...

Around here, the perps do e-harassment in the morning hours. Once again, it was between the hours of 315AM and 330AM, between the so-called "witching hour", I suppose. According to Wikipedia:

The term "witching hour" can also refer to the period from midnight to 3am. At "3 a.m. [it is] the devil's hour, as opposed to 3 p.m., when Jesus was said to have been crucified".[4]

In England, the witching hour begins at 3am and runs till 4am[citation needed]. The hour before midnight is also used for the practice of witchcraft.

So a lot of bullshit with ball-shockings occur between 3 and 4 AM around here, very consistently. Tonight, the perps had me walk for like 2 hours, and then got me pissed, with the manage reaction that I should go take another walk. This time, I was out at 2:55AM, and some asshole was doing this exaggerated yell, supposedly to warm me up for the ball-shockings. There were 3 of these, spaced out at minute intervals. At 325AM, the ball shockings started. I was kind of worried that they might destroy some cells in my sex organs, but I believe it is just a psychological component, i.e., having me believe they are working on neutering me.

I did hear some gangstalking-related whimpering from a neighbor's house, and I suppose that was to signify they were going to zap me.

I suppose they needed me to get plenty of walking time in, to aid their "research".

Anonymous said...

I just had the idea that many of these gangstalkers are salaried, or get paid a stipend. That could be why so many of them are out when they should be working at a day job. They were plenty busy today, having done the crying thing in the left eye, as well as the "nose picking", making my nose run at certain key moments. Both of these events (tearing in the right eye and nose running) were in response to certain events/thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Possible reason for daffodil picking.

Narcissus pseudonarcissus (commonly known as wild daffodil or Lent lily) is a perennial flowering plant of the family Amaryllidaceae which grows from a bulb. It has pale yellow flowers with a darker central trumpet. The long, narrow leaves are slightly greyish in colour and rise from the base of the stem.

The other derivation is that the plant is named after its narcotic properties (ναρκάω narkao, "to grow numb" in Greek).

Narcissus or Narkissos (Greek: Νάρκισσος), possibly derived from ναρκη (narke) meaning "sleep, numbness," in Greek mythology was a hunter from the territory of Thespiae in Boeotia who was renowned for his beauty. He was exceptionally proud, in that he disdained those who loved him. Nemesis saw this and attracted Narcisus to a pool where he saw his own reflection in the waters and fell in love with it, not realizing it was merely an image. Unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, Narcissus died.

AJH said...

Answer to: Possible reason for daffodil picking....

There is no question that flowers are used by the perps as a bio-field detector and with the addition of the vibrant colors. (And in fact, that is my pet theory on gangstalkers, portable and fully cooperative bio-field detectors, along with variations in clothing materials and colors.) And there is no question that the color yellow is of particular importance to the perps, given the judicious use of it in the vehicular gangstalking scene, eg. two yellow colored taxi cab outfits in town, and very commonly placed with an escort of silver-grey and white vehicles. And the perps have had me off eating eggs before they outed themselves in 04-2002, making me feel unwell after eating one, and planting the notion it was an allergic reaction. So the perps have a long and storied history with me at least, over the color yellow. You might be onto something with the physio-chemical constituents of the daffodil bulbs though, and I plead ignorance on this account, and should do some research. They have had me digging and handling daffodil bulbs, some from the fields I picked in, for the past three summers, July to Sept. It is how I keep out of debt, as the diabled pay isn't enough to cover what they like me to buy. I shall do some research on these botanical wonders, daffodils and what unique properties they might bring to the perp's research agenda. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Now I just realized, seeing the title...

One cannot go on the sudden disappearance of a shill/operative to consign them to the latter category. The script will vary, and some of those whom I talked to at length and seemed even empathetic (rare) might have been from either camp. And don't forget, or at least in my circumstances, any involved shills seem to come up spades in terms of new and better jobs, business opportunities, moves, promotions etc. I suspect lesser involved shills are paid on an per event basis. My rule of thumb is that the operatives do the nasty stuff of lying, vagrant and schizo acts, BS-ing at length and other social skullduggery if it comes to that. I get sent to the wrong stores sometimes, to come up totally blank, leaving me to wonder how bad does the advice get, and who could get it so wrong. If allowed, I put everything through a rational analysis, but the perps often won't allow this, and I end up somewhere that is way off base. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

This sort of thing must have always existed in society, i.e., social control complete with psychological operations, but the perps were limited to what they had to work with. For example, no internet, the mind control tech was primitive, etc., there were no cell phones or text messaging, so this segment of society went unnoticed, and they couldn't target as many people as they do today.

Anonymous said...

I just came across this while searching for something else. E-cigarettes? LOL. Sounds like a fascinating technology. Of course, they'd have to employ nicotine like the Real Thing. And they are actually catching on. It looks like technology is being used to give the masses their "fix" as a substitute for the Real Thing.

Anonymous said...

I think you missed the reference to daffodils.

In metaphor land, which I seem to live, the daffodils or Narcissus (plant) is a metaphor or Malapropism for Narsisism.

This place seems to want to destroy "the self".

This place seems to want us to think we are small and powerless and always bad and self centered
It says you cant bow low enough to appease its anger at not recognizing its greatness and our "dirtiness"

The slippery slope of conquering the ego turning into erasing all individuality

Neck deep in metaphor land!!

AJH said...

Answer to: I think you missed the reference to daffodils...

I probably did miss the reference, though I don't go too deep into metaphoric connections with this abuse, nor do I for numerical connections as another example. I just don't get much value from this exercise, though if something is really outrageous/egregious I will mention it in this blog. I see this harassment and abuse more as straight-up nonconsensual human experimentation, along with many other world events to bring a conspiratorial element into it all. My reality-scope, where reality ends for me, is mostly my physical sphere, though I have to admit the "coincidence level" can be astonishingly high when the metaphoric aspects are included. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: This sort of thing must have...

As mentioned, The Air Loom Gang by Mike Jay clearly points to organized harassment and non-judical containment over 200 years ago, using looms, wood stringers with evenly spaced fine metal rods between them, which were pointed at the proximate victim, James Tilley Matthews. Somehwhere along the way, the perps decided that an electromagnetic component was needed to elicit more bio-field details from their chosen victims/subjects, hence telephones, TV and now the internet. And it does seem to all connect, especially with the well-timed phone calls I get while online at choice moments (for them), e.g. when bookmarking web pages, sending an email etc. And too, seeing spewings of black fuzzy beams from helicopters and other aircraft aimed at me is another avenue of how they can co-opt devices, such as cell phones, to act in some capacity to increase the local magnetic interactions around me.

The perps often like to arrange low light level dusk and dawn conditons for me to see, and it does make me wonder if there is a historical connection with the ancient religions that would worship certain times of the day or year, often by having astronomical related monoliths of rock with carved slits in them to be observed by selected members of the sect.

Other perp arranged events like having bright reflections emanate from some unlikely object/condition at the edge of an Unfavored specimen/person may also be part of this, not unlike say, lunar eclipses where the moon happens to block out the sun, except at the edges. Lots of deep conspiratorial material there. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I believe that is true, that the perps do use metaphors that I in the harassment. For example, kids on bikes, I suppose are supposed to mean something, but I haven't got it yet. I was thinking maybe it could allude to Bike by Pink Floyd, or supposedly what Barrett was talking about in the song, using his "Bike" as a metaphor for something, supposedly drug abuse. Really, I hear nothing in the song that could allude to drugs. All I hear is a simple nursery rhyme type song with abstract lyrics.

AJH said...

Answer to: I believe that is true...

Metaphorical connections/suggestions are big for the perps, no question. As I inferred, one can chasse these down to the point of being silly. Take the bicycles for example, as I get plenty of gangsstalkers riding on the sidewalk where they are in violation of the bylaws. I think that the stressed metal spokes turning offer some kind of "loom like" properties, and they need to get in close for obtaining better energetic data off me, particularly where I have walked, and/or about to walk. No metaphor needed IMHO. Also, the bicycles may relate to recall deleted but still resident subconscious traumatization reactions they are attempting to remotely identify. It seems that if bicycles were good enough as gangstalking/harassment devices 50 years ago, when was given recall deletion, there is reason for them to use them now. Note that bicycle spokes are similar to looms (sheds in weaving parlance, of the Air Loom Gang book that describes like harassment 200 years ago). Getting back to the context here, I don't read anything metaphoric into the profusion of gangstalking bicycles around me, as it seems to me that the perps experimentation methods take a priority over a metaphoric consideration. Thanks for the comments.