Friday, April 01, 2011

Still Housebound

A fourth day of keeping  me mostly at home; it was to be sunny and I was to get out to do yard work at the First Feral Family house, but it has been raining all day. Enough for umbrellas which they made me "forget", so water beads on my glasses for the one half block visit to the post boxes and then the local supermarket. I had my overalls dude opening the front door from the outside ahead of me, and a polite one at that, allowing me out before he came in, what I call "door service". The disgusting looking rangly haired dude in his leathe cowboy hat was 20' away sucking butt, my slang for smoking cigarettes. Why he positioned himslef in the pouring rain is beyond me, but this whole deal might of been about Unfavored males comparisons. The polite dude under the cantelivered portion of the building, to that of the long haired male in the direct light, though no sun today. It seems a number of the perp comparisons of Unfavored types depends on the degree of natural lighting, from direct light though cloudy, to direct sunlight, to shaded on these same days, and of there are endless variations with the types of artifical lighting, about half of the outdoor nightime lighting is on in the daytime in my proximity, today being one example.

I don't make many trips to the post box anymore with online resume submissions and email. But as there were two jobs posted with just street addresses I had to go through the process like old times. Then a crippled freak nearby at the post boxes with a taxicab pitlamping me there. Just when I thought the cripple was out of my view, why, he comes back in again in his exaggerated assymetric walk with one arm held up in a hooked position. Then ,more male long hair freaks when walking toward the supermarket, and then a clusterfuck of some four gangstalkers who always find it in them to dither at doorways. One was in "just stand there" mode in his yellow rain outfit, the first of four that erupted around me for the three minutes I was in there. I got screwed out of getting cordial again, this particular syrup that makes many things taste better, and it has been on my list for a week now, this second time "forget" again.

And at the salad mix, why a fat girl in matching green leaning against the display on her cell phone for crissakes. I have yet to see such over -obvious and ludicrous stalking, but lo, if that wasn't good enough, and as I reached behind this rude fucker, a stalking/stocking dude also closed in on me. How he got in there so fast was beyond me, as it seems I am not allowed to see them coming when it is what I do best. Then another stand there dude in the produce section, doing some kind of pointless hyperventilating, and then to the checkout, the cashier waiting idly, but no wait for me. As alway, the action starts up at the checkout; another cashier saw fit to drag a stack of plastic shopping baskets on the floor next to me and where I was to walk, taking them the wrong way altogether. And at the critial perp juncture of paying for my groceries, an arrival of a reprise yellow coated gangstalker, and the "do-squat" dude on the other side of me both moved together, seeing this furtive movement of each in my peripherial vision while paying by debit card. The endless games and feints that go on while engaging in a financial transactions have been one of the most enduring and relentless perp games since this insane abuse world got dumped on me almost nine years ago. And lo, when I get free of the oncoming clusterfuck of at least five gangstalkers bearing down on me at the exit (more yellowjackets), why, the same two at the checkout, or their doppelgangers, somehow ended up 30' ahead of me in the parking lot. Then a "walk straight at me" woman in the same green color as the one lounging at the salad mix area in the produce section, a noise from a vehicle erupting as it turned was deemed as a potential threat. This constant bullshit on the sidewalks of oncoming LH drive pedestrians coming directly at me and then averting collisions (usually) at 6' to 8' in front of me is just fucking insane. One outing yesterday brought on at least two of these, and this same idiocy erupts today.

I don't get to watch movies much, as it seems that more than 30 min. of viewing and I don't get some kind of planted reason to pause the show and then get screwed out of getting back to it. At least in title, The Adjustment Bureau seems like a play on what the perps do, adjusting, if not trashing, the future of their charges/victims, and managing every second of their existence. Funny how the perps don't really ever plant such notions and descriptive turns of phrase about what they do, but instead, lead me to book or film titles with a suggestion of their activities. There must be a passel of movies about the TI experiences, even going into the early 1950's sci-fi of Roger Corman as one example. Any TI's who are film fanatics and have a TI/perp theme to a library that suggests what is done to us?

A 40 min. nap this afternoon; I haven't had a "nap attack" for at least two months and had somehow forgotten about this aspect of the life abuse. Then the phone rang to waken me up, yeat another of those calls attempting to sell subscriptions to newspapers. As regular readers will know, phone calls seem to have a very specific timing along with the EMF from the phone itself, so I can only conclude the perps wanted to get an immediate post-nap phone/EMF reading off me. Which might be why they seem to have cut me off using headphones and listening to music, as they don't want the headphones to somehow pollute me with it' EMF signatures when they want to do this with the phone. And it may take a few days for the effect of one to subside and neutralize.

Enough of the house bound tales in being totally kept, and time to blog off for the day.

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