Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Shut Down the Checkouts

A five minute in-store shopping trip became 15 minutes of containment as they announced on the PA system at the LD stopre that the cash registers were inoperative, just as I finished placing all my shopping in the basket and was headed for the checkouts, only 6' away. And the redcoats were at the checkout lingering around, plus the red haired woman. These same three were ahead of me at the checkout 15 minutes later when they were re-opened, but only for cash, not debit cards. And one can be sure that if they go to this length to interfere with my shopping, that a whole cast of other freaks and oddness is arranged too.

I had at least two reprising gangstalkers managing to "find me" in all corners of the store as I wandered around in wait mode with my basket loaded with the items I had shopped for. And too, the items are also of significance; shower curtain hooks, a three year quest for replacement was finally realized, a lined notebook of a different manufacturer instead of the Blueline A9 journals I have purchased for paper journalling over the past nearly 9 years of this insane abuse, now at #122, toilet paper, mouthwash and chocolate. I suspect the high interest item was the bound journal, as it was a first ever change up to the long established habit of purchasing this item. Interesting that they needed to contain me for this long in the store, and that longer than the past obstruction games of filling the checkouts ahead of me with gangstalking scum.

The reprising gangstalkers were only two in number, a granny in a purple angora knitted coat who kept "finding me" at least 5x, and a fat waddling woman who managed to do the same some 4x. And I got to visit the CD's and DVD's with the dude force of stockers/stalkers managing to increase for the last three minutes of checkout shutdown. The pseudo-staff (four males) in their white shirts and one with a huge gut on him were doing their strut-around, and a final clusterfuck around me when at the checkout when it finally re-opened. One bluecoated and ballcapped dude did a straight beeline for me the lenght of the aisle, with the perps freezing me in place to have him pass by rather too closely. The gutted one even took one of the disgusting redcoats out of the line ahead of me to another till that had quietly opened up. With only one redcoat and one redhair act in front of me I stayed at the same checkout, and lo, if a flush of gangstalkers didn't surface from the adjacent entrance doors in familiar fashion. Then an elder-dude in a green coat got an escort from a blonde woman staff member behind me, and a second blonde woman came to fuss about at the cashier's booth in familiar fashion. And lo, if the debit card system wasn't working too, and so I paid cash, three green $20's, and that too is a big perp moment, revealing the contents of my wallet in bills. More dudes continued to flush in, one Fuckwit at the ATM some 6' away, adroitly crossing ahead of my path just before I exited, and it seems that many of them did not come through the front door. And so I exit the store with the usual outside lighting on in the daytime, and lo, two more redcoats. Then the "security" negro was posing in his yellowjacket and so it went, this big stakeout of freaks for the one block back to my apartment where more freaks were gathered outside the front door in their seeming cigarette sucking clusterfuck. In the lobby the garish red-purple dyed hair manager was on duty, and she made minor conversation and off in the elevator that was there. Sometimes I am allowed to ponder about all the timing, personnel and organization that goes into these big jerkarounds, and it does seem amazing. Never mind the fact that they likely did rehearsals before and after, and that they had been in place for some time beforehand. It seems from past gangstalker adventures they like to have some 40 minutes of the Fuckwit being in place before I "happen" by.

Another round of CD ripping adversity also aided by an extra directory that was named the same way I did, creating extra FUD for half an hour or more, as it seemed no files were getting ripped to where I wanted, creating the "find the file" games that so dogs me all the time. Or more like, imposed jerkaround. Over one hour spent recovering one song from the ripping process, including finding usable ripping software. As it "happened", I reloaded J River Music Center, software that I liked, and somehow "forgot" that it only rips to ape files, and not flacs. Another two rounds of software download attempts before I got something working. Yesterday, I went through the same hassle three CD's in succession, and got saddled with a trial version of an alternate CD ripping program that only ripped 10 songs per CD rip attempt. And lo, if I didn't have one CD that had a "problem" with more than 10 songs on it, forcing ripping twice. The second problem CD had exactly 10 songs on it so I could use it. And the third problem CD of yesterday only had one song that "errored" (even if the log file said " copy OK"), and I re-ripped the one song. All these forced variants of the process; a CD with one song errored, and the one song was fixed, another CD with multiple songs to fix so I re-ripped with the new software and hit the 10 barrier, then ripping the final three in another ripping round, and a final total CD re-rip where there was exactly 10 songs and all got done in one pass. And it is my experience that the perps find these variants of rip (or other activity) to be terribly interesting to them for some reason, and put me through their insane rounds of permutations on every possible process, down to turning the light switch on or off.

More adversity in ripping a CD, so cancel Exact Audio Copy (EAC) and then invoke Easy CD-DA Extractor to do the job. And of course, a whole lot of extra cognitive overhead to figure it out, as more than one downloaded music software has been uninstalled because I couldn't get it working. And J River Music Center 15 is slowing down this PC again. For all that I like it, it keeps getting used as the excuse to bring this PC to its knees. Somehow, EAC, TagScanner and Songbird can coexist without a PC takedown being associated with them.

Back to music ripping; making effort to fixing the 14 albums that had missing files or some other form of sabotage, as I had no reason to mess with them. All the CD's that had been ripped were in a cardboard  box, and I had a printed list of all the CD's with missing files. And what happens? Why half of them are gone missing somewhere else. I did not remove any CD's from the box, or this apartment, but someone decided to augment the sabotage games by having missing physical CD's from the sabotage list. Effectively, they sabotaged the attempt to recover from their sabotage. This is getting stupider and stupider, about the most accurate encapsulation of this abusive containment I can think of.

Taken 01-050-2011-   a cute little line up for the camera, one of a series of four pics.

Taken 01-09-2011, this series of three of some five I took. More working in of dark blue vehicles it seems, and/or blue vehicle interior, per above as well. Hopefully if there are any gripe in TI World out there, they have the decency to mention something to me instead of the insinuations games I have come to know of.

Busy doing more CD ripping; one CD failed using Exact Audio Copy (EAC), and it is taking extra long on Easy CD-DA Extractor, though getting copied and not compressed. EAC is being made out to be flakey and time consuming of late, likely due to per sabotage and their infernal obsession over how file names are assigned, and whether by hand (typing names in, or hand correcting them) or assigned by one piece of software of another. And the way the music ripping has gone, some albums will have file names from either Tag Scanner or Easy CD-DA Extractor, and some will be hand fixed as well. Exciting for the perps, and all the more interesting that this has been accompanied by overhead pounding noise. Blogging off...


Anonymous said...

Passing by too closely is something they really like to do. I'm always amazed at how I will stand out of a person's way, and they'll still brush by me as they pass by...Energy readings I suppose. Isn't it horrid?

AJH said...

Answer to: Passing by too closely...

Worse yet, is that they freeze the TI in place, suddenly nailing the TI with fit of indecision as to what to do with a Fuckwit barrelling at them, and by then they are on top of you. As for the brushing, or fleeting, contact; it seems to me that their operatives and shills are serving as bio-field sensors, perturbing one's energetic, or if you prefer, electromagnetic, field. The resulting energy interference is remotely assayed it seems, not forgetting that the perps likely rehearsed the whole thing days or weeks ago, and had their operatives and shills in place long beforehand, all to limit the amount of bio-energetic variability. Or at least, this is the way it seems. Thanks for the comments.