Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Job Prospecting

An entire afternoon of bookmarking job prospects, doing the multi-career thing with farm work, IT and forestry dominating. The oil and gas industry entry level jobs don't look very do-able in terms of finding the job ads, never mind the logistics of getting there, getting around and living somewhere remote. Even the farmworker jobs where the holding is dispersed in many areas, don't exactly explain how one is to travel from job site to job site for the same employer, all at $9.28/hour, the going rate for the peasanos. There is no way one can run a vehicle and have a place at that pay rate unless getting 60 to 80 hours per week regularly.

Once bookmarked as Job Prospects, I go over them and craft a resume and cover letter for each, and then send them via email. Past experience has been a 1% response rate not including auto-responding email. That is when I have experience, as it seems that is the biggest deal breaker. Even the coal miner jobs are looking for 3 years experience. Who knows what I really get to see at this end of the constrained and orchestrated web access. There have been plenty, like every second, maser and plasma beams on-screen and even arranged in banded parallel striations of the same thickness of web page vertical lines. All in keeping with the goings on/harassment of course, and noisestalking when I bookmark a web page. Other nonsense has been to slowly and progressively decrease the size of the font as I go back to a web page, finding it smaller after looking at a link.

A new planted theme, and that is Network Area Server, NAS for short. IT is a PC that would act as both a central storage for other PC and devices, as well as backup for them all.  And at the moment of looking into build or buy, a sudden need to pee came on, at least the 12th time today, so these forced pisses are getting much more specific as to the prior content I am exposed to. A NAS is one of these on-off "concerns" that got bigger because I ripped some 37 Gb of music to this PC a month ago, and of course I don't want it wiped out. For now, it is replicated on a hard drive by a script that runs every day. And the perps have me cranked up to purchase one the first decent paycheck I get, their planted theme getting more priority it seems. Except that farm work pays low, and it is likely it will have to pay the whole shot if this disability gig gets yanked on me, like I suspect it will this year. I earned too much, the grant for the Oracle courses being a big part of my extra earnings, so I am sure to come up on the inspection radar. I predicted it last year, but was wrong, so we shall see.

The job submissions stalled out after all the bookmarkings. It seems the perps wanted me to organize the bookmarks in my Firefox Library, putting separating lines between the local, out-of-town farm work, IT and the forestry job bookmarks. Once that was done, why, a forced pee again. Exciting moments for perps are in the smallest of things; even crossing the floor from kitchen to desk, all of 8', I routinely get noisestalked, plasma flashed, or even riled up to vocalize while in mid-stride.

Earlier, I got a call from the so-called mental health person asking about my request to take yoga at some center now that the local yoga has shut down. I got one too many of the denial blandishments "oh right", so I ripped into her and asked her some pointed questions as to why two doctors say I am being harassed and it is not a clinical problem. That shut her up, so no doubt this was all scripted in the first place to get me riled up on the phone (= EMF intrusion), so this will likely play out in some way, the catch-all that it be "recorded on my chart". And at the moment I realized I was getting cranked up over this, the dresser that is 4' away put on a big creaking noise all by itself. So it seems the perps need to rile me up to get more neural circuits working, though too, those that can see auras say that annoyed subjects have larger auras, trailing some 60' or so.

A dull shut-in day with the exception of doing some laundry first thing (30' down the hallway), though without the usual "need" to then do cleaning concurrently. And even more odd, was that all garments and items went from washing machine to dryer, none were taken out from the washing machine and hung dry, the way that laundry has "happened" every time for at least the last two years, save bedsheets loads. Another exciting perp moment maybe, through-testing a full load of my laundry without interim washing machine samples. It gets complicated for the perps, keeping track of all these nuances and variations, though I am sure they are up to the task, and are still having me do things ass-backwards that I would never logically do on my own, unfettered and unfucked with; e.g. opening a cupboard when it was to be a drawer etc.

Plenty of plasma flashes today, especially onscreen, and even on the wall that I face when having lunch or tea-break. They had the stainless steel basket of the glass Bodum teapot changed as if it had been heated to much higher temperatures, giving the steel a green and pink color today. And lo, if there wasn't pink and green intermingled spots on the wall while having tea some five minutes later. They have changed the color of the stainless steel to be bluish, purplish, and pink at differing times, so I suppose too this is another line of color games. I can only surmise that they are attempting to determine if the color energies of the stainless steel insert basket where the teabag sat until removed, and presumably  transferred to the tea, can somehow be detected in me, or through my eyes, when they flash the plasma beams on the wall. (And with some of the tea in me by then). Just too complicated, and still no reason from them as to why they put me through this ongoing abusive hell for over nine years because they lack the gumption to show up and declare themselves. It gets stupider and stupider with each passing day.

I am also getting plenty of pink color testing through the web sites I visit; very often the Caucasian skin tones are manipulated to be overly pink, and it seems too this might be another Unfavored color category of particular interest to the sickos. Especially if they applied sexual abuse during the years they wiped my recall out, aged 2 to 5, and living in Montreal (16 months, of two academic term lengths, 1956-7 and 1958-59), northern BC (two summer months) and Victoria BC then. Another obvious male feigned crotch-grabbing episode at the checkout in the LD store yesterday reminded me of what they might have been up to at one time, and are now attempting to determine and then remediate the associated subconcsious traumatizations. As I have said before; I don't need any uninvited remediation by any party; I had a career in IT and got jerked from it by insane assholes who started out by invading my apartment, and kept up this abusive insanity ever since.

So that is all the blogging for today, dull as it has been. And for a Wednesday weekday, an excess of noisy motorcycles outside today, some 12 independent events this afternoon, and when I looked outside to see if they were real motorcycles, and not just projected noise, only once of the three times were
they for real. Life in the FUD-stream.

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