Thursday, March 03, 2011

Cancel Yoga

As it was thought to be, the Thursday yoga class is cancelled for good, its just that there was no prior notice. So.... the perp excitement is about the fact that I walked three blocks to get there in my just-changed shirt and workout pants, and to turnaround in short order once I was informed of the no-yoga notice, and walk back. And lo, if some of the same gangstalkers didn't show up in both directions, one particular yellowjacket woman of note. She was S. bound on the  E side of my first block to walk outbound, coming toward me, and then some ten minutes later when I was on the opposite side of the same block (W), she was on my tail with coffee in hand, again S. bound, walking past Starbucks at the corner, armed with coffee from somewhere else. If that doesn't spell "gangstalked" and "improbable street pedestrain behavior" then I don't know what does. As always, I like to hear readers opinions on such blatant two-way gangstalking.

Then once in the stairwell climbing the stairs, and only 4' from the door I was to take, a big clatter noise startles me from behind the wall, and then a dude cuts across to open the door for me, and apologizing for making the noise that scared me. Now, I am long familar with sudden noise onset from no seeming cause, and I do wonder if I wasn't messed with to become scared in the first place, and how was it the door opening dude figured that out. Once I got to the landing, why, a yellowjacket dude was handling a large electrical panel box cover, the seeming source of the clatter. And given the "red spread" where they gangstalk me with red colors at each turn, especially when I set off to go walking somewhere, it just might be that they are attempting to do the "yellow spread", stalking me with yellow colors in each new locale/lighting situation as I walk about, including stairwells to the sixth floor.

I see the big U-Haul (?) yellow covered moving box across the street in a parking lot adjacent to the apartment tower has now been taken away. It was there all day yesterday, and might of been serving as a yellow color reference from 120' away or so. Such large yellow moving boxes have been stationed there in the past, and also in front of this apartment building, so it is not too surprising that the yellow stalking has been amped up today.

And a full-on freak dude gangstalk when outbound to the cancelled yoga class. The vagrants, male ponytails, white beards, skateboarder dude, and stare-at-me Asian male were arranged, this proverbial "busyness" at 1100h which is way overdone. Plus, a dimwit dweller in this apartment building was also tailing me, he of nearly four years and seen about 2x/month.

Othger goings on have been relatively muted; some overhead pounding and rumbling, and maybe just one gabbing session outside my door. Last night there were at least three gabbing sessions for me to hear through the earmuffs.

Today's noise-while-eating-chocolate was seagulls mewing and squeaking in some kind of amped up state they were in. Or more like, purported to be in, as I didn't actually see them. The day before, in the same circumstances it was the incessant faux brake sqealing noise that had the unerring ability to erupt while eating chocolate, a 3x100g day "habit" the perps have imposed on me.

A rousing screaming match over Quicken and attempting to get it to work again. I even was armed with utilities to clean Quicken off my system as well as hunt down all remant directories, and still a new install  wouldn't find the very files it is looking for. All the while overhead rumbling and clunking went on. I have never seen such clunky software as Quicken, and it becomes exploited for sabotage by way of obstructing the visibility of backup files in the import window.

As I am doing CD ripping tonight, I get extra attention in the form of hammering overhead, then to the right in another "job", and one has to wonder what it is that they need to hammer at this time of the day, especially in multiple locations. And don't forget, hammering a floor upstairs, meaning my ceiling. I don't know of many sane folks who hammer their floors.

Now the sirens start up as a complementary noise, for whatever brain plumbing games the perps are up to. I am always suspicious of noise flurries.

Fill time; more pictures;
Taken 01-15-2010; the inside of my main food cupboard. The perps had me go through endless back and forths of eating Ritter milk chocolate in blue plastic wrapping with gold-yellow ends, and then some without. Ostensibly, it was milk chocolate on top in the gold-yellow ends, and special Ecuador sourced beans for the milk chocolate in the blue ended packaging on the bottom. And to be fair, they consistently tasted differently.
Taken 01-23-2011, a configuration of similar colored silver grey, or light metallic blue vehicles with a deep red one in the center of the formation and parked behind the tree. Off to the left, near the brick, is a copper colored vehicle parked in the stalls, and they like to inject one of these every so often, much more that they ever did before they went overt/beserk.
 Taken 01-23-2011, same as immediately above, just one more vehicle and one moved along. Note all the lights that are on at 1054h; something the perps just crave to have is more lights on in and around me, and no matter how silly it looks in this supposedly eco-conscious town.
Taken 01-23-2011 a red cluster of three vehicle and one redcoated person standing nearby, seen on the R., two which are parked and a red vehicle in motion in the street.
 Taken 01-23-2011; the red formation becomes a blue one, the two parked red vehicles are still in place, but a black vehicle is now leading in the mobile vehicles, with mid-blue vehicle slightly behind and to the left, stringing the parked lighter vehicle in an oblique alignment. And a parked green blue vehicle on the right.
Thats all for today, been busy CD ripping and whatever perp benefits that brings.


Anonymous said...

THE LINK. This is a book that now is going to become three separate entities, as there is a great deal of information to be included, and a single one would be downright unwieldy. The term “link” is nothing but a moniker, a name for something that truly does not have one. It is also a referent term to line-of-sight, gnosive, and email experience with people who are not from Earth.

The trouble with acceptance of this work is that it does not fit the Strieber mold: zeta-type sauroids with large black eyes and 3+ feet in stature. Our experience, especially in the upper midwest and northwest of the United States, has been that if one of “them” sat across from you at a Denny’s or Marie Callender’s, you would not recognize him/her as being not human from Earth. Many look exactly like us, some a little bluish of skin and perceivably evident Meissner field emanation (auric field), other greenish, and others silverish-white. Some are extremely tall (6’10+), some are like us (6′ or less) and some pigmy-like (some Asian-looking, some large round head Afro-black-like) some with skin near pink to red. Then there are people with very advanced biomolecular capabilities – abilities that include biomimic of the ambient environment and the ability to shift in form without changing size, abilities to migrate to electrostatic/energetic avatars that look very much like biological forms/bodies, abilities to migrate through what we can at this juncture only grasp as “moving through a microwormhole that naturally occur on Earth-surface spacetime, and finally, people who can become manifest right before your eyes and desynchronize and disappear in the middle of a conversation (quite disconcerting!). Yes, there are zeta-types with abilities quite advanced from our current viewpoint. However, it is possible to interact and interface with any of them, provided one has some working knowhow of topological thinking and one can follow a conversation at all possible levels of meaning and one does not yield to fear (i.e., 64 beats per second, high alpha/low beta, and other skills).

Also look at the discussion people interested in life physics are having at our forum, [link to] or at the blog, [link to] A great deal of what we are now placing in the public domain stems from assists we’ve received from people who are not from here, including the basic technology to set up extension neurosensing (ENS) to leave the body with a sustainable avatar and a pov that is useful in moving spacelike (moving in time) as well as moving timelike (going to places where spacetime is similar to ours, and to others that are not).

Anonymous said...

As to the Yellowjacket gangstalker, it sounds improbable, yet is still very likely. The reason is, some of these gangstalkers are actually trained in gangstalking, and could be getting paid for her duties. The questions would be, how much, and how often? For example, if one sees 100 gangstalkers in a day, and if the budget to do a local gangstalking is $10,000 per day, each could make up to $100 as a lump sum payment to gangstalk you on a particular day.

What stands out is this one older fellow who gangstalks me regularly, came into Subway to order a Sub. And he is a genuine low-income or even homeless, yet he somehow pulls out a huge wad of cash, and pays the cashier a tip, of all things. So you have to ask yourself, how can such low-income people have such huge amounts of cash? When me, I am kept underemployed, and I don't carry near that amount of money. So, it has to be part of the game... having a low-income or homeless (bum) type come in and display a huge wad of cash. That cash had to have come from the gangstalking budget allocated for my own mind control campaign. The whole notion of having such a demographic displaying such huge amounts of money has to be a mind-fuck in itself.

Back in 2005, one 15 yo girl who used to gangstalk me, came into contact with me, asked me to buy her alcohol. Somehow she pulls out this huge wad of cash. The "Story" is that she was selling drugs, but I think it comes from the gangstalking budget. Imagine a 15 yo street girl who carries that much cash around. It's unlikely she had a job that paid that much at that age, though the legal age to work is 15 here in PA. She was working as an informant: she was planted on the street, and she would ask me how long and how far I walked so far.

I'm thinking this was a mindfuck by the perps, a setup to make it look like I was soliciting that 15 yo girl, but that was not the case. I never had any contact with her, other than conning me into buying her cigarettes and alcohol for her. There was nothing else going on there. I see her now, and she is like 22 now, and she doesn't talk to me or anything, except for doing some gangstalking duties as prescribed by the perps. Maybe she was "supposed" to come into contact with me and get to know me and find out some key "things". Never happened. But then, that was a constant thing back then (2004-2006), having age 15 and under kids bait me into buying them cigarettes for them. I'm sure it was all contrived from top to bottom by the perps.

Anonymous said...

I had recently gotten a bad cold or flu, and was taking quite a bit of vitamins, as well as various medicines. And they upped the harassment to near-intolerable levels while this was going on. Supposedly, the CIA and their "findings" showed that subjects could withstand various forms of torture much better on LSD:

The experiments often took a sadistic bent. Gottlieb was known to torture victims by locking them in sensory deprivation chambers while dosed on LSD, or to make recordings of psychiatric patients' therapy sessions, and then play a tape loop of the patient's most self-degrading statement over and over through headphones after the patient had been restrained in a straightjacket and dosed with LSD. Gottlieb himself took LSD frequently, locking himself in his office and taking copious notes.

Efforts to "recruit" subjects were often illegal without any drugs being administered. In Operation Midnight Climax the CIA set up several brothels to provide a selection of men who would be too embarrassed to talk about the events. The brothels were equipped with two-way mirrors and the "sessions" were taped for later interpretation.

Some subjects' participation was consensual, and in these cases the subjects appeared to be singled out for even more horrific experiments. In one case, a selection of volunteers was given LSD for 77 days straight.

LSD was eventually dismissed by the researchers as too unpredictable in its effects. Although useful information was sometimes obtained through questioning subjects on LSD, not uncommonly the most marked effect would be the subject's absolute and utter certainty that s/he was able to withstand any form of interrogation attempt, even physical torture.

AJH said...

Answer to: As to the Yellowjacket gangstalker...

This is a hikey-bikey town (PNW extension) and some extra yellow-jacketing (a "safety" color) is expected. Its just that I see far too many, and given the perp games over the color yellow, and putting bright red and yellow together (sometimes on a pair of negroes, one dressed in red, the other in yellow), I can only assume this was a yellowjacketed gangstalker. What I was attempting to convey in the posting that it was highly unlikely that anyone would see this same person walking in the same direction, 15 minutes apart. And being the big girl that she was, she really didn't fit the profile of the hikey-bikey safety clothing wearer. Since then the perps have informed me it is a certain regular operative/person in morphover, one who will remain nameless as it is planted information that I can never trust. And I don't want to get into this aspect of the situation, being even stranger than what you read here, which isn't the half of it all.

I divide the perps into operatives and shills, with the addition of the perp abetting immediate family, whom I assign as First Feral Family members. The operatives are the ones that seem to do the nasty or scary work, like fake apartment manager schtick that goes on for few years, or even those that I once knew from the local swim club who go away for a year and come back with some kind of excuse, seeming to do training. The shills are the paid-per-stalking, even to drive by at a certain time and place with certain colored garments on. (Children get $20/stalking, as I asked them once when loitering outside my door). Given the degree of activity that seems organized, including civic road works and re-grading and re-piping (septic system) streets in this locale, I can only assume the budget for this abusive depravity is limitless.

As for "cash flashing", I consider it to be highly arranged as the perps seem to be so very intent on separating its color, from its denomination (value), and the effects of it as it lies in one's wallet. (Plus all the financial transaction considerations of recieving or proferring it). Every six months or so they force me into a larger cash paying event instead of using a debit card. As an example of cash flashing, my in-town brother scored a major success at a local auction house and he was paid in cash amount of a few thousand dollars. But a FFF brother/surrogate wasn't enough gangstalker action, so they posted a negro male nearby while the money was counted out, doing absolutely nothing but looking dumbstruck and not looking at any auction items, some 8' away, and not appearing to be a threat. So it seems to me that skin color is just as important as cash color and they needed this gangstalker skin reference posted nearby. A long way of saying that there is considerable perp interest in all forms of money and its exchange, and whatever it is can be so illusive that even the colors are important to them, never mind customized checks and all those who work in banks of any racial makeup. Thanks for the comments.