Saturday, March 26, 2011

Abusive Accounting

A major and sustained screaming response to the assholes finally allowing me to do my accounting for 2011, and then they kept hammering me over keystroke entry to the point it was a totally useless exercise. Ergo, three months of financial transactions get tossed. I am totally fucking  pissed over this as I keep all these records in the infernal Quicken application, another case of ergonomic sabotage itself, and now the assholes won't allow me to keep financial records. Some people get to do these every day, but the assholes won't allow this, it has to be once a month. When I finally got the Quicken 2010 update in 10-2010, and was allowed to import the records from the bank, the assholes decided it was too easy, and then sabotaged Quicken to screw it up as of 010-01-2011. No amount of supposed "support" from Intuit would allow this to get fixed, and so it was the asshole's Happy New Year gift to me, crippled Quicken 2010.

But that wasn't enough, no sir, they had to demotivate me into not doing the month end accounting for January, then Febuary, and now March. Then while attempting to manual entry today, as the download option wasn't working anymore, they go fuck me again making this exercise impossible to complete. As I said, I am totally and extremely pissed that I am not allowed to keep my own financial records, and will likely remain totally pissed (or pissed off as they say in Canada) for the rest of the day. And if the fuckers would let me drive a knife into my wrists I would of done it long ago, but a mysterious force field stops the knife. I gave up on that solution years ago.

Still full rage screaming to the sabotage; the assholes put me in full screen browser mode and I have no idea how to get out of it thanks to Windows being such a piece of shit, and had to get Task Manager to close it down. Then the assholes now have the tabs come up in red colored font when the browser first boots up with saved tabs, and I have no idea how to get out of that imposition either, except to click on them and get the normal black colored text back in the tab.

Music listening allowed tonight. Plus background nattering voices that can bypass my headphones. Here is one for TI's; What's Following Me? by Eleanor McEvoy, and nothing to do with the TI experience except for the album title name, being a diversion only.

A brutal day, with more rage-fication games going down, and I remain resolutely pissed (off).

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