Saturday, March 05, 2011

Saturday Dullness

A quieter Saturday for some reason, but with the escalated display of plasma and maser beams that has become the "new norm". And these visual interuptors get to the point of arriving in my central vision and sitting exactly over top of where I am looking. And masers routinely proliferate where I am about to pick something up, place it down, or accompany my hand as I grasp an object and pull it closer. Also, sudden burst of grey and white striations erupt at an oblique angle from say, orthogonal features like this LCD display as I type this up.

And even last night's CD ripping activity wasn't sabotaged to a great degree, Exact Audio Copy worked, save for one 10 minute spell when the normally green status in the Windows 7 tool bar went a fugly dark red color, and that was when two separate rounds of Asian jabber erupted outside of my door. Part of this event was to have me put on the headphones (magnetic fields note) and listen to the audio track that begat the error message, and lo, if it wasn't that it was a track that was finished long before the red status bar erupted. In other words, the red morphing status bar, ostensilbly to draw my attention to a CD ripping error on a track, occured after this putative cause according to the log file. Anyhow, there have been so many behaviors and conventional physical incongruities of late, that causal, or more like an excuse, is the least of the perp's concerns. Yesterday at breakfast, after placing the yogurt into a bowl with a spoon, there was a sudden arrival from an impossible angle of yogurt splatter that unerringly landed onto my black underwear, white on black, and how many times have I mentioned the greyscale colors being in such perp demand?

Other games were to have every music file listed with a orange clementine icon, "from" the Clementine player and ripping software that I had loaded earlier in the day. Getting rid of software seems also to have extra perp interest if the coincident flashing plasma and noisegames is a guide, which it usually is. Attempting to fix the fix extension association didn't work as the FLAC files somehow weren't listed.

On the though-stalking front, the perps seemed to have gained the upper hand in cancelling my thoughts as to categorizing their behavior, usually provoked by their harassment stunts. Ready works like "asshole" and "jerk" and the rest of that negative notion encapsulation have now essentially stopped. All the thought-stalking harassment/associated noise seems to track is when I switch my attention from one unimportant thought meme to another, say, while shaving, perp planted notions to getting back to concentrating what I am doing, ie. shaving. All vital moments for the perps, and I cannot imagine how dull that might be, especially when it is nearing an nine year quest, the perps going overt/beserk in 04-2002.

Other games that are going on are plenty of dialog box op-ups interfering exactly where I am reading, one application popping over another with dialog boxes, often in succession. Later, the same application doesn't behave the same with the same apparent cause.

And I see that the CD ripper has error-ed again, so the alternate software is being used, which names its files differently. One CD now gets copied and compressed into FLAC from two differing CD ripping applications, again, a fascinating event for the perps given how long they have been doing these kind of stunts. I cannot understand what is so interesting about file and folder naming, and yet they force this on me all the time. Last night they had the cursor jump outside the folder naming dialog box, effectively truncating the name, and at the same time, having me type the full name and not finding out about their little stunt until after the fact. This happened at least three times last night, so no coincidence there.

A see that this blog content were deleted, even if I frequently save in Blogspot. I have been through hundreds of file deletions, cut & paste capers where a whole drive just disappears, and all permutations and combinations that I can think of. And still I wonder what is in it for the perps, beyond juvenile-level gratification.

I cannot even figure out why they select some for overt treatment, casting them as a TI, and for others they must continue covert coverage, managing to keep themselves from being noticed in all the stunts they must pull. And to what advantage? They could elicit cooperative research, but obviously something out there is extremely important that still needs covert/stealh sabotage.

[As it turns out, I was wrong and the older file version showed up and was intact; still, multiple versions of the same file isn't supposed to happen].

Last of the recent pics.
Taken 02-23-2011, overnight snow arrived to everyone's surprise, and more in the daytime. I thought it most odd that someone cleaned the sidewalk to facilitate gangstalking action, but didn't attend to all the related egress clearing needed in the courtyard egress to the apartment residence. The near permanent black pickup truck with the tonneau cover was in place, also getting snow, to the right side parking lot. Getting a bobcat bucket loader as seen just above the rail in the picture center must of took some mettle to find on such a day, and all the more odd that it is clearing public streets instead of hired for parking lots where it would command the highest rate.

And that ridiculous plywood panel with the dayglo painted message in the driveway to the parking lot is still there, 03-05-2011. The plywood panel only showed up when the snow came, and now it still serves as some kind of perp prop, the snow long gone, now over a week. And have I not long mentioned the proclivity of the perps to use plywood as one of their seeming problematic materials. What they tell me is that the phenolic glue resins need to be studied, which is also the very same compound class as anthocyanins (aka bioflavinoids) found in plants. Surely by now the perps have had someone eat plant material with a radionuclear marker on it to find out where these compounds disperse to in the human  body? One never can tell how prepared the perps are for their studies, but aI wouldn't doubt this has "happened" surrepticiously.

Neither rain, nor sleet nor hail or snow will keep the posties doing their red color gangstalking games, which includes days like 02-23-2011. And even the driver is out delivering cardboard boxes, (read portable brown reference color) as seen just in front of the delivery van walking on the sidewalk. I even get red post office delivery vans in the evenings in private parking lots of commercial businesses.

This photo of my glasses is taken the following morning before I cleaned them. Every evening for the past four months, the perps place these scuffings on the lenses as some kind of testing in limiting the amount of light that reaches my eyes. This is a light scuffing, and it varies between the lenses and the degree of opacity. Taken 02-24-2011.

Taken 02-24-2011, a satellite dish arranged on the fence, center top of picture. Now the third neighbor at the rear of the First Feral Family backyard to get a satellite dish. I have become suspicious of these because they show up with such proximate profusion, not to mention that they had a 8' one aimed at my apartment when they first went overt/beserk in 04-2002.

Another never-before memory wash/deletion. There is a TV/Stereo store with a prominent name in this neighborhood and my mother "happens" to mention needing to get a new TV, and I "happen" to mention this store as one gets customer service, a vital ingredient for purchasing unfamiliar technology (big 20 y.o. CRT TV in the living room). We have done this particular little bait-and-respond game at least 6x in the last two years, and have both walked by the store together more than twice. So... today... I am online web surfing and looking at integrated stereo, CD player, DAC, amplifier, network access and a few other techno goodies, and come across the Naim UnitiQute. So I look up the nearest Canadian dealer and it is this same aforementioned local store. But instead of it being an affirming recollection, the planted perception was that I had never heard of this store, and was totally unaware it was the same one that I had been exposed to and seen. Then over the next two hours they dribbled in supporting perceptions that it was the same store that I had long known. Never have I had such a total memory wipeout about spatial objects in my locale. I can only assume it was the perps doing their insane mind-fuck games, but this is getting very disconcerting it has gone down to this level.

Music listening tonight, and from CD's no less when I finished all my CD ripping. Funny how these perverse things "happen". Its late and I will blog off on this very dull day.

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