Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Mighty Jerkaround

A round of jerkarounds more like; setting me up all day with planted notions to make quesadillas for dinner to then use the leftovers to then supply my lunch for daffodil picking in the farm fields, re-starting tomorrow, with a 0730h start time. My daffodil picking specific items have been lying about this apartment for almost three weeks, and so it would seem that the perps want this collection of elastic bands, gloves, a knife, and clips to lie about for that duration before I take them in the field. Presumably there is something these items would of gained while being here for this extended break in the farm work. First there was making me get the flu for a week, then it got cold, then the Mexican (legal) farmworkers came, then the snow came, and a week later it is starting to warm up. Soo... early to bed, for a 0650h departure on the farm/yellow school bus and likely getting back around 0600h. Hopefully I can make some decent coin, though the perps keep me in the finger fumbling zone, limiting my daily production to be middling, 300 to 400 bunches, piece rate of $0.20/bunch, meaning 60 to 80/day. How the Oracle DBMS software analyst has had his spots changed for him, due to the insane agenda and all it has to do with pruning plants, cutting them (e.g. daffodils), harvesting them and the like. And to be gangstalked all the time.

Getting back to the jerkaround; I "find out" (read, deleted memory) that I don't have any chicken in the fridge for aforementioned quesadilla, because I have been eating smoked salmon for the past few days as I am getting through this food item that was given to me. So.. for over fout days I wasn't allowed to recall this, and here I am in mid-melt of the coconut oil in the frypan when I "discover" that no essential ingredient, the cooked chicken. I had just opened a new jar of coconut oil, and they had me eat a teaspoon of it directly as it taste OK and might even be good for me, and the spoonful was melting in the frypan, and I had to turn the stove off and abandon it to go to the llocal supermarket. And lo, what a mighty gangstalking it was too. At 1730h there were hordes of gangstalkers on the street, four wide even, and the usual dude clusters, redcoats, brownheads and the like. Then in the store they were all over me, and I made sure to get the hell out as fast as I could, but that wasn't to be. I had the bump-into-me asshole collide behind me, who then got into a psychotic babbling rant, and then the cashier fucked off to protract this infernal agony, and so five minutes of this insane act going on behind while been kept in the checkout. I was already pissed off before I left over the mind-fuck recall deletion stunt, and to be then set up by this fucking idiot at the checkout was over the top. But for some reason, har, har, I was allowed to remain calm and not go totally beserk screaming infuriated, and eventually get the fuck out of the store, all to have my gangstalker cluster fuck at the doorway.

Anyhow, other busyness today was to get all my CD's ripped, effectively finishing the project, all 4800 songs from my own CD's, none of files "borrowed" over the web. It seems the perps want to keep me at least six years behind on this one, and join the "tagging" fray and the boundless metadat anarchy out in MP3 land. I took the CD's to the storage locker in the basement, and lo, if there wasn't four that had to come back up as they had deleted them off the hard drive. I had my dude-force of two in the elevator going down, the half-wit fedora act being a regular one, and an Asian male tailing on the way up, and he repeated on the second trip going down, entering what I call the "common room" on this floor, where they rotate tenants within weeks or else have it as a common room for the gangstalkers on the floor.

Hauling brown boxes around always draws perp attention, as they seem to have it for cardboard to be a brown color reference, even if devoid of contents, just having the empty box about, or even having me transit through the location where it was placed, taking all boxes downstairs to the lockup as well.

A long way of saying that the next few weeks of prime daffodil picking will be keeping me busy, likely 14 hour days by the time I have had dinner. The perps have ensured that I am broke, so I must take on this job and with all the work break machinations they have arranged, it is going to be a big gangstalking scene all this week and next. And I would also venture to say that the perps seem more hyper and more aggressive these past few months, as well as pulling blatant stunts like above mentioned checkout harassor.

Yesterday's stunt was also over the top; they purposely had this dude walk past all the availible seats in the rear deck area of the bus and he sits in the closest tranverse seat immediately in front of me, avoiding my gaze as to if this Fuckwit was playing with a full deck. Then to make it more obvious, he turns sideways as best as he can with his back facing me. Like WTF; I have never seen something so obvious as this. With a mib over-sized Middle East dude in red two seats away on my L. they went out of their way to hem me in. I was pissed off enough that I was thinking of getting off the bus to avoid this BS when someone rang the bell for me, in effect, as they never got off, but I did. Said large red dude moves over to sit in my former seat, it still warm, and when I look as the guy he is ready with the stare back. An hour walk along a busy traffic corridor before I got back to downtown. And a mighty dude force in the supermarket when I stopped there before I got back. What is with these large flushes of dudes in this town. I could see if it this were near a convention center, but we are no where near one.

Time to call this a wrap as I will be getting up early tomorrow and won't be the regular blogger of having no end of time on my hands.


Anonymous said...

Not into borrowing web music either?

Anonymous said...

As fate would have it, when I entered grad school back in 1993, the project I was "selected" to do was a model of a neural network using electronic circuits. Stuff like comparators, etc. We submitted our proposals for final project ideas, and I had the idea that I could do a "TV" that would project an image onto the wall using lasers. It would do this by using a mirror which would deflect the beam back and forth, which would imitate the "scanlines" of those old TV sets. This meant that the mirror would have to reflect the beam horizontally, but also in vertical increments.

Well, the professor nixed my idea, on the grounds that he said a laser can't be controlled in intensity, that there are only "on" and "off" states, that is, full on brightness or darkness. In reality, it IS possible to control the intensity of a laser. Also, he said "I'm not sure I'd want to be standing in front of the laser beam", implying he would get "cooked" by the laser beam. [I read the perps have used a similar technology in the past on targets, sweeping a laser beam in non-visible wavelengths to "scan" or even "cook" targets.]

Instead, he picked this one Asian dude's idea with the Neural Networks. Ironically, my friend and I were the only ones working on the project most of the time, as the "leader" would consistently never show up.

The idea is, neurons aren't like the off/on switched transistor states in computers, but rather, have a "soft" transition from "off" to "on".


As you can see, this guy (the Asian dude) totally screwed my friend and I, and we were left trying to figure out this complicated mess, how a neural network functions, etc. So I'd imagine the perps have all of this figured out, and by this understanding, they can "switch off" neurons permanently, resulting in memory loss. I suppose it is more complicated than simply "blowing the fuses" in the brain, as there are chemical neurotransmitters, whatnot, that can be remotely manipulated to achieve this "turning off" of select neuron cell groups.

I would rather have done the laser projection "TV", but that may have been even more difficult! I imagine an LCD projector has a bunch of "cells" that are switched on/off in a matrix, as opposed to having a mechanical part like a mirror deflecting a singly laser beam in scanline rows. That would have been impossible.

It was an interesting project, though there is so much I don't know about neural networks to this day. It's so odd how I became entrapped in the human experimentation web, and it just so happened that I got stuck with a project about neural networks.

AJH said...

Answer to: Not into borrowing web music either?

Yes and no. I have a 5,000 long list of albums I would like to get, kept as bookmarks on my PC, but cannot afford to buy much of anything. As to why I haven't "borrowed" web music at all is difficult to explain, and might likely be a perp controlled thing, as they have intense interest in me recieving things (inlcuding music files) and how recieved; as a purchase, unpaid for as in say, free software downloads, gifts and the like. So it is very likely they have kept me in the dark as to how to go about getting "borrowed" music on the web, as I really don't have a clue, though I have looked but cannot seem to find my way through the maze (also possibly contrived by the Thems). The perps have also kept me in a headspace that MP3 files "aren't good enough" because they are a lossey compression. To be honest, I have never played an MP3 file to know for sure. Any suggestions as to advancing this relative music-on-the-web newbie would be welcome.

AJH said...

Answer to: As fate would have it...

The perps had me as a studious neural researcher duing my ADD research days of 1998 to 2002, The Thems possibly looking for my response to stimulant medication which was very helpful. That was until they cooked up the psychosis story and that was the end of feeling better. It is interesting that the perps like to send their victims on these research journeys related to the very object they use us for their research, the human mind. Go figure, but this is one of many topics where they tip their hand in advance of later revelations, going into overt/beserk abuse since 04-2002 in my case. Thanks for the coments.