Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Mid Day Music Meta Data Tagging

A rare instance of being allowed to edit the meta data, aka "tags", of my music. I thought I had it done in Tag Scanner, but no, MP3 Tag Assistant cannot pick up what is in Tag Scanner. And then someone barfed on the metadata in two songs from one album and cleaned them out. Any new software that is installed, such as the latter tag editor, is a wide open opportunity for creating hassle, obstruction or other dynamic fuckery to stop me from using some features, or else getting features totally wrong. The PC environment was made for perp action; so many ways to do the same thing in Windows, and then again across multiple software from after-market vendors.

Feb 28, 2011
A stay-over at the First Feral Family house last night, the Oscars were on and lo, what happened at the critical juncture when Speilberg was introducing the ten nominees? Why, after the first film trailer was shown, the next film appeared to be some kind of cartoon, which I assumed was a nominee and part of the Oscar show, but using the current/trendy "no intro" approach and splicing them together. But no as it turned out; this was made to look like a glitch on the part of the cable TV signal supplier and they flipped the feed to another channel, showing a Bart Simpson like show instead. I didn't find out who won the Best Film until this morning when my mother told me she heard it on the clock radio. And strangely, I couldn't find out on the news that followed, none of them reported on the Best Picture.

And a major insane gangstalking show on the city bus, aka, mobile gangstalking platform. The assholes must of put on a perps-only bus for me it seemed, already at standing room (more than 25 passengers) when I got on early in its route. Then a near-wholesale flush of passengers at the next bus stop, this at 1100h on a Monday for crissakes. The negro act was there, and then he and the others departed at the next stop, and I get window seat on the lower deck, and a greyscale dressed dude slid over on the upper deck so he could be over me, from behind. And as the door was across the aisle from the back door, it wasn't too much of a surprise to see the back door opening needlessly at every stop, even if no passengers getting off. Been there, done that, and why to the drivers keep doing this, even on sub-zero snow blowing days?

And it seems a negro campaign has been launched yesterday; one dressed in red anorak and with the red hood tied up tight to his face, in true perp face-abating games. Another in green on the opposite side of the street, "happening" to be there when the bus arrived. The red-hoodied negro tailed me onto the bus, where on board, two more negroes were stationed, one at each end of the bench seat at the rear, and I was in the transverse seats only 3' away from one of them. The rear bench seat is my favorite place to sit, so I don't have some Fuckwit breathing down my neck and faces forward, and here was a negro in each of these two seats. And lo, if they didn't have a parade of Caucasian Fuckwits sit in the center seat, centered between the negroes, one male, one female. So it would seem, that the perps were doing a "between the seated negroes" test for the city bus trip to the First Feral Family house, some 30 minute bus trip. Funny that no other passengers sat between the negroes, only one at a time was allowed. Opposite, I had the the three dudes, one doing extensive open crotch spreading for the cause, a habit that has erupted since the perps went overt/beserk in 2002. And all the time, the background of dude chat, one of the signature sounds the perps like to hound me with, even in my own apartment.

I had my aquamarine blue umbrella with me when outbound yesterday, as it was raining considerably. It seem that the perps need to test me more often with this umbrella over me, and so it might be a wet spring with lots of umbrella time. The perps have put on plenty of umbrella bearing gangstalkers, and one of their stunts is to darken down the face of the umbrella holder, putting them in a deep dark shadow even if the umbrella isn't black or any greyscale color.

Today's bus inbound bus trip begat me a male red dressed gangstalker who sat beside me for some 20 minutes of the bus trip, which represents an escalation in the red dressed gangstalking, putting them so close to me for so long. Maybe the perps will let me wear red by the end of this harassment year. Imagine, hounding the living shit (literally) out of a victim for over nine years (after 04-2011) just over the fact that he doesn't like red, and needing to covertly plant red around him. Once off the bus, why, the "red-stalking" continued on the street, and they even put a redcoat as seen through the window of a store, the Fuckwit doing a bendover as well, all in the guise as appearing as a prospective TV shopping customer. The "piece de resistance", was a dude at the crosswalk wearing a red and yellow toque, a color combination that seems to particularly bedevil the perps, and which I loathe more than red alone. Not my problem; if I don't like certain colors, and combinations of colors, why am I besieged with insane gangstalkers and all manner of extra-conventional abuse over this for almost nine years now? Just more basic perp abusive insanity if you ask me.

Other BS at the FFF house and my perp-abetting mother was that they put on a detective show last night, a series from the UK was showing. And interestingly, the perps had her in the kitchen for the finale, when the principal antagonist gets gunned down in his house. This too, having the FFF abetting mother arranged to be a distance of some 12' away and in another room at the perp managed "death moment", onscreen in this case, represents seeming progress for the assholes to remotely detect whatever psychic fields they are looking to detect. In other words, my mother is acting as an abetting bio-field detector, and given that there is a strong distance-dependence component to their remote detection games, it would seem that this represents an advance in distance dependence detection methods in their remote detection games.

When one is contained in a densified magnetic field, measured over 1600 Gauss in 2009, one can be sure that anything is possible. Other TI's have reported being kept in a whitish glow that is only detectable when a photograph is taken of the TI, as they cannot see it. I have seen a glow around my shadow when sitting at the bus stop and observing my shadow crossing the white reflective painted shoulder line, so I would not be surprised if there was a plasmic whitish glow around me everywhere I go. And funny, no one has ever said anything. And funny, I only learned about this and put it together in the past few months.

Another screaming rage show erupted over Quicken and a new degraded function; it will now not import files from the hard drive after being downloaded from my bank. I did this to prevent the screw-ups that were erupting from direct bank downloads, but all of a sudden, it seems that this is the only option. Funny how the same software, and one that isn't updated online, can suddenly lose basic functionality all by itself. Not only have the perps stopped me from getting one with the month end accounting, "missing" January as well, but they have gone and messed up with how I get my files, exposing me to "runaway features" that they surely managed for the last time I attempted a direct Quicken link to my bank account online. More of the "new features", and I predict, this will be "happening" more often in 2011.

A big coughing and spluttering eruption outside my apartment door a few minutes ago, with the usual adroit timing. I had just linked to a site that the link text indicated was a tour of a data center, and the link shows this picture of a ship. At first glance I thought it was a bogus and spoofed link, like many I get, but no, this was a seismic survey ship and it collects large volumes of data in doing its studies. And so, while the initial spoof-thought, and then the realization it wasn't a spoof but a legit data center application, this very loud coughing and spluttering erupts outside my door. And of note, I had my hearing protection on, and the noise should of been highly attenuated, but "for some reason" it wasn't, hence why I say this was loud (if it were for real). Just another example of the strange and bizarre stunts that go on, and not forgetting that human and animal sounds are processed in the amygdala part of the brain for emotional content, and why, that is where the seat of psychic energy processing is also thought to reside. Interesting isn't it?

I got "forgetted" out of doing CD ripping tonight, something I had intended to do, as the sickos wanted  me to focus on reviewing bookmarks of my stereo section, specifically wires and cables, and clean up the dead links and all. And of course they reminded me that many of the cable sheathing looking like snakes and snake skin, especially the lurid colored ones. And could this be an emulation/re-enactment of past subconscious traumatization associations where they wiped out my conscious recall? According to Carol Rutz in her book, (and here) who does remember these events when she was a child in the 1950's, she was sent to Montreal in the 1950's to meet the all-time pyschiatric abuser of peacetime, Dr. Ewan Cameron, originally from Scotland, who had a box of snakes into which he put her. And no less, she was injected with curare to immobilize her muscles so she couldn't do anything. And guess what, I was there in Montreal in 1956-57 and 1958-59, and I had 99% of my recall wiped out. So what happened to me then and why do I also get plenty of Scottish accented Fuckwits hounding my ass?

Its late, a haircut tomorrow, always a big perp event, and time to blog off.

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