Thursday, March 17, 2011

Doing Rage Time

I have no idea why yesterday's blog posting is titled as "Daffodil Day Off", when in fact it is today that I took off, and another day tommorow.

Though it is seeming that working in the daffodils might be an needed escape from the escalated harassment that has gone on today. At least 80 rage-ifications so far, and very intense when in the kitchen and bathroom. The perps have gone extra beserk since I re-started the flower picking eight days ago. The wandering gangstalking hordes at 0650h when at the farm bus pickup location, and then the profusion of clustered vehicles at that time as well. In past years at this same pickup location there was less than half that number of gangstalking activity.

The perps laid on heavy rage-ification abuse when cleaning the bathroom this morning, an activity that followed cleaning my backpack and the mud off it in the bathtub. Then the perps did something strange to the backpack, keeping it wet even if next to the baseboard heater on a drying rack. The usual litany of provocational annoyances are; faked touches from no seeming cause, usually on my hands or inside forearms. Then there is the finger tip jabbing or poking, as if I brushed by something, and yet my hand was clearly inches away from any source. A variant on this is putting some kind of grit under my fingers as I grasp something, or another, is to poke something under my fingernails. And when cleaning there were endless arrivals of crud after I cleaned a surface, continuing the perp's obsession over crumbs, and their extension of the crumb/crud to be swept away, only to come back again, only smaller, usually for three progressive decrements of crumb size before it doesn't return. And another new variant observed today for the first time, is to have the iterative crumbs to be of a different form and color than the first one.

I can say that the level of harassment/abuse is now reaching the 06-2006 days when they cooked up the neighbor complaints angle to evict me to smaller quarters. In four years of living in this location, and being constantly fucked with, I can say the perps are now raising the abuse level to those same desperate days. Except here, no neighbor complaints for some reason, when both the last apartment residence location and this one seem to be devoid of genuine tenants (about 140 apartments each). Ditto for the residence locations in this neighborhood, many of them 12 to 14 storey buildings, also seem to be devoid of residents.

Two outings today, and the Dude Force was out in droves in both cases. I have never seen so many without an apparent day job, except in this city. The first visit was to the local supermarket, with the 2x aisle gangstalker arranged to be two ahead of me at the checkout, and when I arrived, he was returning from heading out to the aisles again, and saying out loud that he was sorry for holding us up. As is "so happened" this same Fuckwit who exited the checkout then returns there right away to join the three long line of dudes behind me. The dude immediately ahead of me had his groceries in his hands and enough to use his jacket front to contain the oversized pile of vegetables that he was purchasing. I have never seen something so nutty as this before, at any supermarket anywhere. This dude then finishes up at the checkout, and it is my turn, with the dude behind me getting too close, and I was glad for the extra room the previous customer/gangstalker had vacated. I finish up, exit the supermarket and go through the adjacent parking lot, and lo, if it wasn't the vegetable man coming at me in walking through the parking lot for no apparent reason. Maybe he wanted the front of his jacket where he held his vegetables to get outside and front-facing exposure. All those vegetable energetics maybe, off his blue jacket, the same color of blue as one of the jackets in my closet.

Then a three stop downtown outing to get some farmwork related supplies, one being new rainpants as the perps punched some holes in the ones that I am using. They put an E. Indian couple on my ass at the first stop, dealing with the dark green rainpants, and a cashier switch because I had a discount card. Then to get a scrubbing brush at the well known Victoria hardware store, with more dudes posted about, and coursing about, often behind my back. Then onto a outdoor gear store, with yet more odd ambulatory collections of dudes about; ponytail males, the buddy act, the waddling ones in shorts, skinheads and the tattoo acts. Maybe some vagrants too, another favorite cover story of theirs. Another new act is the middle-of-the-sidewalk standees, totally dumbstruck and standing there in the way, and even after they heard or saw me. Fucking absurd.

Next day; "forgot" to post this last night.

Late next day: and I see the perps FUD-ed me to delete the "Daffodil Day Off" posting by "mistake", when attempting to get rid of their multiple file versions that should not be happening in the first place. And it was another day off from the picking fields, and I managed to complete my income tax return today, and also view my now-negative bank balance and found out that I need to work all of March to keep my head above water. And so it goes.


Anonymous said...

Saw an interesting article:

"The FBI Paid OpenBSD Developers For Backdoors?"

OpenBSD's Theo de Raadt brought to light via an email from Gregory Perry, the former CTO of NETSEC, that the FBI paid several open-source developers to compromise the IPSEC stack. "the FBI implemented a number of backdoors and side channel key leaking mechanisms into the OCF, for the express purpose of monitoring the site to site VPN encryption system implemented by EOUSA, the parent organization to the FBI. Jason Wright and several other developers were responsible for those backdoors, and you would be well advised to review any and all code commits by Wright as well as the other developers he worked with originating from NETSEC."

Interesting. I always suspected the FBI connection to perp activity. Here we have FBI guys trying to pay off open source developers, in a bribery attempt to make it easy for them to monitor a unix system at their behest.

AJH said...

Answer to: Saw an interesting article...

I have a suspicion they have all manner of backdoors, and that includes Windows. The one time I used different IDE cables (going back a few years), and put the side of the case back on, the perps shut my PC down within 30 seconds as they (seemingly) didn't have the control they wanted, needing more "fallow time" for it to sit around. Previous to that, they forced "fallow time" when bringing my PC back from the shop by a forced nap in mid-day. The perps must be monitoring individual PC components as well. But an O/S backdoor is likely always been there, as some of my VAX/VMS programs of the 1980's Digital Equipment Corporation would have inconsistent compiles, and I could never figure out what was causing it. In that case, it was either a back door, or else they were on the system as a user. Thanks for the comments.