Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Daffodil Reprise

 A muddy and rain lashed re-start to daffodil picking today. The big jerkaround was to suck on my new gumboots will standing in a puddle between two humped rows of daffodil. I ended up grasping my boot with my hand to help pull the boot out of the mud, only to have this "happen" again to the other foot, and back and forth between my feet in attempting to get out. Funny how I walked through it N. bound with no problem, but when getting faked into returning to the begining of the row, I ended up in this muddy boot sucking mudpuddle, that took me at least 7 minutes to extricate myself, with the forwoman and another picker (with bad hair and a bad toque) to help to get me out.

And note, these were new farm issued gumboots that morning, as they cleaned up the gear room two weeks ago and somehow "lost" my Baffin gumboots. They said they would replace them and they did to their credit. BUT given the amount of effort the perp devote to my footwear, and especially gumboots, (and where I step) one can be sure this was hardly a coincidence. And as it "happened" some mud went over the top of the boot and down into it to then dirty my pant legs. More laundry tonight, when normally I don't have to, as the gumboots and rain gear were keeping me from getting muddied, at least until today.

And plenty of perp adversity today, like any job starting day; finger fumbling, sending the knife to cut the wrong stem, elastic bands were self breaking, cut daffodils were suddenly out of my hand without sensation and found on the ground, and all manner of extra-conventional fuckery that routinely uses teleportation and action-at-a-distance technologies. A regular adverse day, as much as a life as a TI abusee can be considered "regular'. They even had the floor of this apartment lobby wetted down for my walk through to the front door (12') at 0640h this morning; aka, cleaning the floor with a mop. Let see how long this lasts, as I have a suspicion it is a Daffodil Reprise Day One event only

And the noisecape was intense while daffodil picking, adjacent to a two lane arterial road. One vehicle after the other, lots of hot rod muffler noise but when I looked to see the offending vehicle, there was nothing apparent. And the parade of commercial delivery trucks, 5 tonne or less was in force before I caught the farm bus from downtown at 0650h; like last time, and empahsis on the cut vegetables delivery, cold food storage vehicles (likely with some cut vegetables frozen), and a new but related player, cut meat/bucher vehicles. And like the daffodil picking of three weeks ago, could it be that there is some commonality the perps are looking for between these cut vegetable and meats vehicles and their Prime Abusee (aka, TI), cutting daffodil stems in the adjacent farm land? The perps have always been extra obsessed over me when I am cutting cooked meat, at home or elsewhere at the First Feral Family house, and I have yet to figure this one out. And of note, I see they put etched and blackened some of the steel on my daffodil cutting knife, so I will have to clean it up with silicon carbide cutting paper and olive oil, as I have no petroleum oils here. And then I will re-sharpen the knife with a diamond file, which is yet another interest area for the perps. And how many millenia have passed since humans cut substances with metals, (e.g. bronze age), and here we are, hounding the living shit (literally) out of TI victims over their use of steel knives that anyone can purchase. And where were the perps in the ages of warfare with swords, lances, bow and arrow, and here we are now advanced to firearms and F*g me over with how I clean, sharpen and use my knife for cutting daffodils in muddy farmland for $0.20/bunch (ten). It never ceases to amaze me as to how utterly inept the perp operation seems to be, and yet they stick with their abuse-at-a-distance stunts.

As part of today's noisescape there were plenty of aircraft overhead, from local floatplanes and helicopters to STRATCOM's B-52's overhead, at least 10x over the day. Let's see; they are supposed to fly randomized routes and yet have an unerring ability to fly overhead, whether daffodil picking or pruning at the FFF house two days ago (6x at least in 3 hours). And so it goes, being the center of I don't know what, all this activity and noise, as well as the streetside stunts of the last two days.

The imposed adversity also continues while back at Abuse Central; extra typos, (like every word, at least once) as I type this, a coat hanger fell into the bathtub by itself, the dishes sink mat in the dished rack self-unrolled, fake touches, finger tip jabs, and the sirens came on in sequence to cover me eating chocolate with tea a few minutes earlier.

And for the second time in two days, another deranged seeming Fu*wit. This UK guy was hanging around like a fart in a sleeping bag this morning when at the over-extended marshalling before going picking, and making the odd bit of conversation. Then at 1430h when switching fields from N. of the arterial to S. of the arterial street, he arrives from the E. where there was nobody picking, and makes out that he doesn't know where to pick. I tell him to find a foreman, as I didn't know, because there was a switch in the varieties. So.. for 30 minutes he goes wandering around, and then arrives in the row where I was picking daffodils and he hasn't been assigned to a row. He then stands 6' from me in my row, blocking egress for a few minutes before I ask him why he is standing in my row, and he says his  "back hurts". Like WTF; he has been wandering around for 30 minutes, and then does his "just standing there" (perversely) and gives me this total bullshit. He didn't explain that one any, so I am counting this as another deranged Fu*wit, the second in two days. (The checkout babbler yesterday). Yet again, another perp first, back to back days of a deranged gangstalker interaction. I can hardly wait to see what idiot they put on next.

But in retrospect, the perps have often put on these illogical poseurs all my life, my ex being one. I wouldn't call her deranged, but she goes very irrational when it comes to money, a constant source of vexation with this manipulative person creating havoc in my life for so long. And the perps claim to have a certain person in mind for the next one, and I keep telling them no, as I don't trust their judgement or motives one bit.

And the freakshow was begun this morning among the picking crew, now getting extra crew members to offer more variability. I had three full scraggly beards, two cases of bad dreadlocks (one female, one male), one turban and at least two lookalikes on a Mexican and a Caucasian, two "bag-heads" where the toque/hat appears to extend the rear or the width of the head, and countless hoodies. I don't know what it is about hoodies, but the perps went silly with them  last summer, and they haven't let up. I have no idea as to what subconscious traumatizations I have over sighting this particular garment/headwear, but it has become quite the elaborate game; e.g. putting hoodies over turbans.

Enough for today, and now I am to go to bed soon for another early start, and plan to keep this up for seven days straight to get them all in before pay cut-off.

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