Monday, March 28, 2011

Short One

A short post today, as I will be returning to the pattern of visiting the First Feral Family, staying there, and coming back Monday. Later in the day, as I have a 1530h doctor appointment, doubtless with another "medical student" to add some variety, if not, other racial reference. The doctor is E. Indian, and so it would seem the perps need to add Favoreds (attractive younger women) into the mix, and then attempt to extrapolate this to having males as the seeming "student". As always, things can change, and they surely do, especially with the copper colored seating in the waiting area, something they didn't need to change out as the brown and burgundy seating was installed there in 2005 or so. Part of the deal in the waiting room is the freaks and wierds they parade around me, and they do have a excuse, being inside a hospital. Not to mention a train of obese (seeming) female staff members also erupting sometimes when on these over-extended waits.

But an new TI blog to note; a single mom holding fort in Texas and getting hacked among other things. I don't know the person, but thankfully they don't get this level of abusive nonstop insanity that I get. The blog title reads Organized Crime, though I did pick this up from an Organized Stalking/Harassment forum.

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