Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Online and On With the Overhead Noise

Back to the futility of online job applications, plus a phone call too. I am split at least three ways on the vocational front this time; former forestry work, former IT work, and continuing with the farming and horticulture work, where I have had the most recent experience. And of course, a high perp interest, replete with many (over six) STRATCOM overflights, other aircraft noise, progressively fainter neighbor noise (when in suburbia at the First Feral Family residence), an inordinant amount of drivebys if out front, and other "regular" noise like sirens, heavy duty vehicles and the like.

Yesterday it was dandelion plucking on the front boulevard that got the perps cranked up; as I grasped the plant after raising with the garden fork noise would go off, then again when pulling on the 12" tap root and again when tossing it in the wheelbarrow. Exciting moments in perpland indeed. Just leave me out of it, as I have no idea why I am being so mercilessly hounded and abused.

Part of the arrangements were a doctor visit, just the polite banter, and too, to increase the number of yellow vehicles passing by outsde his office. DHL and their fugly yellow and red livery, the local fire department was there in their yellow and white trucks and probably others that I missed, as I don't make a point of looking past the doctor to check out the vehicular gangstalking scene. Just plain bad practice in those circumstances.

Interestingly though, there wasn't the major freakshow in the waiting area, and I had just got started into reading when I got called in early no less. The usual scene is to keep me seated on the copper colored seats and have a few advance freaks and then populate the majority of them around me, as well as having a parade of fat staff going back and forth. Well, it wasn't as dynamic this time, as only one other supposed patient, some stoner looking case, and then the fat negro receptionist who was back again after an extended absence, maybe due to perp arrangements even, as they will pull an Unfavored person from circulation if they deem needed. And don't ask me as to their strategy, as I have seen both; continous freak immersion and then the alternate tentative peekaboo exposures that get suddenly withdrawn in short order.

And as I get routinely gangstalked with copper colored vehicles as the "featured" color after a warm-up of greyscale colored vehicles and then red ones, it does not strike me as too odd that the above mentioned waiting room has copper colored fabric on the seats. They placed the burgundy or brown seats in 2004, which were new at the time, and about early 2009 they replaced them with these copper colored ones.

And it was another no consquence doctor's appointment, having me go on about daffodil picking, computer use iPhones and lo, if he didn't have one and bring it out. Having me sound like an expert when I am not is another clear example of perp management, as I don't put my foot in my mouth, and lo, if doesn't suddenly erupt.

No victim tourists this time at the doctor's office like for the last four or five consults; a medical student, a staff researcher, a clinical staff member and so it goes. At least the females were cute, even if they did fidget too much. That must me another Unfavored trait, fidgeting, as I have seen the Fuckwits do their back and forth pacing downtown for no need and found it highly irritating. Again, because I am so tightly controlled and contained, I don't know if this reaction was my own or theirs being planted on me. It seems I never had this problem before, and now that fidgiting has erupted I also find it annoying.

And overhead pounding and scraping, as if the floor was smooth when it should be carpeted like this one. Though it is not unusual, as past apartment residences had carpeted floors and I get overhead pouning noise as if the floor was smooth. Funny how that happens, upstairs neighbours getting smooth flooors when my apartment residence is carpeted. This was a "warm up" before tea and chocolate it seemed, and this noise combination also occured then too, an died off in a three minutes or so.

But I did get back into applying for jobs online again, something that somehow got missed for three weeks as I was too bushed from the daily daffodil picking. I did three last night over the course of yesterday and then lapsing into early today, and then going to bed. It seems that sleep is a big moment for the perps as it might represent more brain accesse and lower energy.

But it was interesting to phone and speak with a prospective employer today, this one about vineyard pruning. His, and most posting say no experience and say nothing about having a vehicle and yet these were two questions he asked me straight off. Even say one has to have a vehicle to get round to all the differing vineyard sites. Like WTF; there is a provision for this condition in the Job Bank (federal job board) and it remains unstated, along with the experience category. But at least the call was pleasant and I learned a few things, even if there is little I can do about it. And so it seems that I will not be doing vineyard pruning this year, or even having a wine country gig for eight to ten months, as they have already begun pruning. So... what to do while being kept vehicle-less, as it seems the perps don't want me owning one, let alone driving one on a regular basis.

And if the last two years are a guide, the perps will have me picking red fruit again; strawberries and then raspberries. It seemed to be a big deal in 2009 especially, and then they cut the season short for me, and then similarly last year, though allowing the season to be longer, lasting until the end of July. Then I went into daffodil bulb picking and lo, if three of my farm work pals didn't follow me there too.

And a round of pernicious sabotage that was extenuated yesterday. About a week ago I remarked on my foul weater rain pants of two year's age that suddenly developed a break in the fabric at the side of the knees and leaked water into them and on me when daffodil picking. So... I get a new pair, same model and make, and lo, if they didn't mysteriously leak at the same location but without any evident fabric tears or wear. Like WTF, a new foul weather garment leaks at the exact locations (bothe knees) as the accelerated worn ones. I cleaned them up a few days ago, after suffering a mashed paper mess in the washing machine, and finally get they dry to take back to the store where they were purchased from, and when I get back to my place I find the reciept has been stolen off my desk. And I know it was there as I had to fish it out of the garbage after the screaming rage abuse show after getting fucked out of posting my expenses in Quicken, getting jerked with a near three month backlog. I found it in the garbage, after somehow missing the handwritten "keep" on it in the first round of looking, and put the reciept on my desk Sunday, thinking it was the best place for it, as I had yet to retrieve the cleaned garment from my perp abetting mother's place. I got back yesterday and the reciept was totally gone from my desk. So what is the fucking point of this insane juvenile prank on top of an earlier juvenile prank (putting holes in my new rainpants)? The perps are utterly fucking beserk and deranged.

A trip to the LD store, not the least of which was to replace this wretched Crest mouthwash purchased last week, and extenuated on at least three prior shopping trips since then due to forced "forgets". (Or else no product but the Crest). This stuff is colorless, no dyes they say (good), but tastes totally vile as they have added sugar in it for crissakes. I assume these are non-fermentable sugars, but talk about doing the assinine thing instead of the right thing, and not promote any more sweet tooth craving among the general populace. I was glad the LD store finally got back the Oral B, as they had purged it last time to set me up for that wretched Crest mouthwash.

And so I was compelled to purchase another watch, the third in six months, all started with the four year old Casio got trashed somehow with its water seal broken, then managed to be left in a pocket to go through the washing machine and then get totally trashed. So... a purchase of a Casio with an analog and a digital face, and lo, if the analog watch wasn't losing four minutes a week, an intolerable situation given how often I get screwed out of getting to locations on time. And it was totally different from its predecessor as to setting the time, or else I was getting totally befuddled by remote invocation, and I could not reset the digital section to daylight savings time. Then the on-hour chime started ringing and I still cannot fix that yet, so enough. Yet another new watch tonight. I looked them over with the sales dude, someone I have seen before somewhere (like, why do they always have creepy males at the LD store?), and ensured I got this Timex feature that shows the commands to set the time on the watch. Brilliant. And when looking for another less chunky watch, the prospective one was put aside for only 20 seconds or so, and lo, when it was picked up again, why, it had an orange dayglo price tag on it that had $20 off! The dayglo price tag was not there when the watch was put aside, and when picked up it was there.

Off to the checkout, the one next to the exit/entrance where the dude flush comes in, and then the young blonde bag cashier rings in the watch without the sale price which was totally obvious as it was hanging there in full view and its price tag only partially adhering. Like WTF; no one could of missed it, and somehow the cashier did. I ask if she got the sale price and she looks it up, reverses the transaction, rescans it and puts the price in and then the cash register locks up. Then she calls the store lug over to then stand across from me behind the checkout counter who then unlocks the mechanism that locked up. Neither communicated much with the other to convey what was going on, so this whole deal seemed totally rehearsed, not to mention not getting an answer from the cashier in the first place. So this whole epsisode was to yet again hold me up at a checkout while the Fuckwits put on the swarming dudes and lined themselves up at the ATM that was 7' away, stringing a line of three between me and the exit doors 5' further. The insane perps cannot hold me up enough at a checkout it seems. What is the perp's problem, as they have been beating on me for close to nine years of this insane deranged abuse, stalking me at checkouts ever since they went overt/beserk 04-15-2002, the Day of Abusive Infamy.

Music listening tonight; normally, in the confined sense I have come to know, I get full songs on Myspace, and now suddenly, samples only, with an implied threat from a pop-up that I should sign up. That was the excuse the perps used to cut the color intensity by half, and I couldn't rid this fogged image of the Myspace page. It is something the perps like to do more of  when online, knock out the color intensity to fog it up, presenting the same image with a heavy gauze look. Ditto for my glasses; spotting a scuff on each lens every evening, this time catching me before I set off to the LD store, per above events.

Enough dull stuff, and time to blog off into whatever is on script tomorrow.

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