Friday, December 31, 2010

Perp 2010 Accomplishments

The only realm of which I have a degree of permitted knowledge of the Perp Objectives is that of mind-control accomplishments. Not only am I the seeming lead abuse/research candidate for such, but also the lead test subject. So, sending me to the wrong cupboard or drawer, including the fridge for an item I would know unfailingly know where to go, is an obvious mind-fuck stunt, one that began in 2006, as they were able to remotely hijack my ability to make rational choices based on my knowledge.

So..., now a year behind on this series, and getting the noisestalking consistently when I change my attention to something else of equivalent importance, say while thinking or doing relatively unconsequential things, it seem that the perps have not yet attained 100% mind control in 2010, continuing some four years of incorrect prediction. It is very subtle as to what they accomplished in 2010, as they could govern all my self-talk by the end of 2009, so I cannot rely on what this covers or is saying, should I have I choice, which I don't. Most of the time the perps don't let me know that a thought is planted, no matter how inconsequential. The odd totally irrelevant one comes in, and as soon as I detect such, the noisestalking goes off. It seems there are some basic judgemental decisions that I can make that are still unfettered by remote and invasive mind control containment. The so-called "gut instinct" thoughts are as yet, only partially controllable by my keepers. A related set of thoughts is affirming one's personal history; they like to run retrospective thoughts in the context of some other stunt or provocation they have set up, and then add a little fib to it. As soon as I detect the planted fib, why, the noisestalking erupts, or else a plasma light flash, fuzzy ball maser arrivals and other phenomenon they use in their abuses/research.

That the perps are still hounding me with the Unfavored Fuckwits, and adding a dash of a Favored blonde in the mix, tells me that they are still working hard on attempting to detect my subconscious traumatization experiences, ones they know better than I do as they wiped my long term recall nearly clean between 1956 to 1959.

Onto today's outing and gangstalking show. A two block walk to the bank ATM to cash a Christmas check, and then back again, passing by this apartment block to the local supermarket to get small form tortillas, my chosen bread for dealing with the infernal crumb mess that they lay on for leavened breads at breakfast. And no doubt, aiding their bread research games too, as they won't let me find any low or no gluten tortillas for the small size, but do for the larger size to make my staple lunch and dinner dish, quesadillas, as I have been doing since release from illegal incarceration since 2003. And it was the dude-force again, wholly Unfavored in all their variants; vagrants, para-military looking meter checkers, redcoats, big beard fuckers, skinheads and the like. And especially when in the supermarket, around every corner, on top of me before I get to a location with a stocking/stalking cart loaded with brown cardboard boxes, and at a location if I tarried. The pathetic nut butter selection was given a look over to see if there was anything interesting like Green & Black chocolate spread or coconut butter, but no, and within 4 seconds of me departing, a male Fuckwit was in place and doing the same thing and somehow I didn't see this fucker coming. And just when I was to get some avocado oil for the first time, another similarly dressed black coated male Fuckwit cruised by. Like WTF; why all these assholes at every location I am about to stop or have stopped at? The sole consolation was a blonde cashier, but not before a skinheaded Fuckwit arrived at the cashier one second ahead of me from the opposite direction, same black coat again, and with the yellow envelope in hand, a signature prop to say the least. So I go to the next cashier, and it is a blonde babe I have seen before, though not with pigtails, and she was keeping her head down and not saying anything to protract recognition time. Just another common stunt, the extra blase or coy cashier; only a few are genuinely friendly, and later when I "happen" to see them on the street they are decidedly unfriendly. What is with this variable friendliness, or in other words, the sudden jerk behavior transition, as it has occured so much more since the perps went overt/beserk in 04-2002? Nearly all TI's report this, and often it is the final act of seeing the Fuckwit ever again, their finale before being written out of the Fuckover script. Sometimes it is a staring instead, or an outrageous stunt like blocking egress through the elevator doors, like Smiley did, and then he was no more after being a 1x/month ever smiling gangstalker in the hallway, lobby or street frontage of this apartment.

Jerk Variations; maybe a video theme for TI's to reminisce as to how this aspect of their lives has changed since they knew they were getting harassed and gangstalked.

A nut shave last night, and the perps lay on extra abuses the next morning, and even two days later. They got me rage-fied with the kettle water not pouring from the spout, after setting me up for a year of shifting the kettle lid to accomodate this infernal stunt, the assholes now deny me this workaround they had be learn because of their imposed adversity. Never mind that the kettle never had any pouring problems for over six years, and then suddenly it did. And never mind the six months of fucking me out of knowing this stunt, because it used to be that once I learned a stunt I could then take remediative action to negate it, but now this faculty isn't availible to me, so that forced me to put the kettle down after picking it up off the burner only to find that it wasn't pouring correcty. I hesitate to call this a 2010 "accomplishment", but it began early in 2010, and continues today in some form, until I get to drill a hole in the kettle lid, something they have reminded me that I want to do and never did the entire year.

The usual noise antics while nut shaving; hallway talking, elevator operation, the faux neighbor water running noise and the like, plus the clicking and clunking at my side of no ostensible origin. Just plain and faked noise for its own sake, not even a prior source they are leveraging from.

And the sirens came on for using the new cheddar cheese, the B brand. The local supermarket stopped selling it in 2006 and I had to switch to another brand, and organic one in red checkered packaging. This lasted until last month when the usual size wasn't availible, and as the B brand was now back, I have reverted to this brand. As the plastic (black and green) plastic was removed, the sirens started up and got loudest when I put it in the garbage. Such things are important to the perps, and changing cheese makes after four years of one kind is a big deal for them.

A 40 minute screaming session over the perps sabotaging my year end Quicken updating. The assholes had screwed me into two months worth of updates, and had also fucked with the all important task bar and the Firefox command bar prior to that, also rage-ifying big time. They had my in-town brother with this problem that ended up being a 50 minute phone call after I had just changed into my work clothes, possibly as a "warm up" to doing the same to me. Except that I wasn't blundering around the keyboard, and hadn't pressed any keys that could be exploited for a "mistake"; the assholes out and out stripped off the task bar from my Firefox session. I still don't know how I got it back, but running a "safe session" seemed to solve the problem. All to get me ready for bookeeping in Quicken that quickly erupted into a rage show as they fucked with transpositions, forced misreading, wouldn't allow menu items to be picked, fucked with Quicken to have it inconsistently and contrarily presenting different menu choices from the same command, and countless other fuckery over every possible command and display combinations. But they did let me reverse the web display of my account, so the dates were ascending like they are in Quicken. For years they fucked me around, having me read Quicken from top to bottom, and the web displayed bank account from bottom to top. The commands were there to reverse the bank's display but they wouldn't work until a few months ago. Just another example of the insane level of fuckery the assholes will put me through and how long they will persist on a given obstruction.

The 40 minute rage-fication was all over the November accounting, as most of it had been done in one aborted session as I found out. Then I had to do the December bank reconcilliations, and got less adversity until the end of the month when they seemed to want to screw me more, flipping the active line to a much earlier date, the "lose my bearings in the page" fuckery they are renowned for, especially when in Quicken. So yes, non-standard application behavior, all to rile me up. This was another hour to finish up, and it went better than the November session. And toward the end, with the earmuffs off to scream at the assholes again, why, the overhead rumbling and pounding started up. It seems that wearing earmuffs is an important component of the perps' Fuckover games, and having me do the same task with them off, then on, and a then a final short run of them off again was what the games were all about.

Anyone know anything about Simply Accounting and if it is more robust and better designed than the infernal Quicken? Or have the perps traumatized me so much over this type of activity that it doesn't matter what the accounting software is?

A sudden need to order movies online, getting four three packs plus one more Blu-ray for $85 delivered. Not a bad deal, though the movie purchasing has been a sore point as the assholes put me through this in 10-2010 almost a year ago, and have stopped me from seeing all of them save two. Frida played for 30 min. before something else came up, and Some Like It Hot ended up at my mother's place to test her new DVD player she got free from my out-of-town brother. I got to see the latter movie when over there at Christmas and having learned how to fiddle with three remotes in the correct sequence to get a movie to play; (no HDMI connections). I have no idea why the perps have been taunting me on movies, protracting their viewing for close to a year. If recent history prevails they will have me purchase more at the local LD store, and those too get to sit around in another stack.

And to continue this theme of useless purchases, I have at least four 2" thick IT books that I have barely cracked, another exposition of large amounts of bound paper that just sits there. The recent used books are getting mileage though; a reading of all things JFK is getting plenty of noisestalking as I read and uncover new details. It is apalling to consider that the Vietnam war never would of started if JFK hadn't done in his friend Diem, who was seeking peaceful relations with N. Vietnam, and as part of the agreement, the US was to be kicked out entirely. And JFK was heard to say in spring 1963 that he would of pulled out all the troops in 1965, after his intended re-election in 1964. He wanted to placate the anti-communist hawks by making an showing of greater engagement with military forces to drive the N. Vietnamese out. In the documentary, The Fog of War, Robert McNamara said he was working on a plan to get troops out of Vietnam, when his new commander-in-chief, LBJ told him to shelve such plans and plan for greater engagement to drive the "gooks" out. This without any cabinet debate as to what they were doing there, and within a week of JFK's assassination. Strange how LBJ learned enough in a week to take on the escalation of war in Vietnam, but that is how McNamara tells it. Very odd indeed, and that even today, no one has a definitive answer as to why the US went into Vietnam, and what it was to accomplish. As always, this incites thoughts that the perps must of had a hand in it, as they like to have wars going on and regularly noisestalk me should this topic come up. Funny how that goes, they fomenting wars and then seed the bullshit notion that it us naive terrestrail dwelling humans that are to blame.

More year end activity, this time unloading the SD card from my camera to tidy up the directory naming that goes by year. The better shots are these four, though there are others.

Taken Nov. 14, 2010, 1239h. That is seven silver-grey or white vehicles, with one mid-grey vehicle, clustered around a green vehicle behind the tree that had lost its leaves in the previous two weeks. A dash of yellow on the ladder stringers, to aid the Ladder Patrol and whatever their role is.

Taken Nov. 03, 2010, 1006h. Getting two shades of blue vehicles in with white color "backup" (van and canopy on pickup), as well as some coordination on the red color front, two reds being the same, and the two others differ in hue. Not in the picture are a box of red apples at my feet.

Taken Oct. 31, 2010, 1802h. Not ready for Halloween, but close enough. The street at the top of the frame on the L. side seems to have similar colored vehicles to the main street that you see horizontally; silver-grey, white, mid-grey. Can we see arranged orthogonality here? The black pickup truck with the tonneau cover in the parking lot above the rear of the bus and partially obscured behind the yellow tree is still parked there, as some kind of sentinel of black color and steel and fabric materials, Dec. 31, 2010 as I write this.

Taken Oct. 19, 2010, 1503h. Nothing like having a vehicle parked or driven on the wrong side of the road in my proximity, and what better cover story than an "emergency"? So here they are, Victoria's finest in a vehicular gangstalk IMHO, and with some well-timed red vehicle colors as well, in keeping with the ambulance there. Plus that ridiculous police cruiser, as most are near all white with some mid-blue livery, and here is this 1960's throwback black and white one, one of few they have in this style, and one of those fugly Chryslers as well.

 Happy New Year and all that BS, and on with plasma and maser shows, inside and outside (aka, fireworks).

Another round of fuckery, this time on the install front. A certain alternative to Quicken took five minutes to download and then has a failure on the install. I cannot count the number of times this "happens". Bound to that wretched Quicken is no way to start the New Year.


Anonymous said...

I have the same experience with IT books: I have 4 of the I purchased in 2010, yet I haven't read any of them since Sept. I bought 2 of them in early 2010; those two, I did crack them open a started the read them, then abandoned them. In late August, I purchased two more, and was reading the one for about a week, and then cracked open the other. At some point, I just abandoned those two altogether. In fact, I was going to crack the ones I bought last Jan. open this evening, yet never got to that one.

Since they have me down to teaching one class next semester (and that is definitely perp-managed all the way), I will have more time to read those books I have left sitting there. Oh, and there is also a Math book I bought in 2008 that I have cracked open. That's a book I bought in 2009, yet quickly abandoned, like the others. That makes 5 "orphaned" books on technical subject matter.

Maybe the perps require all that printed matter next to us. Well, it could have something to do with the printing process. I remember in school as a child, they were using Ditto machines (Spirit Duplicators) to run off exams and assignments, and those had a definite overpowering smell to them because of the liquids used in the process. I imagine it's not much different than old-fashioned Lithography. What process they're using to print books now must be of interest to them. I imagine it's something like a toner process in a copier or laser printer, but vastly different than a spirit-duplicator or older printing-press methods that are out of date.

Anonymous said...

My dad just had a sawing "accident" that turned out to be nothing major, yet was a bit of a worry. I had a dream about my dad, but in the dream, it was a chain saw that caused the writhing-in-pain injury. This time, it was a table saw, and it cut pretty deep, and nicked the bone. This was so similar to a gash I put on my middle left finger back in 2000 or so, where I had this 1.5" gash, an open wound that required the same surgery as my dad, that was pretty far. That turned out to be nothing major, and the surgeries were similar: with mine and his, the surgeons had to hold the skin open, while stitching together various tissues, such as tendons, muscle tissue, nerves, etc., before performing the last step of stitching the skin shut. In my case, the skin was like a zipper that had been opened, and you could see the muscle tissue, but no bone. Same with his, I suppose.

I can't say for sure it was perp-induced, but I hope they don't pull that stunt again. In his case, it was the left thumb. In junior high, I had a similar accident with a jig saw in shop class, but it was not major enough to require internal stitches. It was pretty deep, though, but not long enough. I believe I got some muscle tissue torn with that one, though no stitches were required.

Anonymous said...

One of the Perp's favorite things to try to instill into me is the idea if I need to diliberate over a decision for more than a few seconds that is too long and what ever I was thinking of doing should be NOT done.

more in-decision conditioning.

AJH said...

Answer to: I have the same experience...

LOL; book purchases and then some reading, if any, and then leaving them "fallow" for years. And IMHO, perp managed all the way, and for all kinds of reasons. Where the paper came from, the "brown energies" from the cardboard box they got packed into, and other energies of anyone who handled the books. A long way to go on this research topic, book energetics. I usually get the envelope or paper packing Fuckwit/gangstalker everywhere I go, so it would seem this is all part of the "book experience". I don't ever buy books to have them sit around, but that happens more often than not, when it didn't before. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: My dad just had a sawing "accident"...

Those hand and finger injuries, I have had a few of those, and it seems, many of my friends or family. The shills and quislings must sign up for a certain amount of injury, and likely don't when or how it is coming. I have had a finger tip run into a sanding belt that took some off. In high school shop they had me using the jointer and running my fingers too close to the rotating blade set; at the time I was trying to pull my hand out and I couldn't do it. And I never understood how I got my hand in so close to begin with. Now I know, even back in the late 1960's they could mess with one's ability to sense danger. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: One of the Perp's favorite...

The perps are all over me with noisestalking, even now, when I make decisions. Though who made the decision isn't always clear; them planting the notion or them leaving me alone to make an unfettered decision. There is some essential element or energy around decision making the perps want to be able to remotely detect and therefore, control. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I think we lucked out with that injury, though. Just nicking the bone isn't too bad. In fact, I believe I scraped my bone as well with my deep cut in 2000. I think they merely wanted the saw blade or sharp metal surface to come into contact with the bone inside the fingers or hands, as well as to pass through layers of tissue. Both mine and his required internal and external injuries. In fact, I believe the purpose of those "accidents" wasn't to attempt to lose a finger, but I'm sure the perps could've arranged that if they wanted. What they wanted, probably, was the muscle and tissues exposed temporarily. Also, having the stitches put in, the material of the stitches, as well as the saline used to wash out the wound were part of their "testing".

Also, DEF raised an interesting point. I've found that myself, that the perps had me go to BestBuy and check out some computers numerous times. I've found if I've needed more than a few seconds to decide which computer or to buy at all, I walk out with nothing. I got noisestalked by alarm systems that mysteriously went off for no reason. But in fact, I believe I caught a female employee setting off the alarm, which was loud and shrill. Probably they wanted me in there to linger over the decision too long, and to noisestalk me over it. I never realized that. Probably they wanted to test their luring capability, as well as the ability to kill off a desire to buy something at will.

AJH said...

Answer to: I think we lucked out...

Any accident isn't one when living in a managed existence IMHO. But, it seems the perps need more data on live flesh-steel (or carbide) energetic interactions, as if they haven't sponsored enough of such in the past; e.g wars fought with steel swords and knives, and firearm projectiles. My perp abetting family was all over me when I was carving the ham this holiday, the inadequate knife being one that I sharpened with a diamond hone four weeks earlier.

Any kind of decision I make is often noise stalked, and one that incurs a financial transaction all the more. In 10-2010 when in Ikea and about to purchase a LED set, my mother suddenly needs to go to the washroom, and I had to escort her there as she didn't know where it was. It "happened" to be the other side of the building, and once done, they planted the notion it was too much hassle to go back to the lighting section. The perps often put on the "blues", gangstalkers dressed in blue, when I am in locations where I make an infrequent purchase. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Said...
Probably they wanted to test their luring capability, as well as the ability to kill off a desire to buy something at will.

That could be what they want.
but after much thought about it, for me, the perps just want me to doubt my own decision making ability. this "doubt" in my own abilty to make decisions seems to ruin my ability to make decisions.

Seems the perps want puppets thst can't think for themselves.
or benifit from us being in a confused state.

AJH said...

Answer to: Anonymous Said...
Probably they wanted...

The perps like to create Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, popularized by IBM sales methods as FUD. Why the perps need to create FUD, or in my enhanced form, FUDE, with E for Error, isn't entirely clear, but they consistently do this. I suspect FUDE is for the assholes to protract decision making, and to separate the actual decision from the prior analysis. Thanks for the comments.