Saturday, December 11, 2010

Red Bills Testing

A run to the ATM this morning to deposit the cash from the odd landscaping jobs I do. More important to the perp was their color, and that I would be doing more landscaping later with said slimmer wallet, and lo, if I didn't get topped up with two more red bills ($50's here) after depositing the one that was in my wallet for the last month. It was clear in the early days of harassment in 2003 that the perps didn't want me to have red $50's in my wallet as after the first two ATM trips in the cash days then, they stopped supplying $50's and only green $20's. And it was only until Nov-2010 that they allowed me to have a $50 in my wallet. The meaning of all this for nonregular readers, is that the perps are totally beserk over the color of everything I see and interact with, and that includes the color of the bills in one's wallet. Even the color of objects behind other objects are important. So... since then, in seven years of unrelenting Fuckover abuse, (8.5 years total)  the assholes have now graduated from testing me with a $50 for a whole month, and then had me deposit it this morning, and then when getting paid for two days work this afternoon, why, two $50's were permitted. And I shouldn't have been too surprised at the profusion of redcoats on the overfull bus heading back either. One in front of me was doing his arm flapping of this match red shirt under his navy blue shell jacket.

I also gave my in-town brother $10 in change, a purple colored bill that has been in my wallet for months, but I didn't recall any purple color baiting/gangstalking going on once I was on the street and heading home via the city bus freakshow. And a ten $20's were also deposited as well as a yellow colored check as well. I had two revolting yellow outfitted Fuckwits opposite me on the rear transverse seats, as the assholes had the rear bench seat taken up with the sentries before this second stop on the bus route.

And as it "so happened" my in-town brother borrowed my discount card as part of the financial transactions, also the one I temporarily loaned my mother three days ago when on the shopping/driving trip I did with her. Down one red and ten greens this morning, then after four hours of toil on landscaping with the noise parade going on all the time, I was ahead two red bills, down one purple bill and down one yellow discount card. Got all that, because even I have, or more like, have been mind-fucked, forgotten the perps' longstanding games over my wallet contents, sometimes getting it confused with their need to bombard me with noise, confusion and/or Fuckwits and stunts anytime I make a financial transaction.

Come to think of it, there was an earlier test this summer with a $50 red bill, where I bought a $10 book for one of the Mexican workers at the farm (June 2010), and he gave me a $50 and I gave him two $20's. I cannot recall how long that red bill lasted in my wallet, but probably not more than a week. And then red bill testing was over until last month. On with the show, and one day if the perps are really advancing, the test will be with brown colored bills, $100's. My in-town brother flashed one this afternoon, but that was the extent of the brown color money exposure. (Interesting that he elected for two $50's when he could of paid me a $100 brown bill). Maybe it will come sooner than seven years from now; I will keep my readers posted on the day they test me out with a brown bill or two in my wallet. By then, maybe they will have to pay me more, though I cannot see that happening anytime soon when I cannot get an interview for a farm laborer job.

And even more blatant copycatting from the dude-force gardeners next door this afternoon. I was raking up the foliar debris (ivy mostly) to get it placed on a plastic tarpaulin to remove to the municipal compost yard, and lo, if the dude-force landscapers next door weren't raking with the same noise that I was making- steel tined rake, on rock or concrete. I later haul the tarp with the large mound of foliar debris to an area close to the vehicle, and lo, if the dude-force wasn't also moving and shaking a plastic tarp too, the identical noise. And while waiting for in-town brother to emerge from the house I grabbed a plastic five gallon pail and hand picked leaves, and when I got back to the tarp, why, said dude had an identical pail next to him for some reason. Like WTF; two copycatted noises and one copycatted object from next door inside of ten minutes. The raking noise copycatting was also "happening" last week, so it cannot be a fluke.

A day at the in-town brother's place, snipping and pulling ivy fronds and roots that he let out of control. The usual ramp up of helicopter noise, aircraft noise, horns, tap-tap of the faux roofing job that follows me all over town and into farm country, then it spins into gurgling hot rod noise, about one every two minutes. Then after lunch, the same thing, though abreviated in duration, culminating with the aforementioned dude force of distant male banter. Then the copycatting as mentioned. Many of noises, especially the air horns, were timed for the event of me snipping boughs or pulling roots. The perps cannot get enough of me doing landscaping work, that is, the actual moment of snipping, pruning or root pulling. So why in the fuck didn't send me on a landscaping career, instead of cutting me off an IT career, and then spending six years in employment hiatus before they let me pick daffodil bulbs in the summertime, in 2008? Even now, they only allow me to have four months of employment in a year, and then they cut me off through arranged circumstances.

An evening time trip to the LD store to load up on chocolate. Also, I was running low on hand soap, Vim and window cleaner, so all those were restocked in the same shopping trip. Funny how there are these confluences around certain products, and then chocolate on the side. I had my chocolate aisle Fuckwits in place when I passed by the aisle and went further, only to have a brown coated woman do a slow 360 degree spin ahead of me so I would walk through the just-vacated aisle constriction where she had spun. Then back to the chocolate section with a "just stand there" elder fucker in an olive green coat was doing space-out duty, and to visit the still-hovering Fuckwits; one cyclist woman in a red helmet and a dayglo safety vest with a flashing red LED light underneath it, another that wasn't memorable, and once I had the chocolate in hand, another came to join the constriction where the cyclist was. I turned the corner, now some 45 seconds later, and the "just stand there" Fuckwit was still in the same place and orientation in mid aisle. Where do they find so many people/scum to look so stupid? Then to the detergents and cleaners aisle, where some kind of Indo-wacko cum apparition was wearing a green and black checkered hat over a turban or something, as I took one look at this bizarre head gear and he turned and skeddadled. I guess his gig was too much for the perps, as they had him depart before I could figure out what was on his head exactly.

Then to the cashier, and a rare instance at LD where there wasn't a wait at the checkout. Save for the change in cashiers which happens so often in any store I go to, swapping the cute tubby babe (who shot me a look for no reason upon noiselessly entering the store) for the one who is much slimmer but has her left wrist amputated, and it his a hindrance for her to open the bags with only one good hand, and so to show off her arm stump. The perps know I loathe the sight of handicaps and impairments, but they want me to see them all the same, and re-casting this woman as a cashier  every few months or so seems to be in order for whatever reason. They are the oddest lot, the cashiers at LD, more than the supermarket, and more than any high volume store I know. No babes though, as in attractive, just this lumpy and dumpy lot. Random chance would dictate that there would be at least one babe cashier in patronizing a high volume store for over four years now, but it hasn't happened yet. Ditto for the freakshow in the pharmacy section.

Back to listening to music from the pre-overt harassment days; Mermaid Avenue was one that got plenty of playing time during my biweekly 5 hour commutes. Now, I play for the first time since 2002, and for at least one song, it just didn't sound quite the same as I remembered it. And that got fixed the second time around as Media Center, as manipulated, likes to retread the same album instead of playing it once. Finding a decent music player is difficult, or more like, it made to be more so, as this is likely the one they want me to use, even if metadata corrections are a total pill.

Blogging off, and likely staying shut-in for the next rounds of rain that are forecast to follow my gardening work, just like three days ago when on the same job.

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