Thursday, December 02, 2010

Digging Up Attention

A day of toil at the First Feral Family home, attending to landscaping disasters that are in dire need of attention. To whit, the infernal ground cover plant they put in some years ago is highly invasive and now it is to be removed by yours truly, TI and gangstalking victim, courtesy of employment obstruction and the abetting family members. Raking leaves, digging up plants, pruning and composting are the jobs I get to do in this imposed state of high abuse. Pays for the imposed chocolate habit, but not much more. Plus, I get to be the brunt of the freakshow on the city buses, a mobile gangstalk platform. And if I do get a paying job, its at minimum wage and working on farms, potatoe picking, bulb picking, weeding the odd time, and crop harvesting.

Today's landscaping was to spray Roundup on said invasive ground cover called perriwinkle in a small 8' long bed where it is growing out of control. Then in the 50' bed, some 8' wide, too large to spray for the permitted technology I have access to, I got to dig out the perriwinkle underneath a pine hedge. That meant I was crouched down all afternoon, getting underneath the pines to dig out the offending plant all the while the noisescape ramped up considerably, in varying forms. And lucky me, there was an excavator and gravel slinging operation some 100' away in the subdivision, along with my very favorite noise of backup beeping. Gravel scraping, excavator noise, compactor noise and the dudes loitering around their ladder bearing pickup truck seemed to be the main noise and activities. Note that yesterday something very similar was unfolding outside my in-town brother's place while raking leaves there for some 4 hours (in yesterday's blog).

Other attention during this weeding was the Sea King helicopter for at least two passes, STRATCOM for at least three overflights (or the noise thereof), at least four small aircraft, countless vehicles coursing by with their headlights aimed on me in the front yard, neighbor noise of chainsaws and leaf blowers, countless diesel truck noise passbys, and even UPS in their brown van was pointlessly circling the block just to get some more travel time and more turns in my proximity, even if I was behind or under the pine hedge.

And it should be noted that the perps have a long running campaign of extra gangstalking and disruptive fuckery anytime I pass under or out from overtopping trees. In my permitted hiking days to mid-2006 there was very often a "hiker" (read, gangstalker) where I was passing into heavily foliated areas or into clear areas, almost predictably. Even downtown, I get extra dudes and vagrants on my ass when I pass under an overtopping tree. They even put on "just stand there" dudes looking even more stupid in the suburban areas next where I pass from being underneath an urban tree crown; no bus stop, no gabbing in these ersatz street meetings that have erupted by an order of magnitude since they went overt in 2002, just a dude looking terribly stupid while standing at the edge of the tree crown as I pass by on the sidewalk. (I was a 10 min. walk from the farm job and before I got to the bus stop). And of course, the color of the foliage is all important too, but that wasn't a factor in today's nonsense. And as there are some 60' pine trees in the First Feral Family backyard, where I raked leaves two days ago, I suppose that being under a 7' pine hedge was just too interesting from the distant dependent energetics study the assholes have me enrolled in, without my consent of course.

And it is also of perp interest too that I apply herbicide on selective areas to deal with these landscaping disasters that is my feckless parent's past specialty. Don't ask me why, but with the amount of Roundup that commercial agriculture uses, there just might be a tie-in with the ongoing food and diet interest the perps have me contained within as well. I haven't got it all figured out, though the perps also have a strong interest in the concepts of death, demise and the rest of it, so again, it might fit that objective. Don't know, don't care, and why am I 8.5 years into this insane abusive Fuckover that is utterly relentless as it is total? And I get to be a pariah among TI's even, given the excuses I get for no contact from some of them, or else the odd bullshit stunt they sometimes pull for no rational reason.

Much more I could say about the above scene, as the perps then had my mother lock me out of the house and then pretend to not hear me knocking numerous times on the front and side doors. Two of the doors were unlocked and then they had me go to all three, putting on my boots again, going around to each and the doorbell on one didn't work. At part of the Fuckover they had me opening the garage door 3x in the process of accessing the doors. She finally came and made that she thought I had left. Like WTF; my coat and shoes were still there, and I have never left her place ever without saying goodbye. Total bullshit, and the assholes had me totally steamed over that stunt, and even now as I type this out. Then when washing up, and cleaning my watch, they broke the case, and later when I got home, only one of the straps were in my pocket, the assholes stealing one of them. This is the second time in two years they have broken this watch. The also broke two watches in 2002, they wouldn't let me wear a stainless steel banded one, the assholes. Then they stole one in about 2003  from my locked locker. This is the third Casio same model sports watch they have stolen or broken, so maybe it is time they want me to get something different.

Then at 1700h when walking to the bus in the dark, they put on three dog walkers, one negro and two redcoats  on mny way to the bus. All except the dog walkers were apparently waiting for this infrequent bus, the redcoats some10' apart for me to walk between them. The perps like to put on red color testing in dim light conditons, e.g. dusk onset.

Then they fucked me into thinking to get the wrong bus, and owing to two routes, plus the other infrequent one, and a near three bus convergence, the assholes had me begining to cross the road and then deciding not to, then getting faked out with the wrong bus, then crossing the road (for real) to get the bus that terminated in four blocks. All to get a transfer to the original bus that I wanted to get but missed because it was 6 minutes early. Just a total fuckaround getting to the right bus stop on the correct side of the road, which has counter cyclical routes that loop back to the same arterial. Even the locals get confused.

Enough blogging after a day's toil in the soil for the Sicko's Cause, and more CD ripping tonight. I may end up re-ripping them or re-naming the files at some future point, all in keeping with the assholes having me do things twice or more.


Anonymous said...

They like to do that in my case, too: dog walkers. Usually it's an older guy walking his dog, when it's dark. An example of this was when I was passing an apartment for older/disabled types, the guy was standing there in front of the entrance doors, with his dog on a lease, just standing there with him. He waited until I passed, then "decided" to start walking the dog down the sidewalk, parallel to my path as I walked. That seems to be the setup with the dog-walkers. Well, there are other arrangements, such as a reasonably hot/young babe walking a medium-sized dog. Dog walking is big here, and it just seems like a classic stunt right out of the perp manual. A variation is having to pass houses where the hapless owner just happens to leave their scary barking dogs outside, any size, to bark at me behind the fence. And the sizes of the dogs seems to fit a certain theme: they like to have small annoying yapping ones who are loud enough to be annoying. And one guy has two of them: a tiny yapping one, and a huge "boomy" woofing one, like a Rottweiler or Saint Bernard. I'm surprised the larger one hasn't eaten the smaller one yet, the size difference is ridiculous. But the two are always out there "greeting" me with their barking, in tandem. The large one has a difficult time slowing down, and always runs past me when he sees me. I always wonder if that big beast is capable of leaping the fence and coming after me. I figure the perps have him under control, but then, the perps may want to script a dog coming after me for real.

AJH said...

Answer to: They like to do that in my case, too....

Dogs and pets are more psychicaly aware, as are young children, so it isn't too much of a stretch to understand why the perps use them in such inordinant amounts. I also suspect that animal noises, as is human speech (audible and inaudible) are heard in the amygdala part of the brain, one that applies emotional valance to what is said or heard. And it also "happens" to be part of the brain that is thought to be the seat of psychic activity. Ergo, the dog and kiddie gangstalking parade, noise included.