Sunday, December 19, 2010

Water Color Games

A new faux neighbor fan noise variant when I awoke this morning; a varying pitch and waxing and waning of the volume level, all to get my attention as this hours long noise perturbation gets an "upgrade", to catch my attention when it changes. And the noise is still going on some three hours later.

The latest perp stunt is to vary the color of my water from all the faucets. The past four days have seen a yellowish tone to the hot water I use for shaving, and again, this time in the kitchen, they pulled the sputtering water trick to momentarily dye the water the same yellowish tone as it flowed across the white dinner plate while cleaning it in the sink. (And before I swabbed it with the cleaning brush with blue colored Dawn on it). These water color bursts with accompanying spluttering are not new, though infrequent, as the apparent cause of the color change, i.e. rusty pipes. But having it the same color as it streams out the faucet in the bathroom without the hijinx of faux waterline interuptions is new, and I suppose, the latest in the assholes not needing a cover story as to their fuckery. Lets see, how many lakes of varying colors have I swum in, not to mention waterlines in all the places that I have lived? That numbers in the low hundreds, and if I were to extrapolate their machinations as I have come to know them, it also matters at to what color and material the pipes are, and it might also explain the rain games, those onsets of rain as I set off from where I live, water "delivered" directly from the clouds and not from a pipe. So fucking fascinating for them, and so fucking tedious and relentless for me. And I swam with a swim club in two cities, plus swim meets in many others, for over 13 years before they went overt/beserk in 2002, and here we are, still fucking around with water color 8.5 years later. And still keeping this abusive stupidity operating from the closet, not willing to front for themselves to keep their remotely applied fuckery games so they can fool someone, though not me.

A haircut in 30 minutes, and who knows what the deal will be over this, as they tend to lay on heavy gangstalking should I stop by a store on the way afterward. And what will the perps do without their games of dropping my hair into my field of view, though I am sure they have some kind of plan for that. Maybe they will lay on emulatory plasma beams to simulate its light properties, much as what they do with other textures. Every so often they will simulate baggy wrinkled skin when I look at myself in the mirror or in my peripherial vision, a momentary sub-second flash to catch my attention, and then it is gone. Other light play is to cast alternating white and grey bands, as if to emulated the color contrast of text on this LCD display; first horizontal, then skewed, and the odd vertical banding. My visual field is fucked with every waking moment, from fuzzy maser balls flitting in pairs or triplets, maser trails drifting by, plasma flashes, plasma projections, and plasma ghosting, replicating the colors and or size of something I had just seen, or am about to see. Constant visual perturbations of non-conventional sources all the time. And just to finish this one, both masers and plasma beams are magnetically controlled phenomena, and I have measured the magnetic field in my proximity in late 2002 to be 180 Gauss, and in 2009 to be 1600 Gauss. A half Gauss is normal background level, so figure that one out you fucking clinical denial obstructor/quislings.

A howling windstorm this morning, but no rain or snow, and this also seems to have some perp association, as they like to create wind around me when I walk outside, even if there is no wind elsewhere. The oncoming gangstalkers have their hair fly up as they walk into my mini-wind sphere the perps keep me in, just to make sure that I am not imagining it. And too, the wind noise that batters my ears when outside is constant now, even with a hat on. The assholes would relent on the faux wind noise when I had a toque on, but gave up that pretense in a few years, and have kept this noise bullshit up, if not increased it now that I have a much more wind resistant toque over my ears at this time of year. The fleece toque made no difference to the wind battering noise on my ears. So, like the vision fucking, I am also in an escalated total noise sphere as well, as even commonplace events and sources are amped up full time. The perps must have a name for it, say, "total personal environment phenomena management". All to go with total information awareness (and management) of everything I do, say, think or otherwise cognitively percieve. Jail time would be better than this, not that I am looking for it.

A haircut two hours earlier, and very busy, though with a seat availible to wait five minutes was there in place, while a woman with two boys was in the only other seat. So the three of them took one seat, and left the other vacant before I arrived. Can we make this totally obvious or what? Then the husband/father as it turned out was sitting in the chair I was to sit in in short order, effectively "warming it" while the rest of his family was close by me waiting. All to wierd to say the least, but that is how it goes with the seat swapping. Just to think all these hundreds of years of musical chairs, and presumably the perps focussing on some households and this very event, and they are still at it, arranging seat swapping on the city buses, at the theater with arranged "mistakes" as to who sits where and misreads of tickets, and FFF functions. Little did I know of their seating interests all the time before they went overt in 2002. And as I write this, the overhead clunking has come to be heard through the earmuffs. Imagine, a whole 15 min. long visitation from the manager two days ago, and somehow I "forgot" to ask her the nature of the upstairs residents and floor covering to find out why they make so much noise overhead.

A one hour nap earlier, starting at 1900h which is completely ridiculous in my normal years' life, pre-overt harassment. It is the second time in three days that a nap attack has come on so late in the day, 1.5 hours after dinner for crissakes. More things that never happened before. All of the some five nap attacks in the past two weeks have occured with a 5 to 30 min. prior PC/web session, and when it  gets too much to read the text on the LCD display, I retire to the prone position, and fall asleep within two minutes or less.

Enough of the trivia, and to blog off for today.

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