Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sabotage of Label Printing

A screaming rage show as the Dymo label printer, that had been working just fine, has now jammed for reasons unknown. The L side printer jammed, and so the R side went out in sympathy, mysteriously not working too. On with the Fuckover show. Do any other TI's have a much sabotage as I do?

The assholes got me rage-fied for lunch time, eating my usual quesadilla quarter slice leftover, and one kiwi fruit. The perps seem to keep me on kiwi fruit for the winter, allowing an apple feast in October only when I acquired them on the driving trip then.

Then they rage-fied me when wrapping presents for my daughter, ensuring the sticky tape became problematic, and ensuring the paper was cut and wrapped assymmetrically. They have never let m wrap presents neatly, but force this quasi hurried wrapping that comes out all wrong. Now of course, they can cognitively dither me all the more, so when I think I am cutting a straight line I am not. Endless abusive fuckery over day-to-day trivia. Not to mention even typing this up as they are jabbing my fingers as this is being typed as well as forcing myriad typos.

Now the backup beeper noise is getting through my earmuffs; this was the noise they awakened me to, and kept it going when I physically got out of bed at 0720h. Then they kept this same noise up for much of breakfast and even while shaving afterward. It is today's theme of fucking the victim in his own place.

And suddenly a jerkaround that comes from nowhere; having the tea tin lid slide E ward on the counter, and then W ward when I attempted to retrieve it, falling off the counter (stunning me out so I cannot anticipate this), and then having the lid flip onto my foot. I have been making the same tea from the same tin for weeks now, and suddenly they start this. Normally, they pull this bullshit off when a new tin or other package has been started.

A shut-in day for the most part, save a trip to the laundry to get it done before Christmas. Not much to report, save the trivial abuse stream. The faux neighbor fan noise was on when I awakened, and has been running continuously all day, even now. As regular readers will know, there doesn't seem to be any genuine neighbors, and hasn't even going back to my pre-overt harassment Everett and Seattle days of 1999 to late 2002. I often wondered why I didn't see anyone else around, and I assumed that my neighbors were intrepid workers. Little did I know I had the hounds of hell on me before they outed themselves.

Listening to Eva Cassidy, Time After Time, a CD I listened much in 2004-2005. This would be the first time I have listened to it, now from a digital file. There is something a little different about hearing this CD again, and I cannot quite explain it.

Anyhow, time to blog off and call this enforced dullness over with.


Anonymous said...

I'm now reading the her bio from:

Interesting, that her experiences with the "aggressive" cancer treatments were that her health deteriorated exponentially. I'm guessing they were doing the radiation and chemo treatments, which really, I could never understand how they do any good. With the radiation treatments, her internals could have been roasted. I'm sure that could have a perp-related motive, since they seem very into cooking the innards of TI's. Well, all of this is speculation on my part, but interesting that during the aggressive treatments, her health took a nosedive. Makes me think the "treatments" were nothing more than more perp experimentation.

Some medical people say that taking huge doses of Vitamin C does a lot more good than chemo or radiation. This whole using radiation for treating cancer... it's very suspect to me.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you've gotten these types, but they actually have dudes come in, wearing women's socks or glittery shoes that resemble women's shoes. This one guy looked so much like a computer 'geek/expert' type I saw on youtube, and his shoes had this strange girly white color. And the eyes where the shoelaces go through were gold-colored. And, his shoes were untied, like the laces were sticking out of the top eyes by like an inch. I'm not sure, but he could have been wearing women's shoes.

Figures, though. I had two Shar-Pei that died about the same time with the same illness (Amyloidosis), and they were 5 years apart in age. They apparently will do anything for their agenda. I could never do anything so embarrassing as wearing women's shoes with shiny gold lace eyelets. This was a guy about mid to late 40's. But maybe they are getting paid well. For me, I operate on principle. Why accept money under the table to help ruin someone's life? Doesn't make any sense to me. And one little junior high boy was actually wearing what appeared to be tight girls' designer jeans. Imagine that. And he and his j. high buddies were taunting ME with insults. Like I am supposed to come back and fight them. WTF? Why would a grown man want to fight junior high boys wearing girl's jeans? I reported them to the police, and then the kids disappeared, but the police started doing gangstalking duty that the kids were doing. Then my mom covered for them by warning me never to call the cops on those types. She apparently noticed that it was an act of gangstalking, hence, I was not supposed to report them.

I guess they aren't Freaks; just Angels trying to modify my errant behavior and cleanse me of my bad ways. That's really how these perps are trying to sell this entire production to me as. Like, the world will be a better place because of their gangstalking/mind control/experimentation production.

AJH said...

Answer to: I'm now reading...

I have never, ever figured out why anyone would treat cancer by first hammering the shit out of one's immune system, let alone why a whole industry supports this. So sad, Eva Cassidy's premature demise, though I suspect it was perp managed, and at least the prior few years before she died. When they recorded Live a Blues Alley, a live album, the recording equipment inexplicably malfunctioned for the first night, forcing them to take most of the album from the second night of two. And also, Eva was coming off a cold and her voice wasn't in the best form, and she was a little pissed at the timing, saying she didn't want to release the live takes. Even if her sideman said that when she was at 70% she was still significantly better than many singers in the recording industry. So, yes, I suspect that Eva might have been monitored and covertly sabotaged much earlier in her career, and for what? The perps do like to have much admired and vaunted celebs and musicians go down, e.g. MJ, Elvis and so it goes. Though Eva never made it to star status in her lifetime. To be fair, she wasn't the kind of person that would of been comfortable with celeb status. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Don't know if...

No, I haven't had many cross dressers, or partial cross dressers, though the perps do like to confuse me with men and women's hairstyles and clothing, e.g. the babe with the fedora, or the dude with the ponytail. The perps like to put on glitter clothes once in a while, sometimes on the "featured babe" at the local supermarket. One non-blonde babe was particularly attractive to me, as she had a wide smile, proportionally a little larger than most women's mouths. She ended up being featured in lead ahead gangstalking for two blocks after I finished my cleaning shift at a local car dealer in 2009, then again wearing a bright metallic St. Patrick's Day hat the day before, then again, standing and talking behind two mylar helium balloons that "happened" to be in the way. I haven't seen much of her in 2010, so who knows what the agenda is, vis a vis, babe-stalk. I get 70% dudes and geriatrics as gangstalkers now, so perhaps they have "graduated" from babe placement (Favored) to dude and geriatric (much Unfavored) placement. I wouldn't read any kind of errant behavior modification/cleansing agenda into the perp games, as there is clearly a need for them to separate the energetics of female and all its associations with look, clothing, comportment, size range from male energetics, as seen by TI's and anyone else they follow. In my case, there is likely subconscious traumatization associations with males, as they would of been the predominant members of the Abuse Corps when they did whatever they did to me in my recall deleted years, age 2 to 5. I was forming permanent memories at age two (in Montreal), and still have some, but nothing else save a few snippets from the following summer in northern BC, until age five. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

The music industry is predominantly based on big money, marketing, and promotion. That's why my taste has primarily been with singer/songwriter types. I also like "originals" written by writers/performers that didn't have the popular version of a song, but had some big-time singer who doesn't write make it big instead. I usually prefer original versions of songs, by the original composer. Example: I Believe in Music, written and performed by Mac Davis, but later "made big" by Gallery (a cover). I prefer to hear the originals.

There are a few cases where the writer doesn't want any part of performing his own songs. People have told me I have a knack for writing songs (music and lyrics), and that I should pursue this. Sadly, it takes a lot of hard work, promotion, and marketing, and just plain perseverance to make it in the music biz. A lot of times, stuff you hear is second-tier stuff, and the talented people never get heard. Eva C. is a great example of this.

The only problem with this: it doesn't pay. And of course, there is the retirement/benefits aspect of the biz. And, let's not forget, there is heavy organized crime involvement and corrupt/sleazy business people involved in this biz, which is why I will not get involved in it. Of course, truly talented writers are a threat to certain "powerful" people, so of course, the perps are sent to wipe them out. Those powerful people only want crap put out that satisfies their agenda, not rich, good-quality stuff that people really "need" to hear.

Anonymous said...

As far as having celebrities and stars "go down", I figured this could be a good early example of this:

I figured, sure the year was 1938, but they must have had many years of practice in sabotaging/doing away with big-time talented performers.

Note under "Death", how is says there are differing accounts of his death, depending on whom you want to believe. Note the recurring theme in these "deaths" is that someone claims to have tracked down/found the parties responsible for their deaths, yet the story is either implausible or they won't say who it was.

And this appears to be a very important musician, as he was one of the very original Blues composers/performers who was recorded, one who has influenced countless others after him. Also, Blues is the precursor to Rock n' Roll, and of course, that genre has died the death in favor of Metal, Country, and Pop/R&B.

AJH said...

Answer to: As far as having....

Professional music being manipulated, and I also figure, professional sport too. Robert Johnson was an original for sure, and even exceptional singers/artists like Paul Robeson got messed with by the FBI and CIA (later confirmed by actual records), and maybe the covert crowd too, hence this health problems.

Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: The music industry is....

Yes, it does seem like a death wish to want to succeed in the music business, even if one is a singer-songwriter. Canada's own Stan Rogers was a very talented story teller (in song) and widely known within the country, though not so much in the USA and elsewhere. And lo, if he isn't on Air Canada flight 797, returning from the big folk festival in Kerrville TX, when some schmo' lit a cigarette in the aircraft washroom, starting a fire on board, and 11 passengers lost their lives by the time they got the aircraft down in Cincinnati, Stan Rogers being one of them. And what threat was Stan Rogers to the rock music world and music industry? Absolutely none IMHO, and would have likely attained only modest worldwide acclaim, if only for being a folk singer. In other words, I have no idea why the perps took him out (if that is what they did) as I cannot see why a folk singer would be a threat to anyone in the music business.

The music business seems odd though; some who want only to write songs end up making albums to aid their profile, and then sell well, such as Carly Simon. And I suppose there are many who never seem to get a break. Youtube might be changing some of this, though I don't really keep tabs on music enough to fairly make that claim.

Though for original writers versus the cover artist, a perennial topic of debate. Call me biased, but I have to say that Eva C makes mincemeat of Cyndi Lauper on her own authored song, Time After Time. Thanks for the comments.