Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year Hot Rods

A hot-rod noise New Year's Day so far. Noise only, as I haven't seen one even when I look outside. That and the babbling dudes, first before I got up, and adroitly timed to when I don't have my earmuffs on; eating, showering, shaving, tea-time with chocolate, and especially so. Anytime I put brown colored food in my mouth it is a big deal, and the noisescape is appropriated tuned for the occasion. Which is why I get scripted to eat chocolate 3x per day; once at breakfast, an afternoon tea-time and then an evening tea-time. As before, never had this "problem" before the perps went overt/beserk in 2002, and it is now a daily event, seeming to support their brown color games. And supporting their apartment intrusion in 04-2002 when they first broke out of covert mode, displaying brown plasma beam flashes that sent me into an immediate fatigue state and causing me to collapse on the floor. Then five days later they did this while I was driving on the I-5 at 0530h, and slumping in my seat until they beamed me with something to snap me out of this instant lethargy. So.. to make a long story short, while mind-control is part of the research objectives, it seems that the colors are too, and especially all those substances and organs in one's body (red, deep green, deep blue, grey, white). Which makes me wonder if these deranged suicide bombers aren't just executing the perp master plan and giving themselves over to  covert research, by having their contents spew at high speeds past objects and persons for the remote covert energetics researchers to evaluate and measure. And they do like to send ridiculous Fuckwits running about in nice clothes, no matter how stupid it looks. Whether these events are related cannot be ascertained, but needless to say, the perps do like to invoke bleeding, cutting me while shaving being their daily stunt, though one street assault also aided their cause. And when blood is magnetic, and when one is kept in a densified magnetic field (over 1600 Gauss), why, the perps just might like to get some real blood from the inside to the outside to be energetically evaluated.

And it was a big deal earlier when I finished reading The Dark Side of Camelot by Seymour Hersh this morning. The overhead rumbling noise through the earmuffs, hot rod noise, and faux neighbor water usage were all put on for the event of finishing a book. Other hijinx this morning was dealing with the avocado oil mess that was to be an anti-oxidizing bath for my shaving razors, but as it stank so bad it was abandoned and the oil dumped down the sink. This is the second attempt to get this going, and to do Razor Guard on the cheap, as it does work, razors lasting three weeks in my experience. Anyhow, I now have this pint of avocado oil to dispose of, and the salad greens are so wretched at this time of year, so I will have to dream up something. All that oil chemical ether must be good for something, as this is the second attempt and will be the last one until a compelling product comes along. It is most strange these perp sponsored obsessions, sometimes a year in the making, and then when undertaken, it is a total failure. And no doubt, all to measure the energetics of avocado oil and my razor holder and blade insert.

This looks to be a shut-in day as no family stuff is planned for today, as it will be tomorrow. I have no idea as to what these days confer, except to be captive for whatever is interesting for the perps. The plasma and maser beams have been heavy today, getting three separate blue flashes while handing the deep green avocado oil and cleaning it up, same blue color each time in two locations. As I have mentioned in past blogs, the perps have a strong interest in various food oils and have managed my nut butter and cooking oil intake, making some big changes for the first time in 2010. They had me on coconut butter for 6 months almost, and cooking with coconut oil, with olive oil being relegated for salads, and then cutting me off salad in 10-2010. Surely to fuck they could mess with those in the essential oils business and figure out what they are after? But no, they have me use or ingest these oils and don't seem to be giving it a rest, despite my rage-fied exhortations and demands. Other nut games were to have me eating hazel nuts with my cereals for a month and almonds for at least 6 weeks before that. Now back to hemp seed which had been a staple since 2005 when they pinched down the supply of flax seed, eliminating it from my diet. But, they are having me eat flax seed puff crackers, so who knows what the fuck is going on with their relentless putzing over what plant oils I eat or have on hand, or ending today, dip my shaving razor blades into. One morning they even fucked me into having hazel nuts and hemp seed on my cereals, surely a cross-over combination they wanted before I switched to the latter. As always, the packaging is important too; glass jars with metal lids, plastic bags or plastic tubs, etc. I don't pretend to know what is the interest for the perps, but it seems that the container conveys some kind of energetics into the food inside of it, and that the perps which to pick up the differences, say, hemp seed from soft sided mylar packaging to that of a different rigid plastic tub. And here they are, over eight years of initiating this insane abuse because they lack the gumption to front for themselves and gain cooperation (with cash). What are they after and why is it so important to play dumbshit covert games when they have surely imformed thousands of shills as to what this entire and extreme Fuckover is about?

A new term for the New Year, Electronic Concentration Camp. The good news is that this isn't coming from a TI, but someone who has critically observed the things that are unfolding as news, and put this thesis together. I have yet to inform the author that he is exactly correct, and there are at least two thousand of us active English speaking TI's that are living this reality every day, and know full well it could be applied to anyone without their knowledge.

And as the perps seem to have a fascination with water, and rivers especially, I would not be surprised if they didn't have a hand in this local prank, adding flourescent dye into a salmon bearing stream and having hikers about to observe the outcome. More green color variation games, and it does seem that the perps are going for more color variants these days. The latest was to "two tone" an elastic band holding the cling wrap onto the flax crackers package; one side is light brown, the other a little darker, and it is just so much fun to play these dumbshit games, ad nauseum.

And if you want a significant body of reading to comprehend what the perps are up to, here is the Wayback archive of the Fortean Times "It Happened To Me" section that was pulled in 2006. Its the same fuckers, just being covert, save for when they got noticed or else wanted to be seen. The vehicular accident report was interesting (MIBs arriving before a vehicle accident, three different times), as was the child who got teleported from outside where a thunderstorm was threatening to inside a nearby house, somehow getting past a locked gate where the child was too short to open it by himself. (No links as there are too many to go through). It is hours of reading if you are a TI, and want to expand your horizons as to what is happening in the covertly applied abuse world, for which us TI's get a ringside seat, but the abuse too.

A run through my booklinks I thought would be supportive of this blog. A tornado in mid-December near Salem, OR. Like WTF; we never get tornados in the PNW, and we get one in December. Something is screwy with the weather. Also tornados two days ago (Dec. 39) in Arkansas, another highly anomalous tornado event IMHO.


Taken 12-12-2010. Some strange grainy substance on this burner I never put on, mostly because I don't cook with more than one. This is the burner where the tea and coffee pots sit when brewing or steeping. And as the perps have a obsessive conditon over the color brown, it seems they needed some contrasting tones to be placed under the coffee pot, especially while brewing, French press style. I get plasma fields in the coffee bag, and I get gangstalked all over with coffee packing Fuckwits, so it seems the perps need more color variance around my own coffee making.
 Taken 12-12-2010. These EH plates in the center aren't allowed to stack flat like they came when new about a month ago. Flat plates are not allowed, so the perps warp them. The R. side larger plates were given to me by Ms. L in 2001, and it seems the perps are working on white color variations of this all important item, crockery that I eat from. The R. dinner plates have a bluish tone to the white, while the EH plates are straight white. Important things for the assholes these day.
 Taken12-14-2010. A four cluster of pickups and vans on the rough lot, and of no seeming business there, color coordinated in black, white, silver-grey and mid-grey, and per usual, bearing ladders, a very prominent perp prop.

 Taken Nov. 23, 2010. The boom trucks are a constant factor in my TI existence, though I haven't heard of other TI's mentioning this. But here they have one unattended outside my place, pretending to be working on the lines. Most often I get two together, and even a cluster of three boom trucks for whatever advantage that the perps gain from this bullshit. Two vans are parked on the rough lot behind the tree for no seeming reason as there is never any work going on there or the adjacent building. The black pickup withe the black tonneau cover is in its usual spot in the parking lot, being there all the time for the past month. And even a police vehicle, white, parked on the L. side street. This is the usual color and markings of all Victoria police, and not that black and white throwback livery in yesterday's blog pic.

 Taken 12-23-2010. If in doubt, bring in semi-trucks and trailers, and park them on the wrong side of the street, because the parking stalls will be cleared out in advance. A busy shopping day, though one has to wonder why these stalls weren't occupied, but instead, arranged and illegally parked semi-trucks in readiness for me to be going to the local supermarket that morning, and gone when I came back. In their place was a red (smaller) 5 tonne delivery truck on by short walking beat to the supermarket and back.
Another shut-in day, though never free from the noise games. They like to arranged the dude talk to be overheard when I don't have my earmuffs on; e.g. while eating, shaving and the like. Amazing neighbor timing to say the least. And just now, a body zapping with a simultaneous tapping noise, with my headphones on. Could listening to music, now that it is happening more often be another angle of brain/body fucking? Penguin Cafe is very esoteric music to getting zapped by, but I suppose the assholes had this figured out long ago.

Blogging off and pondering if I will be allowed to sleep tonight without dream invasions. More bizarre dreams this morning, with the assholes keeping me in bed until 1000h for a 10hr sleep.

Another perp stunt; starting Youtube while a music file is playing. I cannot count the number of times they have clobbered a known song/music with an extra one coming in from myspace or youtube tab, though not open or clicked, suddenly bursts forth at the same time a music file is playing.

Another stunt was that I was going to use FileBoss to do a duplicate search on all my pictures to weed out the folders, and lo, if they didn't block the file name search parameter being used. I tried to do it on file size as that was availible, and it didn't run. Fucking beserk. Even manual folder renaming is getting jerked with.

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