Thursday, December 09, 2010

Post Yoga Rain

A Thursday yoga class and unexpected rain was in progress when I exited the chapel where we have our class. It was sunny when I set off and after last night's deluge, post gardening at the in-town brother's place, I did not expect any more. But no, the rain seems to come on at specific times, such as when setting off from my mothers, driving that is.

There was the usual rabble of vagrants doing the slow waddling saunter in front of me when outbound, not to mention a plethora of redcoats that seem to need to get close.

On the way to yoga, and the way back, the same pair of brown shoes was parked at the curbside, outside the church chapel where we take the yoga class. The pair was together in a neat and orderly way, and might have been moved during yoga, or else the adjacent vehicles were moved. Beats seeing shoes with tied laces dangling from the telephone wires, another time honored perp trick to test someone's footwear against the passing foot and road traffic beneath it.

And a new plasmic experience; color replication of my garments with adjacent objects. The chapel has chairs lining the walls, either a naugahyde brown seat or an an orange fabric one. I took my coat off at first, still standing, and was about to grab my light blue scarf, and lo, if a grid pattern of 3/4" squares of same blue colored plasma on a 2" spacing, a four or five wide square array over top of the orange chair I was about to lay my jacket down upon. Unmistakable, running for a few seconds long. I don't think I have had a same color matching plasmic display to my clothing. Mostly I get yellows, reds and pinks, and I don't wear those colors. I get blue plasma flashes from dark corners or dim lit areas as another example of repetitive plasma light flashes.

Another new experience in yoga was when I was lying down and a fuzzy ball maser came in close just an inch from my right eye, as if it were an out of focus fly, and once I moved my head in sudden "reaction", (read, perp controlled jerkraound) it was gone. In nearly all cases of genuine flies buzzing me, albeit much more frequently than before overt harassment, they have the fly continue to buzz me, to prove their point that it was a fly. Not today; they wanted a sudden head snap rotation while I was lying down and they got it. The usual door slamming and outside vehicle noise while having yoga. Some things just never change.

The book parcel that I had been getting annoyed with arrived with a ring on the intercom phone while eating lunch, post yoga class. I was obliged stop eating the quesadilla (brown tortillas, note), move to the office chair to await the knock on the door. Sure enough, he comes with a plastic bag with a parcel in it, and was ready to leave me with it when I asked him if he wanted it back. I untie the black velcro closure at the top, extract the box (white over brown cardboard, note) and hand him the bag. He took it and wandered off in his freaking shorts. What is it about this town that has so many males wandering around in shorts in the winter time? The perps must know something about my subconscious traumatizations with respect to shorts on men. I have no idea what it is, but hikey-bikey towns such as this offer this cover story.

For the rest of the day I have either being reading, or online. The reading is now the just-arrived (used) book titled Jackie Oh!, repleted with a red hardcover. Leafing through the pages is adding incremental thickness over the red cover, so the perps must find this totally fascinating. And that the books are used must also be the same. They had me reading library books back in the early harassment days of 2003, but since then it had to be new onces. And for the first time since then, I get to read used books, which suggests there is some kind of energetic signature that they have of the former owners and readers. All fascinating stuff for the assholes, but not for me or any other TI's who are at their limit.

The perps seem to have an obsession over the JFK and Jackie events, and have even pounded the ceiling (12" of concrete and steel) when I was looking at the pictures of them, contained in more than one book.

Another ceiling pounding concurrent event was when I was watching the videos while learning on how to use the Clamptite tool I purchased three days ago. As mentioned in past blogs, the perps have an obsession anytime I learn anything, and so using this tool to fix the wretched garden rake at my mother's place is a big deal as it turns out. The written instructions were absolutely atrocious, and when getting vexed with them, they also pounded the ceiling. So, it just might be that the perps are behind all the useless instructions that come with say, Ikea furniture, speaking from recent experience. On with the show, FUD and Fuckover, all the time, 24/7. That a big coil of wire with the Clamptite sits in a plastic bag before I get to the video must also be a bonus for them, as they just love to have spools or coils of cable or wire in my proximity. Such is the state of things today; nothing too important for me, but not for them.

Interestingly, there were spools of cable at the Pentagon on 9/11 when flight ... flew into the building. Though as an aside, I have a difficult time believing that a whole aircraft went through that hole in the building. Another topic I am going to decline to get into, but when one learns that coincidences are nothing but in their lif, it just could also apply to others, and by extension the rest of the population at large.

Onto blogging off and calling this one done for a dull day that is over.

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