Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ambulance for the Post-Yoga Arrival at My Residence

This is the post Thursday yoga, and what a full-on gangstalking when outbound, even more than when inbound, post-yoga, at 1235h. And lo, if there wasn't an ambulance with flashing red and white lights parked in mid-road outside this building when I arrived back from yoga, and three Fuckwits loitering there, my "greeters". No ambulance personnel, they were said to be on the ninth floor. No big deal, the ballcapped scum dude got out of my way when headed for the stairway, and hike up six floors. Similarly when on the way out, a crouched Fuckwit at the mailboxes reading his mail when I passed by on the stairs.

The flashing white light games have intensified in the past day; two cyclist Fuckwits some 10 min. apart had flashing white LED headlights, set at a strobe frequency to immediately get my attention. And then a baby stroller pushing woman got on the city bus my penultimate bus stop, with flashing LED light fixed to her jacket. How she pulled that off and for what cause was a mystery. But what I haven't yet figured out is why these nightlights are flashing at all; if one has a flashlight in dim light conditons, it gets turned on, and stays on, end of story. But not good enough for the perp fuckers, who seemed to have inserted their agenda into the industrial design realm, by having nightlights on bicycles that strobe. So what is next; vehicles with strobing headlights? This the kind of perp influence activity that goes on in this town; pervasive corruption of product functionality to meet their sick ass agenda. Yesterday, the opposite noisemaker neighbor from the First Feral Family home had one of his living room lights aimed at the front window, beaming at me while doing the landscape weeding for two hours. Once I got cleaned up, and wanted to take a picture of it, why, it wasn't on. All too odd for words.

A visit from the apartment manager and the plumber to deal with the sideways jetting stem valve in the toilet cistern which created a small leakage on the floor for each flush. And when one is flushing the toilet at least 5x/crap, the water leakage adds up. Not to mention getting sprayed with water when dealing with the many cistern problems like the chain linkage to the flap valve self-kinking to then set me up for opening up the lid, all to get sprayed with the leaking water again. Fun and games with toilets, and totally consistent with the stream of harassment when they first went overt in 04-2002. An in-person Fuckwit in my apartment put a balloon into the toilet as it was being flushed, and that was the opening salvo of the toilet battles that have persisted each time I take a crap since then. (And even more odd that I let the asshole do this, talk about a severe mind-fuck). Think brown, and think perp fuckery, especially where toilets are concerned.

And four rounds of obstruction in sending an email to my two brothers, a first that I sent one to them both. The perps put some kind of odd graphic box with the text inside into the email as it is being composed, forcing at least three rounds of select, cut, paste (into Notepad) to get rid of it. And of course it didn't work, and then it wasn't removed, and then Notepad lost it, though it was still in the paste buffer and on and on. All this erupted after I sent it, but as it "happened" it didn't get sent, and was still in draft. Difficult to convey all this low level, keystroke/mouseclick fuckery at every turn, but there it was, starting on this email, and needing four attempts to send it.

A late afternoon phone call to a recruiter that left a message and didn't get back, claiming that he deleted my phone message. (So why didn't he call me anyway, as he initiated the phone call exchange in the first place?) He gave me some radical suggestions to revamp my resume and explain the hiatus of 8 years out of the IT employment world. I wasn't allowed to recall that I had tried that and got nowhere, the partial confessional approach of so-called "medical conditions", something I got pissed about, and eliminated from the resume, because it wasn't working. He claimed he didn't notice my IT work hiatus in our phone call, but he had two jobs he wanted me to look at by the end of the interview/phone discussion, and would send me an email. I got on my PC shortly afterward for some five minutes time or so, but became overpowered by sleep, and then had a deep 40 minute nap even if I wasn't sleep deprived. Upon waking up, I had dinner, and then got back online, and have now read his email and resume advice. (Funny how three prior IT recruiters didn't say anything about my resume format, and one employment counsellor didn't give me any advice on addressing or not addressing the employment hiatus in my resume).

And the entire gestalt of employment (or not), is getting on my nerves, as the assholes have fucked me out of looking for the past two weeks, when I had been looking every day before that. They planted the notion that it is all rigged/orchestrated, and that everything in due time, as the guiding rationale for their mind-fuck agenda. Before that, in 04-2010, they fucked me out of studying for the Oracle Certified Professional exams, just when I was coming off a course of Oracle evening classes over the prior six months. All too strange, not to mention exasperating as to why I am getting jerked this way and that, let alone the gardening jobs that seems to be so important. Even the landscape gardening outfits don't respond to my email job applications, so it this orchestrated life gig is a total bum out.

More permitted (read, planted notions) analysis of the above scenario of the recruiter phone call, the promised email, PC boot up to reveal no email had arrived, and then the sudden onset of sleep for 40 minutes. Could it be that the email was sent while I was sleeping and that in this state, the mind is more remotely accessible, and that the perps wanted to detect some kind of psychic response exactly when the email was sent? Past email games with one recruiter and blatant obstruction of my usual email address, and being on the phone with an E. Indian at the moment the email was sent to her supports this notion. And not forgetting that it was planted by the assholes, as they don't allow me to analytical on my own, should I perturb the Fuckover games/agenda?

Another two outbound emails obstructed; one to a recruiter, and upon second entry of the draft email, the assholes inserted this graphic into the message, which will likely corrupt its appearence. (The editor header is stripped out, and I have no idea as to what to click to remove it). All for force me to restart composing the message and then send in one go, no saving.

And in another stunt, I compose an email to a TI and Duplessi Orphan colleague, and the fuckers just blatantly stopped in, with some excuses about spam, temporary blocking etc displaying. Like WTF; why cannot I be allowed to send a fucking email to whom I want, when I want without this fucking insane and petty sabotage that is totally fucking senseless?

Enough adversity for one day, onto a First Feral Family visit tomorrow to do cleaning, one of those loathed jobs when it is such a messy place.

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