Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lets Have Coffee

As in, "lets put brown liquid in you in a public area so brown dressed Fuckwits can parade around you, and then we will add red dressed Fuckwits afterward".  Been there, done that, but I don't have a choice, as this was round 3 of these invitations from a former farm worker colleague. And the assholes spaced me out, making it seem that the coffee had made me airheaded and detached. And the usual choreographed parade of gangstalkers and the faux bonhomie of the arranged crowd. Interesting that the crowd can tone it down as soon as I sense the background chatter is getting too loud or raucous. I also had the "peekaboo" games, where the Unfavored gangstalker cum Fuckwit asshole sits behind my colleague, and between them, they arrange for the colleague to first totally block the Fuckwit, and then arrange small portions of them to be seen, with one or the other leaning to the side. And then they have me notice this long running bullshit act, so I then lean to the side that has them line up again so I don't see the Fuckwit any more. And then when they have dithered me from noticing, the Fuckwit is again  partially seen, L side, then R side. Then a different Fuckwit arrives at one table further, and this bullshit goes repeats again. Today, it was a granny parade; one witth white curly hair and oversized shades on a grey overcast day inside a cafe on the Winter Solstice. Like, WTF; who needs shades at this time of year on a day like today? But there she was, playing peekaboo just like the First Feral Family quislings, and my colleague also seemed to know when to lean to reveal more of the Fuckwit. Funny how that keeps "happening" over the years. Then a second granny was behind her started up the same thing, now two grannies playing peekaboo.

The final Unvavored Fuckwit paradees were a pair of dudes in business attire, long raincoats even if there was no rain, and splitting apart for me to pass between them at a person created constriction in the public egress area. Said dudes, looking like fish out of water in a very bohemian cafe just "happened" to seat themselves where my colleague and I were sitting, red 1950's or early 60's formica with red vinyl covered chairs of the same vintage and color. Then we went to a local bookstore, one that sold second hand books and I picked up two, plus a Moulin Rouge DVD. A big tattoo-ed dude in a driver's cap was the cashier, and he made sure that I could see his full-arm fugly tattoos. Fucking disgusting it was. Then just as I was about to depart with books in hand, why, he needed them back to delete them from the inventory. Total bullshit as usual, as he would know to do this, and the number of times that some Fuckwit/quisling has had me hang onto items only temporarily is impossible count since all this abuse began in 2002. And that includes pop-up boxes for no discernable reason at the moment I think "asshole" while typing this up.

No visible eclipse last night as it was overcast, but they did keep me awake, and also played noise games to keep me riled up, to the point of getting the earmuffs to wear in bed, and that went through two iterations. First the whine of the faux neighbor's water usage got progressively louder and annoying over some minutes of slow incremental noise volume. So I got out of bed to get the earmuffs and lo, if a 6' beam of green plasma didn't suddenly emanate from the same green LED phone modem light that was on. Eventually they played up the discomfort of the earmuffs and then I took them off and put them on the floor, and lo, if the same noise didn't start up again inside of five minutes, so on with the earmuffs again, and again, they became uncomfortable so I took them off. By then it had to be about 0300h, but the background dude talk was still going on, and eventually they did let me sleep, though they awakened me at least 30 minutes before the alarm at 0730h, and planted the notion that I didn't get any sleep. In these circumstances I don't know for sure how much sleep I got, though I got some. And if this plays out like 99% of all sleep deprivation games to date, there will be no after effect of needing extra make up sleep. It seems this is a way of extending the intensified Monday harassment and fuckery into Tuesday, and all the better if a Solstice is going on from their perspective.

And the eclipse too; plenty of moon pics on the news today, with the perps also letting me know that the round moon looks very much like a round skinheaded gangstalker, and how much I loathe the sight of this particular Unfavored demographic group subset. This has been the trend of late, co-opting one image to be similar to an Unfavored demograhpic group member when in peripherial vision. The number of muddy dark brown and black images that have all the right colors of negroid color skin has increased substantially of late, along with the planted notion that this is a negro, which it isn't when I look at the picture in central vision. I get some 20 to 50 of these Unfavored-in-peripherial-vision games in a day. Which does not include the spurious red, brown or yellow plasma beams that suddenly erupt in peripherial vision and suddenly disappear when I look at them in central vision. All too predictable of late, this utter bullshit, not being allowed to even see what is in my field of view without some insane perps asshole needing to somehow fuck with it.

More email obstruction over this same intended respondent. I even got faked out, as it was finally sent, only to find that it didn't get sent. I try again, and now I am blocked after I had been unblocked, no one giving any notice of this account change, per normal Yahoo service. (Its all in the name). So another round of emailing Yahoo Support.

And lo, if the wretched Mozy Support email I sent a few days ago seems not to have caused any action to result. So I resend it, and lo, if this time I don't get an automatic response to go to the Mozy site. All this erupted when Mozy sent me another bill for a year's backup service, which sent me orbital as I haven't been able to use their service owing to certain firewall constraints. Then to have the gall to unilaterally bill me without any notice spells one thing: perp screwover, yet again. Then I go to the Mozy site and after I log in I get blocked by a page that doesn't display for some reason. Then I switch to the Internet Explorer browser and get a different result, getting to the support graphics, and lo, if the links are dead. No link behind the apparent and stated place to make a link. Their live chat link is dead, and then to make a phone call I am supposed to know this customer number, which of course, I don't, because what the hell is that for when they can pull me up on their system via my email address? Just more insane fucking obstruction over attempting to deal with the financial imposition in the first place. One Fuckover stunt begets another. Why a email to Mozy on Dec. 20 goes to them to no reply, and then when resent on Dec. 21st, I get an automatic re-direction to their website. I just don't get why these inconsistent email responses are happening.

A second attempt with the IE browser finally got me the Mozy chat line, but I have been queued for the last 20 minutes waiting for service at position #9, now moving to #7. And as I wait, they forced me to take a piss, and then also have the chat line dialog box display every minute or so. And by dint of fuckery, it comes up as I am typing this and what I type suddenly ends up in the dialog box and not this blog. Fascinating fun for sickos, re-directing my typing output to an unintended dialog box that suddenly and inexplicably arrives. This abuse show isn't going to end anytime soon.

Now the sirens sound off as I wait for my chat line turn; now #6. All I will say don't go there, re above journal entry. And I still haven't had dinner, a long delay to protract and string me out. The highlight stunts of the day are usually before main meal events of lunch and dinner.

Over an hour in the chat line queue before I got a live chat person to then attempt to divert me from cancelling my Mozy backups, but finally I succeeded. Fucking tedious, asking for case numbers that didn't exist, which isn't the same as a refund id number. I suppose it was all about protracting the agony and the pop-ups, and pissing me off. Then I got to make dinner two hours later than usual, with the remnants of the abortive attempt at lunch time, as I got screwed into "forgetting" about getting tortillas from the freezer and I wasn't allowed to think of alternatives, which were availible. The perps like me to re-think (per planted mind-fuck games) their goings on, and then add alternatives that I could of elected at the time, but got fucked out of. Tiresome, especially when they have been at this bullshit for all my life, now 56 years of it.

So, a year later, and I am no further ahead on securing off-site backups for this PC, along with restore capability. Anyone know of a good service, and without the hyper agressive billing of the last lot? Acronis comes close, but it is dumbed down, and usurps the MS backup facilities.

Some links that the perps want me to know about; their neutrino observation capability has been increased substantially with a grid of sensors deep in the Antarctic ice. Don't ask me how exactly neutrinos fit into their big picture, but they have expended efforts multiple times to tell me about them and the conventional neutrino research observatories that have been established deep in the earths crust (old mine shafts), and now, deep in Antarctic ice. We are bathed in neutrinos every moment of our lives, millions passing through us each second. But it seems there are some particular properties of neutrino collisions that eludes the perps, hence these deep earth observatories. There are neutrinos directly from the sun, and some that pass through the earth, and their collision frequency and outcome is of intense interest, for the researchers, and the shadow scientists of the Fourth Reich, with remote access to all our world, no matter where or who we are. And if one adopts the notion that nothing in my life is random or coincidence, and especially now that they are in the final stages of their mind-control research, then them repeatedly telling me about them (as I see these "chance" findings, then this is a big enough issue that they want me to understand the concepts and convey them to whatever readership I have.

The perps still seem to be working on my attention shifting, sounding noise if I shift my attention as it seems they cannot yet entirely access these brainstem locations. Not my problem.

And where out unconscious, or subconscious, memories come from in the human brain. Though if one listens to Deepak Chopra, all our cells have memory, something that organ transplant recipients would know, as they very often take on the lastmost memories of the donor, and very often become aware of the donor's predilections like favorite colors, sexual preferences etc. And it might also explain why the perps continue to remotely effect minor muscle spasming all over me, though at differing locations at different times. Just to think, this suggests that the perps could be monitoring all organ donor recipients after the fact, and may even have caused the initiating ill-health situation, not to mention how the donor came to be such. Hmm, more food for thought on the greater picture of perp treachery. And of course, their greatest advantage is in following a victim from birth to then be able to assign their energetic state to locations, objects touched or proximate, the colors of all their clothes and what they see, and then the lead-up to the organ recipient's surgery, as well as being there at the time by way of their remote viewing and energetic intrusion and assessment capabilities. Though most likely this would be a non-TI, and they wouldn't be inundating the participants with masers and plasma beams like they do me.

Another scientific oddity that seems to me most curious it doesn't get greater exposition. Light beams can create lift in objects. This is profound to me; light can exert gravitational forces. Not in the science text books that I grew up with. I just don't understand why the scientific world ignores all these special rules, the neutrino fields that we live in, and has so many problems with their models to explain mass, gravity, quantum forces, electromagnetic forces and the like, and hasn't declared this in full. Call it the elephant in the room, but more like the elephant herd in the room with the ostriches.

Another interesting scientific snippet; simultaneous light flashes with sound will alter the directional perception of the sound. (And that the brain will recalibrate this new perception). This too is profound; a discovery of the interaction of light and sound perception (aka, cognitive perception). Which might be in part why the perps are so busy arranging headlights to be pointing at me for extended durations when out in public, and come to think of it, they just may also be able to detect this effect through the very LCD/CRT display as you read this. No wonder they run around looking at their cell phone screens, and the odd laptop nearby on the city bus. What they are exactly doing with this interaction  information in real time is unknown, though one can be sure if there is any neurological gain to messing with a TI's cognition, they are on top of it.

Music listening sucked my time tonight; bookmarking the 2010 Best Ofs; two interesting finds are: Laura Marling and Karen Elson -thats new folk for the uninitiated. No metal to be had here.

Blogging off for another day of the abusive torment.

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