Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shut In and Contained

 A 1000h get up time, payback for getting to bed at 0130h, after listening to the wonderous jazz chanteuse, Barb Jungr, this week's big discovery. It seems they only want me to wear headphones on for a few evening hours, having banned them for so long, and then sabotaging my good ones, the Grado pair. Plus the sun was out and beaming through the kitchen while I was making breakfast, and having direct sun on me, even at this time of year, is a big deal as well as having an intervening window.

So far, a shut-in day, and no phone calls, the recent recruiter interest went dead for no declared reason. It looks to be a dull one, save the astonishing revelations in The Dark Side of Camelot, an unflinching and exhaustive espose of JFK and related family and how they operated. If one though ill of Bill Clinton and his "bimbo eruptions" as they were called by his staff, JFK was far worse, and even to the point that large companies were surveiling his girlfriends' places to have the dirt on him to then effect a major buying decision. Ditto for how LBJ got to be vice president; he had Hoover's backing on the dirt on JFK, and secured himself the VP job after JFK had made a decision on someone else. Interesting that it then later led to him going to Dallas in November, 1963, with LBJ there in total protocol violation of having the prez and the VP together at the same location, apart from official ceremonies. Some deep conspiratorial undercurrents there, and I don't think we know a tenth of what really went on. Leading me to yet again question, just how much of what goes on is controlled? I don't yet have an answer to that one, but the perps make sure I am constantly asking that.

And an infernal zit bleed last night that went on for ten minutes, arranged to be on top of my nose and self-erupting in keeping with them having done this 2x previously, though with spontaneous bleed from pore on my nose. All too strange they need to do this so late in the day.

It followed an online order I had just made to, somehow scooping getting some "import" CDs as listed on at a much preferred price, this Country being the seeming import source for at least one of them. Another CD was unavailible in the US, but availible here, though a US label and artist. I sometimes get these strange deals, and have no idea as to why. Other times, I get nailed to the wall, with jacking up the power bill being a stunt of theirs, now replaying at least 3x since they went overt/beserk on  me.

More book reading after dinner, and then booting up the PC, all to have a sudden tiredness spell come over me, so I shut it down without even logging in, the second such nap attack timing in the last three weeks. Then a chill came over me, so on with the dark olive green sweater, before the nap. Again, sweater donning just before or just after these forced evening naps has "happened" at least 4x for these nap attack series of the last month, 2x to 4x/week. Don't ask me what they get from these, though I am lying down on top of my bed and the mostly yellow top blanket, one of their favourite fuckover colors they like me to know about.

More book reading tonight, The Dark Side of Camelot, an expose of how the Kennedy government really ran, and the astonishing lapses in security with the constant flow of babes that JFK needed. Also, his back channel dealings that secured deals with the Soviets, unknown to the negotiation team he had in place. Very yucky, and makes one wonder if politics at the high level is any different now, or perhaps worse. Don't know, but if there is a perp agenda one can be sure that extra FUD and inanity will prevail for unknown reasons. This piece on Haliburton and CIA overcharging and that it continued with Cheney's direct involvement is astonishing. I am not enamoured with all the articles on Fourwinds, though this is the most exhaustive and convincing. Another piece suggests the Gulf Oil Spill this year was started by a N. Korean sabotage unit, and posits that some big share trading in advance is also suggestive that someone knew what was coming down. Hard to be sure, though I suspect it was human malfeasance, not to let Haliburton off the hook either, as they did the well lining and sealing work on the Deepwater Horizon. Given their rapacious and deviant track record in Iraq, I would not be surprised if there was a sabotage element to this disaster, even if the above link isn't believed.

Anyhow, not much to report on this shut-in day, not even getting out into the hallway for laundry or attending to the garbage. Someone wanted me on an effective lockdown today.

So... blogging off with overhead rumbling starting up and loud muffler vehicles sounding off, also getting through the earmuffs. No music allowed tonight for whatever reason, likely due to imposed limitations on wearing headphones, read, magnets at one's ears. And that in conjunction with being kept in a densified magnetic field for over 8 years, as measured by instruments more than once. Anyhow, you know all this I would think.

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