Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Swarm of the Elder Dudes

A morning shopping visit to a local branch store of a well known tools and kitchen and garden tools company with my perp abetting mother. All the older duffers were out, especially the tall ones, and all fugly or worse. The fuckers couldn't hound me enough, even getting in close to hang there to have me move on and then stand over top of where I formerly stood. The big set up seemed that my mother wanted to visit the kitchen section where one babe was there. Immediately after that, the overweight puffy faced fugly crone was on my ass for at least four gangstalkings, hounding me at the next stop (knives) twice, and in place again when I got sucked back into the kitchen section again. After that, the elder dudes took over, save the odd young skinheaded Fuckwit and then the big hat acts.

The setup was similar to last night at the local supermarket; constant dudes coursing around me, and then one babe in the salad section which I have been visiting for weeks to get local salad to no avail, then back to the dudes, curly heads and one reprising skinhead. Imagine having Fugly Fuckwits planted in your face everywhere in public, getting in one's path or crossing immediately behind one, this constant parade of freaks (Unfavored) with the odd pleasant looking person (Favored). Of late, fugly young girls seems to be the focus, going by yesterday's shopping visit. I get to sit around for the rest of the day and ponder what that all means.

I got it wrong last night; they did let me sleep in short order, unusual for a Monday night, but perhaps the assholes are testing something out, reducing the disruption factor in backtesting their latest theories on whatever in the fuck they are hounding me over, especially my mother and that hideous bright red handbag she makes such a show of. And yes, I had red vehicles on either side, plus others crossing in front; a full on red vehicular gangstalking. At said tool store, with the counter crush of shoppers, what do I get? A fucking redcoated woman standing next to me, the anorak force, them and their goretex (teflon) coated jackets. That my coat is parked to a similar black colored teflon coated rain shedding coat when in the closet does suggest the assholes are still working hard on figuring out the effects of all these ubiitous pollutants (PFOA's in this case) and their interactions. NOT MY PROBLEM, so who enrolled me and why is it continuing in this timorous mode of pretend? Why not haul me into an MRI and figure this out much sooner than the 8.5 years it has been?:

Another big event today was the full frontal shave after one day off (at the First Feral Family two nights ago, and there for part of yesterday before I got back to Abuse Central), and with a new razor blade insert for the week. They are usually all over me after I start a new razor insert, and will be too when the grey colored ones run out, and I start with black colored ones they had me get. (After stealing 20 black colored razor inserts this summer, they now let me have them. Purchasing new of course, they didn't return them like they sometimes do.)

And today, the perps went over the top and introduced the very first negro policeman I have seen in this town. They had one lane of a two lane thoroughfare blocked at an intersection, replete with the garish orange temporay signs. Some 40' past it, in the empty lane space they created, they had a police cruiser pulled over and the policeman talking to someone who was detained. And two vehicles further along this backdrop of parked vehicles on the street, they had their negro policeman standing there with a navy blue uniform and a toque on (hiding his hair, note), not apparently involved, staring into space in my general direction (but not at me) with this gigantic grin on his face. Like WTF; his partner is supposedly engaged in legitimate police work and here is is totally detached from the event and posing like a grinning idiot. Mark that one as a poser, along with the rest of them.

Other nonsense today is that my used book order from Florida hasn't shown up a month later. Get this; the first time ever in 12 years of ordering online, I am enrolled in a non-trackable parcel order. I did not chose this at all, it was the only availible shipping method, and an expensive one at that; 8 books cost $65. And lo, if this isn't the very parcel that goes missing; I have emailed them, they emailed to say someone will get back the next day, and then they didn't, and I have emailed twice more to no result. (I have been getting a large number of non-responses from emails of late, but fucking with my order is an outrage). So... of course I wasn't allowed to deal with this today, getting the notion planted well past EST. Onto the phone tomorrow and to launch this into more fraught territory as it seems this bookseller outfit is playing along as well, not answering my emails.

The clunking with a backbeat noise continued while reading the newspaper after dinner. Normally I get the clunking and the overhead backbeat noise, one that has followed me over 9 locations in two cities, plus doctor's offices. So this blend of two long familiar noisestalkings into one sound must be some kind of progress for the assholes.

On another front of the Fuckover is their testing my diet and downstream physiologic and energetic effects of nuts and oils. They had me on peanut butter for breakfast every morning since mid-2003 until about 05-2010 when the coconut butter was found in town, and then I was duly hooked as it is sweet and flavorful. It is supposed to be creamy, but mine went crumbly, starting the crumb game battles with the assholes, now lessened by eating the coconut butter in a small tortilla folded up. That was another diet change, no more leavened bread, and I started the tortillas at breakfast after the bread was finished, and lo, a new loaf arrived in the freezer by itself, presumably as some kind of reference while eating its replacement food item, the tortillas. Other nut butters have been sampled in smaller quantities, but it seems that the introduction of coconut into my diet has been long planned, as they also had me purchase coconut oil to use in cooking the tortillas in making my lunch and dinner fare, the quesadillas. These have a tapenade (olive paste) base, with chopped cooked chicken and melted cheese on top. Sometimes I get a tapenade shortage arranged at the supermarket and then end up with avocado/guacamole as a base instead, so the olive and olive oil ingestion is continuing at a lesser rate as I don't heat the tortillas in olive oil any more. All manner of planted notions have gone on as to tapenade sources in town, as one restaurant imports olive oil from a particular grove location in Greece where there are 800 year old trees. So far, they haven't had me seek it out, but that may be coming, as I see this olive oil sold in local stores now. Presumably the rest of the town is lapping up tapenade and olive oil from various sources and provenances, but I bet none of the Abusive Fuckwits have been eating quesadillas two meals as day for 7.5 years like my assigned diet. I get fed well though as best as I can tell, and my need to eat is a lot less than I have ever known it to be, but this imposition on what I eat and the color of my food is a fucking outrage.

There we have it, the state of my dietary intake has been to swap peanut butter for coconut butter after 7.5 years since release from incarceration, 8.5 years of overt abuse in total. But on the breakfast nut/seed front the assholes had me on crushed flax seed in 2003 but pulled me off it in 2005 or so to substitute hemp seed, (legal, and no THC). And until about 10-2010 that was my supplement with my breakfast cereal, but about then they fucked me into purchasing too many almonds, and so when the hemp seed ran out I substituted almonds instead. Those ran out this past week and so I am eating up the hazel nuts I purchased in 10-2010 when on an excursion. Those will take a month to eat up, and I wonder what is coming next; back to hemp seed and the prematurely purchased tub of it in the fridge, or yet another new nut campaign? That the Fuckover Nuts are going coconuts over my nut intake isn't new, just another example of the tedium and the level of proscription that governs my existence. Note the need for the perps to have "fallow time" for these nut ingredients to sit around before consumption; the almonds sat around for a month, ditto for the hazelnuts (filberts), and now the hemp seed. Before the coconut butter was purchased, a jar of peanut butter was sitting around for two months before it was finished up. Same deal, this imposed need of the sickos to have things sit around unused.

And I see reading the newspaper that the Alberta oilsands are getting busy again, and they are looking for personnel. Obviously an article to piss me off, as I have been applying for jobs for a year now, even there, and I don't even get an email response. So it would seem that 2011 will fit the past pattern of the last two years; four months employment at minimum wage and with two employers and have me contained in this shithole town for another run of doing fucking squat. It fits the pattern. One recent TI questionaire posed the question of lost opportunity costs of employment, and when I added it up it was over $500,000. MInd you, much of it would of been sucked into the support payments realm, but still, I would at least have a decent resume instead of answering to job postings that are suspiciously arranged to pander to my interests and later I find out the job as filled. Or, getting sucked into applying for real jobs and not hearing a thing when I am eminently qualified. And the employment agency that gave me the boot for no reason is now contacting me again to update my resume. I never expected, or wanted for that matter, to hear from these assholes again, and lo, if they don't send me an email after two years.

I was going to upgrade my Geographic Information Systems skills in evening classes this fall, as the courses started in October when I would be finished work. And lo, if the courses didn't start in early September this year, causing me to miss out on this opportunity I had been observing for the past two years. Funny how all this bullshit keeps happening.

Just when I was content to have 60 albums ripped, though with some that didn't convert, I find another ripping application that could convert the last few WAV files into FLAC. And so another round of getting the metadata straightened out, getting the new FLAC files in the appropriate directory, chasing down the files that just went poof, and then mastering the new version of Windows now displaying the metadata when it hadn't before. A few more options in correcting the messes that come with this task, but it is interesting that File Explorer was decidedly bowlderized before, and now it shows the same metadata I entered via another application. Every detail, down to select, cut, paste and the rest of it, is highly governed and potentially fucked with.

Enough for the assholes to provoke a rage-ified reaction to their doings when the headphones were on me. Then overhead pounding noise started up at the same instant. The latest in PC sabotage is for the assholes to take control of the mouse pointer and move it away just as I am about to move it myself. Another is to defeat clicking; no response whatsoever the first time, and yet the mouse works just fine the next.

Enough of the ongoing travails, and to ponder what I am going to do tomorrow; which of the two feckless quisling family members should I visit to scrape some pay together for gardening? I don't know, but I should attempt to get this done before the end of December so I don't have these jobs hanging around.

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