Thursday, December 09, 2010

Rain On

A half day of doing garden toil at my in-town brother's place. Some 40' of overgrown ivy needs to be contained and removed from encroaching on anything else. With sunshine this morning I set off, but arriving at 1000h a light shower started up to accompany me starting the job. Then it ran out, though loading the ivy with water to tumble down on me, and it was even pleasant out until nearly noon when another rain onset. So.. I have lunch, and then I am OK, as the rain had stopped. Then at about 1350h a steady rain came on, and with the all-over dimness it looked like a rain to stay, so I cleaned up the removed foliage, which took some 40 minutes and made the 15 minute walk to the bus stop.

This is the second time at this particular bus stop where the bus arrives when I am approaching the intersection, and I get to watch it at the bus stop from the other side of the street as there is road traffic passing in each direction. I get the "walk" signal finally, and am hurrying, and when I get some 10' of the rear of the bus it pulls away. Twice this "bus baiting" has occured in two successive visits.

I didn't have my umbrella with me, and so my microfiber coat wasn't really up to water repellancy, and got soaked. There seems to be an ongoing Fuckover campaign to reduce my umbrella use; short rain to bait me to use it and then it passes, or else sustained rain that I did not anticipate, such as today. This is the Blunt umbrella, purchased by web-order from New Zealand last summer, and like many things, there is a use constraint program in place to limit my use of it, even if it has lain "in fallow" for the prererquisite duration, whatever that is for whatever material, color, substance or item.

Back to the above bus story; I am sitting in the bus shelter, out of the rain, and the usual parade of freaks comes by, does their back and forths, and then loiters for no seeming reason some 30' away, though not bus passengers. Then another person (Caucasian) comes along, seeming to make a move to sit down on the bench in the shelter, and I think nothing of it. Only when I had a look a minute later do I see a negro kid sitting there. In other words, the assholes totally faked me out into assuming a certain person from my left was coming to sit down, and instead, a negro who came from the right side direction as I wasn't looking there. He had a golf bag full of clubs, which I assume was his prop, as there wasn't a golf club for over a mile, so how did he get there? And who would go golfing in a fucking downpour? And he was wearing a hoodie the same blue color as my umbrella (that I did not bring) for crissakes. At some point he also had to slide in closer as well. Then when on the bus, full of dudes for some reason, he sits in the opposite transverse seats. Then the elder dudes in black, OMIBs maybe, (Old Men In Black), board and stand beside the front wheel wells, making out that they didn't notice the empty seats availible. One eventually sits beside the negro to then start his coughing routine. My bus shelter mates saw a need to site on each side of me, making sure that I noticed this tailing and that had me covered. One was a dude sucking on his coffee, which I am assuming is their portable brown color reference they need to bring, especially when brown skinned Fuckwits are proximate.

And sure enough, the native Indian wierds arrive, one in red (female) and the other in black (male) with a stringy mass of long hair. She has a backpack on with a scarf dangling down, and manages to pass by too close to have the scarf drag over my hands that are on my knees. Only a minute later she somehow lets go of the red backpack to have it tumble on my knees again, but at least she did register a "sorry". The amount of bullshit these assholes pull to get a specific color near me at the correct moment just boggles the mind. It seems they don't want to put red around me first thing in each new location, but only after a siutable "warm-up" duration of being gangstalked with other colors. I suppose if I wore red shirts that would really mess them up, but I can't see that happening, as they instilled (mind planted) me with a loathing for red.

And lo, if the negro doesn't get off the bus downtown with his golf bag. How fucking absurd it is to have such an item there, let alone in the continuing downpour.

And it was still raining tonight when I did a short run to the supermarket for chocolate, coffee and milk. And still the assholes were on me, putting a brown hoodie wearing gangstalker asshole popping out from behind a corner of the adjacent building.

I am listening to Neko Case as I am typing this tonight, and from the recently ripped digital files that I slaved over last week. I also made a Neko Case playlist, combining two albums, Blacklisted and Furnace Room Lullaby, and I elected to play from the Neko Case playlist. This is first time I use this particular feature ever, a playlist. And what happens? Why, the player inexplicably stops at the end of the first album but before playing the second album. A total blatant incursion and sabotage of playing music from a playlist at the transition from one album to the next. Who in their right mind dreams up this insane bullshit?

A wrap after listening to NPR's top 50 albums for 2010 and finding only three in the list that showed promise to my ears. I am having a disconnect with them and their choices, though to be fair, I don't listen to their radio programs, all part of the imposed constraint even if I have buckets of piss around time. Blogging off.

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