Saturday, December 11, 2010

Music Sampling + 12-12-2010 Add-on

A slovenly shut-in day once I did laundry. The usual concurrent "need" to start cleaning while the laundry was on; bathroom tub and floor, inside the toilet but not outside of it, and a few more of these constraints on a complete job. When I first moved here in 2007, they would have me start cleaning the bathtub and when about half done, a sudden tired attack would come on forcing me to stop. They only let me clean part of the bathtub because for them, they wanted to access a partial situation. And so it goes with so many things, especially new; delay, protract and obstruct until we allow one pass completion.

The rains came belting down this afternoon, and still are as I write this. The perps have scripted some heavy rain this week, and if the forecast is not a con, then plenty more for next week. This has the effect of holding up my one landscaping job to get finished, the one at my perp abetting mother's place. the perps just love to hold off completion as mentioned above, and this is one more activity. Apart from store exits, terminating outside activity, visual field reduction (e.g. fog) and setting off driving with my mother, I don't understand quite what the timing is for the perps' weather games. Though in general, they like to create more heat differential, say cold weather. The entire weather scheme is most interesting, and begs one to ponder just what are their plans, and to what level of detail.

Its music sampling tonight, troving through the 2010 best-of lists and listening to samples, and if liked, bookmarked in my 50,000 plus bookmarks list (all bookmarks, not just music). Always made to be more difficult, as some sites like NPR are getting more "rap happy" than I care for. I don't do heavy metal either, more folk and roots music, though well crafted pop can be catchy too.

More music tonight, garnering bookmarks, always a big noistalk moment.

I will probably add to this Dec. 12, being a Sunday, it will be a short blog time day.

A brief add to the above, as it seems that even while apartment bound, it is a big Fuckover day, especially noted by the on-off faked water-running-in-pipes noise. If that is for real, then next door neighbor has had three showers so far this morning. Not bad for a studio suite dweller. Though in fact, they have cleared out all neighbors from my residences for the past 10 years or more, all the more notable when living in an apartment as there is a marked reduction in normal tenant traffic. Even the apartment and condo towers seem to be strangely vacated, hardly any lights on at any time of the day. The perps like me to notice these things, so what it all means isn't real clear, though I am confident from a number of differing observations that there is hardly anyone who genuinely lives here in this 12 story building, 14 units per floor, save the first one.

Other busy and rage-fied bullshit has been escalated today, the first night after the sheets were laundered yesterday. They self-erupted coffee grounds off the spoon when loading the coffee carafe, said grounds taking a 6" lateral leap over the pot and onto the burner and stove top. They just love it when I need to clean the stovetop with the blue sponge on one or the other side (most often asymmetrically) of the coffee carafe. Then the drip-drip noise starts up and so the game is to put the same sponge in the sink outlet to "stop" the drips from accumulating. Never had I such a noisy sink, and it isn't the faucets as they aren't leaking unless they back the tap off. Which is what they did yesterday, and as a Fuckover first, they played the same noise at the same volume when I had the hearing protective earmuffs on. Until then, it was a given that I could avoid all the drip noise variants from the kitchen by putting on the earmuffs, and then suddenly, the noise now gets through. These quaint games of faux noise impositions, for real annoyance "reactions", to then take measures to abate the noise, which work for a long time, and then they violate them. Another related game was that the drip noises would erupt when eating or in the kitchen and by playing the "sponge in the sink outlet" game, the noise would stop, as indicated above. This gambit was good for some three years, but six months ago, this polite and stupid fucking game of theirs wasn't good enough anymore, so they slowly started the same noise up when the sponge was in the sink, only quietly and with an electronic high pitched chirp/harmonic instead. All to get a rise out of me to vocalize how they have reneged on their fucking insane game, and why they decided to do it.

But all habitual events are getting more sabotaged to beget more vocalization "response", none more notable than shaving. This activity has been a long standing Fuckover scene with fake water-running-in-pipes noises, drainwater pipe noise, inflicted lesions of no ostensible cause (not even a faked razor cut, but ovoid lesions), and plenty of games to fuck up the order of my shaving as they can now dick with short term memory. If that wasn't enough, they cranked up the abuse level to get plenty more vocalizations/rage-ifications, adroitly timed to the water noises, hallway voices, overhead pounding and the like.

The faux neighbor fan noise has been on since early morning, even heard before I got up by way of phone call. The assholes even combined the fan noise with vibrating my pillow to force me to place my head on the mattress instead during the light sleep dream pre-getup dream time. And some bullshit dreams about the ex when the phone rang. I got up and answered it, and while speaking on the phone with my in-town brother about today's arrangements, the assholes replayed dream sequences in mind. Like I have said many times, the assholes use the phone not only for key moment interuptions, but also for the EMF from it handset, vocalizations and concurrent thought processing, but also as an exposure of plastic next to one's head. So another first, the perps using the phone to not only awaken me from sleep, but as detection device for replayed dream sequences they planted, referring to the prior dreams before awakening, and thereby minimizing the duration between dream time and awakened phone answering time.

More laundry this morning, just to finish what remained and what they fucked out of mind when doing sheets laundry yesterday. The face cloth, the long travelled one they have me take to the First Feral Family house for each Sunday (today) visitation, wasn't allowed to be laundered with the bedsheets and towels yesterday. They now like it to be laundered the day before I use it there, the follow-on Monday, fresh from being stored in its plastic bag to keep it from dampening anything in my pack. And the game is too that the FFF house never, ever, has an availible face cloth, so I bring my own. A constant fuck up there with respect to face cloths (for shaving), so it must serve the abuse/research agenda to have me pack my own, and of course, take it back while damp which includes the city bus freakshow some days.

Blogging off for a FFF visitation, hoping this unreviewed blog posting is readable for all the forced typos that have gone down in writing this.


Anonymous said...

Is Windows 7 working out OK? Because Vista has one of the worst memory management performances ever. Just watching a youtube video causes the video to freeze with only the audio playing. I can't open task manager or anything until the video is finished, which is annoying. Pretty sad when a simple youtube video is able to bring a system to its knees. I believe the virtual memory subsystem is complete garbage in Vista. I'm thinking Windows 7 solved these issues.

AJH said...

Answer to: Is Windows 7 working out...

Yes, Windows 7 is working OK, never having gone to Vista, I skipped over it from XT. I have 6 Gb of RAM and have had no memory bottlenecks that I can recall. And the x58 architecture seems to be very quick too, though that it is less important than the OS. There is a MS link for those doing XT to Win 7, and that helped, the downloaded report. I did a total new install, which is what was required, though not from Vista. The real memory factor/problem is the 32 bit architecture, as it is limited memory limited. Be sure to go to Win 7 64 bit for more memory access.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good. Did you have to buy a Windows 7 disk, or did it come with your machine? I was looking at Windows 7 Home Premium, and it doesn't look too expensive. They have it for $199, where you can download the ISO. Actually, the Professional version of Windows 7 and up would be the best, because of the compatibility with XP apps. But it's a little pricey at $299.

AJH said...

Answer to: Sounds good. Did you...

I purchased the Win 7 disk in a July-2009 promo when it was half price, delivered in Oct. I can't find the link, but one site author said the Pro version should of been the one they released for everyone. The price has gone up, as it was $130 as I recall last year.