Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Solstice and Eclipse -another fluke?

A little too reaching to say that tomorrow's solstice and eclipse is a fluke, the first time in 456 years, but the perps do have a decided interest both celestial phenomenon, often arranging extra gangstalking and other harassment abuses these days. The time they doubled up on the hikers one Dec. 21, which was a Sunday, about the busiest day of the shopping year, was a significant clue. And one member of my gangstalking parties looked very much like my in-town brother, giving me the stare with his same goofy smirk. A week or so later when I asked him if he was uncharacteristically hiking in Gowland-Tod Park that day, the perps diverted my gaze elsewhere so I wouldn't see him denying his involvement. Which for me, is a sure sign that it was him, as the perps like to set these "moment of truth/lies" moments up, and then mind-fuck me into not seeing the telltale signatures of deceit. That is how it goes down this rabbit hole, where nothing can be taken at face value, and nothing is ever happenchance, down to looking at this stark LCD display, as the fuzzy ball masers are bobbing about in formations. And then the overhead clunking erupts as it just did, getting through my hearing protection.

This is a Monday, returning from an overnight stay at the First Feral Family home, and all the extra attention that entails, as it always a big event for the perps. I took the city bus home, and had my freakshow ready for me when it came, being half full. This time it was pre-negroed, two sitting side by side with the aisle side dude with one leg in the center aisle, just like that last lot of negroes on the bus out to the farm this summer. They were the blackest ones I have seen, as the perps seem to be working the negro skin color tones of late, from cafe-au-lait, to deepest brown, to the blackest. They got off in one stop, and then the rest of the freakshow parade continued as the bus travelled from suburbia to downtown.

The oddest hoodie act going fulfilled his promise by using his lighter inside his pack pocket, he and the other of my bus shelter mates being either side of me. This hoodie act did two back and forths in the three minutes I was at the bus stop, including walking away from the bus shelter when it was plain that the bus was arriving. Why anyone would walk away from a bus stop when the bus arrival is imminent (less than 20 seconds away, and visible), is totally beserk IMHO. And then to use his lighter as a light source to see inside his pack pocket has got to be one of the all time stupidest stunts going, seated opposite me while the bus was in motion, post-negro disembarcation. The rest of the passengers who could of seen him using his lighter kept their heads down and pretended otherwise, and not even reacting to me (read, mind-fuck state) asking the hoodie act just what he was doing, starting a lighter on a moving bus. That kind of bullshit would get one seriously assaulted if it were in an aircraft, and justly so.

I suppose the big deal from the perps' angle was that my mother dropped me off near the bus shelter, as normally I walk there. For some reason she hung back while I attended to leaf raking, as she said she was going to go after lunch. The leaf raking was terminated early as the wind started up, moving piles of leaves that had been just raked. Now that I fixed the rake by adding new wire, pinning the spreader bracket to said wire, drilling the tine ends so they were fixed with a wire loop and couldn't shift, and then secured the handle with a hose clamp to the tine ends, meant that I had a rake that could be useful again. And it has been a month's delay in using this rake as it fell apart after within an hour of its inital use. Then came other gardening jobs such as the infernal weeding, and also a snow event, and finally I got back to leaf raking at the FFF house, and lo, if the wind didn't start up to abbreviate leaf raking. Which is totally consistent with so many objects; there has to be a "fallow" time, (object acquired but not used), then only short or tentative uses of progressively longer duration before the object is allowed to be used to its fullest capacity.

This gradual increment use of new objects applies to DVD's as well; of the ten I purchased for cheap prices in Jan. 2010, almost a year ago, only four have been opened, one has been played for 20 minutes, and none have been viewed straight through. Various imposed "problems" have been imposed, such as a malfunctioning Windows Media Player, driver problems, as well as the 'can't be bothered to see it" mind fuck games that are routine. Just another example of how things go in this imposed and contained existence, as if they haven't fucked me out of watching movies all my life, which they have. I am a virtual movie ignoramus, and yet I like to see movies. In the 2003 to 2004 harassment years, they would have me watch a movie at the nearby cinema, a ten minute vehicle drive at most, about every week or two. As soon as I moved a little further from cinemas, suddenly there was no ambition to watch movies any more. Instead, they started me on TV, which became a chore for the myriad interuptions, but kept my service long enough to see the Indian Ocean Tsunami story unfold in all its tragic dimensions. Fluke? I don't think so, same with 2001 and the 9/11 events that I got to witness on TV after I had cancelled my service no less. Somehow, ATT "forgot" to put the order through in August of that year.

Yesterday, I got screwed into a 10 hour sleep, even if I set the alarm for 0730h. They had me attend to the alarm, and then get back into bed, something I never usually do. This backed me up for availible time to set off to my in-town brother's place to finish up his leaf raking, which I thought I had done a week ago, but he said more was needed. So to save time, I did a face-only shave, not a full frontal one, same as when at the FFF house (today). That makes it two days in succession without a full frontal shave, and for the perps, that is mighty exciting. Which might also account for the extra gangstalking bullshit on the city bus today, and may also be in the plans for when I set off to the LD store after crafting this posting. Even if I walked past the LD store after getting off the bus this afternoon, usually an all-out gangstalking show, "somehow" I "forgot" to get more mouthwash as the assholes ran me out of it Sunday morning. I got screwed into "thinking" I had some more remaining, but I did not, which is another example of them fucking with my head, because I don't normally forget to get these items, and how much I have on hand. Sometime in 2005 or early 2006 they gained the ability to fuck with my recall, and by early 2007 they could fuck with all my long term recall, and then in 2008 they were able to mess with short term recall. I assume this is the same for all TI's, or at least, the ones that are actively fucked with to know that this is going on, these sudden lapses of recall that was infalliable before, and then suddenly comes back again.

And while at the in-town brother's place I helped him with his Windows capability, as he isn't much versed in how to use a PC, and the invariable Windows ergonomic problems come to bear, and the perps also like to crank up my impatience level with all things Microsoft. So, he got to sit in front of the PC while I said "right click", "left click" and many other verbal commands that he was so unsure about. The perps like to arrange LCD screen viewing Fuckwits around me all the time, the latest cell phones and netbooks being examples, so I can only assume this was familial gangstalking with a LCD screen close at hand. It seems the perps are delivering some kind of irradiation, likely mind-fuck irradiation, through these devices, and want to replicate this everywhere I go, which means that the cell-phone squad is all over me in public. My mother put on the Windows bozo act ad nauseum in 2003 and 2004, and finally relented under the guise of being minimally Windows capable. With all this dysfunction around Windows, and forcing me through the training hoops with learning adverse perp-abetting family, one wonders if the MS-Windows world isn't deliberately crafted to be a pain in the ass, and have so many ways to do the same thing, surely perp preferred outcomes.

I got a rare ride back to my place from my in-town brother, then once my belongings were assembled, a ride to our mother's place, the FFF house. And without saying anything, there seemed to be this furtive agreement in advance that she knew he was coming for dinner, and it was made out to be happenchance. Call it family accompaniment from one home (familial gangstalk venue) to another, with an intervening stop at my place. Oddly, or maybe not, there was a number of blondes on the sidewalks as we drove by in the very dim light at 1730 h. The perps reminded me of this when watching the later BC Global TV News at 1800h, led by the blonde Robin Stickley. (All this blonde exposure is of the Favored category, as described in the Favored and Unfavored essential blog posting to the right for those unfamiliar with the perp's use of this particular demographic group). Anyhow, for the first time in 8.5 years of gangstalking, the Sunday night visitation event was accompanied by the in-town brother's appearence, and perhaps his own viewing perception of blondes.

Other bullshit at the FFF house this morning was for my mother to have a need to check on the oil tank below in the crawl space, making out that it may run out while family is visiting this week, and that the heating oil company's unilateral removal from the automatic scheduling list made her uncertain as to what might transpire. That the perps have a fixation over petroleum products and exposure and proximity to them, including filling the family vehicle at the fuelling station, isn't new. It was just more blatant that this ruse was employed while I was there. Yesterday, a Sunday no less, a heating fuel tanker drove withing  three houses of my in-town brother's place while I was having lunch there. It pulled onto the wrong side of the road, and appeared to park there, and as best as I could tell, it didn't make a delivery. So, on with more petroleum products stalking for 2011 I predict, and maybe another big one next year, talking about the BP oil disaster this past summer in the Gulf of Mexico. I get plenty to see plenty of oil production mishaps stories these days; pipeline bursts, and west coast moratoriums on oil transport, and on it goes.

A trip to the LD store, duly gangstalked by the dude force in a travelling wave with me, and then the Fuckwits in place in each location of the aisle I wanted to get to. Heavy on the chocolate section, at least five fuckers there in "just standing there" pose, doing their best to stretch their spines, to look interested for exceptionally prolonged circumstances. Code for looking stupid IMHO.

Then back to this place, again with a dude-force ahead of me, and some coming from the side, plus a mid-street turnaround vehicle that just had to encroach on the sidewalk in front of me, all to turn around in mid-street beside me and then take off from the direction they came from. In other, a totally pointless manouver from any perspective, save that of the perp intrigues and this signature stunt.

Then once tea and chocolate was done, thought not before them getting me rage-ified over blatant noise while I had chocolate in my mouth, the faux neighbor water-usage noise, as if travelling in noisy pipes. They even let me shout it down and stopped it per my behest. Rare, but it has occured more frequently these days, where they acede to my demands, though more like, it was entirely scripted to make it seem that I had some influence, which I don't. If they can determine how much pain or duress I am in at any given moment, they they have the capacity to orchestrate these reactions to their desired level of the TI.

And now that I am immersed in resume writing again, after a chat with an on-off recruiter from Vancouver, the noise has started up again, getting through my earmuffs. Even to the point of their signature clunk noise that has followed me over 10 residence locations in two cities occuring at the exact moment of a mouseclick to effect an editing change. It seems that if the assholes want to noisestalk me, or otherwise jerk me around including having pop-up windows of no rational origin appear at key moments (for them), all over resume composition, then it seems they have a long way to go in terms of reseaching this particular aspect of my existence.

So, the inevitable question this one for the readership, one that my employment counsellor passed on; do I declare a "medical condition" (involuntary subject maybe?) excuse on my resume, or not? We are talking about no IT job since 2002. Or, do I go into a spiral of; it is all rigged anyhow, so screw it, no job looking whatsoever, save more of the agricultural laborer jobs the perps like me to have. These have been cutting daffodil flowers, picking daffodil bulbs, picking red fruits like strawberries and raspberries, picking potatoes, weeding and so it goes.

The drift from the recruiter is that I have to state the reasons for my absence from the IT job market. This is always made to be a conundrum; do I do the supplicative bullshit about it being a "medical condition" or do I say something about being a nonconsensual human experimentee, constantly raped in place? I did the "medical condition" thing in the first release of the resume, but that got me nothing, save that strange interaction and complementary email dysfunction so the  E. Indian woman recruiter and I could be on the phone at the same time as the emails were sent back and forth. Then she was never heard from again, a most un-recruiter like behavior. Funny how these email problems wax and wane and in concert with whom.

An evening of troving through a new stereo components site, stereomojo.com. All I do is look, and if the commentary sounds too much like winetasting, I get a sudden drift of inattention and off I go to the next page. The perps like me to be to casually skim read, much to my annoyance at times, as some topics I like to read in greater detail. They seem to know what subjects and what level of technical depth that I am interested in, (or more like, am allowed cognitive function), and like to test me on either more technical material or else have me abort reading and turn the page. Cognitive registration is a big deal for them, and they often noisestalk me the instant that I "get it" (understand), or when I don't "get it" (fail to cognitively register what is being conveyed). Doubtless more years of jerking me around are lined up over this topic alone.

Enough blogging, and I was prevented from getting my resume upgrade/conversion done to a new format, so here we go again, keeping me in the vocational netherworld again.


Anonymous said...

I believe that is one goal of the system, to drive us with a negative motivator (as in the carriage driver who cracks the whip). If they know you've got racist issues, or that you had problems with some blacks early on in your life, then this could be a reason you are seeing so many blacks. Maybe it's been blocked out from you, and you didn't realize it's there. I'm not sure. Like with me, I had some problems, not racial, but otherwise, and of course, they are just RELENTLESS in pounding me with this. It's like the pro wrestling shows on tv, where the commentator would point out that the opponent is "working on" the sore shoulder. Of course, this is all storyline stuff, but the angle goes two ways: either the opponent cause the injury, and is working on the injury to weaken his opponent. Or, he had a (storyline) injury earlier, and the opponent is working on this injury to gain an advantage over his competitor.

So, it could be that they are manufacturing a racist wound for them to work on, and they are working on it throughout the campaign to further weaken you. This has the secondary objective of making you appear to have racial issues. Just as I wrote this, I could a needling prick sensation on my right forearm. Supposedly it's to let me know I'm talking about the wrestling "injuries", and that they can simulate this with their tech. Also, [getting forced memory lapses now, they are shorting out my short-term memory]. They are also trying to install various fears inside me with classical conditioning via gangstalking to prevent me from wanting to use computer operating systems. They don't want me using FreeBSD or Sabayon Linux, or Windows, but rather, want me to stick with an open source variant of Solaris, for some reason.

Oh yeah, what I "forgot": they were able to make voices appear out of my laptop, and there is not Flash or anything installed. And it's not Windows, so they couldn't have hacked in. Sounds like more magic with their tech, either a form of V2K, or messing with the amplifier circuits in the laptop directly.

Anonymous said...

They seem to mess with short-term recall, having me completely forget the next topic I wanted to discuss. After a period of 2 minutes or so, they can restore what it was I was trying to recall from short-term memory.

And when teaching a class on Algebra, they fucked me out of remembering how to do completing the square. I completely forgot, and I had to kind of stand up there, and kill some time while desperately trying to remember how to do the freaking complete the square. I was really sweating, and almost was at the point where I wanted to admit, OK, I don't know what the fuck I'm doing up here, can anyone help me? But fortunately, the perps held me back from the admission, and somehow, the ability to do those sorts of problems all of a sudden came back to me. I was finally, after 2 minutes of dancing around, sweating, trying to figure out how to do completing the square, able to teach it. Phew! They almost had me completely fucked with that stunt.

I think it's so odd, that something so simple as completing the square, one of my favorite techniques, they fucked me out of remembering how to do those problems. They seem to do this with me a lot: have me all worried and nervous, and then all of a sudden, restore my ability. Must be a study in tension and release, as well, for the assholes. Ironically, it was my best lecture. And somehow, my students were fucked out of recalling how to do those problems, too.

One evidence of that is that the course coordinator, who makes the final exam for the course, inexplicably left off completing the square problems, yet the exam was tough as hell. It was pretty thorough, but that one topic the perps put me through hell with, he didn't put one problem on.

AJH said...

Answer to: They seem to mess with....

The messing you with a basic recall of the algegra problem is straight out of the perp manual of late. Today, they totally blanked me on a name, and were attempting to substitute a Spanish equivalent, "Carlos" instead of the person I knew as "Carl". Temporary blocking of names, known algebra methods and like long established recall has increased substantially since 2006-2007 when they learned how to access my long term recall, and I presume, that of all TI's and the others who are naive to this level of remotely applied mental intrusion. Related to this, the acquisition of knowlege is a big research topic as well, and blanking out some students on a specific topic is nothing new if my own college history is given a retrospective analysis. I suspect that information comes with its own psychic signatures, and being able to detect this in the instructor, and in some students who learned it to then compare to the students who got blanked out might be the perps' research game. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I believe that is...

My observations as they relate to race are the inordinant number of "coinicdences" given the demographic make-up of this town. And I believe that skin color, shades of brown mostly, and decoding its energetic signature vis a vis all internal body parts and their respective colors, seems to be a big part of the perp agenda. I had two negroes working for me in 1998-00, then worked for one in 2000-2002, and I would consider any of them a friend if they wanted to be, if their other time commitments weren't a priority. So I don't consider relating observations about the inordinant and repeating racial mix about the gangstalkers to be racist in other words. If you go to the Indian Lake Project blog;


you will see children in a military camp (in NY state) in cages; some are Caucasian, some are negro, and some are blind from the few pictures that are availible. These tests/experiments were conducted in the late 1950's, coinciding with the years someone wiped my recall (aged 2 to 5) nearly clean of all events. I am assuming that the current and obvious gangstalking with negroes and other races is related to unfinished business of these experiments and/or inflicted subconscious traumatization associations if I was there at Indian Lake at that time. And for the record, I do get an inordinant number of blind gangstalkers (some are obviously fake though), and I also get an inordinant number of military dressed gangstalkers, some coming from "regiments" that don't exist in this town, specifically the army. This is a navy town, with a small army reserve, who don't parade around town on weekdays as they are at their day jobs in theory. Thanks for the comments.