Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fellini Freak Show for Grocery Shopping

A visit to the local supermarket to get milk, now that it is one day past its best-by date, and a sure invitation to getting soured. The assholes have backed off on that one, as they typically soured the same milk five days before the best-by, and now let it go to the date or one day past. It seems they get a charge out of having me pour white liquid down the drain, and given that they ripped the adjacent road up and all the pipes too, it seems that sending down white liquid is a big deal. They even sent Fuckwits down the manhole and then to gangstalk on the street when I came back from a week away once, though it seems they don't need to do that now.

A local supermarket trip became a freakshow of minor proportions, all the more odd that it was no more than a 10 min. round trip. For once they didn't stack the apartment lobby or string six or more dudes across the entrance, but instead started out with two dudes on the sidewalk, one behind the other, and then continued with at least 30 of the Fuckwits between the the apartment and the supermarket, in various freak formats. A woman with a pink wheeled blue-green-plaid luggage tote was barrelling at me on the sidewalk, followed by the running Fuckwit in an olive drab jacket, the same color as the shirt I had underneath my navy blue jacket. The silver tote bag woman in matching light grey coat and matching diablo pattern stockings was in lead-ahead mode on the street, then for at least 2 more reprise stalkings in the store, and even smiled at me for crissakes, and I smiled back. Continuing in the store, the dumbstruck chinless woman in blue was obstructing my intended egress so I chose an alternate aisle and lo, if there wasn't a family in full flight behind the aisle corner on me, and 4 y.o. girl trailing to keep up and in my intended path. He, She and two children, strung out serially and the parents at a brisk walk. Most strange in the first place as this isn't a family area, and it a rare sighting indeed, and to then be in full adult stride and then strung out like the usual gangstalker associations made it all the more obvious.

Then a woman in a very strangely textured light brown toque did the faux oblivious act and wandered into my path to slow me up, enough for an excuse to have me make a diversionary look at the salsa section. All those red colored sauces, and per yesterday's blog, the perps are onto exposing me to more antipasti and salsas, and I suppose this was all part of their "red sauce games", revived since they last had me eating it back in 2004. Then to the chocolate section, always arranged to be a pain to grasp, horizontal and vertical stacked mid-blue packaged milk chocolate, the Ritter Ecuador sourced beans, and forcing my hand onto the adjacent navy blue packaged chocolate to prevent it leaping off the shelf, per usual fuckery. Then when headed to the milk section, a dude does the faux oblivious act again, stepping into my path, and I take an alternate route, and lo, if the fucker isn't there, no mean feat as I had a more direct route and walked faster than he did. But there he was, reprising to then loiter at the goat milk section, the only kind I get, but he scrammed in short order, something that is rare, as they like to get more hover time in my proximity as a rule. Then onto the produce section, and for the first time in many months, they didn't have it choked with dithering Fuckwits, save the two doing their faux independent oblivious choreography after I picked up the kiwi fruit, a major investigative fruit/color, as I once had a small farm with an acre of kiwi fruit. The blue chinless one reprised to then get in the way of this strange stocking/stalking dude at his cart of brown boxes, oddly waving one arm around. They got their choreographed clusterfuck over with to allow me to pass through to get to the checkouts, but not so fast, as a dude in full stride and arranging to put his backpack on was coming at me from 10' away, strangely holding out his L. hand horizonatally in an efeminant way, all too strange, this cacaphony of oddities- backpack on, in full stride, ceasing to use his L., hand and holding it horizontal, and doing the faux oblivious thing again. So, an alternate aisle, straight to a free checkout to get this mousey woman cashier, who could be barely understood in asking me if I wanted a plastic bag. (That it what they do in this town, enhancing the cashier verbal interaction). A faux staff dude in orange gloves was lounging at the next checkout, and the flower department dude was way out of place at the next checkout behind me, usually a regular gangstalker from 20' or more away, though only 6' away this time. Then out of there to have my regular E. bound swarm at the exit, and through the parking lot to suffer the vehicular clusterfuck again. And lo, if the pink wheeled blue-green plaid luggage tote act wasn't coming at me the opposite way, on the same stretch of sidewalk as when she was first noted on my outbound leg to the supermarket.

Another faux oblivious act again, this time standing in mid-path at the intersection, a blonde Asian dude in blue and white plaid and a ridiculous ball cap. I started across the intersection  before the Walk signal to get a jump on getting past this freak, and then had the dude flush come at me again, one in orange with his girlfriend behind him, also doing the faux oblivious act again by refusing to make room for me due to the tree pinching sidewalk egress. Again, no Fuckwits lounging in the lobby, not even appearing from the elevator that arrived at the main floor. Back to sitting still at this emanating LCD, and the plasma and masers free floating in front. Somewhere in all that freak barrage they put on some fat dudes in big hats, at least two, and another in white pants. Such is going to the grocery store.

Other exciting bullshit today, at least from the perps' perspective, was to have me start a new razor insert for my shaving, always a big deal for them, pulling this teflon coated plastic and steel blade set over my face and onto a full frontal shave, per usual. (Or more like, the imposed usual, as I never did this before 10-2008, and don't really have a compelling reason as I have no one to impress or request such). And lo, if they didn't inflict at least six coincident lesions, that took two staunching attempts with the steptic pencil. Some lesions had this odd deep red blood, and some had a more normal oxygenated skin subsurface blood, and they even pulled one on top of this red wine mole pair they put on my chest about two years ago, red blood on a red mole. This isn't the first time they have done this red-on-red stunt, but it does signify extra intrusion and perp meddling to me. Related to this was that I was using a face cloth that I had specially laundered yesterday, getting the stain remover out to rid the persistent brown stain on the white face cloth, ostensibly from the accretions of bloodletting while shaving over the past three months. The face cloths were also soaked in the bathtub for 30 minutes before being laundered with two T-shirts (one black, one navy blue, a favorite color combination for the assholes), and two pairs of underwear. And lo, if the assholes didn't put lint on these items while in the washing machine, the only one that I know of that applies more lint than it removes. All were hung dry, and the face cloth was used this morning as the inaugural occasion of this prior special cleaning. I began the use of the second face cloth, identical to the first, a few days ago, and lo, if it hadn't been used by someone, replete with navy blue pills on the cotton terry fabric. Like WTF; the second face cloth had not been used by me, it should of been in a new never-used fluffy state, and yet its fibers were mashed down as if it had been as extensively used as the regular one. Adding the blue pilling onto cotton is another perp trademark, as I don't think this can be done by mere mortals. The new face cloth got as brown tinged as the first one from only three days of use, where the brown tinge had been building on the regular one for months, despite frequent laundering. All too exciting for the perps, upping the "chemical ether" interactions, though it seems that regular bleach, which would of done a better job, isn't yet allowed. Too much chemical ether maybe, and they want to build up their fuckery capabilities with a more benign anti-stain remover compound, an "organic" one.

A web page convinced me I should investigate Twitter; ergo, one on gangstalking, though I am only exploring this medium, and seeing if there is useful tweets. Here is; a211423 (Dava Castillo) and no more, as I seem to be picking up aggregating tweets/twits, instead of individual TI's. Worth a try, and who knows, it might be the big breakout activist medium for 2011, though I am not holding my breath on that, given what I see of the unfinished agenda at hand.

Unfinished business of 2010, is the perps' manipulations and partial plans based on my observations, and by no means complete; 
  • queuing me up for cooking more variety with 03-2010 acquired, but unused, kitchen utensils like measuring spoons and cups,
  • continuing the brown color testing, as they are going for more hue and intensity variation of late, and are even putting on deep brown colored vehicles for gangstalking now,
  • continuing me doing the vegetation harvesting jobs; picking bulbs, potatoes, carrots, etc.
  • the usual litany of masers and plasma beams flitting about, or now, forming momentary patterns,
  • persistent bullshit over romantic alliances, as nothing real has ever materialized since the girlfriend/operative pair in 2000 to 2003 (and I have no desire to associate with a criminal babe, though I have known the perps to fix desire and libido from past experience),
  • having Fuckwits stare at me for no fucking reason, more this year than any other, save the blitz of 2002-03,
  • unused new safety toe boots acquired in 2008 (haven't needed them for the jobs they let me have to date),
  • permitting me to watch a movie from begining to end; I was once allowed in 12-2010 to see the first 30 min. of Frida, and then they had me shut it down, with another 11 movies unseen, though acquired in 2010,
  • allow me to read more used books, as this came on late, 12-2010, and presumably, I am energetically interacting with the former owner's energies that the book has retained (they last let me read library books in 2004, one was a new book unread by anyone),
  • another 150 CD's to load onto this PC, convert to FLAC and do the metadata thing, as they allowed me to do 60 CD's in 11 to 12-2010 with plenty of adversity and limited listening,
  • potentially having me do IT/database development work, as mid-2011 will be the last possible opportunity to utilize my 2009 to 03-2010 Oracle 11g training, or else its farm work or other manual labor for the rest of my imposed workiing life, such as it has been (intermittent at best) or will be, now 56 y.o.,
  • continued imposed vocational "interest" in the oil extraction industry, entailing camp work and longer working shifts (could be a long bullshit train of no genuine prospect or maybe their next plan to do food digestion and energetics testing among larger groups of cooperating Fuckwits),
  • having cooperating shills and quislings write me more often, as I got three Christmas cards and even a birthday card from my daughter this year, all firsts since 2002,
  • continuing exposure to freaks and Unfavoreds, and especially anything to do with Africa or Africans, as they are still only tenatively exposing me to negro women, and haven't pimped/gangstalked the negro males to the same degree,
  • and even more TI contact, as they let me attend a nearby TI meeting this past summer, even if the TI's did seem stressed, less forthright and highly constrained at times.
And I am sure that I could double the above list, if given some cognitive freedom to do so. But enough of the putzing and onto a new day, hopefully less freak-prone, though they did "leverage" Christmas time last year to then be the "rationale" to loading the streets and stores with excess ambulatory gangstalkers.


Anonymous said...

Just to reinforce the "faux reality" games they play, They had three traveling vehicles with "vent visors" all within 30 feet of each other on the trip to the store.


Anonymous said...

Also everyone is doing the "no eye contact" and "ignore the village idiot" thing.

AJH said...

Answer to: Just to reinforce...

They like to have some leading edges of plastic on some vehicles, and mobile objects, not to mention the "plastic bag" people, toting their groceries home in great quantity, sometimes from stores miles away. Utterly nuts, the perps. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Also everyone is...

I call it "avoidance", when 3' from someone and the gangstalker pretends not to notice that they came way too close. If they drove like they walked, they would be in for some serious repair bills. I don't ever relegate myself to being a "village idiot", as I view my entire environment controlled and arranged at every moment, and those that are paticipating in it are totally deranged assholes. Nothing to do with how I view myself (which is, beset upon, abused and fucked with for some insane agenda they don't wish to reveal). Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

"ignore the village idiot" thing.

Yes, that is what they would like me to think about myself. would be conforming into their plan / tactics.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting stuff to listen to.



Anonymous said...


"as I view my entire environment controlled and arranged at every moment, and those that are paticipating in it are totally deranged assholes."

have you ever thought about the possibility this is actually a replay of a recorded and manipulated past?
Then would not be very different than "The Matrix" I guess.
Or an analog version of a digital Hamster habitrail habitat or lab rat cage. faux reality, what ever it is. For me this place seems to encourage me to participate with the other detainees just for the satisfaction they get from making me quit or leave or get discouraged.

To qoute a movie, "this place makes my head hurt"

AJH said...

Answer to: Hi AJH... "as I view my...

I have thought many times, and hopefully convey, that many aspects of the gangstalking, harassment and abuse show is a replay, though of subconscious traumatization associations that the perps wish to iteratively elicit and then take remotely applied means to remediate (fix). (There are at least three missing years of my childhood when I would of had permanent memories and I don't have many, and huge blanks as to where I was and what was done to me).

The current existence that I live in does not seem to be an exact replay to my knowledge, as the perps are highly particular that I be exposed to only vignettes or even ill-viewed portions; e.g. seeing skinheaded dudes in dim light conditions, or through venetian blinds, or else with a skiff of hair on their heads, but still the characteristic form of a bald head. Then they follow up and show me pics of the moon in series on a web page that I "happen" to chance upon, as more bare round objects. So, yes, my past has likely been 100% manipulated, and now it seems in this overt/beserk stage of the abuse, they want to repair the psychic damage they have done to better investigate other psychic research they are undertaking in substantial ways. And all I want is to be left the fuck alone, it is that simple. But with 47 years of covert orchestration, they aren't about to set me free when they have psychically repaired me. What they tell me is that they will have attained their desired starting point of their broader investigation once my psychic repairs are completed. (And presumably, repairing other TI's they have traumatized in their respective pasts). Which tells me that the perp agenda has many years to run given the huge array of human endeavor (to the level of forming words or punctuation) they wish to fully capture in psychic terms. They are talking 2014; depressing to say the least. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Then they follow up and show me pics of the moon in series on a web page that I "happen" to chance upon, as more bare round objects.

I will "happen" on to similar webpage syncronistic events.
I really want to leave the whole internet in the past, as I feel it is entirely orchestrated real time manipulated "fuckery".

It is nice for shopping for things hard to get at the store and E-mailing the last person on earth I have some trust left in. But I get bored and start surfing for answers. But all else is not benificial for "brain food" if you know what I mean. I really need to leave it behind for good.

I like your blog but have ran into a few painful syncronistic posts there too. could be just from the conditioning though.

AJH said...

Answer to: Then they follow up....

The internet seems to be the final piece of technology and medium the perps need to access people by; phone, TV and now an interactive medium where we put our personal information up, and they can see if there are any psychic energy transfers or activity when our "friends" link to us. Purrfect Perp Device. Given that I got nothing to do most days, the internet experience is a major component of my existence/their research agenda. Not to mention the plethora of waves and plasma beams either on it or coming at me from it. They can even spasm muscles from some kind of energetic emanations from this LCD display. Thanks for the comments.