Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No Sleep and Full On Noise

A classic Monday night jerkaround, keeping me awake for hours, starting dude talk at 0300h, and then keeping me in a light REM sleep until getting me up with a noise barrage from outside, that continues even now. Once the earmuffs have been on my head for two hours or so, the vacuuming starts outside my door, having me take the earmuffs off, and then it stops, for yet more hallway chat noise. Then this vacuuming/chat cycle continues for another round as I write this. As part of the ongoing noise and vibration games, the assholes also put on the overhead rumbling noises at 0100h, with some light body zapping simultaneously.

And at least 30 screaming rage-fications this morning while having breakfast, showering, shaving and then doing dental hygiene. They cannot get enough disruption in after a sleepless night. The usual pattern of this insane abusive fuckery.

Two more on-off cycles of the vacuum cleaning with an interim chat session in the hallway. Never was vacuum cleaning so vital as today, when there was none for months at a time, along with interspersing this bullshit voice-overs, indistinct diction, but ensuring that the voice processing part of one's brain, the amygdala, is stimulated, now cycling with new-found vacuum intensity. Now, up to five on-off cycles; most cleaners would get fired for taking 30 minutes and interim chatting to get 100' of hallway done. Been a cleaner, as part of the vocational jerkarounds, so I should know. Back in 2004 to 2005, the assholes would vacuum outside my door at least 4x/week, and even twice per day sometimes. What is it about vacuuming that is so important to the assholes, from 3x/year public drains work, the "suck trucks", to excessive numbers of mobile vacuum carpet cleaning operations, to this bullshit that has re-started in the adjacent hallway, unlike the past three years in this place?

A shut-in day today, having a motivational lapse, and no pressing items to get. A one hour nap at 1530h, again timed to have me put on my dark green sweater over my olive drab color T-shirt, a combination they like to test when napping, or immediately afterward. They can force sweater wearing by chilling me down, and it can erupt before a nap (like today) or afterwards, (as in two past occurences this month). Then my mother phones just before I was to get up, hastening getting across the room to deal with that EM intrusion device next to my ear, aka, phone, even if a landline one. The timing of phone calls is often tied to key perp intrusion moments.

I did get an earlier phone call when reading the book, The Dark Side of Camelot, from an out-of-town recruiter who was looking for a QA tester in this town, strangely. I got the "will call back" rejoinder, which if it is like the past few, it means done with, as in no return call. I haven't figured out why they put me through these fake job scenarios, and I suspect that many of these jobs don't really exist, but are teasers that are related to my past expericence and interests. Even vineyard laborer jobs are interesting to me, having made quality wines for 20 year, but no responses from these either, even with farmwork experience. Most of the businesses nearby have advertised at least once or more, possibly as teasers to feature themselves in an online job board or newspaper ad situation, increasing the "exposures type" count, say, reading the sign from the street, seeing a review or ad in the paper, then online, and then in the news on TV and so it goes, all these mandated and orchestrated exposures of business names, especially ones that are familiar to me.

There is something peculiar about person names too, that the perps go silly over, and have continually fucked me from remembering names when introduced. Then when I know the name, they will sometimes remotely cinch my throat up as I am about to say the name, to ensure that it is pronounced in a garbled manner. Hard to say what it is about freaking names they find so interesting, but there is a long history of people comparing me to Howard Hughes (no relation) or purposely getting my name wrong. So I suppose this bullshit has also to play out in 2011, maybe while doing farm work again.

Music sample listening tonight; more finds in the female vocal jazz theme; Barbara Jungr, Hilary Kole, and Judith Owen. Ok for an evening. All the while outside noise comes through for my Windows select, copy, cut and pastes, as well as timed for bookmarking the album.

Blogging out for today.


Anonymous said...

I too have gotten the "soured milk before the expiration date" trick, and I never suspected the perps, until your last post. Apparently, there is something about milk they find ultra-fascinating. And of course, I do believe these wasteful cretins aren't above digging up an entire street at the behest of their research agenda. I wonder if these assholes mobbing me know what a "big deal" we are as TI's, that we are having 100 billion dollars of tax money spent on us. And of course, they are dumb enough to go along with the harassment, despite the fact that it is because their OWN TAX MONEY is being wasted on the very activity they are participating. Such dupes, those gangstalkers.

I had one young girl harassing me with what sounded like a cat crying for help. She kept getting kind of obvious about it, and I decided to turn around and confront her over this. My turning around and passing near her shut her up in a big hurry. Of course, the perps put her with a really big dude for protection, but I think I could have taken him.

Then later they had some middle-aged hen type women standing at the street corner, a flock of them, doing harassing "hen" conversation. I decided I had enough, and started walking right in the middle of the car lane to coerce the perps to knock off the harassment. I noticed the "hens" were in one car I was impeding with my walking along the road. Not a good idea, I know, but I realize it must've been a ploy by the perps: have the middle-aged chicks cluck away at the street corner to get me fired up, and then have me walking in front of their car to retaliate for their mobbing exercise. Who knows, maybe they scripted this to get a reading of me vs. the hens.

Then, I got some dudes trying to engage me in conversation, but the perps had me in a raging state of mind. I started screaming at the driver to get a fucking life, and he said "I have a life". Well, he must have a life, because the perps are protecting his little ass from retaliation.

I know the perps were behind this stunt, but I wonder if they put adult diapers on their gangstalkers? Because, every gangstalker is at a risk from a serious ass-kicking by the TI, and I'm sure they would shit their pants if confronted by a TI. Hence, their need for adult diapers.

Then, they had a vehicle parked near one place I was passing, with their parking lights on in the dark, engine idling. I figured out that there is an energy signature tied to the memory of where a harassment event occurred. So if we "remember" the place where it occurred, they need to have a vehicular perp posted there to measure the correlation between the energy signature of the place as well as the energetic signature of the place itself.

AJH said...

Answer to: I too have gotten the...

The perps make no end of effort to have the gangstalkers cross over the same patch of ground as the TI, whether in vehicles, walking, cycling etc. All the better that they have human voice at the same time, as this seems to be an important accompanying noise (processed by the amygdala, thought to be the seat of psychic energies). I don't think any operative or gangstalker has much to worry about in my case as they have the town covered in aerials in all forms and have me mind-controlled down to even planting all my "self" talk. Maybe not for you though, hard to know how much each TI is controlled, but I have come to know about each of the major mind-fuck milestones in the course of 8.5 years as of writing, and they seem to be focussed on the brainstem and inner temporal lobes (amygdala region) as best as I can tell. and where the fear responses lie, hence the violations of personal space they keep setting up, like today (12-29-2010, Meet the Browns and Whites). Thanks for the comments. Interesting that the theme of adult diapers comes up; today they gave me a new term for two similarly swarthy dudes who first seemed like brothers when walking toward me on the bus, before they found their seats. The term was the "Sphincter Brothers" in presumed reference towhen the fear response sets in, one's sphincter tightens up. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

The perps are focusing on my memories from 1st grade, specifically some recurring dreams I had. In these dreams, there was this weird parrot-like bird that was in a cage, and it would make weird parrot-like sounds, but it wasn't completely realistic. I guess I got these dreams after visiting the pet store around that time (1st grade), and there was the Myna Bird named Pete that would talk and say some things. So that "parrot" from my dreams was obviously from me visiting the Myna Bird. What's weird about those dreams is that the "bird" would seem to be telling me things, and I found it to be a bit creepy.

Of course, the perps are able to pull out memories from dreams from the past. They somehow are very fascinated by this odd dream. I found the dream a little unsettling. The gangstalker female was recreating those sounds the bird made.

When I was having those dreams, I noticed that as I was awakening, I was talking/mumbling in my sleep, and that was being fed back into my dream, which was possibly what I was hearing from the bird in my dreams. Well, the things the bird was saying were things I was saying in my sleep. That's how I knew.

I had the dream like 3-5 times, not in a row though, and when I realized the bird's speech was from me talking in my sleep, I stopped having them. Probably they were from 1-2 grade, not sure exactly when. Possibly even third grade. Of course, the perps are fascinated with those early memories. I can see the perps sitting in their posts at the intelligence agency (or wherever they're contracted out from) being so fascinated over that bird from my dreams that I found creepy. They probably have posters drawn up of that bird, and have them hanging on their cubicles. I guess the bird represented my subconscious thoughts telling me things. It also makes me wonder how far back these fuckers had been messing with me. Whether or not these strange dreams were perp-induced, the memories are fascinating the perps.

Maybe the perps would be so kind as to mail me a DVD of my dream, or maybe a full-length poster of that strange bird that represented my inner consciousness.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to wonder about those "talking bird" dreams a little more now. They were from 1975-1977 or so, not sure exactly when. I would be surprised if the perps had the tech available to do dream invasions in those years. But that "bird" did seem like something the perps would invent, as an excuse to have it talk to me say things the perps wanted me to hear. In other words, it could've represented the perps talking to me, trying to freak me out or otherwise. I'm starting to get a little scared thinking the perps could do dream invasions that far back. It does seem plausible, because I had a lot of classmates doing things that gangstalkers do now. I'll have to research it. Probably they were only able to start doing dream invasions/monitoring from around 1985-1987. I'm thinking they weren't dream-invading back then, but the perps are discovering memories of these dreams stored. I remember perps being fascinated about those memories from around 2007. 2006 is when the fuckers really seemed to go overt on me, though I had some mobbing/extreme harassment in May 2000. I probably had mobbing life-long, but it seems to have gotten into gear in 1975.

Other weird dreams I had included a mom and her son at the piano. The mom got pissed at her son not playing well, and crumpled up the son into a ball like a sheet of paper, and threw him into the trash bin. Odd, because the piano looked like the one I would have 10-12 years later, in 1986. Could it have been a premonition of a mother selling her son out to the perps?

It was a bloodless murder, and probably was the perps again fucking with me, though again it was in the same years (1975-1977). It could also be my own precognition. I kept getting premonitions I found scary about the mobbing and bloodless murder attempts on my life I would be getting years later. I predicted that at age 32-33, I would be the subject of relentless mobbing, people turning against me en masse, trying to kill me off with their mobbing and gangstalking. I had those premonitions when I was still in high school. I clearly knew my fate to come. Again, it was in the possible years that the perps were on my ass, so it's hard to say if it was the perps themselves fucking with me and planting the notions. Back in 1985-1987, it definitely was possible for the perps to do remote neural monitoring, invade dreams, and do remote detection. Not as good as now, and a lot cruder than now, for sure, but it was still possible.

AJH said...

Answer to: The perps are focusing...

I reckon that most TI's were surveilled and monitored since birth, as that way they can back test everything against when one first learned things, even the alphabet, as the perps have a very significant interest in TI learning. Most TI's won't admit it, or won't look, and in one case that I know of, the TI did determine that the perps went way back further than she realized, but won't consider they might of been earlier than the 20 y.o. she thinks it is. I don't press the point with any TI's, but it is something to consider.

Interesting that dream sequence they put into you, about mimic birds, and that they are reprising it now. Hard to know what they are after on this one. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Well, just half an hour ago, my guitar, which was propped up against the table in bedroom, toppled and fell on the hardwood floor, producing a loud cacophony. As it was falling, the strings were scraping against the table, producing a musical tone. It finally fell face down, and it took an unusually long time to do so. On its way down, it was producing musical tones, and I thought I was hearing music from a radio. It finally fell face down, with a semi-loud boom, and that produced a loud cacophony. I suspect this was a planned event, and that the gangstalking on the previous night was the "preparation" for this event. I guess having musical instruments fall face down producing "music" is a big deal for them.

AJH said...

Answer to: I'm starting to wonder...

My experience with the perps isn't usually one of metaphors, but of tipping their hand as to what they are doing, or are going to do. I get more gangstalking scenarios in dreams of late, including one last night, playing back my lifestyle for me. Clearly, there is some psychic commonality they are hoping to determine, energies when faced with the real thing would be compared to that when it is in a dream sequence, and they want to remotely detect common psychic energetics between the two. I recall having strange textural dreams in the early 1960's, 6 to 8 y.o. or so, as if experiencing a textured environment with touch. It is all I can recall now, but these went on for some months, 1x to 2x/week and then stopped. Now, they can stop my "circuit breaker" from tripping and getting me out of a dream if it got too wierd no matter how deep my sleep was. I would always wake up if the dream was too wierd and since about 2007 or so, they can keep me in it. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Well, just half an hour ago...

I get guitar bearing Fuckwits/gangstalkers around me all the time, and it seems the perps like to have wood next to metal, and vibrational components all together as one. All the better if musical too, as the brain will process it in different neural structures than speech. Makes one wonder about music, and what it does for the perp imperative. Thanks for the comments.