Monday, December 06, 2010

Perriwinkle Weeding

A highly invasive weed at both my in-town brother's place and my mother's place is called perriwinkle, and it has been my job to rid it from the pine hedge in the front yard this past week. I put in four hours three days ago, and another two hours this afternoon. Two days ago I did leaf picking at my brother's place, and revisited one 10'x4' bed that I had dug up, also removing the same weed. The do have their weed species coordinated those two, even if they live far apart and don't share plant cuttings or garden debris which might cause it to spread. I have also dug out a 20' x 8' bed at my mother's place in the last two years of the same weed, and it took multiple passes of digging to remove it as it sends runners and re-roots every foot or so. Last week, nearby excavation and digging erupted three days in succession, one for each family member and the Dec. 02 Thursday's yoga day. And so I was back at this toil of the soil today, doing 2.5 hours of digging with pine trees immediately overhead, and lo, if the parade of Fuckwits walking and driving the street didn't come out. The dude doing the slow back and forth, and putting a cigarette in his mouth the instant I looked up, the hoodied dog walkers, the school kids, and even the requiste heating oil tanker came by in keeping with their need to have petroleum products be moved in my proximity. (Possibly a "warm up" of a larger source of petroleum  products in advance of later passenger vehicles cruising by, carrying much less petroleum products in their gasoline tank and engine block).

As I have mentioned in recent past blogs, from 2003 to mid-2006 the perps had me do hiking for some 2 to 3x/week, and even if a more remote trail, I still had plenty of company, aka gangstalking parties. One such day was the winter solstice, on a Sunday, the 22nd of December as I recall, which would have to be the biggest shopping day of the pre-Christmas season. Some 16 parties "happened by" twice the usual weekend count, when there was only 8 vehicles in the parking lot. How they all got there remains a mystery. On other days, I would encounter a group of geriatric hikers, and there was no way they could of hiked in as the trail was so rough. But what was clear was that they would time many of the gangstalking hikers to arriving (oncoming) to pass by at areas where there was a sudden increase of canopy foilage, or a sudden clearing of it in the more open rocky areas. And in town, when passing under a tree crown, I get the gangstalkers when about to go underneath, when underneath or upon exit. So it wasn't a surprise that one of the trees that I pass under on the way to yoga had its lower limbs trimmed in advance and that the level of the overtopping branches was substantially raised. All this foliage proximity and under-canopy egress is mightily important to the perps. As is activities like today, and three days ago when working underneath this pine hedge to remove the perriwinkle weeds, which involves removing the decaying pinen needle layer first, to expose the weeds. That the perps are also intensely interested in soil genesis, composting and decomposition has also been noted in this blog as part of the ongoing and highly consistent games in running my life. A long way of saying that I was in perp service today, and I am sure it was all the better for them when I took the bus into downtown after driving halfway there to take my mother to a doctor's appointment.

The bus stop (Hillside and Shelbourne for locals) is a notorious one by my standard, as they put on many more freaks and weirds there, and today was no exception. The motorized wheelchair act got on first with the special loading ramp being arranged, and then the elderly Asian lady in front of me took even longer to get her far paid, keeping me immediately outside the bus for longer, and then she drops her cane to keep me in place for longer after I had paid my bus fare. I was followed by some retard act that went a whole three bus stops before getting off, and the babe with the dude standing over her (next to me) at the bus shelter followed after that. More of the dude standing near me, or over me fuckery again, and I have had plenty of that to last my entire lifetime as part of the ongoing fuckery. I got a seat next to an auburn haired woman in the rear transverse seat section and everyone behaved themselves, no major strange ones in my immediate gaze. When I got off, an auburn haired woman from the front of the bus got off immediately in front of me, and then tailed me for two blocks. So it would seem they wanted to "color reference" me on and off the bus and not with the same person, but the same hair color. No doubt that other variations of this have been applied in the past, say, a family member such as a sibling getting off from another part of the bus when I was seated next to or near their family member. But I didn't look at either woman to know if this was the case, and I can only assume this hair color matching will continue, as it seems to occur more than a few times in the past two weeks. I suppose auburn hair is the introduction to red hair, which I now loathe the sight of, and consider to be an Unfavored demographic group/feature.

What is that the perps want to gather from me with respect to landscaping and weeding isn't clear to me, but the landscaping firms in town were most prominent in the first weeks of the over harassment onset in 2002. And they would park their vehicles and trailers outside the hospital even, all night in schoolyard parking lot for crissakes. And even now, they like to have the landscaping pickups driving my with a full load of foliage on board, with garden tools vertically arranged behind the cab. Especially post-gardening at the First Feral Family house (aka, mother's place).

A Monday today, returning from a stayover at the First Feral Family home, and doubtless a sleepless night is in order, if the asholes keep to their usual pattern. My mother is coming by for a 1000h pickup for me to drive to take her shopping, so it could be termed a "Monday continuation" by having me get sleep deprived and then meeting up with her the next morning.

Other nonsense earlier tonight was my retinue of gangstalkers for a 10 minute return trip to the local supermarket. The hoodie dude in the stairwell got ahead of me for the last flight down the stairs to then hang out there attending to his mail box. And lo, if I didn't have a same olive green shirt on underneath as his hoodie. Then out the door where some Rube Goldberg five gallon plastic bucket purveyor/hauler was outside the front doors, putzing with his bicycle and the trailer he has behind it. What some 30 five gallon plastic buckets were for is cause for speculation, as they may have been the same kind of plastic used for the two tubs of tapenade I purchased at the supermarket. Said bicycle hauler, replete with a helmet on, was still there when I returned, again with no apparent reason to be stationed there, save blatant gangstalking with particular props that supported the Fuckover cause, and possibly the contents of my shopping bag as mentioned.

I had my redcoated and my curly haired Fuckwits on me, one of each, both male, and convening at the same corner of the intersection as I ended up. I was compelled to get this creepy pair off my back by jaywalking, something that isn't normally done around here, as they creeped me out. But we all know who controls that sensation down to the lastmost nuance.

Then the dude counting out his coins at the corner of the wall took the cake for being the most stupid act for the evening. He had his back to all comers, and there his is publically counting his money. More like, for me to see it, pennies and all, especially given the perps' brown and copper color obsessions.

Onto the store where the hoodies surfaced, and loitered, and then reprised for more gangstalkings in the store. Still no Green and Black chocolate spread, still given over to Nutella and its transfat contents. The perps have a serious interest in food fats and how they get taken up and converted for human physiologic use, and I would not be surprised if they had a hand in bringing the wonders of transfats into our diet. Intererstingly, they had me use olive oil and reject transfats when I first lived on my own, and have kept me that way ever since, 1973. Funny how they sometimes promote healthy eating habits for some, and not for the masses.

Then while at the supermarket, last week's curly haired cashier was doing her full store back and forths, a fate/habit that they seem to engage in subsequent to interaction with me. And a curly haired dude pondering his decision to purchase one bottle of a softdrink followed me in the checkout line, as curly hair seemed to be a late day Unfavored hairstyle. I cannot recall if there was a curly haired gangstalker on the city bus today, unlike last week where she even tossed her hair a couple of times and fixed a flirty gaze upon me when I was about to disembark. Seen it, done that, yes, you are cute, but too bad about that curly hair, even if it is blonde.

And tonight's cashier was also blonde, plain, short and chubby with a vile white colored headband on her head. The traditional nun's habit has been suggested as another line of subconscious traumatization associations, as has the round clerical collar, so perhaps this fugly white headband was a partial emulation. I got my cross-my-path-ahead of me gangstalker before getting out the store, she large and fat, and all covered up with a grey hooded jacket and covering her face with a black scarf, seeming to feature her heavy black mascara eyes as her facial feature. I looked back to see what was so important that she had to get in my way, and there she was standing against the windows for no seeming reason.

I got fucked again while making the financial transaction; the assholes blanked me out so I was just standing around when I was to enter my account and PIN, the cashier reminding me. Like WTF; now eight years of using the same looking debit card and the assholes fucked me over when using it. Last week they fucked me into using my credit card when I only use my debit card, another never-before public jerkaround. And a baseball bat to the head of the Fuckwit that made that occur.

Other street vermin on the way back was the longhaired male breaking out into a run ahead of me, in keeping with this random bullshit that breaks out in my proximity. I had a negro gangstalker as well, in keeping with the three separate ones on the three block walk back from the bus stop after getting off this afternoon. None on the bus though, as they often do, and have them ride for longer than the three stops they once did. A sign of progress maybe, longer negro gangstalking exposure times.

I am going to post this now, should it get wiped out before getting published like the lastmost blog. Maybe some late day entries will follow. I do expect to be kept awake for most of the night, and who knows what will bring tomorrow, especially when shopping in December.

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