Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Meet the Browns and Whites

Back from a day at the First Feral Family home, attempting to do gardening work for pay, though that got fucked with, and so much less billable time. But I did get the infernal and protracted leaf raking done for the year, as more arrived in the front yard and the lastmost visit of two weeks ago got truncated for the sudden wind conditions. And before that, the original garden rake broke more tines, and then the new replacement rake fell apart, and then the snow came to delay and prevent leaf raking, and so it went. A pile in place for visiting family at Christmas, as the perps seem to like me and cooperating FFF quislings to walk over where I have raked, often within seconds. I was left to my own to get the leaf raking done, save the myriad of loud mufflered vehicles that kept passing by, that being a 90 degree bend in the road outside the FFF house. And lo, if they didn't have me lined up in the headlights too, always a big Fuckover necessity nowadays. And the Saanich municipality garbage collection crew and truck also came by for two separate vehicular gangstalkings, making themselves obvious because there wasn't any garbage to be collected in the neighborhood, and yet they came by twice; once 200' away, and then in close, immediately in front. Them and UPS seem to have this habit of driving around for no apparent purpose when I am in the front yard doing landscaping work. The STRATCOM bomber noise/aircraft started up before I got outside even, while putting on my boots in the garage, and they were good for at least three flybys for the 1.5 hours I was on the job.

Other bullshit was getting screwed out of the #27 bus, the assholes ran it early for once and I missed it by a minute. So that gave the fuckers 15 minutes of gangstalker persons and vehicles to patrol by, and even the fire department and the police got in on it as they seem duty-bound to cruise by this TI victim if more than 5 min. out in public. The most outrageous was this dude/ fucker that got off a bus, and I was well out of the way of any sidewalk ambulatory Fuckwits, and yet this asshole cruises in within 1.5' of me when he had 5' on the other side of him, and putting on the oblivious act again. Then, behind him, and a respectful distance of say, 3' away, a blonde babe also got off the bus and was trailing this Fuckwit. The perps made sure to direct my enraged attention from the intruding dude/Fuckwit who got in way too close to that of the blonde babe. Then they fucked me into viewing them again when 40' away, both on their apparently independent paths. These personal space encroachments are reaching the point that I want to have some kind of protective measure in hand, being vague here. That would change things real fast I have come to know.

And I got my negro on the bus again, seemingly the assholes have reverted to female negroes for now, and seem to be concentrating on E. Indians, native Indians, and various middle Eastern types as the brown skin show goes. And a planted notion of the "Sphincter Brothers", two similar dudes coming on the bus, walking toward me, dressed the same, but they split apart, sitting on opposite sides of the traverse seating at the rear raised deck. One "happened" to be the father of the two children who did their stare thing and sat with me and their mother on the rear bench seat. Not that the parents said anything between them the entire 15 min. on the bus. Strange that the mother and children came on board first as an obvious group, and the father hung back with the look-alike dude to set up this faux (as it came to be) scenario of two malevolent dudes coming at me. (The sphincter reference applies to the fear response, as it tightens up when one senses fear, and given the past and abusive machinations of the perps, to the point they had to delete my recall, but still are attempting to elicit subconscious reactions from all these setups with Unfavored gangstalkers, often blending them with Favored ones, e.g. aforementioned blonde babe following the personal space encroaching dude. And in this latter case, the two threatening males, one splitting off to be seeming family man).

Other Unfavoreds that were in force today were the ponytailed dudes; I had at least four while waiting for the bus, and then when out later three more (explained below), and then two on the bus on the way back into downtown, one doing three seat swaps enroute.

Back to the FFF house; when I arrived I changed into my work pants and my blue sweater in readiness to do work, and lo, if the in-town brother doesn't call with a desperate need to find out how to get his full screen Windows back to normal size so he could access the tool bar and all the commands and the MS Favorites thing/list. And of course I avoid full-screen anything as I have been screwed so many times, not being able to get back to control the presentation because the command options are removed. The Windows key got him help, and I atttempted to find the appropriate help, but from what he told me, either the Windows Medial Player or the general LCD display set up commands were referenced, but not the IE browser. Anyhow, some 50 minutes later with me on the phone, he somehow blundered into fixing it, along with two versions of the problem; Windows and desktop or else just the browser. I am a Firefox person, so I wasn't the biggest help.

And to play that back in perp terms, within two minutes of changing my clothes, always a high noisestalk and Fuckover moment, the assholes had me on the phone (read, EMF device) for 50 minutes. Better than yoga from the perp perspective; when I change immediately before I head out, do the 10 minute gangstalking gauntlet (walk on the public sidewalks in downtown), and then do an hour of spine stretching exercises with overhead clunking noise going on the whole time, and then I do the gangstalking gauntlet back. All the better it ends at 1230h, on an empty stomach, prime Fuckover time.

And so I was to be driving for my mother to get new shoes for my in-care (read faux dementia IMHO) father, though the wires got crossed as she made out that I was to drive 30 min. across town, and I mentioned that another branch of the store is only 2 min. away, and that inter-branch returns are permitted, as she had to return an item as a credit for the purchase. So... the three of us out together, prime gangstalking time to be sure. And so they did their best to dally and putz to delay vehicle egress, hang behind me, and then delay their entrance to the store, all the while a 20' line of Fuckwits was arranged with a black dressed Fuckwit lounging at the entrance. The modern MIB wears fleece and a ballcap I have come to know. And so the choreographed ditzing and putzing to find the right shoes, and to get them on, and then to find a salesman, and to get the correct size and model, and to suffer the parade of Fuckwit dudes coursing around us. First it was the skinheaded Fuckwit, and when I moved to get him out of my sight, why, he moved to get back in it. This little charade went on for five minutes in three rounds, and then it was the shoulder length long-hair male that I needed to be exposed to. This Fuckwit stuck on like glue, and because I was then engaged in getting my father's shoe off, and testing a new one on, I couldn't be so evasive, and so this Fuckwit had more exposure time. And my mother "needed" to find a salesman, and so a two tone brown dressed presentable dude comes to help out. And of course I was touching my father's old brown shoes, and the prospective new ones (two pairs) also, while this dude flush was going on, and lo, if they didn't slip a fugly pony-tailed dude into the mix, having the Fuckwit sit on the floor 1.5' from me with his back and his fucking 2' long ponytail facing me. This shit sat down in the fucking aisle with seats and plenty of extra space around. Thankfully I was finishing up, as I got the fuck out of there, having this particular Unfavored fugliness parked on my doorstep. And if I don't like the sight of dudes in brown, or with long hair, or with ponytails, why in the fuck is it an international event that has run for over eight years in hounding me all over to show me these very features I cannot fucking stand? (Worse now, than before they started their overt abuse in 04-2002). And taking a cast of thousands with the choreography and orchestration to go with it? Every day when outside I get one or more forms of Unfavored assholes either encroaching on personal space, obstructing me, or presenting themselves to be seen/featured. And often disgusting me, my new and imposed "reaction", (read mind-fuck/imposed response). Then of course, I get the same on TV for the little that I watch it, and also on web pages that I view, though much more controllable, especially with AdBlock Plus extension to Firefox, a necessity for TI's who might be hounded in this same way.

As part of the transaction, we have a discount card; formerly it was mine but I passed it onto my brother two weeks ago, and then he passed it onto my mother when we were all there at Christmas, as she wanted to exchange an item. So.... this card has my energies from being in my wallet for two months, then presumably my in-town brother's, and now my mother's. All important stuff for the insane assholes who have hounded me over every financial transaction I have made since they went overt/beserk in 04-2002.

But we weren't done yet, even if we did get out of the store with relative speed, waiting for two customers, and that gave the Fuckwits time for a dude to arrive on my L. at the checkout some 6' away and ask about his red shirts he was interested in. He didn't help his cause any to have his tongue hanging out, and then do a reprise gangstalking before we finally got out, my mother putting on the handbag search ditz act again, something she has increased of late. Then onto a communal clusterfuck/gangstalk in the supermarket next to the clothing store. My mother wanted skim milk, and as we were cruising in to get it, and she began her ditz routine in touching at least two other kinds while staring at the skim milk, it was the redheaded granny brigade's moment to gangstalk; three of the Fuckwits coming and going at the milk section, and one more at the checkout. The assholes put on a one liter bottle case lot of water purchasing Fuckwit, as this seems to be the latest perp research interest; bottled water on brown cardboard flats, and out-of-town brother was doing his bit over his Christmas visitation. Then while my mother was paying at the checkout, again putting on the ditz, why, it was a moment to flash light at me from outside the building, through the front glass and past the arranged Fuckwits right at me. "Somehow" this reflection erupted from outside and found me' been there, done that. And when I moved around so I wouldn't see it, why, something else flashed at me. But we weren't done yet.

I was doing the shopping item holding duty; one white plastic bag with one pair of brown shoes in it, and now one 2 liter jug of milk, a very common gangstalker prop, as it offers a large density of a specific color, and all the better that it be in a plastic container. Then to the kitchen shop next door where another almighty clusterfuck/gangstalk was on, and my mother wanted to look at knives as a useful kitchen knife had recently broken. I too was looking for a 6" chef knife, and got into a conversation with the, wait...., redheaded granny store assistant, about deboning (or is it boning?) knives versus chopping knives. Anyhow, I wasn't making any progress as to whether a 6" chef knife could do both, call it "lost in translation" as she was of Germanic decent, and then my mother interceded with what she was looking for, which meant returning the the first of the two knife cabinets to complete her belated interest. All the while I had the aforementioned white plastic bag and a plastic jug of milk in hand. This topic of knives has come up so many times recently, and my mother was eliciting me as to mentioning ceramic blades versus steel ones, and all that suddenly didn't seem to be very important for her. So... a third financial transaction of hers with the assembled choreographed clusterfuck milling about, not to mention a post-purchase trot of my mother past the ceramic dish ware, and lo, if it wasn't the EH line, the kind that I purchased about six weeks ago. Finally, the shopping was done, and once past the vehicle gangstalking, a short drive back to the care-home and the beaten path through the hallways and all the fucking hospital stink that I loathe so much, almost as bad as much as I loathe the sight of wheelchairs, another perp imposed Unfavored demographic/prop. And yes, there were plenty of fucking wheelchairs as well, even more than before; same hospital/care home, same patient population, just more of the wheelchairs out.

Finally, we drive from there with my managed consort of vehicles, this time featuring a wooden boat on a trailer, as the perps just love to ensure that I get plenty of wood exposure as part of the gangstalking proceedings. That, and paper, especially the "envelope crowd".

Other bullshit to report; last night the asshole pounded the ceiling and applied a simultaneous zapping, and regular readers will know how much I like being zapped. Enough to scream at the assholes very loud, all to be fucked agin in the same manner, and even a louder screaming at the asshole resulted. I was allowed to get up with the alarm at 0700h with no dream intrusion recollections, and got riled up at least 10x at breakfast for various incursions; pulling items from my grasp, putting crumbs on my fingertips as I am grasping an object, teleporting crumbs onto the just-cleaned counter, and a few other provocations. They like breaking up the chocolate bar themselves more of late; breaks will spontaneously erupt in the packaging or it will break on the unintended breakline, no matter my attempts to do execute my intent with appropriate application of physical force. Another big deal for the assholes would be starting an infrequently used brand of soap for my morning shower; the Neutrogena glycerine soap in rectangular bars had been lying on the bottom of the cupboard for some six months as spare, and now I used it for the first time this morning. Always a big deal for the perps, the inaugural use of a product that has been arranged to lie fallow for the permitted duration, especially if it contacts one's skin, e.g. clothes. So..., it replaced the Pears soap that is a slightly deeper shade and has a bit of perfume in it. I prefer no perfume or odiferous adjuncts, such as the Neutrogena soap, but it dissapates so fast that it doesn't last more than four days. Anyhow, it was important enough that they also screwed me into taking an extra shower this evening on account of a messy crap they forced on me, the third in four days, something of a record in recent years.

And that should do it for today; all this Fuckover "action" and onto what is looking to be a contained day at home tomorrow.

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