Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Noisestalked Weeding

Another round of this infernal weeding job at the First Feral Family house that brings so many perp elements into play, but it is done, after a total of three occasions, ten work hours in all. And to set the right perspective, all my landscape jobs get noisestalked, and this time was no different, just more obvious.

The across-the-street neighbor, one who has a longstanding knack of idling his diesel truck for no reason for 30 minutes in the driveway, making machine noises, putting up senseless aerials, and as of yesterday, pointing lights from his living room toward the First Feral Family home, put on a two part noise sequence. A woodworking router noise, a high rpm tool, was arranged at the moment of waking up and getting up at 0900h. And when I began the front yard underneath the hedge weeding at 1300h, why, the identical router machine noise started up again for 20 minutes. This noisetracking, having the same noise at differing locations or times of the day, has been the trademark of the perps since 2002 when all this abuse began. And lo, if there weren't more distant "harmonic noise replications" following the cessation of the router; some kind of lawnmower (ridiculous in mid-December for crissakes) noise started up with harmonic similarities to the router noise.

That was only the opening noise; on came the aircraft, STRATCOM with their B-52's (or just the noise thereof), even a private jet flew by on a low pass of only 500' at most. Then the bad mufflered motor vehicles and the hot-rod gurgling muffler noises, and the headlights aimed on me while in the front yard, and of course, plenty of ambulatory gangstalkers.

Just another gardening job, and what a job it was, bringing so many the perps elements together. Under the trees (low hedge in this case), under the utility wires, digging and removing weeds, raking up semi-composted pine needle litter, sawing wood branches so I could get about under this infernal pine hedge, extra handling of separating the weeds from the compostable litter and likely a few more to sate the perps's and their intrigues. It was probably one of the most onerous landscaping jobs I have done, initially started as a botch job on account of the FFF's landscaping efforts, with at least three more other landscaping follies to clean up in the wings.

And last night, I was on driving duty for my mother to attend the Spinner's and Weaver's Guild annual Christmas meeting, the kind of thing I totally avoid as it is one big gangstallk clusterfuck. But no, I am not allowed to follow my own predilections as to looking after my own interests, being a mind-fuck victim of prime interest. So... plenty of red clothing and decorations to say the least, and some 70 or so people whom I did not know, save two others. One, whom we picked up on the way, is the wife of a IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change) member, so it was interesting to converse and to find out that how carefully crafted their reports are, and that they have also political interference, no surprise there. Some call it "Global Burning" though she didn't take that bait, and so "climate change" was all I could get out of her as to how her husband regarded this global threat.

And of course, the gangstalking never ended; adroit obstruction at least 10x when I wanted to traverse the room, then the room got chilled down so I had to go out to the vehicle to get a thick grey sweater, and the "gut-strut", where the large obesers put themselves on show, one male in particular. He was on sentry duty some 10' away, then for dinner some 14' away, and then when the gifts were being given, he was some 35' away in the kitchen, framing himself through the half wall and the opening. Only one decent looking woman in the whole place, and the perps made sure to direct my attention to her an indecent amount of time. I just don't get this enforced excess babe-watching I am made to do; I have no interest in dating for several reasons, the most overriding concern is that I am going to get a quisling saboteur that I cannot bring myself (per mind-fuck games) to get rid of. The last thing any date would want to involve herself would be in this abusive excess, this netherworld of constant adversity and reality warping, so why am I forced to look at women knowing that there is no genuine interest on my part? The ex was bad enough, and the barrage of dumb-shit ideas that would come forth for me to parry, never mind the financial ruination.

That set the stage for a FFF stayover, this time a Tuesday night, a rarity, all to watch the weekday TV news when they have been feeding me a diet of weekend TV news (Saturdays) since 2003.

I took a 1730h bus back into downtown, and I had my dudes arranging themselves around me again. First one woman nearby, and then she departed and then the dudes populated the rear of the bus where I was. One dude pair in suits no less (at 1730h, heading into downtown on a bus- get real) shifted seats no less than four times, though others did seat swapping at least twice, the fugly red hair dye job woman being one, finally arranging herself to be opposite the rear doors before I disembarked at the next stop.

This was the bus with natural gas tanks on the roof, the so-called "hybrid" bus that they are testing out. (Or else running for the perps, as BC Transit has stated they will no longer entertain hybrid buses given their operating experience). As in hybrid fuels, not engine. I have seen this modelf for a few years now, and tonight was the first time they put me on this one. Don't ask me why that is important to the perps, but nothing that I do, think, see or interact with isn't planned and orchestrated. And that includes street litter and even leaves and branches, the latter usually arranged 90 degrees offset. So..., I had my ride in this dual fuel bus, and of course it wasn't really any different than any other of the same length, and who knows why they put me through all this bullshit in any given day.

I am going to call this one done for today and blog off; enough of the trivia and onto yoga tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Some say the perps stop their remote fuckery at 12 midnight, but with me, the fun starts for them after 12 midnight. Why, this morning, at 1215 AM, they made me feel uncomfortable with this persistent painful feeling in the groin area. It started with this tingly, electrical, vibrating sensation going through my entire body, like I was being electrified. I'm sure they were electrifying my nervous system, and my balls, in particular, felt this persistent electrical type pain. The tingly feeling was persistent, but they were able to vary the intensity of the ball "jabbings", ramping the discomfort there up and down, while maintaining the same level of electrical intensity in my body. This was preceded by dumb fucks in their cars with their mouths wide open, supposedly to signify that they were trying to make me yell in pain with that "treatment" I described. This lasted from 1215AM to around 1220 AM. And these ball jabbings, while not extremely painful, lasted for a length of time, instead of just a short, painful "jab" lasting the usual milliseconds. These were more like seconds at a time, backing off, then jabbing again.

Amazing how a number of people can be in a room at once, yet I'm the only person who seems to be experiencing these jabbings. In fact, that seems to be one area they are fine-tuning: how to jab one person in the nuts for seconds at a time, in a room full of people, yet only one person feels it.

Anonymous said...

They also pierced me in the right front side, where my ribcage ends. The effect was that I was being stabbed by a knife or being speared in the front. They did this for several second durations, too, and it lasted over the course of like half a minute. I guess they wanted to emulate the "Christ being pierced by a soldier", the story where they wanted to "prove" he was dead by piercing his side with a spear. I suppose it was after he was taken down from the cross.

AJH said...

Answer to: Some say the perps...

There is no set time pattern to perp fuckery in my experience. If at all, it doesn't last for long. I had nut jabbings last week for a day or two, but there has been an escalation of physical sensations all round, the persistent L. shin sensation of two days ago did not re-occur the next day. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: They also pierced me...

I get piercing transient pains in my feet sometimes, though I have never found any biblical resemblence, as this existence is so unconventional, getting jabbed or touched by unseen force fields all day long. It is nothing more than blatant and unrepentant abuse. Thanks for the comments.