Thursday, December 02, 2010

Watchless Yoga Day

As mentioned yesterday, the case on my watch broke, and this morning's laundry demands constrained me from getting a new one. That, and the assholes making me "forget" to obtain a vital ingredient for the usual quesadillas yesterday when in the local supermarket. And they did turn on the freak show and have me covered with gangstalkers in greater number for a 1030h shopping trip, ramping up on the shiftless dudes parading about.

A warm-up for the later freakshow when headed to yoga, a schiziod actor doing some kind of crouches in place and a cafe-au-lait skinheaded negro to boot. Same corner on the way back, a babbling semi-vagrant on his bicycle on the sidewalk, making sure that he crossed my path behind me with his bicycle. Plenty of maser and plasma flashes while in yoga, and some more seating fuckery, as well as tagging my light blue mat with a pink-red blotch that was in the mat's material and the perps made sure it bothered me enough to flip the mat over inside the first five minutes of the class.

And they treated me to another sleepless night, a first for a single day follow-on for a First Feral Family visitation. Until now, sleepless nights had been applied only when I returned from an overnight stay at the FFF home, but now, a six hour visitation doing extensive gardening work incurred the same treatment. The perps had me turning over about every two minutes, one side and then the other. Often they would script a noise while lying on one side, and thinking it was over, they would have me flip to the other side, and in the face of any logical rationale, they would run the same noise again, e.g retreating loud mufflered vehicles that would suddenly re-erupt when they had clearly passed by. Plus the faux neighbor fan noise, a generalized hum started in the evening and ran for over five hours, and continued most of the night while I was awake, save some on-offs when I first got into bed (usual disruption time). And lo, if the fan noise isn't continuing as I write, attempting to make a 24 hour noise as another all-time first.

Anf for the third day in succession, they have arranged a civic street maintenance job in my proximity, good for at least four hours of clanging, backup beeper noise, gravel slinging and scraping and today, jackhammer noise. Before yoga at 1130h, they cut the sidewalk and street on the SE corner of the street intersection below (gasoline engine noise), often where I cross and wait for the light after grocery shopping, and are now breaking it up and presumably haul it away. I thought that the three months worth of painting the sidewalk was just their color reference games, but they actually started streetworks there as of today.

Call it intesified noise and commotion arrangements in concert with sleep deprivations; two of the latter in the last three days. As expected, there has been no tiredness or nap attacks to make up for the sleep loss, in keeping with what they usually do to me for their sleep deprivation games.

 Now, the overhead rumbling noise has started up in bursts as I begin CD ripping for tonight, the usual post tea time "need" to start ripping CD's script. The fan noise from a faux neighbor stopped before tea time, making it continuous for nearly 22 hours, and on for the above mentioned sleepless imposition, and when I roused and continuing through breakfast.

But I did get given a nap for one hour and ten minutes before dinner, refuting my earlier claim that this never occurs to make up for sleeplessness. Same drill as two weeks ago; I wake up, feel cold, and put on the deep olive green acrylic sweater and extra thick socks. Maybe the perps have another snow storm scripted like two weeks ago, and this is a "warm up" for the event. I see the temperatures are getting colder, and the forecast even had the ridiculous statement of rain when forecast to be -2 degrees C. Stuff this stupid just doesn't happen so often unless one is in a totally controlled situation, one step more than the "total battlefield awareness" the US military likes to claim for the reason for yet more surveillance technology.

And in case you are a government deficit hawk, and want to end government funding, check out the summary of Phil Schnieder's comments as made in 1996 before he was murdered, as to who is scooping the lion's share of taxation monies; the secret government who has 129 underground bases in the US, and links them with Mach 2 trains for a cost of "roughly $1.3 trillion every two years" (1993 numbers). More incredibly to me, he says they have 64,000 helicopters, an amount at least double that of all the surface world put together. To which he adds, "why do they need all that unless to enslave us?" I cannot think of a more apt question, unless there is a percieved need for such a large fleet to survive some kind of substantial military encounter. Though it still does make me wonder about all these layers and the technology they develop. I deal with assholes who can shape shift and/or teleport as a daily part of their work; telekinetic abuses, remotely applied gravitational and object control and planted mind-fuck ideations I deal with every second of every day. Here are these world controlling capabilities (even my physics teacher in Grade 12, said, "if you control gravity, you control the world"); and yet there is this huge layer of one of many covert forces using conventional technologies to a large extent. (Mach 2 subterranean travel isn't conventional by any means). And yet, surely the "gravity group" has a considerable involvement if not oversight of the conventionally covert forces? Never mind the poor schmo's battling it out in Afganistan and Iraq. I just don't get it; these substantial and world domination capabilities, and at least two autonomous groups of them covertly operating below the surface world, as well as their fronts and surface bases they must surely have.

Continuing the grim record of the nefarious imperative, though not covert, is this piece, Guatemalan STD medical experiments were just one crime in a long history of medical-government collusion, and it has a shit list of major government involvement in the 20th centry of peace time nonconsensual human experimentation. Though it does raise the question as to why they chose Guatemalan subjects, but I won't get into my conjectures for now. The Natural News article makes a valid point;

[there is] "An implied message that this experiment from the 1940's was somehow an aberrant mistake that never happens in America. They want you to believe this is just some lone researcher who went off his rocker and committed some atrocious crime in the name of medicine. But the reality is that Big Pharma and the U.S. government use innocent people in medical experiments every single day. This wasn't some bizarre, rare event. It was a reflection of the way the U.S. government has consistently conspired with the medical industry to test drugs on innocent victims and find out what happens."

As I am writing this I am also ripping CD's, and lo, if the drive doesn't open at inopportune moments and a dialog panel come up over top of this Blogspot panel. And now, the overhead rumbling noise starts up as I bookmark or link pages. More of the disruption confluence with physical CD discs spinning and having me attach metadata and rename files. It is never dull around here as the most mundane things are of intense interest.

A interesting confluence of the assholes dumb fucking me doing music metadata tagging that went wrong (sabotaged), me yelling out loud with the headphones with my very fave Neko Case playing, then someone in the hallway yelling at me, and a cascade of sirens going on outside. Then the assholes had a number of wav files not convert to FLAC (ie. ripping), and kept popping up portions of the EAC to show me the error dialog box, then pulling part of TagScanner from view, then messing with Songbird Player. In other words, dialog boxes from one application were mixed in with another, and this kept on happening to widen the combinations of dialog boxes, applications and all while the music was playing. Then they interupt the music as part of the deal. Get all that? A melange of dialog boxes, windows and applications that they controlled and obstructed the mouse clicks and other input I was attempting to apply. Whipping away a task bar box just as I click on it to then bring up something else is another piece of fuckery they like to engage in as part of this sabotage theme.

Enough to call this done, and ponder tonight's sleep depravation games.


Barbara said...

Your post was long but i enjoyed the sequence of events. Keep writing. You really have that flair for writing.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand a lot of these people who go along with this organized stalking BS. They had one older women doing the open mouth thing again, then when she gets in the store, she puts on the "snooty" act. Interesting how these gangstalkers "get off" on doing these acts in front of targets, and also how they think they're real hot sh*t and badasses. If they really were badasses, then why oh why would they need to mob one individual with a cast of hundreds? Interesting how that "snooty woman" was snooty enough to be a concert pianist or someone with genuine talent. But no, just another piece of trash acting like she is something great.

These people really must be that far beneath us TI's, to have to be one of a cast of 100's allying themselves against one target, to feel good about themselves.

I know it's just an act. But I think something's wrong when you have 100's of phonies pretending to be a "big deal" chasing one target around for years on end. Shouldn't these people be winning pageants, climbing mountains, and writing symphonies? Their confidence level really bothers me, that they need to be part of a cast of thousands tormenting one target to feel like they are really something great.

I think it's time someone took the toys off of these crybaby perps running these skits, and sent them to a nice comfy prison cell, where they can get mobbed by thousands of phonies who think they're hot|smart|great.

Anonymous said...

Early this evening, the put a fat unfavored fuck outside, who had a flannel shirt on. And the flannel shirt pattern resembled the comforter I have on my bed. I understand what the perps are trying to do here: everytime I go to bed, I'm supposed to remember the fat fuck outside who had a shirt on that resembled my comforter. I try not to let the perps' bullshit get to me. I'm guessing these perps can't get any dates, and their kids hate their guts. So they have to take all their hate out on the targets. I'm guessing that's how they recruit perps: those who have a grudge against the world, and who desperately want someone to punish. There are also plenty of people here who work in a local prison, who have been accused of abusing prisoners. One such person is an ex-friend of mine from way back... of course, they put him on gangstalking duty. It seems all I get are overconfident, and/or sadistic types. As a target, not many people want to associate with me. I do manage to make friends easily, however; but it's been tough as a target, as the "mob" has scared everyone away and attracted hater types.

One perp told me via email he was going to meet with me. Then he tells me he was too cowardly, that he wouldn't dream of meeting me in person. It could be a perp mind game, too. There's is no way these fucks are going to reveal who they are. That's how they get away with this crap for so long.

AJH said...

Answer to: Your post was long...

Thanks. There is plenty of material to write about in any given day in this abuse-stream. I try to keep it topical as well as identify the more consistent perp actions, always hoping that someone can help put their aims and objectives together in a more coherent model than I can develop. But anyhow, at least it is a straight up record of what goes on in this "usual" but unconventional state of imposed duress. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Early this evening...

I don't agree with your comment on how the perps select operatives who have a grudge against the world. At least 10 people I know from my UBC Forestry class and the swim club seemed to have joined the perps, in that they make repeated gangstalk passes by over the years, and are always looking sideways or straight on in an unnatural way, such that they pretend to not know that I am there. All of them I would consider to be decent people, none of them fit the asshole stereotype. Not that I am making excuses for them, as if they are involved in this harassment, they have become sick fucking assholes in my book. And I am also sure that the perps draw from the psychopath population too, especially if they want someone nixed and want to make look like a freak event. But you are correct in noting that the duplicity is rampant and constant, and the perpls like to have TI's in a state of not believing anything. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I don't understand a lot of these...

It is difficult to place on in the mindset of the perps, as they must surely have their own perp-speak as to how to think of the victim TI. One perp called me "the enemy" when in the hospital, and I have heard from other sources that this is what they do. I consider this to be a pointless subterfuge, as there is no established enmity, but it gives them a word to have in mind which conveys adversity. In other words, they don't want their operatives to conjure differing feelings or empathy should something neutral like "target" or "subject" be utilized. It seems to me that they don't want to feel good about doing horrid things to the perps, as this would be artificial emotions attached to the target, and it is my supposition that they want no emotional attachments, negative or positive, to be developing in the minds of their operatives. I have had some Fuckwit that I see for years, do an over the top stunt like staring at me for no reason in an outrageous way, even to stoke me to say something, and I get a planted notion within a minute or less, that this perp is being rotated out of the project. And true enough, and so far, this has been what happened. If they are running tens of thousands of TI's, covertly or overtly, there are plenty of projects for them to swap operatives onto. And commuting never bothered their operations either when they can teleport with ease and frequency. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I think I see your point now. I believe I have just been hammered really hard with psych. harassment, which causes me to misjudge things. I do get a lot of mirroring tactics, which you don't seem to get, but then each TI's campaign is custom-made to the TI. For example, I don't get the masers and plasmas, but a lot of in-person psych. warfare that is subtle.

I believe the perps want me to conclude certain things about the harassment. I know they want me to be uncomfortable and act out in certain ways desirable to them. They sure piss me off, and had me pissed off when I wrote that reply.

That's why I'm wary of anyone who is going along with the perps' BS. I don't like the fact they have intruded into my life, and are following me with stuff they know rubs me the wrong way.

AJH said...

Answer to: I think I see your point...

I don't get many mirroring tactics, save my perp abetting parents sipping tea in sync with me, or vehicular lane changers ahead of me who copy my lane changing. I drive my parent's vehicle only a few times a week, so the vehicular mirroring nonsense isn't a big deal either. I am wary of everyone in the current state they keep me, so I live in a permanent state of siege. Even when functioning alone in my small apartment I get hundreds of fake touches a day and myriad typos just to rile me up some. No TI has an easy life to be sure.