Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday In Red

A rather unusual Monday high harassment day, though starting out at the First Feral Family residence this morning after a sleepless night and plenty rain and wind bursts, though calm by morning time. I wanted to get a LInux book at the bookstore  not too far, and my mother wanted to come too, so I drove down to Hillside Mall. And lo, at 0950h, what a major confluence of vehicular gangstalking, even putting on the "big iron, a commercial delivery truck with a red and while forklift on the back, and a cargo of windows that just seemed to be driving around as there wasn't any now builiding going on where it came from or was going to. It and the sedan behind it made no bones about preceding me in making a right turn and staying on me for at least three more blocks. Then the swarms of red, white, silver grey, black and mid-grey tones came on. Hillside mall opens for shopping at 0930h, and at 1000h the parking lot was jammed all over, also arranged heavy to the same colored vehicles. Then a few tractor trailer "deliveries" in the public area also added to the gangstalking-scape. Then my mother wanted to park at the furthest reaches of the parking lot to then walk the full length of it again, this time with the wandering hordes of gangstalkers, also out in similar colors, save the silver-grey.

The freaking bookstore was loaded with the freaks of the Unfavored, in the same color schemes, and pissed my off by relocating the computer books section in a corner I wasn't allowed to notice, and when asking the black and grey horizontally banded sweater wearing clerk, the perps wouldn't let me say the word "computer" at first, pulling some kind of throat twinge off at that very instant. Another Fuckover stunt on top of another one, but that is how it started this morning, having me intensely pissed with at least 50 faked touches at breakfast this morning. The big excitement might of been that I started a new jar of cashew butter this morning, having taken it there yesterday.

Then with four bus routes on Shelbourne at Hillside, no buses came for 10 minutes, most strangely, and I walked it into downtown, taking an hour. The assholes don't usually let me get this much exercise at once any more, but for whatever reasons, they did. The Photina hedges were out in red colors along the route, so that might of been the big excitement for the perps. Recall that in the fall farm job they regularly rotated me from red kale, to green kale picking, and the same for cabbages. Obviously these plant compounds are still a hot research topic, be they seen, handled or eaten in the case of salads. They haven't let me have a salad for two months, so maybe this was the BIG DAY for anthocyanins, and other phenolic compounds in plant material. I noticed they placed a just-picked plant leaf on my floor just after I got back, so they are still as beserk as they are relentless on plant biophotonic, biochemistry and biophysical interactions. To that I say, go fuck your own kind if you want to do plant research.

There are plenty enough of the fuckers out gangstalking, and if each of them ate a bucket of salad and drove themselves around town on contra-concentric routes, I am sure that the sickos wouldn't need to fuck with me, ever. Better yet, have half the operatives eat green kale, half eat red, and dress them in reds and greens, for a 4-way combination of redcoat with red kale, redcoat with green kale and ditto for the greencoats. (Or split them into white pants and green pants for a 9-way combination). March them up and down the streets in a guitar band, and then have them drive up and down the highway for some high speed anthocyanin interaction games along with the usual fleets of tractor trailers, cranes and the like. Lay down plant material on the road, of all possible phenolic compound combinations, and then have them drive the highway in reverse. Then have the odd sacrificial shill crash and spill his guts on the road and then have the white and red ambulances come out and scrape them up after leaving them for an hour, all the while arranging on/off rain squalls. Have the First Feral Family as the paramendics, and be sure to put my dementia act father on driving duty after clearing the highway of all traffic, even if it is divided. He might even succeed in driving the ambulance to his long care home/hospital. Did I get enough perp activity designed into that experiment suggestion? I am sure a few more will come to mind. Maybe add controls for a 16-way combination, or is that my role? If it is, give it a rest for all time, starting now.

Did I say that the perp harassment gets stupider and stupider? And just to think that waving palm fronds around at Palm Sunday in the Vactican yesterday would help any.

More stupid shit at the bookstore was having a red headed woman "staff" member circle my mother and I as I was about to depart for the city bus shortage stunt, mentioned above. This particular gangstalker had already made two appearences, so getting an encircling was over the top.

It is the week of redhead action I predict; at the First Feral Family residence I saw the women's international curling match between Scotland and Germany, and did we have enough redheads on the two teams? I counted three of eight team members, but there might of been another one. But of course they had to have a few blondes too, and that was all for the better. And get this, they even messed with the feed to show a redhead that was totally irrelevant to the action, intersplicing her just when the blonde was about to throw the rock for example. The German redhead had a minor blowup at the end of the 10th end when the Scottish blonde scooped a point for at tie, but that could of just been the game, not the perps.

Then more TV later, Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren, a heavy negro appearence in the cast, making me wonder what on earth has happened to the UK, and that was filmed in the early 1990's.Add a Manchester accent and I could hardly make out what they were saying much of the time, Helen Mirren as Tennyson excepted. She was at her hectoring, browbeating and irritable best in this role, but what I cannot figure out is why so many people thought this characterization was so compelling in its day. Give me Rebus any time.

A round of two internet orders, getting screwed out getting a particular book locally, hence online, hence another book to get the total over the minimum threshold for free shipping, and away we go, another form of going into red.

Then paying two bills online, also a with the augmentation of noise from outside. The sickos cannot get enough of me making financial transactions, all the way from onine bill payment to coin slots on the laundry machines. Exciting times for them, its just I wish I knew what it was all about. I am sure someone knows.

More on the red theme today, and a news item that I was unaware of until I read it in the Daily Telegraph, paper edition. Our media in North America didn't mention it as far as my limited online world news troving goes. But given the perp's preoccupation with getting blood samples from me, and the one time street assault as well; not to mention blood having magnetic properties, that it must be confounding the perps who are irradiating me with magnetic energies as to what EMF signature is coming from where; neural activity, muscle activity, or all that blood coursing around in me. The nature of the unfortuneate school massacres, and other bloody purgings including that of the theaters of armed conflict, lead me to suspect the perps have a hand in these events. So... it is almost humane to witness this protest [warning: graphic] of these red wearing protesters in Thailand, carrying jugs of their own blood, to then dump at the palace gates as a measure of protest. I just seems to fit the pattern is all I am saying. Though SE. Asia has seen some brutal conflicts this past 50 years; Vietnam (French and US versions, the latter involvement making no strategic sense whatsoever), Laos, and Cambodia. I just find it interesting that civil protest is being carried out in this manner, and it may just become a trend is all I am suggesting.

An evening doing job site browsing, something I haven'd done for at least four months, and I even fired off two resumes, no doubt of interest to my mind keepers, who noisestalk these kinds of activities with significant attention.

An interesting turn of phrase I came across in my earlier web trovings;

a consensual hallucination (a term from novelist William Gibson).

Might this apply to the clinical community who insist that all these covert abuses of abduction and harassment are clinical? The same assholes pulled this stunt over Morgellon's Disease even when looking at physical evidence. I would love to be a fly on the wall at their conventions and the nature of the discussions that must surely evolve over the future directions of their profession.

Enough putzing and onto a likely sleepless few hours in bed as my tormentors extend my Monday awake time into the night.


Anonymous said...

I have lived in this small town for many years. OK, so there were some events that seemed "out of place", such as Jehova's Witnesses prying themselves into my house in the 80's, but it's hard to say if it was gangstalking-related, as those types tended to be very "prying" and intrusive anyways.

A black woman and her son were selling bibles, and the son had his foot wedged in the door so I couldn't close it. This gave them an edge to enter my house, and start talking all kinds of religious selling points to get me to buy a bible. Luckily I refused, but I had encounters with some strange people around 1987.

Maybe that wasn't gangstalking-related. However, this small town has become very "police state" and controlled since I've become a target. It's hard to say who the main informants were who got me hooked into the system, but once I was overtly targeted, they hit me like a ton of bricks.

One thing I noticed is how they started psych. attacks, all kinds, to reduce my self-confidence. Like it was designed to make me feel like some sort of stinky bum, or some piece of shit, or a loser in general. In other words, just like the shills they've been throwing at me. :-)

I guess the reason for the self-confidence attacks is to break me down, and make me more controllable and manageable by the assholes. This tiny town really has become a police state, with all kinds of people out and about "on duty" waiting for me. Just like describe. If I catch them off guard... well, like me explain with an example. One time, during a holiday, all businesses closed, the roving perp patrols were no where to be found. No cars, no people in sight. About 10 minutes later, all kinds of traffic and people were out and about. Obviously, they couldn't do this without having the entire town's residence "on alert". So police state like, as in, "you will do what we say and stalk the victim".

I'm starting to think some intelligence agent was in this town visiting key people, like the Borough Council and police. Since they went overt on me, the police, despite serving a tiny town with like 500 residents, removed their number from the phone book. Now, anyone of these 500 residents have to dial 911, overkill for the size of this town. I'm thinking the residents in this town have a special number to reach the cops at, the ones controlled by the perps. Again, police state stuff.... if I ever got in trouble, I'd be sh*t out of luck, because I'd have to go through the 911 dispatcher. Also, I believe they're doing this to screen my calls, so they can protect their precious shill and operatives.

So that's the lesson: I'd a victim of human experimentation, so this whole town is a perp-controlled police state where everyone has to be On Alert and play their roles when given notice.

Anonymous said...

It appears the perps are ready to provide the sacrificial lamb. Not sure how they pick these types, if they are coerced or if they volunteer. Some really don't seem to care if they lose their lives. But with an outfit as big as theirs, I really have seen everything. There are scripts they have their shills "act" from. Also, "messing with my head" is a very big part of their act. I say this, because a lot of people come into my life, and some of them I have gotten "close" to have these "life changing events" that seem to happen to them. And these same people have hinted that the said big events that happen to them were going to happen months in advance of them happening. In other words, these "lucky" people seem to have the strangest things happen to them, but a lot of the evidence of these life changing events seems to have been staged or manipulated to an extent. The result is the perps want me to witness these big events that happen to these people, so if they are fake or real, it doesn't matter, because perception is very important to a mind control victim. Witnessing these things is very important for the perps. For example, I get stories of some guy I knew and liked getting fired. But when I research this "fact", I find it is very unlikely. Also, stories of people getting sick or dying... I have had one guy who gangstalked me regularly all of a sudden tell me he needed a hug from me, because, his friend died. A close friend, or family member. I figured it was very suspicious, but "experiencing" these tragedies, real or fake, is important to the perps. So they don't necessarily have to be real, because the reception to the bad news is more important they the 100% truth.

So I just treat every single person who has one of these events (for lack of a better word) with a degree of skepticism. As a TI, I've learned to, as Buddha said back in 500BC, "believe nothing, no matter who says it or where you read it, unless it agrees with your own common sense and experience". Pretty good advice. Perhaps the Buddha had experienced some perp tactics back in his day too? It is said that mind control tactics complete with perps and disinfo agents and psych. warfare is as old as man himself.

AJH said...

Answer to: I have lived in this small town...

A key plank in the perp agenda is to deliver the experiences of incompetence, and with it, doubt about oneself. I don't know what they get from it, but it seems to be a core objective. Also witnessing or reading of incompetence and ineptitude is part of it, so it isn't all TI trashing centered.

One has to lead a noble existence to stay out of the sand traps that are presented along the way, as a TI. The sensation of someone looking over our shoulders at every moment of our lives takes some years to adjust to. Though I do wonder if the perps aren't covertly monitoring businesses, regulatory agencies, industrial processes and the like to look for chinks in the armor to then seed havoc for their experimental objectives, as wide as all human endeavor it seems. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: It appears the perps...

I haven't yet come to terms with how some individuals come to a premature demise, especially in this town as it is relatively self contained on an island, and the perps have been here in strength since I was born here in 1954. (Arranging events and stunts back to grade one and kindergarten). As one example, there are at least two instances of those who were abetting, likely without much choice, and each had a sibling that prematurely deceased. Surely, each was aware of the bigger agenda, and that it can involve demise (noisestalking as I type this), so what transpired beyond the business supporting remuneration they might have recieved? No idea, but it is rather strange to say the least.

Budda has it right, and who knows how he came by that determination. But, The Air Loom Gang, link to the right under books, details TI harassment 200 years ago. Obviously the human condition (as covertly managed at the time IMHO), wasn't offering sufficient opportunity to expedite the perp agenda, and they rounded on James Tilley Mathews as TI #1 in recorded history. But what is taking the perps so that they are still playing games after the human mayhem of the last century? I still don't get it. Thanks for the comments.